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June 2012 – OUCH! Tough Break – This game has been discontinued on Facebook.  While we can’t play this anymore, you never know?  Certain Facebook games have been resurrected before…. so we’ll keep this page active but on ice…



Here’s a trivia question:  What worldwide game show phenomenon began as national lottery sponsored project in Holland?  Well, if you’re on this webpage you already know the answer to that question: 1 vs. 100.

1 versus 100 is now produced and aired in dozens of variations in dozens of countries around the world.  It’s growing popularity directly relates the nature of the contest.  Essentially, as the contestant, you challenge the “mob” which are 100 other players (or friends) in a series of trivia questions.  The more answers you get right the more money you win.  Those in the mob who get the questions wrong are eliminated and the prize money goes if.  If the contestant loses, than whatever is left of the mob at that point splits the winnings/earnings up to that point among themselves.  There are variations and ‘helps’ in several versions of the game show that can assist the “one” in his/her quest to outsmart and outplay the mob.

1 v.s. 100 is a fun and exciting game that works really well in a social networking environment.  Take on the challenge and see if YOU can bee the mob in 1 vs 100 on Facebook.

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Facebook Game Data – 1 VS. 100

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