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Hole – Check-Out List

Get crackin’ and check out our comprehenisve (and growing) price sheet or hint chart for the pricing games: Hole In One and Check-Out from Facebook’s The Price Is Right game application.  Use the awesome power of collective input and peek at the chart povided.  If you’ve got anything to add, edit, or share (even candid thoughts!), go to our awesome and amazing Forums (full of great tips and insider information too! Best forum for Price Is Right game)

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BONUS: 70’s
Clock &
3 Strikes &
Lucky 7
Plinko, Cliff &
Shell Game
Hole In 1 &
$$$ Item Description
0.29 Kool-Aid / Kool Aid
0.55 Chips Ahoy
0.69 Oxford 100 Ruled Index Cards
0.75 Hot Sauce
0.79 Pringles
0.81 Erasers
0.89 Morton Salt
0.95 V8 Juice
0.99 St. Joseph Aspirin
1.09 David Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds
1.19 Mahatma Rice
1.29 Bruce’s Yams
1.39 Oatmeal Creme Pies
1.41 Campbell’s French Onion Soup
1.45 Bushs Black Beans
1.47 Bushs Black Beans
1.49 Del Monte Sweat Peas
1.56 Campbells Cream Of Celery
1.59 Fiji Bottled Water
1.64 Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup
1.69 Steam Fresh Vegetables
1.79 Dole Pineapple
1.89 Betty Crocker Seasoned Skillet Potatos
1.99 Uncle Bens Rice
2.15 New Halls Naturals Cough Drops
2.19 Cherries
2.25 Hershey’s Syrup
2.28 Syrup
2.39 Jolly Time Popcorn
2.49 Celery Hearts
2.69 Santa Fe Salsa
2.79 Ziplock Bags
2.89 Karo Corn Syrup
2.99 Jif Peanut Butter
3.09 Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
3.15 Hot Cocoa
3.19 Hot Pockets Panini
3.25 Corn Flakes
3.29 Nature Valley Granola Bars
3.35 Smuckers Blackberry Jam
3.39 Clorox Clean Up Spray Stain Remover
3.49 Curad Sensitive Skin Bandages
3.55 Super PoliGrip
3.59 Dixie Cups
3.79 Sun Chips
3.88 Udder Cream
3.89 Oreo Cookies
3.99 Tresemme Hairspray
4.09 Johnsons Baby Shampoo
4.19 Lady Speed Stick Deoderant
4.29 Birdola Wild Bird Food
4.39 Carnation Malted Milk
4.49 Beneful Dog Food
4.55 Tums
4.61 Krazy Glue
4.69 Kaboom
4.89 Yellow Gold Bond First Aid Cream
4.98 Spray N Wash Bright N White
4.99 Spray And Wash
5.09 Food Colors
5.25 Hot Pockets Value Pack
5.29 Visine
5.49 Super PoliGrip
5.79 Pet/Dog Shampoo
5.88 Tidy Cats Cat Litter
5.99 Gold Bond Body Power
5.99 Calcium Supplement
6.19 Blue Star Ointment
6.29 Covergirl Pocket Powder
6.39 Shrimp Scampi
6.49 Jelly Belly’S
6.59 Oder Eaters Foot Powder
6.79 Oasis Moisturizing Mouthwash
6.97 Icy Hot Patch
6.99 Airborne/Air Borne
7.18 Gold Bond Lotion
7.3 9 Lives Active Formula Cat Food
7.3 Chlorox Bottle
7.49 Gold Bond Foot Powder Healing Lotion Cream
7.55 9 Lives Cat Food
7.83 Absorbine Jr.
7.95 OsCall (2)
7.99 Quick Shine Floor Finish
8.59 Ester-C
8.99 Energizer Hearing Aid EZ Change
9.12 Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion (Hole In One in picture)
9.5 Body Lotion
9.89 Capzasin
9.95 Gold Bond Lotion
9.99 Lighter Hair Remover
10.97 Citracal Calcium Supplement
10.99 Mac And Cheese
11.68 Slow Mag
11.99 Stress Eze
12.49 Fiber Choice
12.99 Breathright Nasal Strips
13.26 Calcium Citracal
13.26 Fiber Shake
13.45 Oscal
13.99 Dr. Scholls
13.99 Freeze Away Wart
14.99 Energizer Battery Packaging
3.3 Clorox Bleach

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