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Backyard Monsters is a real time strategy Facebook game where you are given a piece of land to establish and build your own stronghold, breed monsters, and attack other player’s bases.  Sounds like a game for your 4-year-old?  Think again!  This is no children’s game with cute monsters and cuddly alien-like towers and buildings.  Quite the opposite actually!  This fun and addictive game requires you to employ strategic military attack tactics and ingenius defensive architecture. Your objective in the game is simple: build the strongest, most impenetrable fortress and raise your own army of wild monsters to destroy other bases!

Let me guide you in the world of Backyard Monsters.  Below, I will explain in detail all the things you need to know about Backyard Monsters:

Resource Buildings – These provide the raw materials in the game. There are four kinds of resources with each having its own function. You can upgrade all resource buildings up to level ten. Each upgrade increases the resource yield of each structure.

  • Twig Snapper – Provides twigs for your backyard. Twigs are used in making and upgrading buildings, defenses, and walls. Twigs are particularly important in the creation of buildings.  They can also be used as artillery ammunition for your catapult when attacking.
  • Pebble Shiner – Provides pebbles for your backyard. Pebbles, same as twigs, are used in making and upgrading buildings and walls. Pebbles are particularly important in making and upgrading defenses. Can also be used as artillery ammunition in your catapult.
  • Putty Squisher – Provides Putty for your backyard. Putty is used in unlocking new monsters and upgrading them. You can also you use them to enhance your monsters when attacking.
  • Goo Factory – Provides goo to your backyard. Goo is the resource needed in making monsters.
  • Silo – Used to store resources that you have harvested. Silos can be upgraded for more storage capacity.

Buildings – Buildings are important key structures in your backyard.

  • Town Hall – this is your base headquarters. The Town Hall is the most durable of all structures and requires the longest time to upgrade. Every Upgrade of your town hall gives you new access to other buildings and defenses. Protect it at all cost! It takes a very long to repair this building once it is destroyed.
  • General Store – This is the building where you can buy everything to help you in your game. From backyard expansion, to resources, and even protections. It requires shinny though, and not resources.
  • Monster Housing – These hold your monsters in place. Every upgrade increases the capacity to hold monsters. Don’t forget to protect this building. Your monsters die when this building is destroyed!
  • Monster Locker – Responsible for researching new monsters. This is the building where you can unlock your monsters for use in battle.
  • Monster Academy – The place where you upgraded your monsters. Every upgrade increases the monsters capability. You can upgrade your monster up to three times.
  • Hatchery – The hatchery is where you build your monsters. You can build up to six hatcheries. Build all hatcheries for faster monster production.
  • Hatchery Control – These is the building where you can control the production of all your hatcheries. Build this structure if you want an easy way to build hordes of monsters.
  • Catapult– The catapult is the artillery in backyard monsters. Lets you hurl in bundles of destructive twigs and pebbles on your enemies base.
  • Flinger – The flinger hurls your monsters to the sky towards you enemy’s base. The higher the flinger the longer the time you can stay in attack.
  • Map Room – Makes a geographic sketch of all the surrounding monster bases. You cannot attack without a map room.
  • Defenses – Defenses repel enemy monsters against your base. It includes killer towers, strong walls, and deceptive booby traps.
  • Sniper Tower – Long range, high damage, but slow to reload. They can kill monster before they even have the chance to come close. Can be upgraded to increase damage, range, and durability.
  • Short range and good damage. They also reload fast and fires explosive shells, effective in tightly packed monsters. Can be upgraded to increase damage, range, and area of explosion.
  • Tesla Tower – Fires deadly bolts of electricity. Can fire repeated shocks. Can be upgraded to improve number of shocks, range, damage, and durability.
  • Laser Tower – The deadliest, in my opinion, of all the defenses. Laser towers fire death in a blink of an eye. Can destroy tightly packed monsters in an instant. Can be upgraded to improve range, damage, and durability.
  • Monster Bunker – You can store monster inside the bunker to fight for your aid in an impending attack.
  • Booby trap – Explodes when monsters are foolish enough to step on it. Invisible to the monsters eye, booby traps can damage multiple monsters in an area.
  • Walls – Walls make it harder for monster to penetrate your base. Can be upgraded to stone, metal, and to gold. Very effective in defending your base specially when designed strategically.

Decorations – The word speaks for itself. They are there to bring some art in your base. Decorations don’t have any relevant use except for, well, decorating.

Monsters – The main attraction in this game. Monsters ere of two types in this game: the worker and the attack monsters.

  • Workers – They are the monster s that builds your base buildings and defenses. This monsters cannot be harmed in the game. You can buy extra workers with your shinny.
  • Attack Monsters – They are the creatures that will rain havoc and chaos in your enemy’s base. Attack monsters are of three types.
    • Monsters that attack anything – These monsters attack anything that comes close within their range. They have the highest damage in the game. Monsters in these criteria include: Pokey, Flink, Bandito, Fang, wormzer, Project X, and D.A.V.E. Each monster is different from one another in terms of damage, health, speed, and goo cost. The strongest of all these monsters is the D.A.V.E.
    • Siege Monsters– These monsters directly hunt down and destroy enemy towers. They have the highest health in all the monsters but have relatively low damage. Monsters in these criteria include: Octo Ooze, Itchy, and the Crabatron. They are usually used as first wave of attacks. Another monster included in this criteria but has different attack pattern is the Eye –ra. It only attacks Enemy walls.
    • Loot Monsters – these monsters attack enemy Resource structures, Silos, and Town hall. These monsters have the fastest speed in the game. There are only two monsters in this department: the Brain and the Bolt. These monsters are usually deployed as last waive of attack when all defenses have been destroyed.

Different Monsters have different advantages and disadvantages. This where you’ll appreciate the beauty of this game! It is up to you to discover what type of monsters you will use in an attack, what combinations, and how to use them. There are lots of strategies you can use in attack and this makes the games so much fun and interesting to play.  This is why this one is one of my favourite games! 🙂

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