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DataGrabber UPDATE – July 11, 2012

From The Desk Of Andrew D. Grabber

It’s time to grow-up…  

DataGrabber.org is like rebelious teenager.  When we launched the site in 2010, we were harassed, attacked, vandalized, abused, threatened, and even bullied.  But we endured while politely… giving the finger in our wake.

Some of the big guns swore they would get us shut down as if swapping notes were a heinous crime.  But we endured… and flipped ’em the bird again.

And now it’s time to do more than endure.  It’s time for DataGrabber.org to grow up.  I’ve done a lot of thinking.  Just like those dime-a-dozen 80’s music video or film scenes where the guy walks in the rain without an umbrella in heavy contemplation.  I had my own ‘rain walk’ so to speak.

Something about DataGrabber was bothering me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it (pun intended).  Facebook has changed a lot and so have the games.  More than anything else there’s so many new games being launched on Facebook and we’re even starting to see convergence across access points.  Imagine starting a game on Facebook at home, continuing it online at the game-maker’s home site before finally finishing it on you iPhone on the commuter train home.  This is the future of online gaming.  And if this is out of reach right now, DataGrabber must be more than cheat sheets.

But I’ve said too much… Over the next few days and weeks ahead, we’ll be making some large-scale changes as we move to an improved and expanded DataGrabber site.  I don’t want to get into the details just yet.  But rest assured all the answer charts and datagrabber tips, cheats, and forum will remain an active part of the site (so don’t worry!).

But I’m determined to give you more reasons to come back to DataGrabber.org.  You may have already seen some of the site changes as the process has already begun.  I will apologize in advance for the visual state of the site right now.  Like a large-scale reno in an existing home, DataGrabber.org will look a bit messy and unpolished as we complete the ‘renovation’.   One thing is for sure though…. it will be worth the wait!

Stay tuned for more to come…  (Tip: Add DataGrabber to your Facebook and Twitter for fastest updates!)

Play. Note. Share.

Andrew D. Grabber (admin)

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    We need one for bingo island please, the game has been rotten to it’s players and we need to find a way to beat them at their own game… thanks

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