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There are 3 fundamental strategies that you must master to do well in Mafia Wars.  So here’s the big question:  Do you want to make your mafia family stronger?  Obviously you do.  So here are some tips and strategies to help you in your quest to becoming one of the “untouchables” of Mafia Wars. I will not only offer you my Top 3 areass in which you need to strengthen in your family but also how to go about and do it.


In the real world, money is what organized crime is all about. In the Mafia Wars game, money is just the beginning of your success.  But don’t underestimate its power.  Money is an edge in the early going. You can purchase weapons, armor, and vehicles to equip your mafia and making it stronger. A huge sum of money is also important in accomplishing mafia achievements. In Mafia Wars the money achievement is not easy.  You need to have trillions!

What To Do #1 – So, how do you build a money generating empire?  One strategy is to choose the mogul type intially.  Moguls are very good in generating money. If you’re not a mogul you can make money generation more efficient by hiring a bagman in your family. Having a bagman gives you a bonus in your earning after every job. The bonus depends on the level of the bagman that you hired.

What To Do #2 – Build properties. I don’t just mean a few of them; build as many as you can. Properties are the main source of money in the game. It earns you more money than performing jobs! This is in my own opinion the most effective way to generate lots of money. Don’t forget to protect your business properties too. Some families will try to attack your businesses and steal some cash. Don’t let this happen.


You will notice that in playing mafia wars you have a profile. Your character’s profile measures your individual strength. This profile can be upgraded through skill points. You will be given extra skill points at the start of the game and in every level up you achieve. You need to spend every skill point wisely and this is very crucial. You don’t want to regret wasting your skill point to an inappropriate upgrade in the end.

Your skill point can be allocated to different parts of your character profile.  Each part has its own unique features.  These are the effects if you allocate skill points on each part:

  • Attack – More damage when attacking. A big factor in winning offensive fights.
  • Defense – Less damage on your health when someone attacks you. A big factor in winning defensive fights.
  • Health – Lets you take more damage. The bigger the health the more damage you can take.
  • Energy – Lets you perform jobs. The bigger the energy the more jobs you can perform.
  • Stamina – Lets you attack more. The higher the stamina the more attacks you can make.

You need to be very careful in allocating your skill points on each of the above.  Sometimes the best thing is to choose a type of profile that is comfortable for you to use. Here are some types of profiles that you can build:

  • Attack type – When you want an attack type character focus your skill points on attack, stamina and energy. A higher attack increases your chances of winning offensive fights. A higher stamina on the other hand lets you attack more.
    • Advantages
      • When you win you can loot cash, gain experience, and find items that are not available for purchase. These items are not available for purchase and you can use them to strengthen your family. It will also be easy for you to accomplish attack type achievements such as winning ten in a row. And don’t worry about health; you can always visit the hospital when you are damaged from attacking other families.
    • Disadvantage
      • You have to prepare yourself to loose when you are attacked by other families. An attack type character is weak in the defense department. Also expect yourself to have lots of hospital visits.
  • Defensive type – When you want a defensive type, allocate your skill points on defense, health and energy. A defensive type can easily repel attacks from other players.
    • Advantages
      • Less or No trips to the hospital.
      • You can easily win a defensive fight.
      • You can easily gain defensive type achievements.
    • Disadvantages
      • Having a defensive type character is quite boring.
      • Even though you’re very hard to beat in a defensive fight, it is also difficult for you to win in an offensive attack.
      • You can’t hurt others but others can hurt you. It’s always very tempting to attack other mafia families.
  • Level type – The level type mafia doesn’t care about offense or defense. All this type cares about is performing and accomplishing jobs. To achieve this type spend all your skill points on energy.
    • Advantage
      • Leveling up is very fast because you can finish multiple jobs each day (A big plus if you’re a maniac). You’ll be surprised to find out that you’re always on the top of your family’s list in terms of level.
    • Disadvantage
      • It would be difficult to win a single fight. You are just there minding your own business. Expect to lose when attacking other families and in defending your family.
  • Flexible type – Focus your skill points in defense, attack and energy. The flexible type can win attacks and defend his family.
    • Advantage
      • You can attack and defend at the same time.
    • Disadvantage
      • You’re always on the average side of things. You can attack but not that successful as an attack type, and defend well but not as impenetrable as a defense type.

Conclusion: Choose a mafia type that suits your playing style/personality etc. Games such as these are always in a balance: No type can be that dominating.  If you want to win but you don’t mind losing when someone attacks you, then choose the attack type. If you’re the type that doesn’t like to pick a fight but also doesn’t like being bothered as well, then pick the defensive build. If you want to be always on top in the level race then choose the work/level type.  And if you want to keep things mixed then choose the flexible type.


This is what the game is all about after all: to build the most powerful mafia family. The level of your family’s strength determines whether you win fights or loose fights. A high number of mafia members completely equipped with the best weapons and armor is often the determinant in every fight.

What To Do #1 – Increase your number of family members.  The more members you have, the more invulnerable your family will become. Numbers can really be intimidating. Nobody wants to pick a fight with a mafia family that goes by the hundreds.  Invite your friends to become mafia members.  Make sure that your family grows in a constant basis.

What To Do #2 – Equip your members.  A large number of family members would be useless without weapons. So don’t forget to equip your mafia members with the right stuff. You can equip each member with one weapon, armor, vehicle, and an animal. Your attack power and defense will grow as you equip your members.  This will be the secret to winning fights and successfully defending your family from outside attacks as well.

I hope this helps put Mafia Wars into some perspective.  It’s an awesomely addicting and fun game to play.  But these these sound strategies, you’ll be sure to dominate your friends and be a big strong mob family!  🙂

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