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BRAAAINS is a newer game in Facebook that’s pretty unique… for a zombie game.   This RPG fighting game, designed by Broken Bulb, lets you control an army of undead zombies.   BRAAAINS is about bringing the dead back to life to make them your own zombie army, equip them with exotic weapons such as shovels and rakes, and different crazy clothing items like pajamas and ballerina dresses! The objective of the game is to create the most powerful zombie hoard on Facebook.

Okay, I know I probably haven’t done an adequate job of selling the game, but it’s extremely addictive, fast growing (over 1,000,000 users at the time of writing), and a really fun diversion.  If you’ve never heard of it… check it out!

Assuming you’ve heard and/or tried it out already, let me walk you through the world of BRAAAINS:

Important Places – These places are where you need to go around exhuming, upgrading, buying weapons and clothing, upgrading, and sending zombies on skirmish missions.

  • Graveyard – With an abundance of corpses, what better place to exhume zombies that the graveyard. The graveyard is the place where you recruit your zombies. You will notice that there are different zombies with different personality types (depressed, raging, schizo, lazy, or optimistic). Personality types do not matter much in this game, or in the fighting performance of your zombie. It would be advisable to hire zombies with the same personality type though, because there is an achievement you will earn by exhuming zombies with the same personality types.
  • Weapon shop– The warehouse is where you equip your zombies for battle. Different weapons have different features, level requirements, and cost in buying. Some weapons can be bought using money and others through ‘brains’. You can also sell your unwanted weapons in this place.
  • Clothing Shop – This is the place where you buy clothing for your zombies. Clothing act as armor in the game and provides you zombies with bonus defenses. Same as weapons, some clothing requires money for purchase and some require brains. You don’t want your zombies looking skin and bones, so make sure you clothe them properly.
  • Enhancers shop – The place where you can buy enhancers. Enhancers make you zombies stronger. They act as boosts for you zombies strength, defense, speed, and health when equipped. Enhancers play a very important role in deciding fights.
  • Warehouse – The warehouse is your zombie’s housing. Here you will have a clear look at your zombies, their rank, their weapons and clothing, and their stats. This is also where you can allocate brains to upgrade you zombies in terms of strength, speed, attack, and defense. You can also equip and re-equip your zombie’s weapons and clothing here.
  • Mad Scientist – You can exchange brains for gold in this place. You can also claim a daily bonus of either gold or brains once you visit the mad scientist in a given time.
  • Hospital – Where you heal yourself when damaged from a fight. Hospital visits cost some cash.
  • Ambulance – The ambulance is where you ride your zombies to the battle field. When fighting, you will see different players with different levels and zombie count.

Resources – There are only three kinds of resources in the game each having different functions.

  • Gold – The gold is the main currency in this game. You can use it to buy weapons, clothing, and enhancers in strengthening your zombie army. You also use it to pay for your hospital bills if you want to restore your health and in exhuming zombies. You get money by winning fights against other players. Other sources of money include bonuses from playing every day or visiting the mad scientist.
  • Brains – Are important in the game. You use it to upgrade your zombies and increase their rank (private, sergeant,  captain to General). An upgraded zombie fights better in the field. There are also, weapons, clothing, and enhancers that you cannot buy using money but through brains. These items are usually better than those items that can be purchased with money. You can get brains through level up or bonus for visiting the mad scientist.
  • Zombonie – Zombonies are used to increase your science to let you win in the battlefield. It includes an acid spray that will aid you on the battlefield for a limited time.  They are especially useful if you have difficult fights. You can only get zombonies as gifts from your friends.  This makes them more valuable and an advantage if you have a lot of friends playing!

That should give you a good head start.  Check it out and play the game!  Don’t forget to check out our Tips & Hints page and Strategy page as well.  Soon you’ll master BRAAAINS and have the strongest zombies ever!

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