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Managing your own café in Café World can be very troublesome. You will experience unwanted spoiled meals, shortage of cash, and low buzz rating at various times.  All problems though, can always be solved with a positive attitude and a sound plan. Here are some tips to help you in managing your café effectively. This will help you improve in almost all areas of your Café World game.  Here it goes:

TIP #1 – Choose the food you will be preparing carefully – Different food recipes available on the menu also require varied cooking time. Various cooking time includes the time to prepare the sauce or the meat being seasoned. All meals have their own respective time preparation. What you need to avoid is keeping valuable customers waiting in your café.  It is inevitable that this will happen at times.  It could be avoided with good food planning.

For things to go smoothly in your café, you need to plan all the meals you will be preparing. If you’re a player that spends a lot of time in your Café World account then it would be best for you to cook meals that take less time in preparing. If you are a player that casually visits your account on the other hand, then it might be best to choose meals that take a longer time to cook. The meals are the reason why you need to login in frequently or rarely in your account. So adjust the meal you are planning to the frequency of your game logins.

TIP #2 – Avoid food spoilage – I mentioned above that choosing the food you will be preparing is one important consideration in Café World. When you don’t plan your meals properly the end result will be food spoilage and waste. You will witness the ruin of the meal you painstakingly prepared and waited for.  Make no mistake it will lead to a lower buzz rating as customers will get tired of waiting for the food.  To add fun animation, flies will also come swarming into your café due to the rotting smell. This is the worst case scenario in the game. Thus, always plan your food preparation to keep your customers happy and your café running smoothly.

TIP #3 – Expand your Cafe – When everything goes well in your café (food is always available and customers come flocking to your café) there is no way to go but to expand your café to meet the increasing demands of your customers. Like any other business, expansion arises from the increasing demand and the ever increasing profit that your business is making. Once you expand you can add more ovens to cook meals, more tables and chairs to accommodate more customers, and additional decorations to beautify your café to a grander level.  The bigger your café gets the more you will become the ultimate master chef in the game.

TIP #4 – Make haste – Café World requires you to have a fast internet connection. One way for you to enjoy the game freely without internet connection problems is to choose the right internet browser.  For a faster game experience, I recommend using Google Chrome or Opera. These browsers better handle Facebook games faster.  Also, skip the irrelevant message pop ups so you can play immediately without interruption.

TIP #5 – Make Friends – This tip is probably written over and over again so many times. The reason for this is that usually every Facebook game requires you to really interact with other players  This is a social network.  And these are all social games on a social platform. The truth is the game would be much easier if you have lots of neighbors with you. They can help in doing the chores in your café such as cleaning the oven and spoiled meals and also giving you important free gifts. Having neighbors is really one of the best tips in this game.

TIP #6 – Tit for tat – It is always good to help your neighbors. Good Samaritans are those neighbors in the game that always give free gifts and help out their neighbor’s café. Or call it karma or whatever you fancy!  It feels great to help a friend and also good strategy. Players tend to react to other players actions so if you help out your neighbors then they normally help you out too. So be a Good Samaritan and help out your neighbors’ café and give them free gifts. A kind deed will always be rewarded.

TIP #7 – Become a Game Fan – Like most other Facebook games, becoming a fan of Café World gives you access to other players who would become potential neighbors in the future. Your friends will see in your Facebook status and hopefully join the game as well. Your neighbors are the key to unlocking important items and gaining coins.

TIP #8 – Keep Evolving – Always evolve your game style.  Each day there must be something new in your café like increased buzz rating, additional tables and chairs, or some new decorations. You should learn some important ways in which you can better improve your game.  Try different recipes, do different things to test if they help or hurt your game!

Be sure to check out our Café World guide and strategies pages as well!

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