Facebook Press Your Luck Cheat Answers

It’s time to Press Your Luck!  Get through the rounds.  Spin the Big Wheel.  Keep your cash, but avoiding getting hit with a Whammy!   This popular Press Your Luck Facebook Game is a new edition to the game-shows-converted-to-Facebook-game phenomena.  It’s also a fun and highly addictive game.  Please don’t forget to spread the word about DataGrabber.org to all the other you play against to make the game more fun, just make sure you spell “d-a-t-a-g-r-a-b-b-e-r-.-o-r-g” with symbols and other character/space variations since apparently the word “DATAGRABBER” is akin to the most vile curse words know to humans!  So Go DataGrabber your self and get the DataGrabber outta here you DataGrabber Data-hole.  🙂

Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed data for this list, in particular priceisrightrules for collecting some awesome data as well as the others who’ve been emailing me.  We’ll be setting up a Press Your Luck tab in the FORUM so please don’t hesitate to post answers there!

The tagline "The bitch is back" comes from what 1992 movie?ALIEN3 *CORRECT*
Who was Frank Sinatra engaged to in 1962, but didn't marry?JULIET PROWSE
What 2006 Disney Channel movie was Zac Efron in?HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL
Which hip hop artist(s) put out the hit,"Big Poppa"?THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. *CORRECT*
Which of these meals does not contain protein?SALAD
How did Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke get to their secret kingdom in 2007's "Bridge to Terabithia"?SWINGING OVER A STREAM
Whose father was William Jefferson Blythe,Jr.?BILL CLINTON
Which part of "The Brady Bunch" house was never seen?TOILETS
In the Electoral College,an elector who does not vote for the candidate they should is called what?FAITHLESS
Which New York rapper served as Kanye West's mentor?JAY-Z
Who plays Goose's wife in "Top Gun"?MEG RYAN
What determines if a person has straight,wavy or curly hair?FOLLICLE SHAPE
How many novels did Margaret Mitchell have published before "Gone With The Wind"?NONE
On "NCIS: LA", what is the "OSP" Team that G.Callen is in charge of at NCIS?OFFICE OF SPECIAL PROJECTS
What military rank does Quartich hold in the film "Avatar"?COLONEL
What hit cable TV show is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's life?ENTOURAGE *CORRECT*
Which one of these guys were not in the famous Rat Pack?BOB HOPE
In "The Vampire Diaries" how is Jenna Sommers related to Elena?HER AUNT
Of what is "Modern Family's" Mitchell intensely afraid,as seen in Seasons 1 and 2?BIRDS
In the "Harry Potter" book series,how does a wizard choose his/her wand?ACTUALLY,THE WAND CHOOSES HIM/HER
Which one of these is a classic French roll shaped like a crescent with layers of buttery pastry?CRIOSSANT
What year did Congress first provide a minimum wage law?1938 *CORRECT*
During the 18th century Rococo period,wigs were made from the hair of what animal?YAK
Where did John Wayne go to college?USC *CORRECT*
Who was Jake in "Must Love Dogs"?JOHN CUSACK
Who was once a successful special effects artist for director Roger Corman?JAMES CAMERON
Which Spanish-language Julio Iglesias song title translates to "Broken Heart" in English?CORAZON PARTIO *CORRECT*
What part of speech is "wearisome," meaning "fatiguing"?ADJECTIVE
Who once worked for General Mills sweeping up?ASHTON KUTCHER
On "Two and a Half Men." what is the name of Alan Harper's second wife?KANDI
What was Elvis's favorite food?BANANA AND PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES
Missouri is separated from Illinois by which river?MISSISSIPPI RIVER
In the TV series "The Vampire Diaries", how did Elena's parents die?CAR CRASH
Who was the first U.S. President actually born in the United States?MARTIN VAN BUREN
Which of the following was not a Clint Eastwood western?THE WILD BUNCH
Which holiday would be the most likely time for making paper lanterns and dragons?CHINESE NEW YEAR
Which one of these means to have the appearance of truth?PLAUSIBLE
Helena Bonham Carter played what role in 2007's "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"?BELLATRIX LESTRANGE
Who won the MTV Viewer's Choice Award in 1990 for "Janie's Got A Gun"?AEROSMITH
Who starred with Clint Eastwood in "Magnum Force"?HAL HOLBROOK
Who was Robin Williams' son on "Mork & Mindy"?JONATHAN WINTERS
What state was Franklin D.Roosevelt in when he died?GEORGIA
What is the name given to the person in charge of museums and exhibitions?CURATOR
Which of the following was not an original character on "Melrose Place"?KIMBERLY
What are Sammy Hagar fans called?REDHEADS
Ashley Tisdale's older sister Jennifer starred in what movie?BRING IT ON:IN IT TO WIN IT
On "Friends," what was the name of Joey's girlfriend that Chandler fell in love with?KATHY
A cold slice of which fruit is eaten at many Fourth of July celebrations in the U.S.?WATERMELON
What type of dog is the title character of the 2007 movie "Underdog"?BEAGLE
Paul Klee painted a 1926 painting of what scaly,gilled animal lying on a plate?A FISH
On "Curb Your Enthusiasm," what is the name of Jeff's temperamental,foul-mouthed wife?SUSIE
In the 2006 movie "The Shaggy Dog," Dave takes on a case involving what?AN ANIMAL LABORATORY
When singer Lenny Kravitz first started performing in public,what name did he use?ROMEO BLUE
In 1986,who won the MTV Best Male Video Award for "Addicted To Love"?ROBERT PALMER
Idlewild(Soundtrack) is in the discography of which of these artists?OUTKAST
Thelonious Monk was awarded a special 2006 Pulitzer Prize for his impact on what musical genre?JAZZ
The oldest son of Victoria Beckham,Posh Spice from the group Spice Girls,has what name?BROOKLYN
In which year did African-American magazine "Ebony" start?1945 *CORRECT*
The "Madden NFL 2008's" cover featured the starting quarterback for which team?TITANS
Which former Danzig drummer joined Queens of The Stone Age after Dave Grohl left?JOEY CASTILLO
Frank T.J. Mackey and Ron Kovic were both characters played by whom?TOM CRUISE
What "Fantastic Four" star was once married to "Baywatch" babe Brooke Burke?JULIAN MCMAHON
What was the first mystery written by Dick Francis?DEAD CERT
How old was Emma Watson when the first Harry Potter movie was released?11 *CORRECT*
Who wrote the country hit "I Walk The Line"?JOHNNY CASH
What fruity-named competitor did The Gap buy in 1983?BANANA REPUBLIC
What item would you not find for sale at The Body Shop?WIGS
Godsmack's first behind-the-scences DVD is titled what?SMACK THIS!
