Family Feud – Six and Seven (6, 7+) Answers Chart Cheat List

If you’re hit with a 6 or 7 or more answer Family Feud round than you will definitely want to reference the chart data here.  We had to split up our data because the charts were getting to be so huge.  But with your help, we’ll continue to update and keep the data fresh, relevant, and complete.

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You’ve Loaded The “6 to 7+ Answer” Chart!

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RQuestion (6+ Answers Questions ONLY)AnswerAnswerAnswerAnswerAnswerAnswerAnswer
1Tell Me The Age When Boys Stop Playing With Stuffed Animals (Numeric Only).72281910155116104938
Tell Me The Most Number Of People That Could Squeeze Into A Telephone Booth (Numeric Only)51931721510134112011610
At What Age Is It OK For A Child To Walk Home From School By Themselves?10351224131515714695115
How Many Times A Mother Changes Newborns Diaper456781012
1How Many Pairs Of Pants Does The Average Man Own?5196187161014410159124
At What Age Do People Usually Learn To Play Their First Musical Instrument?1027516816121261279134
2Tell Me The Age At Which Children Start Buying Their Parents Christmas Gifts.102612208131611510148157
1Tell Me How Much A Room At A Cheap Motel Costs. (Use Money Format $0.00)$3021$2517$3516$2015$4011$509$155
How Old Were You When You Had Your First Crush10111213141516
At What Age Do People Stop Looking Forward To Birthdays?30405021601825
Tell Me How Many Times Most Men Get Their Haircut In A Year (Numeric Only)122624211014509209529308
How Much Do You Expect To Spend If You're Taking A Date Out For A Nice Dinner? Please Round To Nearest $10.503710025607806906305403
2In Minutes, How Long Is Your Commute To Work?302915192017101360756455
2Tell Me How Much You'd Expect To Pay For A Bottle Of Wine At A Fancy Restaurant.$5023$3019$2514$1512$2011$608$1007
How Much Does The Average Supermodel Weigh?12011010010511595125
What Grade Were You In School When You Developed Your First Crush?5th351st246th144th87th72nd43rd4
2Name Something A Teen Wouldn't Be Able To Go Without For A Day.Cell Phone50TV16Snacks/Food11Video Games8Computer5Listening To Music3A Loan3
2Name A Type Of Professional That You Seldom See Joking Around.Lawyer31Doctor27Politician19Judge9Teacher4Police4Accountant3
Name Something You Do More Of When Someone's Taking A Home Video Of You.Smile37Laugh22Talk16Hide10Wave5Pose/Show Off5Act Silly3
Name Something You Always Forget If You Don't Write It DownPhone NumbersGrocery ListsAppointmentsPay BillsPeoples NamesBirthdaysAddresses
2Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Man With Long HairJesus41Fabio15Samson11Howard Stern8George Washington7Hercules7Albert Einstein7
Name Something You'D Hate For Your Date To Be Allergic ToFlowersPerfumeMeDinnerChocolatesKissingAlcohol
Something You'D Hate For Your Date To Be Allergic ToFlowers26Perfume/Cologne22Me10Dinner10Chocolates10Kissing5Alcohol4
1Name Something That Makes An Otherwise Average Person Seem Very AtrractiveMake Up26Nice Haircut23Great Smile13Personality12Clothes8Money7Alcohol6
Name A Vehicle That You Can Hear Coming Before You See ItSemi Truck33Train29Motorcycle12Police Car10Ice Cream Truck6Bus4Ambulance3
Name Something You Do Driving But Never On A Driver's TestSpeedEatRun Red LightNot Buckling UpSingCussAnswer Cell Phone
Name A Food That Is Chocolate CoveredStrawberriesNutsCherriesIce CreamRaisinsPretzelsAnts
