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"W hat a concept.  Converting social video games into real world rewards.  myVEGAS is one of the most famous examples of a Vegas-style game played on Facebook that actually helps you earn rewards and comps and all the other lovely benefits previously restricted to the high rollers level only.

Launched by MGM Resorts.. it IS the real deal!

So, first you should be saying if you’re an astute, savvy gamer is “Yeah right, what’s the catch?  This has gotta be too good to be true…”.  And that’s what I thought too.  But this virtual game launched by MGM Resorts IS the real deal.   So no more struggling for that Patinum, Gold, Diamond, Pearl, Elite, VIP, etc. membership club, your about to cross the bridge from virtual to real high roller!


myVEGAS Facebook Game The first thing you need to know about myVEGAS is that it IS free to play and you can earn the free complimentary rewards that high rollers are granted regularly.  But that’s not to say it’s an easy feat.

Obviously you’ll need to launch the application on your Facebook account and you will also need an MGM Resorts International “Mlife” number.  Mlife is a tiered rewards program for MGM Resorts.  The more ‘tier credits’ you earn, the quicker you can move up from Sapphire and Pearl passed all the way to NOIR!  You can sign up for a free Mlife account here.

Basically, you start at Excalibur which is a basic 5-reel multiple line play slot machine.  There are a few bonus games of various King Arthur-inspired themes.  Each spin of the slots gains experience points that are at a 1:1 ratio with the number of coins you bet.  You need to fill your XP barometer in order to move onto the next level.  Further levels get unlocked the more experience points you earn of course.  It’s pretty routine at this point but gets more diverse the more you play and advance.

Look for hidden games within the main games that give you a chance at more points.  Once you advance a certain amount, you’ll unlock BlackJack which won’t take long to get to.  This is played as you’d expect.  Remember too to find the myVEGAS symbols that you align together to build resorts that will add to “mySTRIP” which again allows for more bonus opportunities.  Of course I realize that this is all earned through the slot machines so the element of chance is pretty well the prevailing strategy.  However, the game is initially designed to help you win and advance.  I found it quite easy to advance to Level 5 and unlock “Jewels Verne” (the next slot game after Excalibur), then New York New York, etc.

With Jewels Verne, I found it a bit harder to keep my credit stash high, but I always play Max Bet which could be why.  The interesting thing about this game is the bonus level (achieved once the time coordinates are set (via a lot of spins for the “Bonus Time” symbol), allows you 60 seconds to click like mad a la “Where’s Waldo?” and try to find ‘hidden’ objects.  The more you find the more free spins you get.  I seem to always get 5 out of 6 of these.  But it translates to usually about 1000+ credits which fuels the game.

Of course the main attraction of this game is to earn loyalty points for real Las Vegas rewards.  If you bet more, you can win more points, but you can also lose them all.  You do have the opportunity to buy actual credits with real world money to help you to increase that investment into more points.  But it’s not necessary to play and win big.


You would think strategy isn’t really a factor in a casino game – especially slots.   And yes, you’re right.  You have to think of strategy in terms of a larger picture.  And that means loyalty points.  Your goals is always to try and earn as many loyalty points as possible to earn real Las Vegas MGM Resorts points!

Duration of play is the main method or path to points.  The longer and more frequently you play, the more points you will earn as a general rule.  There is some talk about optimum bet size relative to loyalty point earning frequency.  It’s been independently verified that 2 per line (60 ships) seems to give you the best loyalty point yield (not Max Bet – as you’d think).   But do keep in mind that the further you make it in the level-ups, the more credits you will need to bet in each spin to obtain the same number of loyalty points.  So it IS somewhat of an uphill challenge.

I’ve seen it suggested that the following:

Level 1-60:  Bet 200 in each turn  (Takes about 11 turns to get 10 Loyalty Points)

Level 61-150: Bet 1000 in each turn (Takes about 6 turns to get 10 Loyalty Points)

Level 151+: Bet 1000 in each turn (Takes about 8 turns to get 10 Loyalty Points)

Also, the best way to get the points is to treat this as a social game.  Invite your entire friends list and pester them relentlessly until they sign up.  You get a bonus for their sign up which helps you stack your chips for game play and point earning.

The first 12 levels are slot games, so you have to pace yourself and not last until then.  In my opinion, Blackjack has more controllable variables so should be easier to play strategically and win strategically then slots which really comes down to luck and controlling your bet size.

Keep in mind that certain parameters of the game have changed recently as MGM tweaks the game.  So you have to adjust your play accordingly.  For example, you used to be able to collect 50,000 from daily collection links from other players, but now it’s limited to 20,000.

Same with collecting coins 50 clicks per link.  Unfortunately that has been reduced to only 20 clicks per link.  Also, as of March 2013, a limit of three promotions every thirty days replaces the previously unlimited number (ie. in respect to reward redemption).


  • Play every day for the daily bonuses
  • Invite all your friends to play this app via the in-game invitation prompt (explain that this is a REAL REWARD game to lure them in)
  • I find Excalibur and New York New York to have the easiest and best win percentages in the early unlocked games.
  • Always bet MAXIMUM but not if you’re low on chips
  • If you have a big win, bet low next 1-3 spins as it’s unlikely you’ll hit 2-3 jackpots in a row
  • Don’t start playing another game if your bonus indicator on whatever game you are currently playing shows that you’re halfway or more to your game bonus.
  • Be sure to “Like” myVEGAS on Facebook as there are often bonus loyalty points and other promos given away for free.
  • Go to forum sites like this one here to get Bonus chips and friend referral chips for free (I got 30,000 free chips here!!!).
  • Brush up on your Blackjack strategies to really build your Loyalty Points bankroll.
  • Use Auto-Spin-Start once you unlock it to put your game on automatic – just remember to be around for the bonus games/prompts
  • Look closely at the rewards tab to plan out what reward you are aiming for.  Some rewards seem better value than others.  Make sure you plan accordingly.
  • Submit your own myVegas cheats, tips, and tricks here!
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