...Something To Be is in the discography of which of these artists?ROB THOMAS
At his death in 1979,how many grandchildren did "The Duke" John Wayne have?20 *CORRECT*
What are burnouts in the video game "Burnout:Dominator"?COMPLETE DRAINING BOOST METERS
What are orange shades categorized as?WARM COLORS
Who does your character work for in the game "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent"?AURIC GOLDFINGER
What becomes invisible ink when painted on white paper and then dried?LEMON JUICE
Which Carole King song ends with the line: "The moral of Pierre is: CARE!"?PIERRE
In the 1976 film "Network," what anchorman publicly descends into a state of insanity?HOWARD BEALE
The song, "Drift & Die" was recorded by which of these artists?PUDDLE OF MUDD
What year did OutKast have the hit single "Elevators(Me & You)" on LaFace?1996 *CORRECT*
What is the imaginary line that circles the earth midway between the North and South Poles?EQUATOR
In the Adam Sandler movie "Happy Gilmore," what job did Happy not have?PARKING LOT ATTENDANT
What holiday begins the game "Alone In The Dark 2"?CHRISTMAS
Singer Tamia married which NBA star in July 1999?GRANT HILL
On the TV show "Surface," what name does Phil give to the creature that Miles discovers?NIMROD
On "The Secret Life," who was largely instrumental in convincing Amy to keep the baby?ASHLEY
The description "the nation's most sacred shrine" best describes?ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY
Which of these fruits is shaped like a melon?LIME
Which member of "Modern Family" views himself as a "cool dad"?PHIL
What year did Ice Cube have the hit single "It Was a Good Day" on Priority?1993 *CORRECT*
Early women's pumps were worn by servants who did not have time for what?LACES
Mohawks,studded leather and combat boots were trademarks of what style?PUNK
On "Seinfeld," what is the correct spelling of Elaine's last name?BENES *CORRECT*
How are Aly & AJ,the artists behind "Potential Breakup Song" related?THEY ARE SISTERS
How many children does the medium have on the TV show "Medium"?THREE *CORRECT*
Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark and Iceland are also known as what?SCANDINAVIA
Which Lifehouse album has been certified double-platinum by the RIAA?NO NAME FACE
What kind of ground beef is in the song "On Top of Spaghetti"?MEATBALL
What is Dr.Evil's son's name from the "Austin Powers" movies?SCOTT
Which best seller is about the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West?WICKED
The main characters in "Born Free" raise which type of wild animal?LION
In the game "SimCity," what job does the player have?MAYOR
Audioslave had which CD on the U.S. charts in 2003?AUDIOSLAVE
Where does "Boston Public" take place?BOSTON
What was the name of Husker Du's 1984 double disc platinum album?ZEN ARCADE
The state of Louisiana is located in which region?SOUTH
Hilary Duff had which CD on the U.S. charts in 2003?METAMORPHOSIS
What film did Rex Harrison take home the Oscar in 1964 for Best Actor?MY FAIR LADY
In the "Aesop's Fable," what did Androcles remove from the lion's paw?A THORN
On the show "Alias," what part did Sydney play in the "Thanksgiving Play" when she was six?TURKEY
What is the secret identity of Wonder Woman?DIANA PRINCE
Who created the TV show "Taxi"?JAMES L.BROOKS
SSX 3 is what type of video game?SNOWBOARDING
What is a general term for higher quality dishes,usually reserved for special occasions?CHINA
Ginuwine performed the duet "I Need a Girl, Pt.2" with whom?P.DIDDY
What rank is Jack Kellar in the video game "Black"?SERGEANT FIRST CLASS
In the third season of "Project Runway," the designers were surprised with a trip to what city?PARIS
The 2005 U.S. charts included "Rich Girl," by what artist?GWEN STEFANI
Which married couple won a 2006 Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals?TIM MCGRAW AND FAITH HILL
What is the part of the picture that appears to be farthest away from the viewer called?BACKGROUND
Who put out the song titled "No One Knows," which was on the U.S. charts in 2003?QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
Which hip-hop star celebrated the "Eve of Change" at Washington's Warner Theatre in 2009?JAY-Z
Which role did Tori Spelling play?DONNA MARTIN, BEVERLY HILLS,90210
What U.S. state is the smallest in land area?RHODE ISLAND
What is the profession of the Dick Francis hero Steven Scott?INVENTOR
What was a side effect of the freezing process to Austin in the movie "Austin Powers"?CAN'T CONTROL VOLUME OF VOICE
Which Beastie Boys song had a video that was a parody of '70s cop shows?SABOTAGE
In which film did John Travolta play a man with super intelligence?PHENOMENON
Which of these Stewarts is a well-known American businessperson?MARTHA STEWART
What color shorts does Mickey Mouse wear?RED
Which company was the first to sell toothpaste in a tube?COLGATE
What actress was in both "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Far and Away"?NICOLE KIDMAN
Which popular London-born supermodel is of mixed Jamaican and Chinese heritage?NAOMI CAMPBELL
What is the name of Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits album?GREATEST HITS
