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Cooking requires a certain degree of art and skill. It is never easy to prepare a masterpiece meal.  Experienced chefs from around the world still continue to utilize their passion while constantly learning new recipes and experimenting on their exquisite delicacies. To become a master chef, you need to have those qualities including a keen sense of taste, dexterous slicing skills and solid cooking knowledge, etc.  So why not see if you have the goods yourself!  You can now experiment in the virtual world. Café World is a game on Facebook where you become a chef of your own restaurant. You get to cook and serve delicious meals and sell them to your costumers to earn money.  Learn new recipes and expand your own restaurant to further beautify it with decorations making it the one stop restaurant in town.

To become a master chef of your own cafe, you need to be tested in various fields of cooking and serving food. In the beginning of the game, you will be given various tasks that will guide you in your way to enhance your skills as a chef. These tests are the basics of the game.  You need to take these tasks seriously to further progress in the game.

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When playing Café World you will notice that there are various things that you need to learn and go through before you become aware of everything. Here are some important things you need to know in Café World:


Create your own master chefIn the beginning of the game, Café World let’s you create your own character that you will be using. You can choose the gender of your character, facial features, hair style, clothes, and more details about your character. Take your time in creating your character because you will be using this avatar for the rest of the game. But if you are one of those players who really don’t care much about character appearances, you have the option to automatically customize your character into a random look.

Character Movement – Unlike other games, character movement in Café World is limited. You can only move your character to specific tasks such as cleaning the oven, or serving food. Movement in other areas of the room is not possible. If you want to move your character, you need to click onto a specific task and your character will automatically move to do that task.

Fashioning your Café – You will be given a café to manage in the start of the game. The café though, looks very simple and ordinary. When you progress in the game, and you earn money through your custumers, you can buy various things for your café. You can add some decorations, tables, chairs, and cooking materials to upgrade your café. You can also expand the area of your café to occupy more clients and make space for more tables, chairs, ovens, and decorations.

Café Cooking – Café World would not be complete without some cooking of your own. If you want to create your own special recipe, click on the oven for you to see the type of meals available for cooking. Cooking meals will take some time in preparing, depending on the meal. Normally, the more expensive the meal the longer it takes to cook. Cooking food is your basic task required to achieve the master chef level.

Choosing the food to cook – There are different types of food recipes you can cook in Café World. It all depends on your choice and what you wish to serve your patrons. Different foods have corresponding prices. There are expensive ones and there are also cheap ones. The expensive ones normally yield more cash. As you progress in the game you will have more access to additional food recipes.

Manual labor to level up – In the real world, it takes experience and hard work to achieve success. This principle still applies in Café World. Everything you do gives you experience points needed to level up. Café points are gained through cleaning dishes, cooking food, and accomplishing various tasks assigned in the game to you.

Customer Satisfaction – In the upper right hand corner of the Café World screen, you’ll see a thumbs-up image and a numerical value corresponding to it: this signifies your buzz rating. The buzz rating indicates the number of costumers you can cater in your café. The higher the value of the buzz rating, the more costumers you will be having in your cafe. Always be aware of the level of buzz rating. It determines the overall rating of your café and gives you a glimpse of how well you have been doing so far.

Neighbors – Your Facebook friends act as your neighbors in the game. You can visit their café for inspiration. Your neighbors are also there to help you in cleaning up the things that you forgot to do. And most importantly, neighbors can give you free gifts that you will need in the game.

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