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Family Feud – Three (3) Answers Chart Cheats

Welcome to the Facebook Family Feud cheat charts for the THREE (3) Answer rounds.  There’s so much data in these charts that I’ve had to split up the answers among several charts on several different web pages on the DataGrabber.org site.

If you haven’t yet discovered Family Feud on Facebook… go now and play!  It’s just as fun to play as it is to watch on televisions.  Family Feud is a classic and enduring family guessing game.

Be kind to your opponents, but play with passion and your tools!  We encourage you to be responsible and submit your own data that’s missing from our collection via the FORUMS




You’ve Loaded The “3 Answer” Chart!

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R Question (3 Answer Questions ONLY) Answer Answer Answer
4 Name A Number That’s Associated With Being Lucky Or Unlucky 7 68 13 26 3 5
4 Something You Use To Shave That Can Be Replaced At A Drug Store. Razor Shaving Cream Aftershave
4 Time When You Exchange Gifts Christmas Birthday Anniversary
4 Name The Most Used Piece Of Furniture In A House. Couch 55 Bed 23 Arm Chair 15
4 Something You Wish Couples Wouldn’t Do In Public Fight Feed Each Other Baby Talk
4 Name A Job In Which An Attractive Person Probably Makes Better Tips. Server 65 Exotic Dancer 19 Bartender 13
4 Name A Prop used By Tap Dancers Cane 65 Top Hat 28 Baton 5
4 Name A Place That While On Vacation Might Be Difficult To Find A Bathroom Car Camping Boating
4 If You Drew Homer Simpson’s Name In A Secret Santa Exchange, What Would You Buy Him? Beer 67 Donuts 24 Bowling Ball 5
4 Structure Named For Dead People Monument Library Bridge
4 Name Something You Do To An Item Before Giving It As A Gift Wrap It 61 Remove Price Tag 27 Buy It 4
4 Name A Place Where It Might Be Romantic To Get Stranded With Your Partner Island/Beach 61 Park 28 Cabin/Lodge 6
4 Name A Good Gift For Someone Who Is Always Late. Watch 58 Alarm Clock 34 Calendar 3
4 Why Might A Family Move Into A Bigger House? Family Has Grown 61 Want More Space 33 Can Afford More 5
4 Other Than Movie Tickets, Name Something A Crowded Movie Theatre Might Run Out Of. Popcorn 51 Space 30 Candy 8
4 Name Something You Should Probably Book Ahead Of Time If You’re Going On Vacation. Hotel 73 Flight 23 Car 3
4 Name Something People Bet On Horses Races 68 Sports 20 Card Games 10
4 What In Your House Would You Most Be Upset To Find Out Your Dog Chewed Up Shoes Furniture Carpet
4 Name A Character Who’s Known For Almost Ruining Christmas. Grinch 67 Ebenezer Scrooge 28 Charlie Brown 4
4 Name A City Where You’d Hate The Long Commute To Work. New York City 53 Los Angeles 21 Chicago 18
4 Name Something That’s Not Allowed In Some Hotels. Pets 61 Smoking 29 Children 5
4 Name Something That Might Happen If You Eat While Driving. Crash 71 Spill 17 Choke 11
4 If Adults Trick Or Treated, What Might They Request Instead Of Candy? Money 74 Alcohol 17 Cigarettes 4
4 Name A Word Or Phrase Used For Cooking On The Grill Barbecue 64 Grilling 30 Cookout 5
4 Which TV Characters Might You Also See Disneyland Mickey Mouse Goofy Donald Duck
4 Name The Object That Has The Most Germs In Home Toilet Phone Door Knob
4 What Might You Ask To Borrow From Someone At The Laundromat? Detergent 69 Change 24 Dryer Sheets 6
4 Which Festive Holiday Was More Fun When You Were A Kid? Christmas 51 Halloween 19 Easter 16
4 What Would You Be Surprised To Hear That A Married Couple Does Separately? Sleep 59 Vacation 16 Eat Meals 13
4 Something You Get Free At A Casino Food Drinks Entertainment
4 Name A Reason You Wouldn’t Want To Live Next Door To A Movie Star Paparazzi 66 Loud Parties 19 Fans 9
4 On A Resume, What Might A Person Claim They Can Do Quickly? Type 53 Learn 21 Finish Tasks 12
4 Name Something That Parent Of A Baby Is Constantly Listening For Crying 62 Breathing 32 First Words 5
4 Other Than Boxing, Name A Sport In Which You’re Likely To See Athletes Fighting Hockey 62 Wrestling 28 Football 8
4 Something People Design For A Living Clothes Buildings Furniture
4 Person Young Boys Have A Crush On Teacher Babysitter Girl Next Door
4 Name A Flavor Kid’s Toothpaste Come In, But Adults Doesn’t Bubblegum Cherry Grape
4 Name Something Nice You Get Sick Of Saying During The Holidays Merry Christmas 51 Thank You 22 Great To See You 16