Which celebrity is a cousin of Samuel L. Jackson's?RANDY JACKSON
Which orange breakfast drink became popular when NASA started using it on Gemini flights?TANG
What word is a quality between transparent and opaque,allowing some but not all light through?TRANSLUCENT
In "Austin Powers 2," what game were Austin Powers and the evil model playing?CHESS
On "Ugly Betty," which word is emblazoned across the front of Betty's red poncho?GUADALAJARA
What is a winter accessory worn on the head?EARMUFFS
What was the year Morgan Freeman was born?1937 *CORRECT*
What happens to Mrs.Norris in the second Harry Potter book?SHE IS PETRIFIED
What is the name of Angelina Jolie's eldest son?MADDOX
In the TV show "Lost," which character won the lottery using the ill-fated numbers?HURLEY
Which male model was discovered in 1991 by an editor from "The Source"?TYSON BECKFORD
In the 2007 movie "Blades of Glory," Chazz and Jimmy's costumes look like what?FIRE AND ICE
From which record label did Christina Milian split in 2006 over "creative differences"?ISLAND DEFJAM
In 2002,who won the Record of the Year Grammy for "Walk On"?U2 *CORRECT*
Which character in "The Hobbit" can be best described as a "good wizard"?GANDALF
In what film did George Clooney play Thomas Devoe?THE PEACEMAKER
What candy comes in refillable dispensers with characters on top?PEZ
In the movie "It," what did Eddie say was battery acid?THE SPRAY FROM HIS INHALER
What are the names of "Twilight" author Stepehnie Meyer's three children?GABE,SETH AND ELI
In "Raiders of the Lost Ark," where did one of Indiana's students write "love you"?ON HER EYELIDS
What is the title of the 2005 hit movie "The Exorcism of..."?EMILY ROSE
Which artist released the hit song "Mambo No.5"?LOU BEGA
In what country does the game "Medal of Honor:European Assault" begin?FRANCE
What 1995 movie included the characters named Major Casey Schuler and General Billy Ford?OUTBREAK
Which track by sometime Babyface collaborator Mariah Carey mentions him in the lyrics?WE BELONG TOGETHER
Where was actress Lucy Lawless born?NEW ZEALAND
In what state is the town of Barrow in the 2007 film "30 Days of Night"?ALASKA
Who was Bobby Mercer in "Four Brothers"?MARK WAHLBERG
What is Howard Stern's ex-wife's first name?ALLISON
Who was the first premier of the Dominion of Canada?JOHN. A MACDONALD
Who is Joseph Gribble's biological father on Fox's "King of the Hill"?JOHN REDCORN
The 2003 U.S. charts included "Sick Of Being Lonely" by what artist?FIELD MOB
What soap opera's tagline is "secret desires,forbidden magic,intriguing mystery"?PASSIONS
Which "Baywatch" beauty used to be on "One Life To Live"?YASMINE BLEETH
Which rapper recorded a diss to Everlast?EMINEM
What is the name of the poetic division used in "The Divine Comedy"?CANTOS
On "Lost," what food does Charlie offer Claire an imaginary jar of?PEANUT BUTTER
Who did Danny Devito play on the TV hit "Taxi"?LOUIE DE PALMA
In which 1980's TV show did Adam Rich star?EIGHT IS ENOUGH
What is the word for a second-year student in high school or college?SOPHOMORE
Which of the following is a type of fine,gourmet Italian ice cream?GELATO
Which popular children's show did Leonardo DiCaprio appear on in a few episodes?ROMPER ROOM
Tibetian butter tea contains rock salt and "dre," which is what kind of butter?YAK
On the show "7th Heaven," who is the church's secretary?LOU
Which actor played the leading role in the movie "RV"?ROBIN WILLIAMS
In the 2007 movie "Surf's Up," where is Cody Maverick from?ANTARCTICA
Which of these states borders Wyoming?COLORADO
Braces is another word for what pants-holding straps?SUSPENDERS
What is a large,flat area of land that is higher than the surrounding land called?PLATEAU
In Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts," what song does Aerosmith sing?SWEET EMOTION
The movie, "Good Will Hunting" was directed by whom?GUS VAN SANT
Which of the following are characters in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?WILLY WONKA AND CHARLIE BUCKET
What is the descriptive term for a mattress with extra foam and padding?PILLOW TOP
Which of the following types of girls did Banky prefer in "Chasing Amy"?CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS
New Edition singer Bobby Brown appeared on a 2005 reality show on what cable network?BRAVO *CORRECT*
What type of club was Studio 54?DISCO
Which actress starred as "Lizzie McGuire"?HILARY DUFF
Which mountains are located in Virginia?BLUE RIDGE
Which film starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro?THIS BOY'S LIFE
Oxford shoes got their name because any men who wore them went where?TO COLLEGE
Cameron Diaz first appeared in which film?THE MASK
Which artist put out the CD “Meet the girl next door”?LIL' MO
Who won the MTV best cinematography award in 2003 for "Hurt"?JOHNNY CASH
What is a ceiling-mounted lighting fixture consisting of two or more arms bearing lights called?CHANDELIER
Which word means harmful?DELETERIOUS
Which state is bordered by Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia?VIRGINIA
What is not a style of military camouflage?HAZARD
