Happy Aquarium – Strategies

Want to have the most beautiful Happy Aquarium in Facebook? Follow these simple strategies to help in your quest to have the best fish paradise there is. Here are some helpful tips to help you attain your objective.

Constant tending – This game is more of a waiting game. Patience and constant tending to your aquarium to slowly gain enough coins and experience is necessary to progress.  The first thing you need to do is keep in mind the time your fish becomes hungry.

Feeding your fish let’s you earn experience points required to level up. It will also help your fish grow to maturity faster so they can mate and produce more fish. Always feed your fish in the exact time so you will progress constantly. Different fishes have different hunger time and always take note of the time they are hungry. You can look at the status of the fish by simply clicking it to know precisely when the fish will become hungry.

Constantly feeding your fish in the exact time lets you earn experience points and coins faster than other players who do not do this.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is cleaning your tank regularly. Your fish tank will get polluted overtime, and it is your job to keep watch on the tanks cleanliness and remove the pollutants whenever it occurs. Having a clean tank always, ensure your fish good health giving them a proper mating environment and incubation for their eggs. Cleaning your tank also provides with experience points as well.

Your fish tank will also have some coin chest that can provide you some coins when you click it. This is a regular source of good amounts of coins so always click this whenever it is ready to provide coins again. The basic to having a great happy aquarium is to constantly monitor and check you aquarium’s condition. The more vigilant you are the more benefits you will be having. These are simple yet difficult things to do but when you keep it as a habit you will be on top of your friends.

Daily Game challenges – Happy Aquarium provides you with some daily game challenges that lets you earn coins and more. One important kind of daily challenge is the treasure hunt, wherein you play a game where you control your fish to collect some coins and search for valuable treasure. When you get lucky, you will find a treasure that will provide you with a random decoration for your fish tank. You can wither keep this decoration to add beauty to your tank or sell it to earn you some coins.

Doing treasure hunting regularly can ensure you a rapid growth on your Happy Aquarium. There is also the fish training that you can do to let your fish learn new tricks. Same as treasure hunting, training your fish let’s you play a game where you control your fish to accomplish an obstacle. This requires you to have a certain degree of skill to accomplish the test. Once accomplished, your fish will learn some new trick which they can perform. Also, along the training, you will be able to get some free coins and fish food that will provide you with a little push.

These are the two important strategies that you can use to improve your game in Happy aquarium. Just like having a real aquarium of fishes, this game requires you to have constant care and love for your fishes. IT’s somewhat having a sense of responsibility to your fishes conditions. The more patient you are in this game, the more you will be reaping some great benefits and enjoying the beauty of the game at the same time.

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