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Family Feud Facebook is an extremely popular, fun, and free version of the timeless game show.  It follows pretty closely to the TV game show in terms of rounds, Fast Money, and format.  I like that the answer acceptance algorithm permits minor spelling mistakes, a plethora of synonyms and shortened words or phrases.  It’s not full proof and I’ve been frustrated on occasion, but overall I find it to be a solid and fair game.  While it seems simple enough that this Facebook Family Feud is simply a guessing game, nothing could be further from the truth.  If you want to win the Feud, follow some of our proven tips listed out below.  This stuff is gold and is practically guaranteed to improve your game… and that’s before even using our Family Feud Cheat List Answers!

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I will try to build and add to this page/section over time.   Here’ s some of what I consider valuable playing tips and strategies I regularly employ when playing Facebook Family Feud:

  • Log in daily to get your 2-3 plays a day.  But remember, these are not cumulative, so you must also play the game regularly.
  • Always buy prizes from the prize ship with the “money” you earn playing the game.  This will help you get all the prizes necessary to ‘level up’ so you can get more plays and advance in the game.
  • Never buy more than one identical item until you’ve gotten them all for that level.  The only purpose (that I know of) for buying more than one of the same prize is if you’d like to ‘gift’ it to your friends.  Family Feud allows you to send prizes to friends.  This is a great way to swap prizes and help your friends out to encourage them to keep playing!  For Win-Only prizes (discussed below), this feature becomes even more critical.
  • More than most, Family Feud Facebook relies on your network of friend players.  To increase you chance of levelling up, always send a direct invitation after playing Fast Money rounds to friends you know will absolutely play the rounds for you.  If you can’t rely on your friends, get new ones! (or less ethically, create another Facebook account/persona that you can use)
  • A number of prizes are “Win-Only” and thus cannot be bought with money/points.  The ONLY way to get these is for your friends to complete you Fast Money requests.  If your friend helps you win the round (ie. get over 200 points you’ll win $5000 and/or a Win-Only prize that will help you complete the category so you can level up).
  • Always play fast money rounds off your friends’ wall or invitation.  You help them and get points for yourself as well.  I routinely check my friends’ wall daily to see if there are any Fast Money requests.  You may not always get the invitation, so it’s good to check the walls of all your friends who are players as well (shown in the column on the right side during game play)
  • Always share and post your results on your wall.  This helps to advertise the game to your friends and hopefully build a larger personal player network.

More great tips, tricks, and advanced strategy to come…

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