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Diamond Dash is one of the easiest and quickest Facebook games to jump into. The casual gamer will find a fun way to kill a few minutes during their day, and serious gamers will find themselves glued to their computers trying to best their own top scores. That said, if you’re looking for hours of entertainment, Diamond Dash isn’t quite worth the long-term commitment.

That said, if you’re looking for hours of entertainment, Diamond Dash isn’t quite worth the long-term commitment.

The game is so unbelievably simple you only need 2 instructions before you’re thrown into a game: click on colour-groups of 3 or more diamonds, and do so within 60 seconds.

After that, it’s a race against the clock to break as many diamonds as possible. Since it takes such little time and preparation, you don’t need a lot of spare time to enjoy Diamond Dash, and the fast-paced nature is sure to hook you into playing multiple rounds..

Diamond Dash - OVERVIEW


Every time you begin a 60 second game of Diamond Dash, you spend a life, as denoted by the heart icon at the top of the menu. You can only have a maximum of 5 lives at any time, and in order to purchase additional lives, you can either wait a few minutes for a free life, or spend ‘gold’ to replenish them. Though some gold is awarded by leveling up, it is mostly acquired with real money, but the prices offered are hardly worth the value they provide when you can get lives easily as a free user.

There isn’t very much social involvement in Diamond Dash, but there are perks to playing with friends. The game doesn’t encourage competition so much as cooperation; you can compete in the weekly tournament for the top score, but it’s usually your own score you’ll be anxious to beat. The only significant use of the friend system is the option to send and receive lives at no extra cost. By inviting your friends to play, they can send you additional lives, letting you get back to the game quicker without wasting any real money.

The lack of music can make the game seem dull after some time, especially when you’re forced to hear the same sound effects repeatedly every time you click the screen. There is the option to mute the game, but sound plays a vital role in achieving fire mode combos, forcing you to endure the same annoying voice saying “Ready? Go!” every 60 seconds.

It’s hard to take these flaws too seriously for such a casual game. Diamond dash isn’t a game that will consume your life, but there’s still fun to be had whether you consider yourself a ‘gamer’ or you’re simply bored. If you want a simple and easy way to spend a minute or two, Diamond Dash is certainly worth a try, but it’s as easy to walk away from as it is to start.

Diamond Dash- STRATEGY

Once you unlock magic fire mode and the flaming diamonds, that’s when you’ll have a real shot at the top score. Unlocking magic powers can also help, but if you play quickly and cleverly, even a low level player can blow their friends’ scores out of the water.

Officially, your goal is to break as many blocks as possible by clicking on groups of 3 or more, but your real goal is to get the magic fire as often as possible. Magic fire mode is unlocked by clicking on several groups quickly enough to earn a combo. Turn on your sound and listen for the chimes as they rise higher and higher in pitch. Once you break enough blocks, the screen will cover with flame, and your score will rise drastically for every block you break.

The best way to unlock the magic fire is to go for smaller groups of blocks first. If you need to, take a second to look before you click and see where all the groups are so you spend less time during the combo frantically searching. Clicking on a flaming diamond will also count towards the combo as well as pause the timer, so if you’re getting close to fire mode but can’t find any groups, click on the diamond and use the extra time it gives you to locate more. Save the larger groups for when you’re in fire mode, since that is when you’ll get the most points for them. Once you reach level 9, you’ll unlock the ‘color splash’ magic power, which creates large groups of same-coloured blocks. If you can, try to use the color splash right before reaching fire mode, since that’s when you’ll want those big groups to appear.

Keep in mind when there are no groups on the screen, some of the diamonds will change colour in random places to create more. Keep your eyes peeled; that change in colour is exactly what you want to look for in order to continue your combo and keep from slowing down.

Avoid clicking on groupings of 2 or less. This will cause your diamond meter to decrease and cancel your combo. If you can’t find any groups, stop for a moment to find as many as you can before breaking them to get a combo going.  

Diamond Dash - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

  • When all else fails, there are cheats available on the internet which make strategy redundant. Some are simple, and will automatically unlock unlimited gold and coins so that you can play endlessly with all the magic powers you want.
  • Others programs can be installed to recognize colour patterns on the screen and automatically click on diamond groups of 3 or more. These auto-click programs can work so effectively, you can earn a high score in the millions! If you find that the timer is too frustrating, the game can be hacked in order to freeze the timer allowing you to score unlimited points before time runs out. Of course we would never advocate that sort of thing.
  • All of these cheats can be found through a quick search online, but they require you to download additional programs from third-party websites, not all of which might be trustworthy. If you do decide to use cheats on Diamond Dash, do so with caution at your own computer’s risk!
  • The safest way to cheat at Diamond Dash would be to set up a fake profile on Facebook. With that, you can send yourself additional lives for free without having to wait for your friends to respond to your requests. You can send multiple hearts at a time by opening several tabs on your browser. Copy and paste Diamond Dash’s web address to all the tabs and open your friends list in game. Once you have logged in to Diamond Dash on all tabs, you can hit send on each one to send multiple lives to your friends and yourself!
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