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DataGrabber UPDATE

Posted November 10, 2010 by Andrew (Admin) in Facebook The Price Is Right Game App

NOVEMBER 10, 2010

* More Topics Added To FORUM!
* Working offline on specific TPIR games lists
* Updated Both Lists, Comments, etc.

NOVEMBER 9, 2010

* Posted/Responded to Comments
* Still Updating Both Lists

NOVEMBER 8, 2010
* Updated Price & Showcase List
* Posted/Responded to Comments
* Working on Lucky 7 List

NOVEMBER 6, 2010

* Updated Price & Showcase List
* Added New Tips & Hints For Specific Games on The Tips Page

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Who cares? It's the DataGrabber community that's important, not me. Datagrabbers put their noggins together to share, swap, comment, and use their collective effort and power to build this site. My role is to keep it going strong baby!

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