Of these,which means to dry up and shrivel?WITHER
Which of these is a sturdy,opaque fabric?DENIM
The book "The Time Machine" was written by whom?H G WELLS
What year did the Wright brothers make their first successful flight?1903
In what state is Grand Canyon West Airport located?ARIXONA
What jumping stick is made with a spring and has handlebars and footbars?POGO STICK
Where did Merle Haggard go in 1957?SAN QUENTIN
The 1964 movie "My Fair Lady" is based on which George Bernard Shaw play?PYGMALION
The TV show "Family Plots" is about a family that works in what business?FUNERAL HOME
"Calling All Angels" is the title of a 2003 song by what band?TRAIN
Where does Nurse Jackie live?NEW YORK CITY
Who won the Album of the Year Grammy in 2008 for "River: The Joni Letters"?HERBIE HANCOCk
Young Jeezy made which of these songs?PUT ON
“Yabba Dabba Delicious” is a famous slogan from what cereal brand?FRUITY AND COCOA PEBBLES
Eddie Murphy starred in what 1992 movie?BOOMERANG
Who was deported back to Pakistan on the TV show "Seinfeld"?BABU
The title of the novel "Catch-22" refers to what?A NO-WIN SITUATION
Jersey is a fabric most often used in what kind of clothes?LEISURE WEAR
What flavor of ice cream is used in a traditional root beer float?VANILLA
The 2007 movie "Hairspray" is based on what 2002 musical by Mark O’Donnell?HAIRSPRAY
What made up the first photo-sensitive compound, invented accidentally in 1727?A: Silver, Nitric Acid, Chalk
Which of the following does a tailor NOT measure when fitting a man's suit?ANKLE
What type of vehicles are used in the video game Moto Racer 2?MOTORCYCLES
Lord Byron and William Blake wrote primarily in what genre of poetry?ROMANTIC
What was Ponch's first name on the TV show "CHiPs"?FRANCIS
What are the Three Fires in Michigan?Ottawa, Patawatomi, Chippewa
In the "Shrek" series, what character does Eddie Murphy voice?DONKEY
Which is a group of singers that perform together or in parts and is seen in a church?CHOIR
At the beginning of "The Big Lebowski", what do the thugs ruin?HIS RUG
On the TV show "The Class", which actor plays the lead role?JASON RITTER
What two teams had the best overall rating in "Madden NFL 2001"?JAGUARS AND RAMS
Which 1999 comedy featured Tyra Banks?LOVE STINKS
Based on only the title, which of these books is most likely to be a fantasy novel?WIZARD OF EARTHSEA
In the film "Cheaper By the Dozen", who co-starred with Bonnie Hunt?STEVE MARTIN
Who played Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom in "Con Air"?JOHN MALCOVICH
Which is not a character from "Dante's Inferno"?CONFUCIUS
What is the name for applying a coat of slip to the surface of pottery to cover up mistakes?ENGOBE
Which Iron Maiden song begins with the line: "Hold a halo round the world, golden is the day"?OUT OF THE SHADOWS
Which of the following fashion brands has a moose on its logo?ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH
Who is the Miami Dolphin's highest rated overall player in "Madden NFL 11"? MARSHALL
What movie was Johnny Depp's first movie credit?NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
What is the name of a block used as a stand for a vase, urn or statue?PEDESTAL
How can Scrooge avoid the future he is shown in "A Christmas Carol"? CHANGE HIS PERSONALITY
In the 1997 movie "Titanic", what was the name of Louis XIV's diamond Cal gave to Rose? La Coeur De La Mer
Divorced couple Russel and Kimora Simmons still share the running of what business?BABY PHAT
Which of the following TV doctors is a character on "Nip/Tuck"? DR. CHRISTIAN TROY
What "Harry Potter" creature turns into a person's worst fear?BOGGART
What military base is near Fayetteville, North Carolina? FORT BRAGG
What is the name of the player's team in the video game "Delta Force 2"BRAVO TEAM
Which Dick Francis' character fell from the top of a racecourse grandstand?PRINT LITSI
What are the names of the aunt and uncle that Harry Potter lives with?Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia
Which is a heavy, precious, non-coroding, grayish-white metal that is used in jewelry making?PLATINUM
What spell do our "Harry Potter" heroes use to defeat the troll that traps Hermione in the bathroom?Wingardium Leviosa
A crime fighter who wears a green and black outfit with a green ring is who?THE GREEN LANTERN
When Edward Hopper had trouble selling paintings, he switched to what popular medium?WATERCOLORS
What kind of vehicle is used in the Demolition Match in the video game "Def Jam: Fight for NY"? SUV'S
What is the name of the record label P. Diddy founded?BAD BOY RECORDS
Who did Tom Hanks marry on April 30th, 1988? RITA WILSON
In what state is the town of Barrow in the 2007 film "30 Days of Night"? ALASKA
In "Swordfish", John Travolta starred along with which actress? HALLE BARRY
What colored sticks can you draw on a driveway with?SIDEWALK CHALK
Which basketball games does Adam Sandler frequently attend?THE NEW YORK KNICKS
Which military bomber has 8 enginesB52
Which one of these inventions/discoveries came first?TIN CAN
What are the pictures that explain the story in a book called?ILLUSTRATIONS