4 Name A Place Where People Wear Very Little Clothing During The Winter Vacation 64 Home 13 Gym 9
4 Name A Phrase That Often Appears In Children’S Stories Once Upon A Time 79 The End 10 Happily Ever After 9
4 What Do People Say At Halloween That Would Be Inappropriate To Hear At Christmas? Trick Or Treat 67 Boo 28 Happy Halloween 4
4 Name Something A Motorcycle Has That A Bicycle Doesn’t Motor Gas Tank Headlight
4 Name A Drink Usually Associated With Christmas Egg Nog 53 Cider 21 Hot Chocolate 16
4 Name Something Tha Can Be Pumped Gas 58 Tire 24 Iron 8
4 Name Something Some Women Wear Too Much Of Make Up Perfume Jewelry
4 Other Than Illness, Name An Acceptable Excuse For Missing Work. Funeral 61 Car Trouble 30 Jury Duty 8
4 Who In Your Life Is Most Likely To Brad About You? Parent 60 Partner 24 Kids 4
4 Tell Me Something You Do While Trying On Shoes To See If They Fit Walk Wiggle Toes Lace Them
4 We Asked 100 Wives: Name A Place Where You Wouldn’t Want Your Husband To Go With His Buddies. Gentleman’s Club 65 The Bar 31 Las Vegas 3
4 Something On Top Of Most Birthday Cakes Candles Frosting Lettering
4 Name Something You Wear At The Beach, But Not At Grocery Swim Suit Towels Life Jacket
4 Name A Crime That Some People Probably Commit Every Day. Speeding 62 Jaywalking 18 Littering 18
4 Name Something That Starts With L, That Everyone Wants Love Luck Looks
4 Name Something A Grown Woman Might Lie About, But A Young Girl Wouldn’t Age 61 Weight 28 Love Life 9
4 Tell Me Something That You Never Intend To Buy At The Store But Always End Up With Junk Food Clothes Magazines
4 Name A Decoration You Might Find Inside A Mexican Restaurant Sombrero 58 Pinata 22 Maracas 6
4 What Might You See Inside A Bag Of Chips That Would Make You Stop Eating Them? Hair 63 Bug 15 Mold 9
4 Name Something Tourists Point Up At Tall Buildings 68 Statues/ Monuments 14 Mountains 6
4 What Do Some People Do Immediately After Breaking Up, And Others Take Time To Do? Date Again 55 Mourn 29 Move On 11
4 Name Something Considerate That People Often Do For You In An Elevator Hold Door 51 Push Button 28 Move Over 16
4 Tell Me Something You Might Scrape Off Bottom Shoes Gum Poop Mud
4 Other Than Books, What You Check Out At Library Movies Magazines Music
4 If You Live In The Country, Name A Type Of Lights That You Don’t See At Night. Street Lights 64 Traffic 21 Neon Light 10
4 Name Something You Might Add Milk To In The Morning. Cold Cereal 67 Coffee 17 Oatmeal 3
4 Name Something Children Wear, But Adults Don’t Diaper 58 Bib 16 Overalls 12
4 Something You Fold T Shirts Towels Paper Airplane
4 Name Bad Reason For Picking A College Party School Friends Are Going Parents Pressure
4 Name Something That A Demanding Bride May Ask Her Maid-Of_Honor To do That Could End Their Friendship. Wear An Ugly Dress 46 Lie For Her 32 Pay For Dress 17
4 Name A Profession Where You Might Have A Dog For A Sidekick Police Officer 52 Firefighter 26 Performer 9
4 We Asked 100 Single People: Who In Your Life Gives You The Most Pressure To Settle Down and Marry? Mom 55 Friends 24 Person I’m Dating 8
4 Name A Form Of Communication That Few People Use Anymore. Written Letters 55 Telegraph 31 Phone 6
4 Name A Profession That Has To Worry About Getting Sued Doctor 54 Lawyer 31 Police Officer 8
4 Name Something You Need To Eat Before It Melts. Ice Cream 56 Chocolate 24 Popsicle 12
4 Name A prize You May Win From A Carnival Game. Stuffed Animal 75 Gold Fish 11 Poster 6
4 Name Something Drivers Often Do If They Spot A Police Car Up Ahead Slow Down 71 Move Over 12 Put Seatbelt On 4
4 Name An Animal That You See More Of In The City. Cat 63 Pigeon 18 Rat 15
4 Name A Place Where People 50 Years Ago Dressed To Go, But People Today Dress Casually For Church Movie Theater Restaurant
4 Name Something Kids Might Collect From The Beach Shells 68 Sand 15 Rocks 15
4 Name Something It Would Be Rude Not To Do When Being Introduced To A Stranger Shake Hands 56 Smile 23 Say Hello 9
4 Name A Skill That’s More Important For Teens To Learn Today, Than Previously Computer Skills 63 Driving 30 Second Language 3
4 Way To Remove Hair Wax Pull Out Shave
4 Name Something People Wear To Avoid A Sunburn Sunscreen 55 Hat 33 Shirt/Coverup 5
4 Hobby That Would Make You Go Broke Quickly Gambling Collect Cars Shopping
4 What Would A College Kid Do Right Before Parents Visit? Clean Homework Shower
