Ninja Saga – Tips & Hints

Ninja Saga has its share of secrets. You’ll often encounter player who have their own tricks with them when playing this game. They use their knowledge to strengthen their ninja, and prepare them for battle in the PVP room. Some of these tricks are already familiar, but this is for the purpose of clarity and sharing of information. Here are some tips you can use to improve your ninja’s performance, for faster leveling up and more.

Use your element to its ultimate strength and weakness

Each element has its own strength and weakness. The fire types have the best offensive benefit but significantly lack in defense as opposed to earth for example. The water type, which has the weakest damage when it comes to skill attacks, has a significant advantage in the volume of skills it can use. Here are specific guidelines you can use for each element.

Wind – Wind types are always the first to attack in each fight. This is because of the agility bonus it provides on every upgrade. When using a wind type character, always use your best blow in your first strike. I recommend using taijutsu skills that have stun effects. When stunned, your opponent will no longer be able to move for some limited turns. This will give you an edge in winning a fight. Always win the early turns when you are a wind type. Wind types also have a dodge bonus on them after every upgrade. This dodge though, happens rarely, because only 0.4% dodge is increased on every upgrade. So you don’t need to rely on your dodge too much. In higher levels though, the dodge will be more effective because of the repeated increase. Focus all your upgrade in your element.

Fire – The fire has the greatest damage benefit among all elements. When using a fire type character, focus on finishing the fight early. Fire type attacks cost a lot of cp and have relatively high cool down so it’s better to defeat you opponent as early as possible. In every fight, use skills that have the greatest damage but save your best skill for combustion. In every turn, there is a chance where your character will experience combustion, a state wherein your character gains bonus increase in damage. When combustion happens this is the time where you release your best and most powerful skill. You will see extraordinary damage, sometimes even defeating enemies in just a single skill. The fire types also finish missions faster and easier because of their high damage.

Thunder – When using a thunder type character, use attacks that have lesser cool down. Don’t rely on the basic damage of your skill but on the critical strike. Always be on the attack mode. The more you attack the more you will be having critical strikes. Water – Water types can cast more skills in a fight. Cast skills that have the most damage. You don’t need to worry about your cp because water types have such huge chakra! You also don’t need to worry about your health because you can also cast healing skills in this element. Water types usually have low damage skills though, so better spend your money in buying the best skills. Don’t focus too much on your weapon. Water types are casters so focus on your arsenal skills.

Earth – Earth types are really tough. They have a high hp and have stun skills in their jutsu. Earth types don’t have that damage compared to thunder and fire though, but they can really win fights because of their toughness. Earth types are strong vs PVP but not so much on missions. It takes time on finishing missions because of the relatively low damage earth types can inflict.

For faster level up and money

The source for your experience and money in the game is through finishing missions. Simply put, the faster you finish missions, the faster you level up and make more money. If you want to finish missions easier hire some. Yes, you need to pay some gold as form of compensation but that doesn’t really matter because the gold is not that much. The compensation you pay is not that significant compared to the benefits you will be having when you bring some added muscle with you. They are a really big help in accomplishing missions especially in defeating bosses. Time is of the essence, so hire friends for faster level ups!

Also choose missions that offer the most gold and experience. You can repeat a mission as much as you want so choose those that are worth the time. It’s a great way to make more gold.

There are also missions that offer special loots. These missions are usually those that have mini bosses. These special loots don’t always drop though, so you need to repeat finishing these missions until you get the loot. These loots are usually strong weapons and are very worth the time and effort to acquire them.


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