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You want to win more fights against other players?  Want to create the strongest zombie army ever?  Zombie fights in BRAAAINS are quite puzzling. Sometimes you wonder why you get beaten by an outnumbered zombie army. There are lots of things you need to consider to win a fight.  Here are some useful tips and strategies you can use to make your playing in BRAAAINS more effective.   Trust me, these tips will help you DOMINATE:

Zombies – They are your soldiers in this game. Everything in this game revolves around zombie management. Here are some strategies you can use to properly utilize your zombies.

  • Exhuming zombies
    • Exhume a second zombie immediately when you start the game. You will get the “first friend” achievement by doing this, giving you extra bonus in brains.
    • Exhume 5 zombies that have the same personality types and have died more than 35 years ago and you will get three achievements at the same time!
      • You’ll get the “Five For Fighting” achievement, the “Emotionally Tuned”, and the”Long Dead And Not Forgotten” achievement. This will give you lots of brain bonuses that will help you a lot!
  • Gear them up
    • Weapons – You can equip zombie with a single weapon. Your weapon will be a big factor in winning or losing fights in the game. Equip your zombies with the best weapons. You can buy them in the weapons shop, get them as loots after winning a fight, or as free gifts. Use these options to the maximum.  But there is also an important catch you need to know about with respect to weaponry. Sometimes you cannot base the damage of the weapon for its superiority because speed is also a factor. So how to decide if any weapon is the perfect weapon? You can use the price of the weapon as a gauge – as well as the overall rating.  The more expensive and the higher the overall rating the better.

Braaains - Assessing Weapons Selection

INSIDER TIP: Even though the Garbage can has more damage, the chain is still the weapon of choice between the two because of its fast speed. Use the overall and value and gold (sell for) as a guide in choosing the better weapon (See image above)

  • Clothing – Your clothing will serve as armor for your zombie hoard. Just like in weaponry, you can buy clothing in the clothing shop and as free gifts. Again use these sources to the maximum. Acquired clothing (as gifts) is usually better. However, buying in the clothing shop will do as well. Equip your zombies with the latest and best of clothing. You can sell other clothes that are no longer in use or you can save them for the next zombie you are planning to exhume.
    • Don’t use brains in buying clothing and weapons! Weapons and clothing are just temporary. As your level increases some weapons and clothing will become outdated and obsolete. It would be a waste of brains. Remember, brains cannot be purchased through gold on this game.
  • Enhancers – This is another big factor in deciding fights.  Enhancers give bonuses to your zombies’ speed, health, strength, and defense, depending on the enhancers. Invest your resources in enhancers! They are very useful in fights. You can spend brains in buying enhancers. Having an extra slot for enhancers requires brains. Having a full arsenal of enhancers in the early going will give you a great edge in winning fights. I recommend focusing on your enhancers first. Enhancers are powerful in this game!

Braaains - Brains & Enhancer Slots

  • Upgrade your zombie – Upgrade your zombie’s strength, speed, defense, and health. Every upgrade will require 1 brain. But the effects of upgrading a zombie are very dramatic. When you upgrade a zombie, consider the following:
    • Strength – Reflects the rate of damage your zombie can inflict.
    • Speed – Reflects the rate at which your zombie can dodge an attack.
    • Defense – Reflects your zombie’s ability to resist damage.
    • Health – Reflects your zombie’s health bar.
    • Focus your upgrade on one zombie so you will get the commander on deck achievement quickly. You can get this achievement by having a general with you. An upgraded zombie will fare better in a fight compared to zombies that are not upgraded. They can inflict more damage and survive longer in the fight depending on where you upgraded the zombie.
  • Pick Your Battles – There are always players that have a better army than you do. Either in terms of level or on the sheer size of army itself. This is the reality and you can’t change it. Those players might be purchasing brains through credit or have just played the game better than you. Don’t let this discourage you. There are also plenty of players with weaker armies. These are the armies you will want to have a fight with. Wining helps you to become stronger. Ultimately, it is the act of choosing fights that will decide if you lose or win. When you fight, it can be confusing because the only indicators available are a player’s level and number of zombies. Don’t fret! This is quite enough to know which fight to choose and which to avoid. I should say that nothing is fool proof. I’ve been beaten by a player with fewer zombies than I had. It’s rare but it can happen. Usually the zombies are better equipped and have better advanced enhancers than you do. There’s no way to avoid this except through your gut feeling after a bit of trial and error.

INSIDER TIP – If you get beaten, don’t retaliate again. Move on to another target. If you’ve beaten a target, seek them out and attack them again (up to four times). You may wish to choose another player and repeat the process again (if you still have health). There is no better way of making your zombie army stronger. But choose your targets wisely! It is also best to attack higher level players because they will give you more experience and gold. But don’t rush it, you might end up getting beaten bad.

Again choose your target wisely and engage in the trial and error tactic. Push the limit but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew! Armed with these valuable tips, you have the capability to build a solid zombie army. And remember to have fun and enjoy the game. Check out our Strategies page and How To Play for more exciting tips and advice on dominating Braaains.

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