4 Name A Specific Person You’d Ask To Help You Move If You Were In A Jam. Friend 42 Parent 38 Sibling 18
4 Name Something Parents Of Twins Do That Makes Their Children Seem Even More Similar. Dress Alike 67 Hair Style 21 Similar Names 11
4 Something Specific People Do In Front Of Mirror Singing Speech Smiling
4 Animal You Would Refuse To Pet Sit For Lion Tiger Snake
4 Other Than To Buy Books, Why Might Someone Go To A Bookstore? Read 58 Coffee 31 Socialize 5
4 What Do You Find Out About A Town By Reading Signs On The Side Of The Road? Population 60 Town Name 30 Speed Limit 8
4 Name A Profession That’s Only Successful If People Are Laughing At Them. Comedian 63 Clown 31 Sports Mascot 3
4 Tell Me A Reason People Give For Wearing Black. Funeral 59 Slimming 27 Style 12
4 If An Alien Gave You A Guided Tour Of Outer Space, What Would Be Must-See Stops? Other Planets 50 Moon 22 Sun 16
4 Name Something A Groom Hate To Lose Before Wedding Ring Bride Tux
4 Another Word For Long Underwear Long Johns Thermals Union Suit
4 Name Something You’re Advised To Wear In Order To Look Slim Black Girdle Vertical Stripes
4 What Might A Parent Videotape Their Child Doing Around The Christmas Holiday? Opening Presents 65 Being In Pageant 27 Visiting Santa 5
4 Sign That Girlfriend Is Turning Into A Cat Purring Meows Whiskers
4 What Is A Color That You Would See On A Country’s Flag? Red 70 Blue 19 White 3
4 Name A Song That Has “Christmas” In The Title White Christmas 55 Oh Christmas Tree 21 Wish You Merry Xmas 18
4 Name A Complaint Next-Door Neighbor Might Approach With Noise Dog Yard
4 What 3 Words Cause Argumentative Person Stop Fighting I Love You I Am Sorry You Are Right
3 Name Something Santa Does That You wouldn’t want Your House guest To Do. Come Down Chimney 59 Eat Your Coookies 24 Arrive Late at Night 13
Other Than Displays Of Affection, Name Something You Wish Couples Wouldn’t Do In Public. Fight 68 Feed Each Other 13 Baby Talk 5
Name A Reason You Might Dread Going To A New Year’s Party At A Club. Crowded 53 No Date 21 Don’t Drink 18
Which Color Would You Be Surprised To See A Bride Wearing On Her Wedding Day? Black 74 Red 21 Green 4
Name Something You’D Hate To Find Floating In Your Coffee Bug 54 Hair 29 Food Crumb 8
Name Something Santa Does, That You Wouldn’t Want Your House Guests To Do. Come Down Chimney 59 Eat Your Cookies 24 Arrive Late At Nite 13
Name A Specific Night Of The Year That You Hope To Be Kissed. New Year Eve’s 48 Valentine’s 25 Christmas 13
Name Something That You Can Get For Free At A Casino. Drinks 49 Food 33 Entertainment 5
3 Name A Person Who You’d Never Trust to Set You Up On A Blind Date Mother 66 Sibling 20 Ex 9
2 Name Something A Couple Shouldn’t Do Until They Have Known Each Other For A Long Time. Become Intimate Get Married Live Together
2 If You See Pink Frosting On A Cake, What Flavor Would You Expect It To Be Strawberry 73 Cherry 16 Raspberry 10
Before Visiting A New City, Name Something For Which You Might Get A Recommendation. Places To Stay 56 Restaurant 24 Attraction 7
Name A Reason Why It’s Hard To Slow Dance With A Ghost. Can’t See Them 66 Nothing To Hold 17 Can’t Lead 16
Name A Decoration You Might Find Inside A Mexican Restaurant. Sombrero 58 Pinata 22 Maracas 6
Name Something A Dad Would Look Silly Borrowing From His Child At The Bowling Alley. Shoes 64 Lightweight Ball 19 Money 15
Name A Famous Robert Who Many Women Consider Handsome. Robert Redford 51 Robert De Niro 34 Robert Kennedy 4
Name An Article Of Clothing That Most People Have 10 Of. Pairs Of Shoes 57 Pairs Of Socks 21 Shirts 17
Name Something A Man Might Do At The Gym To Impress A Woman. Lift Weights 55 Flex 24 Take Off Shirt 10
3 Tell Me A Celebration You Wish Would Last All Year Christams Birthday New Years
3 Name Something People Wait In Line For On Hot Days Ice Cream 66 Cold Drinks 23 Water Park 10
1 Name Something A Contestant In A Beauty Pageant Might Wear Bathing Suit 56 Gown 39 Makeup 2
1 Name A Kind Of Cookie People Love To Dunk In Milk Chocolate Chip 54 Oreo 42 Oatmeal 5
3 Name A Night Of The Week When People Stay Up Later Than Usual Friday 52 Saturday 43 Sunday 3
Name Something That Would Soothe An Upset Stomach Pepto Bismol Milk Tums
If There Was An Award For “Loudest In The Zoo,” Which Animal Would Win It? Lion 41 Elephant 34 Monkey 19

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