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Café world is a game in which you need to pay close attention to your café. The more time you n your café the more it improves. You might be wondering why there are different players that have higher levels than you even though you had the same start time. The reason is based on the time they have spent on their café.  The longer you are actively involved in the game, the better.   Here are some strategies that can help you level up faster and gain more cash in your Café World.

Faster Level Up – Leveling up includes doing some basic chef work such as cooking, cleaning the oven and the money people spend on your meals. The most important way to level up is in cooking and preparing your meals. There are different kinds of meals that give different levels of experience points. Usually the more complicated the meal, the higher the experience you will get from preparing it.

But there is also one way where you can keep your level very high.  This technique is not used by many players:  The trick is to cook and prepare a meal then cancel it once it is finished.  It is as simple as that but very effective. The more you cook the more experience you will get thus when you cook and cancel this will bring in a lot of experience points. The advantage of this technique is that you will really get a faster level up compared to other players. Leveling becomes relatively easy when you use the “cook and skip technique”. The disadvantage of this trick though, is that it will require you to spend some money. Every time you cook a meal it would require some cash and when using this trick you need to have lots of cash to spare. Use this only when you have a surplus of cash so that your only focus is on leveling up. When applying this technique, make sure that you have enough food on the counter for your costumers to eat. The cook and skip method is not generally known.   It’s truly an “insider tip” and my gift to all of you fans out there!

Faster Cash – The source of cash in the game is from the pockets of your valued customers. They will be the ones paying you with cash when their tummies are full. So, to earn cash rapidly, you must invite as much customers as you can into your café and prepare meals as fast as you can too. The secret to this is having a balance of customers and available meals in your café. Keep them both in harmony all the time.

Failure to do this will result in wastage and decrease your customer satisfaction.  If there is too much food being cooked and too few customers eating in your café, this is a problem.  Or if too little food and too many customers, it is the same problem.   The result in either case is that you will slowly loose customers and buzz.

Check your buzz rating often. This is the level of satisfaction your customers are experiencing in your café (ie. the higher the buzz rating the higher the people coming in your café). So if you can see that your buzz rating is getting high, then this is the time where you increase your meal supply. You can do this by adding additional ovens to give room for more meal cooking to deal with the coming demand. Just remember to keep people and meal supply in harmony and you’ll do fine!

These are two powerful strategies that, if you execute properly, will surely make you the next Emeril, Gordon Ramsay, or Wolfgang Puck.

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