Warstorm – Tips & Hints

Playing your cards – This game is all about playing your cards. All factions are more or less the same in overall strength, and it’s up to you to discover how to use your cards to their maximum potential. Mid-level cards, when played smartly, will certainly defeat an overpowered but poorly played deck of cards almost all of the time (and this does really happen!). Any strategy game is all about thinking, planning, and getting ahead of your enemy.

One important hint in making your cards stronger though is to buy the pre-built squads in the game. These cards are very useful in making factions stronger, to help you win faster and earn more silver in the game.

Here are some great pre built squads that you can buy with their specific prices. Those that are purchased by real money are not included.

Coldshock (15,000 silver) – These cards are very effective in making your human faction stronger. They include a hero, variety of units with unique features, and spells.

  • Hero Varu Blackbone
  • Varu Blackbone
  • Estian Battlemage
  • Estian Battle Cleric
  • 2 White Hatchlings
  • Spells Zap and Battle Preparations.

Deadly Arrows (15,000 silver) – These are good cards to help you in your elf faction. Includes a hero, elven archer units, and artifacts.

  • HeroAradaan Silverhair
  • Icebow Archers
  • 2 Cultists of Ardaan
  • Artifacts Aseti Book of Fire and Gruesome Blade.

Big Stomp (30,000) – To make your mighty Orcish hoard reign supreme, these packs includes a variety of strong units and spells.

  • Hero Grymish the Mad
  • 2 Enraged Yetis
  • Captive Snow Troll
  • 2 Red Tide Berserkers
  • Spell Battle Preparations.

Undying Death (30,000) – Includes undead army units and spells which are perfect for your undead army.

  • Hero Ririk, Dark Champion
  • 2 Dirty Rotten Zombies
  • 2 Diseased Wolves
  • the spell Zap

Adjusting Game Speed

In warstorm, you have the option to adjust the game speed. For beginners, I advise using the normal speed so you will develop ideas about card performance while watching the battles. This is advisable when you haven’t mastered your cards yet.

For those who have mastered their own cards already, I recommend increasing the speed for faster battle decisions. This way you can make more fights in your regular game playing time.

Warstorm also gives you the option to speed up the automatically resolved matches up to four times. So earn more silver and win more battles by adjusting the speed up.


One of the best ways to earn silver in Warstorm is to earn experience points (which are gained by winning battles). But using the same squads over and over again in the same kind of competition, will consequently lead to diminishing returns in terms of experience. Mixing things up will keep experience coming in on a constant basis.

Also, playing with a variety of different strategies can help a player win different “badges”.Badges have rewards at each passed level. The best thing about mixing things is the knowledge you will build during the process. As you use more units in battles, you will get deeper into the game and learn many important things about the game. T

his game is about having the right units and using them the in the best way possible. You will never achieve this if you do not develop a deeper knowledge on all units of the game. The real master in this game is the one who knows the finer points of each unit.

Credit Leveling

If your goal is supremacy, you can always turn to challenge coins in exchange for real money. I mentioned before how I’m not a fan of using real money in this game.However, if you really want to do it, it is an aspect of gameplay – so you needn’t feel guilty about that.You can purchase high level and very strong cards with real money.

Playing the game for 100% free will always give you the opportunity to win as well (so don’t feel like you must use real money).Just employ the sound use of unit combinations and tactics, and enjoy the game!

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