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DataGrabber UPDATE – January 9, 2014

From The Desk Of Andrew D. Grabber

Before I get to Bitcoins….

Happy 2014 to everyone on DataGrabber!  Everyone predicted Facebook games would soon die away a slow painful death.  But guess what?  Games on Facebook are more alive than ever.  Not only are they still growing in popularity, but they’re getting better and more sophisticated than ever.  They’re also the #2 thing that most people do when they log into Facebook (after checking comment threads/messages).   And true to form, we’re still here updating and enhancing the DataGrabber site, lists, and features to make your gameplay even better.

If you haven’t played The Price Is Right, or Family Feud, or You Don’t Know Jack, or ANY Facebook games in a while, why don’t you tilt your work screen and take a few minutes to enjoy some leisure time at work?  🙂

We’re looking to continue to update the site content and technical stuff to make the DataGrabber better, quicker, and even more useful (as if that’s possible!).  But to do all this, we need your help.  In a true sense, we operate similarly to a non-profit.  Any little revenue the site earns, we invest back into the site and increasingly expensive hosting, backups, security, etc.  However, we could use your help.  If you haven’t heard of Bitcoins (BTC), Google it, learn about it and consider investing in it.  It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m convinced that bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general is the future of money.  And if you’re skeptical and a bit confused about it, don’t worry.  Think back to pre-email days and how the thought of an “email address” was weird and strange for most people even into the mid to late 90’s.  But today, nearly everyone in the world has an email address.   The same will be true of digital currency.  It’s just a matter of time.

If you already have a BTC wallet, than I’m preaching to the converted!  In solidarity and in hope of spreading the message and mainstream adoption of Bitcoins, I’m accepting any amount or fraction Bitcoin donations to assist with Datagrabber.org.  If you support us and support the site and see value in it, I’m asking you to help us right now.   Please donate any amount via QR code at the bottom of my posts or directly to my Bitcoin address: 19JoUwcBFhiKdMaDSVqCa2KbiAqWozdtYc

If you can’t, no hard feelings at all.  I hope you still continue to check us out, use our site as you need it and maybe in future consider donating.

At the very least, if you don’t know about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, please at least learn about it for yourself and then make an informed decision with that knowledge.

All the best in New Year ahead – keep playing and have fun.  Laugh.  Smile.  Decide to have an amazing 2014 because each of you is an amazing human being!!!

Always more goodies on the way…

Andrew D. Grabber (admin)

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