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Monster Galaxy – Tips & Hints + CHEATS

Here are some important tips on Monster Galaxy that will prove effective in your game.  Actually, there’s just a few tips and then I list out cheat book on ALL the monsters, their location, zodiac level/sign, etc.  This is the gold standards right here.  MAJOR SPOILER.  If you don’t want this information, read no further.  J

Enjoy and use these tips wisely!

Capture Strong Monsters – There are different Mogas in the game and each one has its own unique strength and weakness. But there are also strength variations between monsters in the game. Their stats and skills are just so effective that they obviously belong to the line of strong monsters. Catch the strong monsters as they will be a big help in your quest to become the best Moga Tamer.

In the early game, I recommend catching the Lainedeer.  This Moga has good stats, powerful attacks and has the unique regenerate skill. This monster is very tough and will surely make a good addition your arsenal of Mogas. This monster is also a quest Moga and only appears in the winter parts of the map. You need to be patient in capturing this monster because this one is elusive. The waiting game can be very annoying but I assure you this monster is worth the time when you have it with you.  Again, it’s all about patience and waiting for the right opportunities.


Below is a list of monsters, their location, Its Rarity, Physical Action, Physical Level, Zodiac Attack , Zodiac Level, Special Skill/Power,  Location (Where to find it), and  its Zodiac Sign. Use this well to help you in finding the right Moga and building the best collection or you can just catch them all!

