Kingdoms of Camelot – Tips & Hints

Best Way To Build in Kingdoms of Camelot?  Efficiently.

Too much or too little are key considerations vital to your success at Kingdoms of Camelot.  You have to tread carefully when constructing your buildings or you’ll end up regretting it.  Here are some of my top tips on how to dominate Facebook Kingdoms of Camelot:

  • Cottages – They house your people. The more people you have the more army forces you will get. They also become a factor in the tax rate. Build only 7-8 cottages. This number of cottages is enough to support your kingdom. More than this will eat too much space and will consequently lead to an oversupply of an idle population.  Too little will be inadequate.  I find 7-8 is just enough to catch up in the recruitment needs of your army. Upgrade your cottages if you want to increase your population.
  • Barracks – These building are the main structures for troop production. The higher the number of barracks the faster you can produce troops. So having lots of barracks will give you an edge in the army training department. The question is how many barracks do you need to build?  It would be unwise to build all barracks for your spaces as it would sacrifice other buildings that have key functions. The main issue then is how to balance your cottage and barracks. Cottages are the source of man power for recruiting your army and barracks are for training your army. So what should be the proper combination? I said earlier that it would be best to build only 7-8 cottages max for every city. In the case of barracks, it would be best to build anywhere from 10-15 barracks. This number is just enough to support your desire to raise a grand army but also enough not to sacrifice space for other important buildings.
  • Knights Hall – This is an important building in the game. This is where you hire and train you knights that will help you in managing your kingdom. Your knights are all important in the progress of your city. They grant bonuses in the building time, training, research, and resources yield.  Hiring knights in the early going will leap frog you to a mighty kingdom. Don’t forget to upgrade your knight’s hall too. Every upgrade in the knight’s hall will increase the level up of your knights.
  • Alchemy labs – Alchemy labs are your science center. You can research methods for effective resource yield, better quality armor and weapons, and basically anything important areas in the game. Usually the research requires you to have specific levels of resource and weapons. Always research new things in your alchemy lab! Your alchemistic will also play an important role in improving research and development.
  • Tavern – Taverns will provide happiness to your people. Visit your castle to know how your people are doing. The more your population increases the more you need to upgrade your tavern. A happy population produces available man power very fast for the game.

Tips & Hints For Kingdoms of Camelot Resources

Resources are a significant aspect of the Kingdoms of Camelot. You are given limited space outside your city intended for resource building. Extra spaces are added every time your castle is upgraded. Which resources do you need to focus on? It depends on what you are focusing your city on. A militaristic city would require you to have s large supply of wood, food and ore. But there are strategic numbers wherein you can support the military needs of your base and also the development stage that your city needs.

The most important resource in the later game is the farm.

When your army grows their demand for food also grows thus having enough farms is very important. Stone is not that important in that it is only used for construction and wall upgrades. In later parts upgrades on buildings take too long that’s why the need for stone becomes less of a necessity.

INSIDER TIP:  In 26 spaces available I recommend allocating 12 farms, 4 saw mills, 8 mines, and 2 quarries. This is enough to supply the needs of your ever growing empire.

And of course you have the castle.  A medieval empire would not be complete without a magnificent castle. The Castle projects an overview of your cities’ performance in terms of Base Production, Knight Bonus, Research Bonus, Wilderness Bonus, Item Bonus, and Total Production. Every upgrade of the castle also changes the appearance of your city in the map. Upgrading the castle is important for you to have access in new buildings. The castle is the symbol of your might and the totem of your success in this game!

These are just a few of my favourite and crucial tips you need to know to improve you strategy in playing this game.

Another important thing that you should not forget is to enjoy playing.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.  The more you try, the more you will discover new tricks in the game!  And when you do, share them here! 🙂

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