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You Don’t Know Jack Facebook Game Review

Posted August 10, 2013 by in Trivia


Quick To Learn

Fun Rating

Killer Graphics


Bang For Buck

Total Score

3.5/ 5

Facebook Game Overview

Game Genre:
App Developer:
Game Skill Level:
Addict Potential:
Platforms: , , ,

The Good:

Hilarious, Brief, Competitive, Frequently Updated, Worthwhile Unlockables

The Bad:

Difficult, Harsh Towards Losers, Mature Gamers Only, No Tutorial Mode
Andrew D. Grabber Says

… You Don’t Know Jack is a very entertaining trivia game – even better thanks to our cheat list!…

by Andrew (Admin)
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    Still waiting for a bingo island cheat

      Andrew (Admin)

      Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the nature of bingo (ie. game of chance) doesn’t really lend itself easily to answer lists, solutions, or cheat lists.

      We can review the game and add our own tips, tricks, and strategies to give you a bit of an edge in game play. However, we don’t develop or condone any kind of hacking or 3rd party program cheating that directly disrupts the integrity of the game.

      Good Luck! 🙂

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