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Thank you so much for your wicked site! I use it all the time and actually find I play and spend even more money on the games as I adjust my strategy thanks to your tips and lists. You guys are an honest site that just showcasing (pun intended) all the information that I and my buddies have collected on our own before. I love the forum and the simplicity of your site. I love that you are free and open for anyone to help!

You guys ROCK!!! I LOVE this site!

I’m going to name my first born child “Datagrabber” in honor of your site. I used my own lists at first, now it’s just easier with Thank You!

All those losers who say we’re ruining the game using lists – we’re not. We’re elevating the game. I spend more time, buy more coins, and play tactically better thanks to your site. Don’t let the naysayers win. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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