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There are lots of specific guides and strategies available for mastering FrontierVille on the internet.  But the things I think that most people are really searching for are specific tips they can use to improve their game. They want to learn techniques from the experts of the game itself to let them level up faster and build better frontiers. Here are two important tips that will surely help you in your aim to create the best frontier on Facebook – and both tips hover on the social aspects of FrontierVille.

Tip #1 – Have lots of Neighbors

FontierVille is one of those games where you really need to have a lot of neighbors with you. The more neighbors you have, the better leverage you have in improving your game.

When you visit your neighbors you are given a bonus of coins, experience, and. The coins and experience are important factors that will provide you that push in your FrontierVille game. The thing I value most is the energy you will get when you visit a friend. Energy is probably the most important aspect in this game and you always think of ways to manage your energy and sourcing it.   Visiting neighbors is also a very good source of daily energy.  So always make sure to visit your neighbors to benefit from these bonuses.  Free money baby!

When you lend a hand on your neighbors’ land you are also given some great bonuses! Tending your neighbors crops for example will give you coins, experience, and food bonuses! When you tend another player’s crops, it’s sort of like having two crops at the same time.  When visiting your neighbors make sure to tend their crops first because they give the most bonuses. These are additional bonuses you will gain when tending to your neighbors’ land (other than crops).

Neighbors can also help you earn up and save your energy from working on your land (assuming they lend you a helping hand).  You still get the same bonuses as when doing it yourself.  The more neighbors that visit and help your land, the easier it gets for you. You will truly enjoy a lot of important benefits when you have many neighbors.

I should remind you that the idea of neighbors is not just self-serving… it IS a mutual relationship. You help them and they help you.  True solid players will get motivated in helping other neighbors because they always get an incentive from doing it. Frontierville is indeed a social networking game where everything becomes so easy when there are people to support you.

Tip #2 – Ghost Accounts

Having neighbors is often easier said than done.  I often run into a cool game where I try to post on my wall and corral others to sign up … but to no avail.  So what do you do if you don’t have many friends, or don’t have friends interested in playing FrontierVille.  There may be other players who shun the social aspect of the game and prefer a solo run.  My solution is to create ghost accounts.

Ghost accounts are Frontierville accounts that you create and control. The steps are simple: you make a dummy Facebook account, use that account to play Frontierville, and make them neighbors to your primary account. You can make as many Ghost accounts as you wish; it all depends on your patience and desire in building your frontier and managing the accounts.  They are now your neighbors but much better because you are the one controlling them. Ghost accounts can guarantee fast development in your land!

You can use these ghost accounts to:

  • Add more neighbors for you to visit
  • Use them to help you tend your land
  • Use them to send you free gifts everyday
  • Use them to send specific gifts that you need in building structures

These are the primary benefits of creating Ghost accounts. They fill in for real neighbors that you just don’t have any control over.   I prefer ghost accounts to hacks or other methods that try to directly alter the coding in the game.   It is on the moral slippery slope though.  If you’re not comfortable… don’t do it.  Also, Facebook has a policy of one account per person.  I suggest getting permission from and setting up multiple accounts of other friends and/or family members who don’t really care to use Facebook.  That way it’s 100% above board.  It’s up to you.  I’m not advocating for one particular approach over another… just letting you know the options and what “people” do.

The more Ghost accounts you have using FrontierVille, the more benefits including a quicker and speedier game progression.  The only major drawback is that creating and maintaining ghost accounts is a tedious process. It involves you managing different accounts at the same time and controlling each one for the benefit of your main account. You can lessen this by not paying much attention to your ghost accounts and using them only as sources of free gifts and a “helper” for which you have absolute control. It would also be best not improving anything in your ghost accounts. They are only there for your main account. Your main account on FrontierVille is still the account that you need to focus in.

Having neighbors in FrontierVille is indeed very important. The game relies heavily on your relationship with other players. The first tip to succeed in this area is to have lots of friends (you need to start inviting as much neighbors as you can).  Next step is ghost accounts.

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