Which Edouard Manet painting of people eating in a park caused a scandal in 1863?THE PICNIC
Who is the main character in the animated film "An American Tail"?Fievel
How much was the approximate divorce settlement between Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving?100 MILLION
What did Lincoln do to Maryland's legislators, preventing the state from seceding in 1865HAD THEM ARRESTED
On "Psych", what type of business do Gus and Shawn run?A DETECTIVE AGENCY
Who won the MTV Best Cinematography Award in 2003 for "Hurt"?JOHNNY CASH
How old do you need to be in the U.S. to vote?18
On the color wheel, how many colors make up a triad?3
Who joined the cast of "What About Brian" to  play David's new boss?TIFFANI THIESSEN
Harry Anderson and Markie Post appeared on "30 Rock" in 2008 for a wedding with what TV theme?NIGHT COURT
Which song accompanied many of the motorcycle scenes in "Easy Rider"?BORN TO BE WILD
A winter scarf is usually sold in a set with what?A HAT
On "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", where did Buffy move to Sunnydale from?LOS ANGELES
In the 2007 movie "Good Luck Chuck", who refers to Charlie Logan as a "good luck charm"?HIS EX-GIRLFRIENDS
Who co-starred with Nicole Kidman in the 2004 film "The Stepford Wives"?MATTHEW BRODERICK
Henri Matisse's eye-catching paintings featured big blocks of which type of colors?BRIGHT
Which single was a 2007 release featuring Lil' Boosie?WIPE ME DOWN
What kind of vehicles are on the cover of "James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire"?A CAR AND A HELICOPTER
Vincent van Gogh is known for being which one of the following?PAINTER
Which of these titles is a song by Lloyd?GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD
What 1999 film featured four teenagers on an epic quest to see a Kiss concert?DETROIT ROCK CITY
Which of these crops are grown in the United States?ALL OF THEM
Where do the 2006 Colorado Avalanche play in Denver?PEPSI CENTER
Mork from "Mork and Mindy" famously wore what rainbow article of clothing? SUSPENDERS
Which word describes a person that is highly skilled at a technique?VIRTUOSO
On "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", what instrument did Will trade in Ashley's violin for?DRUMS
What evil organization does James Bond always battle?SPECTRE
What does Kevin Martin play in Candlebox?VOCALS
It was discovered that before joining FEMA, Michael Brown had no prior experience in what?EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
The tagline "He'll grow on you" comes from which 1992 movie?BEETHOVEN
What type of suit should a man wear to a black-tie event?A TUXEDO
What distinction did Deep Purple earn in the Guiness Book of World Records?GLOBE'S LOUDEST BAND
What actress plays the role of Larkin Groves on the TV show "Invasion"?LISA SHERIDAN
Which game from the 1930's was later made into a special edition with 9K gold houses?MONOPOLY
Which of these titles is a song by Purple Ribbon All-Stars?KRYPTONITE (I'M ON IT)
What was used to hold together pieces of clothing in Ancient Rome?SAFETY PINS
What city or place is Andrew Carnegie Mansion in?NEW YORK CITY
Which of these acresses has Matthew McConaughey not dated?KATE HUDSON
In Claude Monet's outdoor "Houses of Parliament", the London landmark is partially hidden by what?FOG
According to Billy Joel's song "Movin' Out", who works in the grocery store?ANTHONY
In hats, the term "beanie" comes from the English slang "bean", for what?HEAD
Which children's television show, featuring a big yellow bird, made its debut in 1969?SESAME STREET
The title of the novel "Catch-22" refers to what?A NO-WIN SITUATION
Which choice is most related to "cupid"?ARROW
What was the name of the 1996 album Bobby Brown released with New EditionHOME AGAIN
How many players are there in every game of "M.U.L.E."?4
Chris Cagle is rarely seen without what piece of clothing?HAT
Which of the following women was an important impressionistic painter of the 19th century?MARY CASSATT
With whom did Margot Fonteyn begin her famous ballet partnership after she turned 40?RUDOLF NUREYEV
Who does Eddie Murphy play in the "Beverly Hills Cop" movies?THE DETECTIVE FROM DETROIT
What does Dr. Evil name his clone?MINI ME
Why is Ben Roethlisberger misspelled in "Madden NFL 05"?DUE TO CHARACTER LIMIT
What are the names of Disney's famour two chipmunks?CHIP AND DALE
You can find the Vatican at which location?ROME
What word means holding something in trust for another?FIDUCIARY
Which is a large body of water between Europe and Africa?MEDITERRANEAN SEA
Who is a fictional detective?NANCY DREW
What type of surface has a sheen?A GLOSSY LUSTROUS SURFACE
Who appeared in both "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "G.I. Jane"?DEMI MOORE
In 1998, who won the Album of the Year Grammy for "Time Out Of Mind"?BOB DYLAN
Who is the King of Troy in "The Illiad"?PRIAM
Who won the MTV Video of the Year Award in 1999 for "Doo Wop (That Thing)"?LAURYN HILL
What is the part of the picture that appears to be farthest away from the viewer called?BACKGROUND
Which 1999 comedy featured Tyra Banks?LOVE STINKS
