Braaains – Strategies

Playing Braaains strategically means altering and adapting your playing depending on what phase of the game you are in.  Pay close attention to my strategies and you’ll do awesome at Braaains on Facebook!

Early Phase Of Braaains

You will be guided in the early start of the game.  There will be instructions on exhuming your zombie, equipping them, and sending them to fight. But after that, you are on your own. The early phase of BRAAAINS  is actually quite difficult. You will have no direction on where to spend your money or how to specifically make your zombie army stronger. Your enemies, before reaching level four are relatively easy because they are computers. But after that you will be fighting against other players and sometimes you will be frustrated in loosing fights.

The most important part in the early game is to exhume as many zombies as you can. Don’t worry too much about the weapons and clothing because you can get them as loots or you can ask for them from your friends. You will also be given a free enhancer so use it immediately. You need to have superior enhancers in the early going.

The early phase is the most important phase in this game. You need to have a great advantage with other players in the early going as fast as possible because in the later parts players will already know how to use their own strategies in the game and consequently will become more competitive. Before playing the game or when just starting the game research some important tips and strategies. They will prove most useful to you so you will leapfrog in leveling up and have a great advantage among other players.

Mid Phase Of Braaains

In the mid phase of the game you must already have adequate knowledge on making your zombies stronger. If you still haven’t done so by now, you have a lot of catching up to do. In the mid phase of the game players already know how to make their zombies stronger and they already know how to win fights. The difficult thing about this game is that experience and gold can only be achieved by defeating other players.

If you have a weak zombie hoard it will be hard for you to level up. Knowing how to make your zombie stronger is therefore the most important thing in the mid phase. There are two things you can do in the mid phase of the game. If you already have a strong zombie army (which can be proved by winning lots of fights easily) then keep up the phase and maintain making your zombies stronger by better equipping them and buying superior enhancers.

If you have a weak army though, then the best thing to do is to choose the fights that are sure win. Choose players that are far weaker than you in zombie count. If you have difficulty in doing this you can fight players that have lower levels than you. Gold and experience would be slow in this process but it would also be your stepping stone to catching up. Use your gold to buy and make your zombies stronger.

Late Phase Of Braaains

In the late phase of the game, the scenario will be quite different. Strong players will already be in an oversupply and you need to be in the same boat with them.  Success in the late phase, I believe, would be determined by your performance in the early and mid phase.

You must have already established hoards of zombies in your arsenal with superior weaponry, clothing, and enhancers. Use the strategies I recommended in the early and mid game phase to have a better footing when reaching the late phase. This part would be easy if you started strong. Honestly speaking, you cannot reach this late phase with higher level opponents if you have adequately built up your hordes and enhancers.    This game is all about making wise decisions.  Learn from different tips and strategies and also learn from your experience. This is the key to success in the zombie world of BRAAAINS!

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