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If you’re one of those millions of ninja fans around the world who happens to be a diehard facebook user then this game is just perfect for you. Ninja saga is an RPG Facebook game that lets you control your own ninja and train it to become the ultimate kage (the strongest ninja in your village). In the start of the game you are going to create your own ninja profile of your choice. You can choose either male or female, different facial features, hairstyle, and body type. You are also assigned to choose a ninjutsu type for your ninja. There are four kinds of ninjutsus corresponding to 5 different elements: wind, water, fire, thunder, and earth. Each of course has its own unique features. This ninjjutsu lets you unlock different skills depending on the element(s) you wish to upgrade. Here are the elements in the game and their corresponding characteristics:

  • Wind – The wind ninjutsu gives you the ability to move as fast as the wind itself. Each point assigned to the element gives you an increase of 0.4% dodge, 1 agility and 1% percent bonus damage to wind type ninjutsu. The wind element is good for a dodger build character. They are also the types that attack first in battle because of their bonus in agility.
  • Fire – Burn your enemies with devastating fire skills. Each point assigned to fire increases 0.4% to all damage types, 0.4% chance to increase 30% damage in the next turn, and a 1% damage increase to all fire type ninjutsu. Fire type characters are the pure damagers in the game. They can inflict the most damage to their enemies.
  • Thunder – Thunder gives your ninja the ability to strike through you enemies with penetrating blows. Each point allocated to thunder ninjutsu increase 0.4% chance to deliver a critical strike, 0.8% increase in critical strike damage, and 1% bonus damage to all thunder type ninjutsu. Thunder types are the ultimate surprise characters. They can turn a seemingly losing fight to victory because of their critical strikes.
  • Water – The water element gives you a large amount of chakra to use. Chakra is the energy that your ninja uses to cast a skill. Each point assigned to the water element increases 30 max cp, 0.4% chance to remove all negative effect at the start of each turn, and 1% damage to all water type ninjutsu. Water type ninjas are the ultimate skill casters in the game. They can inflict more skills because of their relatively larger CP.
  • Earth – Earth jutsu are hardy ninjas that can devastate enemies with stunning blows. Each point increases 30 max hp, 0.4% chance to cause 30% damage taken to the attacker, and 1% damage increase to all earth type ninjutsu. Earth type ninjas are very hard to kill. Their large HP and defensive skills make them very hard to defeat in battle.

Aside from the element types you can choose, you can also use the taijutsu and gengutsu skills. Taijutsu rely on your physical strength and the gengutsu rely on mind skills such as confusion to defeat the enemy. You can also gear up your character to increase combat effectively. You can assign a weapon and armor to increase your characters damage and defense. Weapons are used by your ninja when doing normal damage to opponents. This is especially important when you want to conserve cp or when you have used up your ninjutsu and taijutsu skills and you are just waiting for your skills to cool down. The armor is very effective in blocking enemy attacks. A combination of well planned skills and superior weapon and armor is the ultimate build for your ninja. Other items that you can bring in battle include scrolls that can regenerate your hp and cp. These items are especially useful when going into missions and events.

Missions – Throughout the game, the kage will assign you with different missions aimed at helping folks in your villages. Missions are your characters test of strength in the game. After each mission, you will be rewarded with a bonus gold and experience. There are also monsters and ninja opponents in the mission that drop items. The difficulty of the missions increases as your level increases. The more difficult and advanced the better the rewards. There are also bosses that the kage will assign for you to defeat.

Special Events – Other than ordinary missions, the kage will also assign you with some special events. Special events are not the everyday usual missions. They appear on occasions and they offer great rewards when you accomplish them.

PVP – Missions are a test of your characters strength but they are not there to test your supremacy. PVP rooms allow you to fight other players. This is the real test of your ninjas build. Opponents in the PVP room are very strong, and this is the place where you will know your ‘standing’ amongst other players.

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