During what 1985 concert of The Jesus and Mary Chain were four people taken to the hospital?NORTH LONDON POLYTECHNIC
What part of speech is "travail", meaning "hard or agonizing labor"?NOUN
Who was the "South Park" Halloween Costume Contest Judge at the school?TINA YOTHERS
The movie, "Gladiator", was directed by whom?RIDLEY SCOTT
What Jet song was written about the father of band members Chris and Nic Cester?LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE
What part of speech is "unutterable", meaning "inexpressible"?ADJECTIVE
What was Elvis's favorite food?BANANA AND PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES
Which Aerosmith song was featured in the movie "Armageddon"?DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING
What is the definition of the term "anatomy"?STUDY OF BODY STRUCTURE
In 1990, who won the MTV Best Dance Video Award for "U Can't Touch This"?M.C. HAMMER
Which item of clothing do you wear inside of your shoes?SOCKS
What Tony- and Oscar-winning acress plays the part of Hetty Lange on "NCIS: Los Angeles"?LINDA HUNT
In the television series "Heroes", what nationality is the character Hiro Nakamura?JAPANESE
Who played Agent 99 on TV's  "Get Smart"?BARBARA FELDON
The pop group the Primettes became which popular group?THE SUPREMES
Who was the President when "All in the Family" premiered?RICHARD NIXON
Who wrote the soundtrackes to the first three "Indiana Jones" movies?JOHN WILLIAMS
What Motlety Crue song ends "But with you in my life. You're the reason I'm alive"?WITHOUT YOU
What color set is "Marvin Gardens" in "Monopoly"?YELLOW
What product did the Foo Fighters parody in their video for "Big Me"?MENTOS
What role did Leonardo DiCaprio turn down?ROBIN IN "BATMAN AND ROBIN"
As a child, what award did Ashley Manning always win?GIRL SCOUT COOKIE AWARD
When a person wears platform shoes they appear to be what?TALLER
Which actor starred as the lead in "Jerry Maquire"?TOM CRUISE
In "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", who goes with Charlie to the factory?GRANDPA JOE
What is President George W. Bush's middle name?WALKER
What animated movie features Watch, Madame Gasket and Cappy?ROBOTS
Madonna had which of these hit singles in 2001?DON'T TELL ME
As an American Scene painter, Edward Hopper made work that showed what?EVERYDAY EVENTS
What part of speech is "sepulcher", meaning "a burial-place"?NOUN
What Italian pastry was immortalized in a line from the 1972 film "The Godfather"?CANNOLI
Actress Anne Hathaway bears the same name as the wife of which well-known English poet?WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
Who wrote the screenplay for the 1997 movie "Titanic"?JAMES CAMERON
What is another word for an Italian milkshake that is made with milk and fresh fruit?FRULLATO
Which apparel company had the most revenue in 1998?NIKE
Emily Kmetko is a character on what TV show?MAKE IT OR BREAK IT
Who did TV's "Fraiser" unexpectedly meet on his vacation to Bora Bora?LILITH AND BOYFRIEND
In the "Star Trek: Voyager" eepidose "Faces", who was surgically altered to look like a Vidiian?CHAKOTAY
What snack food is Pemmican best known for?BEEF JERKY
What is the name of Leonardo DiCaprio's step brother?ADAM STARR
Who directed the 1985 comedy, "The Breakfast Club"?JOHN HUGHES
Which person is known for this: "leader of the U.S.S.R."?MIKHAIL GORBACHEV
Who played the role of Lara Croft in "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"?ANGELINA JOLIE
In 2006, Alicia Silverstone changed her lifestyle in what way?BECAME A VEGAN
What Disney movie is the character Miss Bianca from?THE RESCUERS
What was Colin Farrell's North American theatrical debut?TIGERLAND
Who sends the Silver Surfer to destry Earth in 2007's "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer"?GALACTUS
What artist released the CD "Trey Day"?TREY SONGZ
Who is Joseph Gribble's biological father on Fox's "King of the Hill"?JOHN REDCORN
Who came us with the band name NSYNC?JUSTIN'S MOTHER
Which is a fictional ministry made up by the Monty Python team?MINISTRY OF SILLY WALKS
Which two First Ladies never lived in the White House?MARTHA WASHINGTON, ANNA HARRISON
You can find Mount Rainier at which location?WASHINGTON
Who won the Album of the Year Grammy in 2008 for "River: The Joni Letters"?HERBIE HANCOCK
What is the correct spelling of the following word defined as "an indispensable item; essential"?NECESSARY
Who was the Derek and The Dominos song "Layla" written about?PATTIE BOYD
Kart bombs populate the track of what Nintendo game?MARIO KART 64
On "Seinfeld", what did George try to sell to Elaine  and Jerry while he was working for his father?COMPUTER
In the movie, "Home Alone", Kevin is left alone on which holiday?CHRISTMAS
What ghostly spirit chased Ichabod Crane in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"?THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN
To capture changes in light, Claude Monet painted haystacks with all of these differences except?COUNTRIES
In :Eight Below", which two dogs are named for 1948 U.S. Presidential candidates?DEWEY AND TRUMAN
On "Seinfeld", what did Jerry do that was a turn off to the Calvin Klein model?PICKED HIS NOSE
