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There’s a lot of history to You Don’t Know Jack.  Yes, it was a short-lived television game show in 2001 I think, but it was based on the original series of computer games in the mid-90’s by the same name (from Jellyvision and Berkeley Systems).  You Don’t Know Jack (YDKJ) bills itself as “high culture meets pop culture”, but is actually a game show that sort of spoofs current televised quiz shows/game shows.  And if you’ve never played YDKJ, you’re missing out.  It’s really funny and has got a cool and unique game show format that doesn’t quite match anything else out there.

In 2012, YDKJ was released for Facebook and it’s highly addictive.   Cookie Masterson is your hilarious fictional host who guides you through the game (though is never seen).  You should keep your volume up when playing.

The question format ranges from your multiple choice questions to other theme challenges where you have to identify the theme or sort words or phrases correctly in groupings.  The final round is the “Jack Attack” which starts with a theme clue followed by static phrase clues that relate to a keyword or keyphrase that you must click on (select) correctly.  You earn money based on your answers but will lose money if you answer wrongly.  The game is heavily tilted in the Jack Attack round – meaning you could win a losing game in this round alone.  Or vice versa.

Final note, the production quality of the game is pretty stellar.  Almost as good or if not better than The Price Is Right.  But the questions are based on [American] pop culture so be warned that it may be extra challenging if you’re not in North America.  But still very much playable to the international player base for sure.

The game moves rather fast.  If you’re data-grabbing it, make sure to use Jing or any other free or alternative video/screen capture program to record each “episode”.  And don’t forget to gather data and spread the word about

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