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  • From The Desk Of Andrew D. Grabber

    DataGrabber UPDATE – January 9, 2014

    Before I get to Bitcoins…. Happy 2014 to everyone on DataGrabber!  Everyone predicted Facebook games would soon die away a slow painful death.  But guess what?  Games on Facebook are more alive than ever.  Not only ar...
  • How To Win Deal Or No Deal On Facebook

    We’ve just added a special hints and tips page for one of the more popular Facebook games based on a TV game show – Deal or No Deal. Crazy to think that there’s some strategy involved in playing and winning De...
  • DataGrabber App


    POLL QUESTION: Is There An App For That?  We desperately need your input! Please take a moment to visit www.datagrabber.org and answer the poll question at the bottom of the page! The 2 seconds you take to answer the poll qu...
  • Free Screen Capture Software Recommedation - DataGrabber.org

    Jing-le Bells! Jing-le Bells! Jing-le ALL The Way! Best Free Software EVER.

    So what’s just as yummy as a cupcake? Why it’s desktop software of course! I get asked very often how it’s possible that we can keep updating our Facebook game answers, solutions, and cheat lists – espec...
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We’ve grown our content and continue to offer a haven for players looking for more help in their game play.  With Facebook The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,

Playing Facebook Games is easy and fun. But why not take the 2-heads-are-better-than-1 idea … and scale it up!”

Are Your Smarter Than A 5th Grader? and many other games including non-cheat sheet games like Mafia Wars CityVille, Backyward Monsters, Cafe World, etc., we’ve developed quite a following of regulars!

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