Reason Someone Might Send You FlowersBirthdayValentines DayAnniversaryIn LoveSickFuneralApology
2Name Something Specific You Often Run Out Of Space To Write OnCheck26Greeting Card20Post It Note16Hand10Envelope10Notebook Page10Application4
What Would You Do In A Job Interview That Would Guarantee You Don't Get The Job.Chew Gum/Candy28Lie20Pass Gas20Swear11Smoke9Sleep5Arrive Late4
Name Something Kids Get Away With In Schools Today, That They Wouldn't Have 50 Years Ago.Talking Back28Swearing26Cheating17Chewing Gum10Use Cell Phone8Skipping Class4Arriving Late4
2Name A Souvenir People Collect That Has A City's Name On It.Spoon20Shirt19Key Chain18Coffee Cups11Glasses10Plates10Ashtray8
Real Occupation A Kid Might Idolize Like SuperheroFiremanDoctorPoliceSingerAthletePilotAstronaut
Name A Us City On The Ocean.MiamiSan FranciscoNew York CityLos AngelesSan DiegoBostonAtlantic City
Name A Celebrity From Decades Ago, Who's Still Thought Of As A Style Icon.Marilyn Monroe32Elvis Presley31Twiggy8Elizabeth Taylor6James Dean6Jackie O5Audrey Hepburn3
1Name A Country That Is Known For Their BeerGermany25Ireland19USA17Canada14England9Mexico8Australia6
Name Something You Might Find In A HospitalDoctorsBedsNursesPatientsNeedlesDrugsBabies
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Seem Too Immature To DateYounger Man35Lives With Parents23No Job17No Car8Goofs Around8No Money4Baby Face4
Name Something A Police Officer Needs A Lot OfPatienceBulletsCourageDonutsCitationsCoffeeBack Up
1Name Something You Try To Get Rid Of That Always Seems To Come Back.Pimple26Men18Bugs16Cold12Boomerang10Bad Headache8Bad Habit6
1Unlike "Honey Bun", Name A Breakfast Food That Doesn't Make A Good Pet NameCereal27Eggs22Bacon15Toast11Pancake10Donut6Bagel5
Name A Sport Shaquille O'Neal Look Ridiculous Competing InHorse RacingHockeyTennisIce SkatingVolleyballBaseballBallet
After Getting All Dressed Up, Date Is Taking YouFast FoodMovieBeachParkZooBowlingBar
Name Something A Department Store Might Sell Out On A Hot DayWaterShortsSunscreenTank TopsFansAir ConditionersBathing Suits
Name Something You Would Do If You Were A SupermodelDietExerciseSmileWalkTravelWear MakeupBe Photographed
1Other Than A Bar, Name A Place Where It's Common To Get Hit On.Work/School33Party18Shopping Center13Gym12Church10Park7Beach6
1Name An Animal With A Terrifying Bite.Snake23Dog18Shark18Lion17Tiger11Alligator5Bear5
Name An Animal That You See On A Motivational PosterDogLionCatMonkeyTigerEagleBear
Name Something People Try To Get Out OfWorkJury DutyTroubleTraffic TicketJailDebtBed
Name Something A Family Uses In Their Home A Robot Family Wouldn't NeedFood30Television28Bathroom8Dishwasher8Microwave8Drinks8Bed6
Name an Article Of Clothing Worn By Both Men And Women.JeansJacketT ShirtHatPantsEarringsBelts
If You Lived On Sesame Street, Which Character Would Get On Your Nerves?Big Bird41Elmo19Oscar15Cookie Monster14Ernie4Grover3Bert3
Name Something Kid Takes If Planning To Run AwayClothesFoodMoneyBeddingToysBackpackBike
If You Live In A City, Name Ways To Get To WorkBusSubwayTaxiCarTrainWalkBike
Why Might Someone's Phone Number Be Unlisted?Privacy35Famous17Avoid Telemarketers12Occupation11Getting Prank Calls10Just Moved5Bill Collectors5
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Want Their Phone Number listed In The Phone Book.Privacy38Prank Calls18Stalker13Telemarketers13Ex6They're Famous5Bill Collectors4
