Happy Aquarium – How To Play

Happy aquarium is the perfect game to all those fish lovers around the world. For non-fish lovers though, this game can still offer the fun and excitement that you experience in other facebook games. Happy aquarium is a virtual simulation game, where you are given your own aquarium and set of fishes to take care. You can buy your own fish, feed them, and mate them to create some more fishes. The goal is to have access to the most beautiful and fascinating fishes, decorate your fish tanks to have the best combination of fish variety and artistic aquarium.

Happy Aquarium offers you a variety of fishes to choose from. Taking care of the fish is the main concept of this game so I will provide you with some basic guidelines about fishes in the game.

Buying your Fish – In the start of the game, you will be given a free fish tank to accommodate your fishes. Buying your own fish is relatively easy, as the tutorial in the start will show you how to buy your own fish. Different types of fish have different corresponding prices depending on the kind. Usually, the more striking the fish the more expensive it is.

Feeding your Fish – You need to feed your fish regularly to keep them growing. At the start of the game, you are given free fish food to use; and if ever you run out you can always buy in the shop. The hunger level at the top of the screen let’s you know if your fish need feeding or not. Feeding your fish will help them mature, preparing them for mating, and will provide you with experience points at the same time.

Selling your Fish – You can sell your fish to earn aquarium coins. The value of aquarium coins depends on the kind of fish and the level of maturity. To sell your fish, simply click a fish and then choose sell.

Mating your fish – You can mate two fishes with the same species and different gender to generate offspring. With a clean healthy tank, enough space, and some love potions, the mated fish will produce an egg that will later hatch into a new baby fish. Mate your fish to gain coins and increase your fish population.

Training your Fish – The game let’s you train your fish to learn new skills through an adventure type game that. Only healthy fishes can be engaged in training so don’t forget to clean your tank and feed your fish first before letting them into training.

Your tank is where you keep your fish. You can own many thanks to accommodate more fish. Here are some things that you need to know about fish tanks in Happy Aquarium.

Cleaning your tank – Tanks become dirty over time. An unclean tank makes your fish unhealthy and unable to mate and train. To clean your tank, use the brush located at the bottom of the screen. Always visit your and clean your tank regularly.

Tapping on your tank – Tapping your tank will make your sih swim away. It also let’s your fish perform the trick that it has learned.

Customizing your tank – You can buy various ornaments using aquarium coins to beautify your fish tank. Different pearls and precious gems stones can add some art into your fish paradise. You can also earn decoration in treasure hunting which is a daily bonus in the game. Beautifying your tank lets you win the Happy Aquarium tank contest.

More tanks – You can expand your number of tanks to accommodate more fishes. You can do this by buying new tanks. More fish tanks can be bought as your level increases. The more tanks, the more fishes you will have and eventually the more experience. Having a lot of thanks also gives you the ability to own more fishes.

Treasure chests – Treasure chest and bubble clams contain coins which you can harvested every day. They are your daily supply of coins, and friends can also avail on them by clicking on it. You can also click treasure chests from your neighbors fish tanks, and this allows you both to earn the coins that the treasure chest provides.

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