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If you’ve made it to Punch-A-Bunch, congratulations! You’re a TPIR superstar. Facebook The Price Is Right game is no easy game. And the pricing games within the game can be unpredictable at best. Thank you to the current and future answer/cheat sheet submitters for your Punch A Bunch answers submissions. You’re helping our solutions list grow!  Have a look at the Punch A Bunch answers list hints below.  If you’ve got anything to add, edit, or share (submissions welcome!), go to our awesome and amazing Forums (full of great tips and insider information too! Best forum for Price Is Right game)

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BONUS: 70’s
Clock &
3 Strikes &
Lucky 7
Plinko, Cliff &
Shell Game
Hole In 1 &
$$$ Description
3.49 2 Pack (Two Pack) Paper Towels
2.19 100 Count Sandwich Bags
2.95 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
3.29 Hellmans (Hellman’s) Mayonaisse
2.61 Lipton Cold Brew Tea
2.18 Bertoli tomato sauce
3.99 Caress Sheer Twilight
2.99 Suave body lotion
3.99 Hellmann’s mayonnaise
4.99 Dove nourishing oil
3.79 Breyer’s Oreo Blast

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