Monster Sign Rarity Physical Phys. Leveled Zodiac Attack Zodiac Leveled Special Power Location
A.C. Sagittarius Common Punch Uppercut Claw Rake Weakness Miasma Depths, Darkwood Vault, Oakford Shade, Mourningwood Pass
Alejandro Sagittarius
Alyx Leo Common Kick Roundhouse Catapault Feral Fire Zodiac Armor Shadowmire Edge, Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood Vault
Anboo Scorpio
Anee Pisces Common Kick Roundhouse Squiggle Clumsy Sandswirl Beach, Mangroove Shallows, Shellstone Beachfront, Shellstone, Lighthouse, Bushfall, Sandswirl Shrubwalk
Azurel Cancer
Barnetta Virgo Beginner Punch Uppercut Glorious Vision Grandeur Clumsy Windhym Roadway, Windhym Flower Path, Gates of Windhym, Windhym Southshire
Beefee Taurus Beginner Kick Roundhouse Power Sit Armor West Summer Road, East Summer Road, Warmwood Trail, Summer Field
Blix Gemini
Boogaleef Gemini Common Bodyslam Piledriver Flutterflip Leaf Storm Vulnerability Swirly Dock, Bushfall, Sandswirl Shrubwalk, Sandswirl Point, Sandswirl Peninsula
Booly Taurus Common Headbutt Headslam Tireless Rush Zodiac Strength Gates of Windhym
Brineep Aries
Buffant Libra
Burger Taurus
Cactoo Virgo
Capriccino Capricorn
Cathulu Pisces Uncommon Punch Uppercut Smothering Paw Strangulation Armor MadBeetch River, MadBeetch Rapids
Chamepo Cancer
Chanho Leo
Chiberus Aries Punch Uppercut Razor Bite Zodiac Weakness
Chuuchilla Sagittarius Common Punch Uppercut Agile Dash Strength West Summer Road, Warmwood Trail, Summer Field
Coldbear Capricorn Beginner Punch Uppercut Bump Stocking Stuffer Poison Everywhere. Festive Moga
Colibri Libra Common Punch Uppercut Dazzle Zodiac Weakness Shadowmire Edge, Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood, Mourningwood Pass, Darkwood Vault
Coyotl Gemini
Crabao Cancer Beginner Punch Uppercut Pinch Deadeye Sandswirl Beach, Bushfall, Swirly Dock, Mangrove Shallows, Shellstone Beachfront, Shellstone Lighthouse
Crabone Cancer Headbutt Headslam Deadly Pinch Weakness
Creamaranian Capricorn — Location: — –. Out Of Dex
Diabao Gemini
Dinho Sagittarius Common Kick Roundhouse Penalty Kick Strength West Summer Road, East Summer Road, Warmwood Trail, Summer Field
Eefree Capricorn Common Headbutt Headslam Mindbend Zodiac Vulnerability Bushfall
Electrotter Gemini Rare Kick Roundhouse Super Shock Confuse MadBeetch River, MadBeetch Rapids
Faust Virgo
Fenix Capricorn — Location: — –. Out Of Dex
Gogh Gemini
Golerph Taurus Headbutt Ooze Blast Zodiac Armor Mangrove Shallows, Swirly Pier, Swirly Dock, May Be From Old Version
Gryph Leo Kick Roundhouse Screaming Streak Time Warp Email Confirmation
Hakka Aquarius Rare Kick Roundhouse Quack Deaden Heavenly Greens Steps, Heavenly Greens Cemetery
Hammerdog Cancer
Hanzo Sagittarius
Heart Capricorn Common Kick Roundhouse Affection Zodiac Weakness East Summer Road, Summer Field
Huey Gemini Beginner Kick Roundhouse Skyshot Precision Tutorial event
Ibex Aries Headbutt Headslam Ram Horns Zodiac Weakness
Icevia Scorpio
Ikki Aquarius Kick Roundhouse Zephyr Tornado Vulnerability
Jag Pisces Headbutt Headslam Fish Sandwich Deaden
Jor Libra Uncommon Headbutt Headslam Gobble Gobble Cripple MadBeetch Rapids
Knightaur Sagittarius Uncommon
Lainedeer Capricorn Epic Punch Uppercut Missile Toe Regenerate Everywhere. Festive Moga
Leif Virgo Uncommon Headbutt Headslam Swirl of Leaves Deadeye Spiral Road, Northside
Leon Leo
Leviathan Pisces Uncommon Bodyslam Piledriver Fin Surge Armor Sandswirl Beach, MadBeetch Rapids
Lira Libra Headbutt Headslam Flygore Deaden
Lumo Aries
Marcuu Sagittarius
Mars Pisces
Meh Capricorn Common Kick Roundhouse Pachewy Chomp Zodiac Vulnerability Spiral Path, Spiral Road, Northside, Heavenly Greens Gate, Note: Meh has random-trigger healing ability
Meka Virgo Bodyslam Piledriver Spinning Blade Stoneskin
Melodee Virgo Super Rare Kick Roundhouse Promise Ring Poison Trap Windhym Roadway
Messi Leo Super Rare Punch Uppercut String Catch Confuse Spiral Road
Mimple Aries Common Kick Roundhouse Ticklefight Zodiac Weakness Northside, Heavenly Greens Steps, Trollworthy Bridge
Momo Pisces
Munninn Aquarius Beginner Bodyslam Piledriver Jetstream Sonic Scream Armor Shadowmire Bulwark