Name Famous Gospel SingerElvisMahalia JacksonAmy GrantAretha FranklinYolanda AdamsKirk FranklinBill Gaither
Tell Me A Persons First Name Could Be Man Or WomanChrisTerryPatSamSeanAlexBilly
Name Something You Might Take On African SafariGunWaterBug SprayShortsCameraSunglassesBinoculars
Name Something You Might Find On Top Of A Tall Office BuildingAntenna23Satellite Dish19Flag19Helipad13Lightning Rod8Roof8Bird5
Tell Me Something You Did In High School Still Do At WorkSleepCheatGossipSmokeFlirtDaydreamBite Nails
Name Something That Can Go Wrong During A First Kiss With SomeoneBad Breath35Miss Their Mouth16Bump Nose/ Head12Cough8Sneeze8Burp8Bite Up7
1Name Something That People Use Less In The Summer Than In The WinterCoat43Heater29Gloves6Shovel6Boots5Sweater5Blankets3
Name Something You'd See A Lot Of In CaliforniaBeaches28Palm Trees24Sun11Movie Stars11Artists9Cars6Blondes6
If An Elvis Impersonator Had Rummage Sale, Find?WigGuitarSunglassesAlbumsWhite PantsuitSideburnsBlue Suede Shoes
Name A Movie Based On A TV Show Or SkitCharlie's Angel21Bewitched16Wayne's World15Dukes Of Hazzard14Brady Bunch13Starsky And Hutch7Blues Brother6
2Name An Odor That's So Distinct, You Know Right Away What It IsSkunk22Garlic18Onions17Poop13Roses10Gasoline8Body Odor7
Name Something In A Submarine SandwichLettuceTomatoesCheeseMayoHamSalamiBologna
Name A Type Of ClubGolf Club50Night Club22Gentleman's Club8Club Sandwich5Billy Club5Country Club4Book Club3
Name The Last Person You Go To For Relationship AdviceMomDadExBrotherClergyMother-In-LawBoss
Name Something People Keep Money InWalletBank AccountPiggy BankJarPocketSafeBra
2Name A Country Known For Having Beautiful Weather.United States27Mexico15Australia14Bahamas12France11Spain9Brazil8
1Name a Rowdy Star Who Might Benefit From Going To Charm SchoolDennis Rodman22Charlie Sheen20Paris Hilton16Lindsay Lohan15Mike Tyson7Kid Rock7Britney Spears6
Name The Worst Part About Riding The Bus.Crowded30Stinky18Bumpy12Noise12Takes Longer7Hot6Bus Fare6
Name Something That, Once You Do It, Neighbors Start Doing ItMow The LawnPlant FlowersHost BarbequePaint The HouseWash The CarDecorate HolidayBuy New Car
2Name Something A Person Does That Slows Down The Checkout Line At The SupermarketUse Coupons30Talk20Write Check16Price Check9Count Change6Read Magazines4Buy Too Many Items3
Name A Profession Where People Go Into Strangers HousesPlumberSalespersonHousekeeperPoliceReal EstateElectricianCable Installer
Name Something You'd Be Afraid To Do By YourselfTravel43Skydive16Sleep12Swim10Walk At Night6Watch Scary Movie6Camp4
Name A Holiday Food People Plan To Avoid, But End Up Eating Anyway.Pie28Turkey22Cake17Cookies11Fruitcake10Ham4Candy4
Name A Food That Doesn't Need To Be RefrigeratedBread35Bananas16Cookies13Chips10Potatoes8Cereal6Canned Goods6
2Name A Complaint People Have About Their Cell PhonesNo Service21Dropped Calls19Fuzzy Reception16Expensive14Batteries Die Fast12Break Easily4Can't Hear Well3
2Name The Worst Thing To Have To Share With A SiblingClothes33Bedroom25Bed20Toys10Food4Bathroom3Car3
When A Couple Break Up What Might One Want BackClothesRingMusicPetMoneyHouseCar
Name An Inappropriate Place For Couple To Start SmoochingPlace Of WorshipParkRestaurantMallOfficeMovie TheaterCar
2Name Something You Keep In Your Car's Glove Compartment.Registration35Map23Insurance Card13Flashlight12Gloves8Tissues4Car Manual3
