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Farmville is a bragging game.  Part of the fun is the ability to be able to plant more, reap more, and build more than your other players (ie. Friends).  Playing at higher levels than your friends can be a badge of pride.  That competatitve aspect to Farmville is probably the main reason why it’s the most successful game on Facebook (to date).  I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my Farmville playing guide and the Farmville strategy pages.  For my Farmville tips, I’ll focus on ways you can level up faster and improve your game to make YOU the Farmville leader among your friends.

There are two Farmville Cheats that you can download for free on the internet.  Yes, the use of software is controversial.  I condone note-taking and other free references sources for Facebook games and cheats, but I’m not in favour of anything downloadable that directly affects game play.  However, I do believe in full disclosure and the equalization of ALL tools and sources that people use in game play.  So it is only in that spirit that I will tell you about the two downloads I’ve come across.  Again, for the record, on this issue, I do not condone their use:

  • Cheat engine – This cheat gives you a faster game speed experience, saving you more time compared to other players. You can simply type “Farmville cheat engine” in Google and you will have access to hundreds of different sites offering free downloads.  Basically, it puts your Farmville gaming experience on steroids or fast forward.
  • Grid Clicker – With this cheat, you can do more crop work (plant seed, plow, and harvest) more than your avatar can do by simply clicking in a field. This allows for your work to be completed faster than normal. Here is another video that will teach you how to use this cheat.

If you are not comfortable with using these sorts of cheats, I also have some important general tips that will help you in your game. Here are some amazing Farmville tips that you can make use of:

  1. Farm Like An Ace – Maximize your agricultural output. This is the best way for you to achieve faster leveling up and higher income in the game.
    • Maximize Space – Maximize your available land right from the very start of the game. Try to fill every empty lot for your crops. The higher the number of plots you have in your farm the greater the benefits you will receive come harvest time.
    • Proper Plant Schedule – Plants crops that will suit your schedule to avoid waste. I prefer planning crops that take longer to harvest because it removes the time pressure of getting back to the ‘farm’ so frequently.  I also like the full day crops since I check my Facebook account around the same time daily.  Just keep in mind that a full day in Farmville is actually 23 hrs. The most important thing is to choose the crops that you are sure you can harvest in time.
    • Invest – Invest time and money in your crops. The majority of your time and spending should go to your crops. Crops are a great investment if properly executed. The more you invest, the more you will benefit.
    • A Special Kind of Plant – There is also one plant that I would recommend to players. This crop is soybeans. The great thing about soybeans is that they are relatively cheap, have good harvest time, and yield great output. Soybeans cost 15 coins, take only a day to harvest, and provide you with 45 coins and 2xp yield. I recommend soybeans as a top crop to plant!
  2. Faster planting and harvestingThe technique is to literally trap your avatar. It takes a lot of time for your avatar to plant a crop or harvest it because he/she needs to walk to that crop first. It’s painful on a very large farm!  To avoid this, you can trap your avatar in barricade wall, fence, or anything that can stall movement. It erases the unnecessary movement but still allows for sufficient working capacity of your avatar.
  3. Visiting your neighbours – This is probably the most common tip among all Zynga games, but especially for Facebook Farmville.  Basically, the concept here is that you will be rewarded by simply visiting your neighbours. Of course you need neighbours to visit in the first place!  In the first 20 visits you will be given 5xp and 20 coins per neighbor subsequently. That is already a lot of free experience gained without even working. So when you play Farmville, always spend some little time checking out your neighbours.  A lot of players forget this.

How’s that for starters?  The main thing to remember is that Farmville is all about organization and timing.  So do your best to play regularly at predictable times and plant crops accordingly.  You do that and you’ll smoke the game!

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