Munyu Aries Common Bodyslam Piledriver Planted Charge Zodiac Vulnerability Spiral Path, Spiral Road, Northside, Heavenly Greens Steps
Nar Scorpio Beginner Bodyslam Piledriver Claw Crusher Pincher Panic Zodiac Vulnerability Mega Hole, Spiral Cave
Nebugon Scorpio
Nightmare Sagittarius Kick Roundhouse Brilliant Beam Strength
Nomy Virgo Rare Headbutt Headslam Yumilicious Windhym Gardens, Windhym Flower Path, Windhym Southshire
Orbz Cancer
Owlreed Aquarius Common Kick Roundhouse Nosedive Deaden Shadowmire Edge, Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood, Mourningwood Pass, Darkwood Vault
Paroot Aquarius
Paul Pisces Rare Bodyslam Piledriver ESP Precision Quest at Southshire Bridge
Peafyx Taurus Common Kick Roundhouse Fox Paw Zodiac Strength Darkwood
Peascorp Scorpio Common Punch Uppercut Multisting Zodiac Weakness Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood, Mourningwood Pass
Peepee Aquarius
Pengoo Scorpio
Pigloo Scorpio Bodyslam Piledriver Snow Blow Zodiac Armor
Plasmians Capricorn
Pluksop Taurus
Pudgy Aquarius Super Rare Bodyslam Piledriver Seedbeat Shield of Thorns Shadowmire Edge, Shadowmire Bulwark, Oakford Shade
Pwee Cancer Punch Uppercut Flametongue Flamethrower Weakness
Radiojack Leo Rare Bodyslam Piledriver Flap Blind
Roarstache Leo
Scorpius Scorpio
Shen Pisces
Siri Virgo Common Kick Roundhouse Petal Fall Zodiac Strength Windhym Roadway, Windhym Flower Path, Gates of Windhym, Windhym Southshire
Skuzy Cancer
Smok Libra Common Punch Uppercut Acid Breath Corrosive Cough Deaden Mega Hole
Sno Scorpio Kick Roundhouse Playful Bite
Spike Aries Beyond Epic Kick Roundhouse Clip Shear Life Tap Cydonia Castle
Starpops Aquarius Common Bodyslam Piledriver Starstream Vulnerability Gates of Windhym, Windhym Town Square, Windhym Southshire
Staryak Taurus Super Rare Bodyslam Piledriver Loping Lavender Time Warp Spiral Path, Northside
Sweetish Gemini
Syrene Pisces
Tama Virgo
Teef Capricorn Super Rare Bodyslam Piledriver Chompers Ivory Bite Time Warp MadBeetch Rapids
Tenpac Cancer Rare Punch Uppercut Sprinkles Healing Shield Mega Hole, Spiral Cave, Sandswirl Beach
Tiano Sagittarius
Tigon Gemini Bodyslam Piledriver Glare Stonegaze Clumsy
Tippy Taurus
Titus Leo Punch Uppercut Jastle Blind
Trolo Capricorn Common Bodyslam Piledriver Hairnet Hairweb Zodiac Vulnerability Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood, Mourningwood Pass, Oakford Shade, Darkwood Vault, Trollworthy Bridge, The Rue Morgue
Turtlenie Virgo Common Headbutt Headslam Clumsy Embrace Armor Miasma Depths
Tutu Libra
Twister Aries Uncommon Headbutt Headslam Cyclonic Flame Poison Trap Sandswirl Shrubwalk, Sandswirl Point, Sandswirl Peninsula, Sandswirl Tidal Pool
Umbranine Leo Kick Roundhouse Nightshade Darkfall Blind
Unitaur Sagittarius
Vuvu Aries Beginner Headbutt Headslam Helicopter Kick Armor Heavenly Greens Steps, Heavenly Greens Cemetery, The Rue Morgue, Cydonia Castle
Waidio Libra
Wasabee Gemini Beginner Punch Uppercut Deep Sting Zodiac Strength West Summer Road, East Summer Road, Warmwood Trail, Summer Field
Weatar Scorpio
Weeplet Pisces Beginner Headbutt Headslam Sludge Deaden Sandswirl Beach, Bushfall, Sandswirl Shrubwalk, Mangroove Shallows, Shellstone Beachfront, Shellstone Lighthouse
Weero Aquarius
Willo Libra Beginner Bodyslam Piledriver Headhook Deadeye MadBeetch River
Winja Libra Epic Punch Uppercut Dark Swoop Silent Stalking Regrowth Quest at Thornwood, Outside of quest: Heavenly Greens Cemetery, Thornwood, The Rue Morgue
Woolf Aries Super Rare Punch Uppercut Sonic Bark Poison Trap Quest at Spiral Cave, Spiral Path, Spiral Road, Heavenly Greens Gate
Yara Cancer Super Rare Kick Roundhouse Crabslap Crabsalad Happy Feet Mega Hole, Sandswirl Beach, Mangrove Shallows, Sandstone Beachfront, Shellstone Lighthouse
Yoake Capricorn Bodyslam Piledriver Searing Bite Zodiac Vulnerability Heavenly Greens Cemetery
Yugure Aquarius Uncommon Bodyslam Headslam Snap Aquarius Bite Vulnerability Cydonia Castle. Note: Yugure use Aquarius Bite to attack = monster reduced HP Limit (Cripple1)
Zeit Leo
Zeppelin Libra
Zomoo Taurus Common Bodyslam Piledriver Head Chew Brain Graze Blind Cydonia Castle, Rue Morgue, Heavenly Greens Steps, Heavenly Greens Cemetery

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