Name A Male Comedian, Past Or Present, Known Funny MonologuesPryorLettermanRockStewartLenoSeinfeldCarson
Name Something You Associate With Fairy TalesPrincess40Fairies15Happy Ending15Prince8Wicked Witch7Brothers Grimm5Castle5
2Name An Animal With Sharp TeethShark36Tiger20Lion18Dog11Bear7Wolf4Cat3
What Traffic Signs Describe Your Life Style?Stop44Green Light17Yield/Slow Down13Dead End8Do Not Enter7Curves Ahead6Caution3
2What Are Some Things Truckers Might Take With Them On A Trip?Food27Map21Change Of Clothes17Coffee15Companion9Music`5Cell Phone4
Name A Food Almost Everyone Knows How To MakeEggs32Hamburger15Spaghetti14Macaroni & Cheese9Peanut Butter & Jelly9Chicken8Cereal8
1Besides Ice Cream, Name A Food That Can Be Scooped.Mashed Potatoes29Yogurt25Cataloupe11Cottage Cheese9Jello8Rice8Cereal6
1Name Something People Associate With "A Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens.Christmas24Tiny Tim19Scrooge18Bob Cratchit11Christmas Tree9Ghosts8Chains6
Name Something In Your House Might Get Broken In Wild PartyLampVaseGlassesWindowsTableTVChairs
2Name Something An Experienced Parent Does Automatically When They Pick Up A Crying Baby.Rock Them32Pat Back21Sing Lullaby11Feed11Hug/Cuddle9Bounce Them7Change Diaper4
A Mistake Determined Never To Make AgainGet MarriedSmokeDrugsNot Finish SchoolDate Wrong PersonGet PregnantCheating
2Name A Game People Play At PicnicsTag23Frisbee20Volleyball17Horseshoes12Football11Baseball9Checkers/Chess4
1Name A Fruit That People Might Add To Jell-oStrawberry20Apple18Pineapple16Peach16Banana14Grape7Cherry5
1What Do College Students Do That Annoys Their Professors The Most?Talk32Fall Asleep18Skip Class17Cheat13Text Message9Arrive Late8Chew Gum3
2Name A Drink Or Food That Can Be Eaten Either Hot Or Cold.Tea32Pizza29Coffee17Milk8Soup4Cereal3Chicken3
Name A Word Or Phrase Ends In BoneT BoneBad To TheDogBackWishFunnyChicken
1Name A Food That Would Be Disgusting To Be Fed 'Romantically'.Fish28Soup19Pizza16Noodles12Hot Dog8Ribs7Chicken6
Name An Animal Or Person Who Might Spend Time In A TreeTarzan22Bird Watcher21Monkey15Tree Trimmer12Bird9Firefighter9Child7
2If Santa Claus Had A Christmas Party, Name Someone He Might InviteElvesRudolphEaster BunnyMrs. ClausTooth FairyFrostyChildren
Name A Sympton That Would Cause You To Say, "I Think I'm Coming Down With Something."Runny Nose19Coughing17Fever14Sneezing14Sore Throat10Stuffy Head9Chills6
Name Something Specific You Would Not Eat On DietChocolateCakeCandyIce CreamPizzaBreadChips
1Name A Food You Eat With Your FingersFrench Fries24Chicken19Hamburger17Cheese10Sandwich8Pizza8Chips8
2Name Something The Doctor Begins To Check As You Get Older.Heart34Prostate28Blood Pressure18Colon5Vision4Hearing4Cholesterol3
Name A Product That People Might Buy Only One Brand OfGroceriesToilet PaperShoesCarToothpasteSoapCigarettes
Which Profession is Least Likely To Have A Wild Night Life After WorkDoctor36Police15Teacher11Lawyer11Accountant9Librarian7Clergy6
1Name Something A Patient Might Do That Would Make A Dentist Complain?Bite26Move A Lot15Scream12Not Brushing11Talk11Spit11Close Mouth10
Name Something A Teenager Couldn't Live WithoutCell Phone49Computer13Car12Music9TV7Money6Clothes3
What Souvenir Would You Bring Back From HawaiiLei57Sand11Hawaiian Shirt9Seashell6Grass Skirt6Pineapple4Coconut3
Which Luxuries Are People Least To Give Up When On A BudgetFoodCarCable TVCell PhoneVacationShoppingCoffee
