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Farmville is a game that truly belongs to the Facebook Hall of Fame (if such a thing exists).  When you think of Facebook games, Farmville is the juggernaut.  With a player base peaking around 100 million people worldwide, it out-shines almost all games on this planet regardless of platform.  And there’s good reason.  Farmville is fun, addictive, and a game that can played forever!  Farmville is a simulation game that lets you control your own avatar to make the most productive farm of your dreams. You are given different seedling options in which you can plant and tend to, various farm animals/livestock, and different kinds of decorations to beautify your farm.  Over real time, you are expected to tend to your farm and grow its harvest bounty!  Here are some important concepts about the game that might prove useful to beginners in this game.

Energy – A long day’s work at the farm ends in a long night’s rest.  In Farmville, everything you do in your farm will require you to use various amounts of energy depending on the kind of work. Thus, all you farms’ activities is dependent on your energy. It is very important in the game to spend your energy wisely by allocating it to appropriate activities.  Some activities are more important than others. So be wise about your energy use. Here are some important facts about energy:

  • You can only use a limited amount of energy per day (depending on your energy bar) but energy replenishment is unlimited.
  • Your energy is automatically refilled to full when you level up.
  • Your energy bar (the amount of energy you can use) increases as your level increases.
  • As you progress along the game you will discover that there many ways in which you can replenish your energy.

Leveling up – Leveling up is done through accumulating experience points. Experience points are mostly gained as farm work output. If you plant crops, harvest them or clear a plot.  You will receive experience points for doing this. Your level determines how much you have done on your farm.  Normally, the higher the level is the greater the progress on the farm.

Gold Coins– Gold coins are your money in this game. You use them to buy almost anything in the game except for those things that can only be bought through cash. Your coins are the end result of a successful harvest.  You can use earned coins to buy some more seeds to plant. As the seeds mature, you will yield more money repeating the cycle over and over.  Gold coins allow you to buy almost anything in the game.

Crops – Planting crops is probably the most important function of this game. Agriculture, as they say, creates empires.  Planting crops gives you experience, money, and awards if successful. There are lots of plants in which you can choose from in the game.  Each of them has different f growth time and harvest time. This is significant in your planning.  It can be challenging to harvest your crops before they wither and die if not harvested at the right time.  Time of course is in ‘real time’.   It’s a very frustrating thing to witness especially if you have devoted a lot of time tending and waiting for your crops to mature. But that’s what makes the game so interesting and addictive because you really need to check on your account in order to harvest your crops in the right time. You can unlock more and better crops as your level increases.

Farm Animals – Cows, sheep, chicken, and virtually any farm animal can be bought in the market with the right amount of gold coins.  If you get the right farm animals at the right time, they will earn you more gold to buy more animals.  You can also sell them for a lump sum of gold coins.

Fruit Trees – Planting fruit trees is another way in which you can gain income and experience in the game. Same as crops, you can reap their benefits in harvest time. The only thing different about fruit trees are that they do not wither and die compares to crops. You also don’t need any maintenance once it has been planted. The fruit trees though, take a longer time to harvest and do not provide as much yield as crops. You can further improve the harvest growth and time of your fruit trees by putting it inside an orchard.

These are some important concepts about Farmville. This is quite descriptive and informative in nature and does not directly offer ways in which you can improve your game. For tips and strategies, check out the other two articles about Farmville strategies and tips. Don’t forget once you have played it, always enjoy and if your already playing it keep on enjoying!


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