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TPIR – Special: 1970’s Edition

Facebook Price Is Right Answers – 1970’s Edition

Ah-ah-ah-ah.. Stayin’ Alive.  Stayin’ Alive.   The Price Is Right on Facebook has gone far out and groovy retro with the temporary 1970’s (seventies) edition of the Facebook Price Is Right game.    With so many requests pouring in for some hints on some of the Price Is Right 70’s answers, we’re only too happy to oblige.  Thanks again to the community’s help in posting noted data into our forums we are once again able to create and continually grow/add to our popular lists and offerings.  So here goes… no membership required… no $$$ required.  We’re happy to present you with the free answer guide for Facebook The Price Is Right seventies (1970’s) edition help lists.  It’s not cheating … it’s just a guide. Use it if you wish. I cannot vouch for its accuracy. If you have any updates or would like to add to the list you can submit (in csv format) and we’ll add it to the list – – which will keep growing! Note: Price A, B, C, etc. are variations in pricing that have been actually experienced in playing the game. Use this knowledge strategically if you come across one of these items. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SUBMISSIONS AGAINST THE CURRENT DAY’S LIST AND REMOVE DUPLICATES PRIOR TO SUBMITTING. Thank you.

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BONUS: 70’s
Clock &
3 Strikes &
Lucky 7
Plinko, Cliff &
Shell Game
Hole In 1 &
1 A B C Item Description Video Description
466 La-Z-Boy Spanish-style Recliner Loungers (2)
937 Canopy Bed (Henredon Canterbury) (Biggers)
239 Mailbox Bar (Frigidare’s red,white & blue) (Frigidare)
265 Fireplace (Free Standing) (The Modern from Preway)
925 Water Bed and Nightstand (Wavecrest Company)
230 Compactor (General Electric)
595 Amana Microwave
475 Range
1200 Silver Yacht (Vermeil Accent) (Gorham)
447 Bar Base (Steel sink) (Scheirich Company Louisville Kentucky)
526 Converta Sofa (Broyhill)
339 Ottoman (3 tiered,cotton print,poly-dacron)
582 ireplace with hearth (Chinook)
395 Catamaran (Catyak from Dayton Marine) (Dayton)
418 Bar Set (Chromcraft) (Cantina by Chromcraft)
482 Barbecue (Arkla) (Deluxe flavor kitchen gas grill patio pot and shelf)
315 Wood burning stove (Scandia airtight all-cast iron wood stove) (Franklin Cast Iron Products)
312 Barbecue (Charmglow gas grill) (Charmglow products of Antioch,Illinois)
428 Aquarium(Place in any room)(White pedestal)(complete with light aerator & heater)
570 Range (Jenn-Air) (Char flavor grill)
509 Exercise Equipement (Diversified Products)
950 Aquarium (Oak) (Comes with 50 gallons of water,light,filter & pump) (barrel of pleasure)
505 Dishwasher (Maytag Jet Clean) (Maytag)
268 Luggage (American Tourister his & hers very light set of luggage)
466 Pair Of Recliners (La-Z-Boy Reclining Loungers)
470 Range (energy-saver)(Hardwick)
320 China (8-place set)(Royal Song)
330 Fireplace (Majestic -Regency Free Standing)
300 Sofa (Kroehler)
415 Grandfather Clock (Solid Walnut) (Emperor Clock Company)
350 Carpeting (27 square yards of Downs’ Great Demand) (Downs)
400 Silver Collection (Michael C.Fina Company)
795 Oak Bench Table
426 Sailboat (Sportyak 3,the 78 lb. wonder) (Dayton Marine Products)
546 Outdoor Furniture (Home Crest)
351 Charmglow portable grill
625 Wavecrest waterbed and nightstand
950 50-gallon aquarium
509 Diversified Products exercise equipment (blue background)
373 Diversified Products exercise equipment (yellow background)
380 GE 30 inch self cleaning range
795 Oak bench table
505 Maytag Jet Clean dishwasher
300 Kroehler leather sofa
590 Riccar Electronic 300 sewing machine
582 Chinook fireplace
429 Gordon’s Projects cocktail table
357 Big Casino carpeting
447 Scheirich bar base
