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Safe Cracker Price List

The first game you’ll likely play once you win a bid on The Price Is Right Facebook Game.  It’s not the easiest game to win either, but with this list, you’ll get a helping hand!  Please refer to the list below and post in our Forum if you have pricing updates.  You can submit new data, corrections, discussion comments in our famous Forums!

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BONUS: 70’s
Clock &
3 Strikes &
Lucky 7
Plinko, Cliff &
Shell Game
Hole In 1 &
$$$ Item Description
723 Outdoor Dining Set With Umbrella
872 Ridgeway Frankfort Outdoor Clock/Thermometer
845 Pathfinder Luggage
510 His/Her MP3 Players
230 Juicer
139 Bluetooth Headset
856 Set Of His/Her Snowshoes (Tubbs)
549 white microwave oven
826 Carson’s of High Point wine console
870 Vtech Phones
732 Sanford Art Supplies
430 Digital personal assistant
679 Dime O Flage Electric Guitar
450 Sunscreen
719 Microwave, freezer combo, black
896 Coleman Marine Gear
460 Picnic Time Wicker Baskets
843 Onieda flatware
536 Smash Cosmetics
240 Digital picture frame
669 portable fireplace
829 collection of small kitchen appliances
150 Thermal Fridge
745 Powell Swivel Bar Console
720 His Her Tennis Equipment
159 Mini Shevy Cobra Model
250 Sturdy mixer
140 Rear view mirror
780 Digital Camera and Accessories

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