GodsWar – Strategies

In The Early Phase Of The Game – In the early going, getting your character to level up is very easy. You will be assigned very simple quests with rewarding benefits. With the AFK mode and auto search feature in the game, everything becomes even easier. The early part of the game is all about fulfilling quests and making use of the simple tasks ahead of you. Level up as fast as you can and use the strategies that I mentioned in the GodsWar tips for more effective leveling up.

Don’t forget to keep your pet with you at all times. It is good to use your pet in the early part of the game because pets also gain experience and also level up. Their effectiveness increases when they level up and this will be good for you. Having your pet with you will also make your monster killing rampage easier because they give passive auras that provide increased physical and magical damage or defense depending on the pet. Don’t forget to bring enough pet food with you too because your pet will surely become hungry as they follow you. Pet food will keep them at your side from time to time. To counter the distance problem you can go for the Greek Steed (Greek horse) in the game. You can use  this mode of transport when you reach level 40 where it will be given to you as a quest. With proper use of your character and the AFK mode, you can easily reach level 40 in a single night. Yes, leveling up in this game is very fast and easy if you just know the right methods.

In The Mid Phase Of The Game – In the mid phase of the game, leveling up will not be that fast and easy anymore. When you reach 60 and above you will usually have quests far away from your city. This is the time where Greek steed and quest portal becomes very important because they really save a lot of traveling time. The monsters will also be tougher in this phase of the game.  With the right items and talent point allocation it won’t be that much of a problem.

The good approach in this phase of the game is to start upgrading your weapons and armor (You will need various important stones to upgrade your weapons and armor). You will notice that there are players who have a glowing aura in their armor and spear. These are the players that have already succeeded in upgrading their weapons and armor. When you have upgraded weapon and armor, killing monsters in this phase will be easy. There will also be times when you encounter players from enemy states and having upgraded weaponry with you will prove very useful.

Another important thing that you need to have in this game is a guild. Yes, you can progress in the game without the guild but guilds offer so many advantages that sometimes I honestly think that you cannot survive in the game without it. Guilds can offer you protection and important information about specific tips in the game. You can ask for a party from your guild mates when accomplishing difficult quests, borrow strong items from your guild comrades, and sometimes even get free items from them. Having a guild is one important aspect in every MMO and in GodsWar it is no different. Having a guild will surely help you a lot, especially in this phase of the game.

In The Late Phase Of The Game – You may have reached this far pretty quickly (especially if you follow my special tips!). Monsters are very strong in this phase.  Leveling up is slow.  And you will have a lot of strong characters competing with you in every quest. This is the time where you focus your attention on getting those upgraded weapons and armor that will give your character a great edge against other players.

Items will also play a significant role in this part of the game. The better the item, the more superior a player can become. Other players will resolve in buying gold, which can only be acquired through real money, in order to get their desired items. When you reach the late game without adequate strong items, you will really feel inferior in this phase of the game. That’s why before entering this phase, you really need to have already prepared enough items or silver to become competitive. This part of the game is usually about PVP’s (Player VS Player), Guild Wars and Raids, and a lot of PK’s (Player Kills). Having the proper strong items will keep you on track.

These are the three phases of the game and the strategies you can do to ride it out and achieve success. Like other MMO’s, GodsWar can become very addictive (first hand experience!).  Sometimes you just can’t stop playing to get that new item, new skill, or better talent. The most important thing will always be proper character use and having fun at the same time. GodsWar can offer so much more enjoyment than a lot of other games on Facebook!

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