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Facebook game apps are getting better and better.  There’s no question that there has been a vast improvement in graphics, speed, quality, content, and performance.   Facebook as a social networking platform lends itself perfectly to the world of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).  You used to have to log in to a website (as you still do for many games).  However, with Facebook, MMO is reading for major development and expansion in this area.

And that brings me to GodsWar.

GodsWar is an MMO much like MU, Ragnarok, and other world famous multiplayer online games.  Kalydo Technology offers GodsWar on Facebook (companion to the original download/browser based version).  GodsWar is a complex 3D action game set in Ancient Greece.  Its rich details include vast maps and – naturally – lots of monsters.

GodsWar takes you back to Ancient Greek society where the two mighty city-states of Athens (Athena) and Sparta are on a war to claim supremacy over the Greek peninsula. At the start of the game, you are to create your own character and choose the state in which you pledge allegiance. As you finish creating a character and choosing your allegiance to a state, you are now part of a war that you yourself will be a factor in deciding which would be the victor.

There are four types of characters in the game in which you can choose from. They include the Warrior, Champion, Priest, and Wizard (also referred to as Mage). Here is a short description about these four characters.

Warrior – Warriors are tough melee fighter’s experts in using the sword and shield. They have the greatest defense among all the four characters because of the additional protection the shield provides. Their use of shield though, gives them a lack of power when swinging their sword (using only one hand). Warriors are very tough fighters and very hard to kill in the game.

Champion – Champions are strong melee fighter’s experts in the use of the spear. They have an advantage in damage over warriors (champions use both hands when using theirs spears) but will have a disadvantage in the defense department. Champions can inflict devastating damage when they get close to their opponents (something to keep in mind).

Priests – Priests are holy warrior experts with divine magic. They can use their destructive skills to smite opponents and can also use protective skills for their allies such as healing and buffing skills. Priests are the support type units in the game.

Wizard – Wizards are experts of scholarly magic. They can deliver devastating magic ranging from different elements. Wizards can deliver the most damage when it comes to skills. They have the lowest HP (hit points) though and cannot endure a long barrage of damage.

Choose wisely when deciding the character you will be using. If you want a hard linebacker type character then I recommend using the warrior. If you like damage type melee characters, then use the champion. If you want a support type character then use the priest. The wizard is perfect for those players who like to deliver high damage spells. Choose character types which you know you would enjoy using most and that would fit your style of play. All characters have their own strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to maximize their potential.

How To Play GodsWar

The Newbie Guide – At the start of the game, you really don’t need to worry much about the complexity of the game because there is a newbie guide that will act as your tutorial. The newbie guide will teach you how to use the various tools in the game such as the items, skills, etc. The newbie guide will also assign you your first mission quest to test your playing skills and warm you up in the game.

The newbie guide will also teach you the “auto search” method on which all you need to do is to click a particular name of a person or monster in your quest and the character will automatically go to that place (veeeery useful!). You can also click anywhere in the map and the character will automatically go to that spot. The “auto search” is a new concept introduced in MMO. It makes the game player friendly and very easy to start unlike in other MMO’s where you get lost finding your quest in the vast area of the map.

Quests – These are the special missions assigned to you by various NPC’s to make your character stronger. There are lots of quests available in this game and almost all NPC’s will give you some quests. When accomplishing quests, you will be awarded with Experience Points, Silver, and Talent points depending on the quest. Quests are the perfect way for your character to become strong. The game also lets you do quests over and over again as much as you wish. You can choose what quests you will be doing through the search quest menu.

Silver – Silver is the main currency in the game. Unlike other MMO’s where you get gold (money) through monster loots when they die, silver in this game can only be acquired through fulfilling quests or doing trade. Monsters do not drop silver and rarely drop some loot in which you can trade. The best way to gain silver in this game is through fulfilling quests that offer silver (not all quests reward you with silver). Even though it’s hard to gain silver in this game, items sold in the NPC’s are relatively cheap. All the armors and items are fairly inexpensive.

Talent Points (TP) – Talent Points are used to improve your characters’ talent. Your characters’ talent in general improves the overall performance of your character. It can increase your damage, hit points, dodge rating, critical rating, and so much more depending on your character. Talent points can be gained through leveling up and rewards from finishing quests (I’m referring to quests that offer you bonus talent points). Use your talent points to make your character tougher.

Items – There are so many items in the game so I won’t even try to list them.  But you don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that the important items in the game are your armor and weapons. Warriors are given the sword and shield; champions the spear; and the wizard the staff. Different characters can use different armors and weapons. As your level increases you can use more powerful weapons and better quality armor. Other items include skill books which you use to learn some skills. There are also different raw materials that you can uses to forge items or upgrade your weapons and armor.

Skills – Skills are your characters special abilities. Different characters have their own unique skills. You can learn skills by reading skill books available for purchase in the NPC or monster loot.

Monsters – There are many monsters roaming in the wilderness of the Greek peninsula. Killing these monsters are usually assigned to you in your quests. Monsters are stronger depending on their level. They provide experience points every time you kill them and sometimes drop items that you can trade.

That’s it in a nutshell… Check out my specific GodsWar tips, hints, cheats, and strategies!

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