599 Ceiling fan light
375 Sand Dollar Hurricane International furniture
829 Amana Corning range
265 Preway fireplace
280 Sauveron dinette set
268 Very light luggage
399 Cellarette
330 Majestic fireplace
410 Giant capacity Maytag dishwasher
219 Spiegel billiard table
530 Berkline pair of recliners
312 Non-portable Charmglow grill
349 Old Salt Ship’s wheel clock
250 Stereo (Carnegie Electronics) (Stereophonic home entertainment system)
340 Ria Rug
348 Chest Of Drawers (Habersham)
398 Pair Of Recliners (Room Saver) (Futuristic)
495 Collection Of Lamps (Turn Of The Century) (Johnson Industries)
503 Bar Set (Pipe Dream Factory) (Pipe Dream)
530 Pair Of Recliners (Berkline’s new Wallaway Recliners) (Berkline)
580 Washer and Dryer (Westinghouse)
590 Sewing Machine (Riccar Electronic 300 Sewing Machine)
595 Microwave Oven (Amana Touchmatic Radarange)
724 Patio Furniture (Scandanavia Outdoor Living) (SOL Incorporated)
758 Redwood furniture (Hancock’s California County Outdoor Living) (Hancock)
818 Trampoline (Fun Machine) (Round Trampoline Inc.)
428 Aquarium – White Pedestal
239 Bar Mailbox
404 Bar Set Cadette Chrome
418 Bar Set Chromcraft
645 Bar set Kelpson
503 Bar set Pipe Dream
447 Barbase Scheirch
360 BBQ Amberlight
482 BBQ Arkla
312 BBQ Charmglow
937 Bed with Post
532 Beverage Bar
219 Billiard Table
520 Burnerbase
350 Carpet 27 Yards
395 Catyak Catamaran
310 Cedar Chest
599 Ceiling Fan/Light
399 Cellarette
348 Chest of Draws
320 Chinawear 8 piece
370 Chinese Chest
500 Coffee Table
526 Converta Sofa Broyhill
200 Cookware Revere
280 Dinnette Set
509 Diverslittle Exercise Equip
509 Exercise Equip
582 Fireplace – Chinook
265 Fireplace Modern Preway
425 Folding Bridge Table
357 Game/Casino Carpet yards
700 Grandfather Clock VIKING
415 Grandfather Clock
758 Hancock Cali outdoor table
470 Hardwick Energy Oven
375 Hurricane Outdoor Furniture
495 Lamps Collection
420 LazyBoy Recliner
268 Luggage his and hers
410 Maytag Dishwasher
499 Microwave oven
339 Ottoman 3 tier
724 Patio Set Scandanay
829 Range Electric Amana Oven
480 Range from Gibson White Cons
380 Range General Electric Oven
398 Recliners Set
340 Ria Rug Denmark
487 Samsonite Table & Chairs
590 Sewing Machine
1200 Silver Yatch
426 Sportyyat sail boat
250 Stereo Carnegie Electronics
440 Stereo Chair
880 Trampoline
240 Trash Master Compactor
560 Washer & Drier Maytag
580 Washer & Drier WestingHouse
210 Washer/Drier Combo 1 mach
349 Wheel clock
885 Winston Desk
315 Wood Burning Stove Scandia
700 randfather Clock (Viking)
550 Collage coffee table
440 Lee west stereo chair
758 Redwood Hancock fern
645 Kalp Bar set
580 Washer Dryer Westinghouse –
360 Regency BBQ –
500 Simmons Hide a bed
495 Lamps Turn of the century styling from Johnson Industries
475 Hardwick gas Range 30″
724 Patio Furniture by Scandinavian Outdoor Living
480 Gibson Range continuous cleaning oven ceramic cooking surface
503 Pipe dream bar set
425 olding Bridge table
482 Arkla BBQ
560 Maytag washer and dryer
580 Wessinghouse washing machine and dryer
758 Redwood Furniture (yellow)
509 Exercise equipment
340 Ria Red rug
370 Chinese chest
588 Rocker and recliner chairs
440 stereo chair(red)
325 Storage trunk hand painted
195 globe (brown light inside)
196 Mini bike
316 Pair of Brumby rockers



Facebook The Price Is Right: 70’s Edition – SHOWCASE Answers Chart

5330 Sewing Machine Stereo Gremlin car
2554 Broyhill dining room Capehart Stereo Kimball Spinet Piano
5895 1,001 Nights Trip: Morocco/Turkey Oriental carpet King-sized bed
4516 Game Set Range (Hardwick Stove Company) Jukebox (The Entertainer by Seeburg)
2768 Sun Ray Glenwood Range 18th century Wurlitzer piano Heated nimbus water bed
1932 Europe ( London) TRIP Lug Argus Camera
3495 Living Room Vaccum Hammond Organ

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