What is the definition of the word "animalia"?SCULPTURE OF ANIMALS
Which state ranks 3rd in water area with 40001 square miles?MICHIGAN
Which board game, licensed to Parker Brothers in 1934, apologetically bears a one-word name?SORRY
Who is the star of the movie "Mr. Deeds"?ADAM SANDLER
Which is a nickname of the U.S. flag?OLD GLORY
What U.S. General was known as "Old Hickory"?ANDREW JACKSON
What is the common term used for putting on fancy clothes?DRESSING UP
In the movie "Casino", what was Ginger's profession before she married Sam?HUSTLER
Where is the annual Iowa State Fair held?DES MOINES
Which of the following is not a color that is typically found in early potteryPURPLE
Who released the 2005 single "Love in a Trashcan"?THE RAVEONETTES
SSX 3 is what type of video game?SNOWBOARDING
What was not used as a clothes fastener in the early 1920's?VELCRO
When you're voted off the island on "Survivor", who "has spoken"?THE TRIBE
Who did Barack Obama marry in 1992?MICHELLE ROBINSON
What was the worldwide box office take for "Town and Country"?10365000
Who has done cameo appearances in movies and TV under the name Oprah Noodlemantra?JOHNNY DEPP
Which singer imitated Charlie Chaplin at the beginning of his music video?JUSTIN TIMERLAKE
What is the strongest monster in the video game "Dungeon Keeper"?The Horned Reaper
In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" who or what was the monster in the chamber?A Basilisk
In which U.S. state will you find Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, and Kaneohe?Hawaii
Nancy Sinatra & Frank Sinatra had which hit single in 1967Somethin' Stupid
What is the name of the book Elvis Presley's bodyguards wrote about him?Elvis: What Happened
What was Bruce Lee's nickname?Little Dragon
On the original "Star Trek" series, what color was Vulcan blood?Green
Who ran Sonic Youth's first label, Neutral Records?Glenn Branca
What 2006 Disney Channel movie was Zac Efron in?High School Musical
Who played Ellie May Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies"?Donna Douglas
What movie remake starred Mark Wahlberg in 2001?Planet of the Apes
How much was the approximate divorce settlement between Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving?100 Million
14 Shades Of Grey is in the discography of which of these artists?Staind
Fantasia Barrino was cast to reprise her role in the big-screen version of what musicalThe Color Purple
In the "Harry Potter" series, which of these nicknames is associated with Sirius Black?Padfoot
Payson Keeler is a character on what TV show?Make It or Break It
What is the descriptive term for a mattress with extra foam and padding?Memory Foam
In which 2002 movie did Forest Whitaker play the character Burnham?Panic Room
What is the term for cooking meats like pork or duck in order to melt some of the fat out of them?Rendering
What the first name of the father of Don and Charlie on "Numb3rs"?Alan
What actress played Elinor Dashwood in the movie "Sense and Sensibility"?Emma Thompson
Which actress played the major female role opposite Susan Sarandon in the 1998 movie "Stepmom"?Julia Roberts
What military base is near Fayetteville, North Carolina?Fort Bragg
In a standard game of "Solitaire", what is the only card you can move into a blank column?King
Which "friends" character was a chef?Courteney Cox
Which item is part of the meat and beans group in the USDA 2005 MyPyramid?Pumpkin Seeds
What is the word for a light, soft color?Pastel
Go D.J. was on the charts in 2005 by which artist?Lil' Wayne
Who is the lead female character in the 2008 teen flick "Camp Rock"Mitchie
Which word refers to a fine grid usually made of wire or plastic?Screen
Which 80's pop singer was on the band's judging committee in the original "Back to the Future"?Huey Lewis
What year did Sam Cooke have the hit single "Chain Gang" on RCA Victor?1960
The Season 3 finale of "Dancing with the Stars" ended with tie scores for which two dancers?Emmitt Smith And Mario Lopez
What guitar player replaced Gillian Gilbert of New Order in 2005?Phil Cunningham
How many corners did an 18th century tricorn hat have?Three
Where did Jake Gyllenhaal spend two years of college and attended a class with Uma Thurman's father?Columbia University
Of Frida Kahlo's 143 paintings, fifty-five are of what subject?Herself
Which song was put out by Staind?Falling
What is the name of a substance that causes a liquid to spread across a surface more easily?Wetting Agent
Mamma Mia is a musical based on hits by which group?ABBA
The contestants on "Project Runway" are what?Fashion Designers
Who played The Roxbury Brothers on "Saturday Night Live"?Will Ferrell And Chris Kattan
Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra had which hit single in 1967?Somethin' Stupid
In what film did Orlando Bloom play a shoe designer?Elizabethtown
Who was the main character in 2007's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"?Jack Sparrow
Which movie is about an overage baseball player who becomes a legendary player?The Natural
What TV show features a character named Kevin Kingston-Persons?Are We There Yet?