2Name Someplace Were You'd See A Lot Of People GossipingParty24Mall20Place Of Worship18Work14School10Hair Saloon5Coffee Shop4
Name Something A King Has, But Most Men Don't.Crown53Castle11Marriage to queen10Thrown6Riches6Servants4Command3
Name Something A King Has That Other Men Don'tCastleQueenCrownMoneyThroneServantsCommand
After A Week Of Camping, What Luxury Oh Home Are You Most Excited To Have Again?Bed35Shower25TV13Toilet11Electricity4Air Conditioner4Computer3
2Tell Me Something You'd Be Reluctant To Buy From A Rummage SaleUnderwear51Shoes12TV10Food9Car6Bed5Computer4
Which Quality Do You Think A Boss Looks For First When Hiring A New Employee?Appearance27Honesty18Experience14Personality14Education10Intelligence9Confidence5
Name Something You Need In Order To Get A Great JobResume34Education30Experience13Good Looks8Personality5Intelligence3Connections3
Name A Job On Your Feet All DayFood ServerCashierNurseDoctorTeacherConstructionCook
Name A Food You Cook For Which You Don't Need To Read A RecipeEggs34Rice19Mac And Cheese11Soup10Spaghetti10Frozen Pizza8Cookies6
Activity People Did More Of Before TVRadioTalkingOutdoorsPlay GamesWritingCraftsCooking
1Name A Pasttime More Respectable Than Watching TvReading39Exercise22Sports12Crafts9Playing Instrument7Listening To Radio3Cooking3
Name A Halloween Costume Adults Wear To Look Sexy.Nurse34Maid21Devil17Cat11Witch9Vampire4Cop3
1If There Was A School For Beauty Queens, Name A Skill That Would Be Taught There.Pageant Walk30Winning Smile16Make Up Application16Pageant Wave14Hair Styling9Singing6Correct Posture6
Name Something A Man Wouldn't Want To Have Happen To Him While He's Giving A SpeechFly Is Open25Burp15Get Laughed At14Break Wind14Being Heckled10Stutter8Coughing8
1Name A Place That You Wouldn't Want To Go After Having A Few To DrinkPlace Of Worship32Work26Police Station13Home10Parents' House6In Laws' House3Court3
Name A Place Where You're Asked To Turn Off Cell PhoneHospitalMovie TheaterChurchAirplaneSchoolLibraryCourt
Name Some Place Where Not Allowed To Make NoiseLibraryChurchMovie TheaterHospitalFuneral HomeTheaterCourt
Name An Animal That Associated With Being DirtyPig37Dog30Rodent10Skunk7Monkey7Elephant4Cow3
Name A Kind Of BellLiberty Bell27Door Bell22Church Bell12Wedding Bells9School Bell9Jingle Bells9Cow Bell7
1Name A Complaint A Pregnant Women Might HaveClothes Don't Fit24Back Pain16Hungry14Tired14Morning Sickness12Swollen Feet10Cramps7
What Does Las Vegas Have Per Capita That Other Cities Don'tMoneyCasinosLightsTouristsHotelsWedding ChaplsCrime
1Name Something Specific Your Partner Did Early In Your Relationship That You Wish They Still Did Now?Kiss27Open Doors23Buy Flowers19Hug7Hold Hands5Cook4Cuddle4
Name Something A Woman Might Complain That Her Husband Never Wants To DoGo Out24Clean18Be Intimate4Cook12Talk10Shop5Cuddle5
What Is The First Thing You Would Do After A Fender Bender?Call PoliceCryDrive AwayCall InsuranceGet Out Of CarPull OverCurse
What Word Would You Use To Describe A Very Attractive PersonHot28Beautiful24Sexy17Pretty6Gorgeous5Handsome4Cute4
1Name Something About Rapunzel'S Hair She Might'Ve Worried AboutLength28Tangles17Falling Out17Split Ends10Lice9Combing It8Cutting It6
Name Something More Difficult To Do With Glasses OnSwimExerciseSleepReadKissDriveDance
Name Something Or Someone At A NightclubBartenderDJPeopleDrinksBandLightsDancers
