Kingdoms of Camelot – Strategies

I always like to break any game into the elemental strategies that I feel are crucial to your success.  This is where you can dominate other and really master a game.  Every game is different.  But in Kingdoms of Camelot, there are really four critical strategies to win Kingdoms of Camelot and crush your opposition. So pay close attention!

1. Economic Strength – Wars are based not economics over military might.  Those who fare better with a stronger resource base are usually victorious.  Resources are the life blood of every empire. They are the raw materials you will use to spend on your army, the creation of superior armor and weapons, the construction of impenetrable strong walls and towers, and in the research of new and better equipment.  Wars are indeed all about resources and in Kingdoms of Camelot this is an important aspect to be aware of.   Your strategy in Kingdoms of Camelot is to build your economic strength first and foremost.

2. Build Resources and upgrade them – There are four kinds of resources each having its own unique functions that you need to build up fast.  Prioritizing resources will vary depending on the phase of the game you are in: Wood and stone count very important in the early start of the game since the early game demands fast building construction, while food and ore become more important when you are in the period of wars. Thus choose wisely in the production of resources. In times of peace and development you need to focus more in your lumber and stone production since this is the main component of you infrastructure.

Now, when you are preparing yourself for a war then get your farms and ore mines to their maximum. The important thing you need to remember is to establish a strong economy first, and build up your resources (always upgrade). It is your stepping stone to every aspect in the development of your kingdom.

A Note About Gold: Also, remember, to obtain gold, go trade your surplus of resources in the market. The market is your greatest source of gold in this game. Don’t rely too much on tax for gold. Trade generates gold way faster and relying on tax will skew you towards producing too many cottages.  Don’t get caught in the trap!  Trade for gold is the way to go.  Gold is important for the production of knights in your kingdom.

3. Military Might – Military might is what this game is all about. Your strength is reflected in the number of army combatants you possess and the advancement of their weapons and armor. Military might is dependent on a strong economic base, so to enter in this stage you must succeed in building your economic base first and foremost.  I recommend a good supply of food, wood and ore if you want a strong army within your empire. Food is basically the source of life for your troops, wood is especially required in the production of archers, pike men, and siege weapons, while ore is used for well armored troops such as swords men and cavalry.

Learn every aspect of your army. Every unit has its own advantage and disadvantage.  Use this knowledge to succeed in your military campaigns. Pike men are especially effective against cavalry, while swordsmen are effective against archers. These are just some of the examples that you need to know. When gaining knowledge on each strength and weakness of a unit, you will be able to use them to more efficient and productive use in warfare.

A  Note About Diversity: Think of combinations within your army’s ranks for best possible military use. A great combination of armies would be composed of 30% swordsmen, 20% Pikemen, 20% archers, 10% cavalry, 10% scout and supply troops, and 10% siege weapons.   That’s worked the best for me.  You also need to hire a knight to lead your army into to battle. Keep training your knight to effectively lead your army into combat.

4. Strong Alliances – Finally, you will not survive in this game if you do not have a strong alliance. Kingdoms rely from each other for protection and trade. Having an alliance offers you so many advantages that you just can’t reach the top without having one.  Alliances swear to defend each other so when a member is being attacked retaliation is usually swift and brutal. It becomes interesting when members of different alliances pick a fight with each other. What would naturally happen is a war between their alliances.

You cannot easily join alliances though.  Alliance groups have a SOP check they conduct before inviting a kingdom to their alliance.  The criterion is usually dependent on the level of might a player has (since in this game the number of ‘might’ reflects how strong the kingdom is). If you have successfully entered into an alliance, do everything you can to strengthen it. Communicate with your members in which areas you need help and in which areas you can contribute. Work hard for your alliance to reach the top. In the end, everything about this game is about alliance wars or groups of kingdoms fighting for supremacy.

These four Kingdoms of Camelot strategies are the most essential in playing the game.  If you consciously concentrate on these areas you will definitely improve your game tremendously!

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