Which movie soundtrack features Marcy Playground?Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
What is the name of the pie shop owned by Ned on "Pushing Daisies"?The Pie Hole
What young child accidentally slips into the monters' world in "Monsters, Inc."?Boo
What is edible as a young shoot but is better food for pandas when it's grown bigger?Bamboo
Which song was put out by Rise Against?Re-education (Through Labor)
What can be used to remove plaque between the teeth?Dental Floss
To who is Victoria Beckham married?David Beckham
In "Game of Thrones", what is the seat of the King of the Iron Throne?Red Keep
During the 18th century Rococo period, wigs were made from the hair of what animal?Yak
What kind of food involves using chopsticks and eating a fortune cookie at the end of the meal?Chinese Food
Who was one of the original "Brat Packers"?Andrew McCarthy
What was the name of the first musical group that Patrick Wolf formed?Maison Crimineaux
Which is not cosmetic worn on or around the eyes?Blush
Who discovers Edward in the 1990 film "Edward Scissorhands"?Peg Boggs
What tourist attraction was opened in Shania Twain's hometown of Timmins, Ontario?The Shania Twain Centre
Melanie Moretti is a character on what TV show?Hot in Cleveland
What hip-hop artist did Linkin Park join with for their CD titled "Collision Course"?Jay-Z
Which of these movies featured Harrison Ford?Raiders Of The Lost Ark
On "Modern Family", what does Haley carve from a bar of soap to win the "no technology" contest?A Cell Phone
On "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles", a symbol with how many dots may lead to The Turk?Three
In Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts", what song does Aerosmith sing?Sweet Emotion
Who had married Caleb on the show "The O.C."?Julie
What is a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from failing called?Bannister
Which board game, released in 1944, is sold in Brazil as "Detective"?Clue
A grown-up male cow is called a what?Bull
What fruit is a very popular pie filling?Cherry
Besides Bugs Bunny, what other character can a player choose in "Looney Tunes: Back in Action"?Daffy Duck
When did Aaliyah first have a top 100 single on the year-end Billboard charts?1994
The platform shoe was a staple of what dance-themed fashion era?Disco
How many game platforms was "Madden NFL 08" available to play on?Eleven
What film starring Bruce Willis was a bomb?Hudson Hawk
What was the name Jimi Hendrix played under at the Cafe Wha in NYC early in his career?Jimmy James And The Blue Flames
How tall is Lindsay Lohan?5' 5"
In which U.S. state will you find the cities of Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro and Bowling Green?Kentucky
On the TV show "Dawson's Creek", what character threw Abby and Jen out of the wedding?Andie
In what movie did Leonardo DiCaprio star with Ellen Barkin?This Boy's Life
The CD titled, "V", is from which artist?Vanessa Hudgens
Physicist Robert Oppenheimer was the head of what 1950's government initiative?Manhattan Project
The Silence Of The Lambs won an Academy Award for best film of the year, which year?1991
Which tall tale was written about a cowboy who used a rattlesnake for a whip?Pecos Bill
In "The Mummy", why is Beni laughing at O'Connell while waiting for way to be shown to Hamunaptra?His Camel
Nerf Ballistic Balls are used for what?Nerf Atom Blasters
Which supermodel has advised the U.S. Committee for Refugees?Alek Wek
Which person is known for this: "pioneer of civil rights"?Rosa Parks
What is "Seinfeld" character Elaine's middle name?Marie
The "Madden NFL 2008's" cover featured the starting quarterback for which team?Titans
Katharine Hepburn received a BA from which college in 1928?Bryn Mawr
In "Austin Powers 2", what game were Austin Powers and the evil model playing?Chess
Calista Flockhart best fits which of these descriptions?Star of the TV show "Ally McBeal"
Who won the MTV Best Cinematography Award in 2003 for "Hurt"?Johnny Cash
What is the 1969 Disney film "The Love Bug" all about?A Volkswagen Beetle
Giorgio Armani, when costuming a movie, dresses younger characters how?Casually
To whom is Victoria Beckham married?David Beckham
Which Fantasia Barrino song was the top-selling single of 2004?I Believe
What word means prior to the Civil War?Antebellum
In the film "Freaky Friday", what is the name of Anna's love interest?Jake
Gorditas are included in which cuisine?Mexican
Which Lady Gaga song was her second consecutive #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2009?Poker Face
Liver is in which USDA 2005 MyPyramid GroupMeat And Beans
The "hobble" skirt was based on the harem dresses of what region?Middle East
Who played Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom in "Con Air"?John Malkovich
Which of these states were granted official statehood the most recent?Hawaii
What actor played John Connor in "Terminator 2"?Edward Furlong
What year did Bruce Willis have the hit single "Respect Yourself" on Motown?1987
What part of speech is "subtle", meaning "discriminating"?Adjective
What are the flaps of cloth below the waist at the back of a men's suit called?Vents
In which 2002 movie did Mike Myers play Austin Powers?Goldmember
What worldwide retailer is based in Arkansas?Wal-Mart
How many people were in Big Audio Dynamite when they changed their name to Big Audio in 1994?Six
Which of these titles is a song by Eric Benet?You're The Only One
Who does talk show host David Letterman consider his mentor?Johnny Carson
What is the term for a work of art made on a very reduced or small scale?Miniature
What actor played Alex "Hitch" Hitchens in "Hitch"?Will Smith
Who was thought to have eaten Scabbers in Ron and Harry's room at Hogwarts?Crookshanks
Which two primary colors are mixed to get the color green?Yellow And Blue
Which George Jones song went to #1 in 1959?White Lightning
In the "Harry Potter" book series, how does a wizard choose his/her want?Actually, The Want Chooses Him/Her
What artist released the CD "Trey Day"?Trey Songz
Which of the following foods comes from cows?T-Bone Steak
What was Al Martino's original job before he became a famous vocalist?Bricklayer
In the game "Mario Kart", what type of sport is Mario participating in?Racing

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