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High tech strategy warfare games with cool tanks and fighter planes are really fun to play, but battles with the sword and bows are have always remained popular in our imagination and game play preference.  Nothing can be more captivating than medieval warfare where every soldier is tested for his courage and strength. Lasting siege on castles, men banging battering rams, and the sound of clanging spears and swords in the hundreds; it’s just so exhilarating to watch medieval warfare.

It’s no surprise then that there are lots of medieval strategy games in facebook.  One great game you will surely enjoy playing is Kingdoms of Camelot: a real time strategy game that lets you become the king in a vast and hostile land. The game gives you the chance to build your own kingdom, raise your own army, and wage wars with other kingdoms. To play Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook, you need to understand and then master the basics.  Let’s begin…


Everything in Kingdoms of Camelot functions for warfare more often than not. Even houses serve to house and hire your army.  You must consider the strategic value of buildings.  Here is some important information on buildings in Kingdoms of Camelot:

Cottages – Primarily responsible for population increase. The more cottages you have the more you can accommodate your population. If you have a higher population you will also have higher tax collection. You can upgrade your cottages to increase population capacity.

Barracks – Barracks are where you train and raise your troops. Stronger troops will require you to have higher levels of barracks. The trick to faster troop training is to build more barracks. The troops in you barracks include:

  • Supply Troop – Very poor fighters. They’re primary purpose is for carrying resources. You can use this when looting from other players or transferring supplies within your city.
  • Militia Men – Volunteer citizens who have little combat experience. They are unarmored and have poor weaponry. They are a good start for your army, and can be constructed in large number as front lines for getting rid of traps.  In other words, they are expendable soldiers.
  • Scout – They are the eyes in your military. They can gather information regarding the strength of the army. They are also poor fighters (obviously, since that is not their role).  Think of that dude in the movie “300” who visits Sparta from Persia at the beginning of the film (and what subsequently happens to him!)
  • Pikeman – Armed with long spears and heavy armor. Pikemen can impale approaching enemies without getting close. They are particularly strong against cavalry troops.
  • Swordsman – Are well-armored melee troops that are particularly strong against destroying archers because of their shields. They are also the most powerful of all ground troops.
  • Archer – Archers can ‘rain’ death with their long range arrows. They are very effective at far distance but are very vulnerable when in close range.
  • Cavalry – Mounted troops that have lightning speed making flanking very quick and easy.
  • Heavy Cavalry – The medieval tanks of the time. They very heavily armored and well equipped with deadly weapons. Their armor and weapon superiority though sacrifices them some speed.
  • Supply wagon – Supply Wagons are heavily fortified to carry anything you need through a raging battle, and not lose the cargo.
  • Ballista – Ballista fire huge arrow-like bolts at long ranges. They are effective against other siege weapons.
  • Battering Ram – A Battering Ram is a large log-like object, used for knocking down the enemy’s defenses.
  • Catapult – Catapults throw large rocks from a huge distance. They are most effective against the enemy’s defenses.

Knights Hall – The knight’s hall is where you hire new knights. Knights can be assigned different roles in your city. These are the roles available for your knights.

  • Foreman – Decreases time in building your structures. The higher the level of your foreman the greater reduction in construction time.
  • Steward – Helps boost your resources productivity. The higher the level of your steward the more productive your resources become.
  • Marshal – Reduces the time in training your troops. The higher the level of your marshal the higher the reduction time.
  • Alchemystic – Improves the research in your kingdom. The higher the level of your alchemystic the lesser the time required for research.

Alchemy Lab – The center for your research and development. You can research better resource yield, lesser build time ways, and weapons for your troops in the alchemy lab. This is one of the key structures in the game.

Blacksmith – Creates the metal weapons and armor for your troops. The higher the level of the blacksmith the sharper and harder the weapons and armor you can provide.

Workshop – The building where you can build you siege weapons such as the ballistae and catapult.

Stables –Where you keep your horses and of course the necessary components for training your cavalry.

Tavern – The local bar. It gives merry-making happiness to your people. A higher happiness means a greater increase in population.

Store house – Protects your resources from attacks. You can store your resources here so you will avoid loots.

Relief Station – Increases the movement speed of your troops when they are in the march from your cities. Better upgrade means better speed.

Market Place – This is where you trade resources.

Embassy – Your diplomatic building. Let you build and join alliances in Kingdoms of Camelot. Alliances are one of the most important things you need to have in kingdoms of Camelot.

Resources – They provide the materials necessary for the advancement of your kingdom. Upgrade resources for better productivity.

Sawmills – Produce food necessary for the making and upgrading of buildings. They are also required for some troops such as archers, pike men, and siege weapons.

Farms – Produce food necessary to support your army. A growing army requires an ample supply of food.

Mine – Provide ore that is used as raw materials for the creation of metal. It’s very important in the production of weapons and armor for your troops.

Quarry – They provide stone for your city. Stone is the foundation of your buildings and walls.

These are the basics about Kingdoms of Camelot.  It is critical that you have a solid understanding of these concepts and roles in order to master the hints, tips, and of course, strategies of Kingdoms of Camelot.  As always, Happy Playing!

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