If You Forgot Your Date's Name, What Might You Call Them Instead?HoneyBabyYouSweetieDearMiss/ SirDarling
Name Something That Jocks In High School Don't Do Same As Their PeersStudyPlay SportsEatDressWalkSocializeDate
2Name A TV Gameshow You Think You Have A Good Chance Of WinningFamily Feud38Wheel Of Fortune30Price Is Right15Millionaire5Lingo4Jeopardy3Deal Or No Deal3
As Newlyweds Name Something You Disagreed On How To DoSpend MoneyCookChildrenHousehold ChoresShow AffectionCommunicateDecorate
Name Something You Might Be Hired To Do For A WeddingCaterMusicTake PicturesProvide FlowersPlan ItMake The CakeDecorate
2They've Cloned A Sheep: Name A Creature They Should Never Clone Because We Already Have Too Many.Snake16Cat15Rat15Pigeon15Human13Dog12Deer10
Name Something A Health Nut Order Lunch WithoutMeatMayonnaiseDressingCheeseFries/ ChipsButterDessert
What Might You Do After Eating Dinner?SleepWatch TVBurpSmoke CigaretteBrush TeethDishesDessert/ Coffee
2Name Something You Should Always Keep Secret, Even From Your Partner.Weight35Affairs25Dating History12Spending12Real Age5Passwords4Diary4
1Name One Word That You Always See On The Covers Of Celebrity MagazinesDivorce20Sex/ Affair17Star17Scandal16Hot11Pregnant8Diet/ Weight8
Tell Me Something You Over-Did As A Teenager, That You Can Laugh About Today.Drinking26Hair Styling20Going Out/Partying20Makeup9Eating Junk Food8Smoking8Dieting/Exercise4
Name A Reason Your Eyes Might WaterOnionsCryingAllergiesSmokeYawnSickDirt
Name A Reason Your Eyes Might Water.Cutting onions37Crying23Allergies10Smoke8Yawning7Sick6Dirt6
Name Something That Usually Comes In Sets Of 12EggsDonutsRosesBeerSodaSocksDishes
Name Something That You Might Find Around A PoolLounge Chair36Puddles15Towels14Swimmers12Fence8Lifeguard8Diving Board3
Name Something That A Couple Often Does Once The Kids Have To Move OutTravel37Rekindle Romance16Downsize13Retire7Remodel6Throw A Party5Divorce4
What Occupation Might Someone Have If They Carry A Folder Marked "Top Secret"?Private Investigator28Police Officer25Lawyer17Politician12Soldier8IRS3Doctor3
Name A Place Where You Nap Just To Pass The TimeAt Home30Work24Long Car/ Bus Ride18Airport/ Plane7Park7School7Doctor's Office3
Animal Shape In Box Of Animal CrackersElephantLionTigerMonkeyGiraffeBearDog
Name Something Specific That Takes Longer To Dry, Than To Wash.Hair35Jeans28Towels14Blankets11Car4Dishes4Dog3
Tell Me A Word People Use To Describe Female Babies But Not Male BabiesPretty35Cute29Beautiful12Princess7Precious6Adorable4Doll3
2Name A Famous Woman Who Speaks With An Accent To Americans.Sophia Loren23Queen Elizabeth21Nicole Kidman16Madonna13Zsa Zsa Gabor12Penelope Cruz7Dolly Parton4
Name Something That Lives In The Ocean That Most People Wouldn't EatSquid20Sharks18Whales16Jellyfish15Octopus13Eel7Dolphins6
Name An Animal Character That Talks In The MoviesBugs Bunny25Babe22Mickey Mouse19Kermit The Frog10Daffy Duck8Porky Pig6Donald Duck5
2Name A Dessert You Might Not Serve At A Fancy Dinner Party.Ice Cream44Jell O23Cookies15Brownies6Pie4Cupcakes4Donuts3
1Tell Me A Question That Twins Are Often AskedAre You Twins?29Identical / Fraternal23Who'S Older?20Who'S Who?16Similar Names?4Think Alike?3Dress Alike?3
1Name A Kid's Game A Grown Man Would Look Pretty Silly PlayingHopscotch32Hide N Seek17Tag15Twister11Jump Rope9Musical Chairs8Dress Up5
Name Something People Like To Listen To Music While DoingCleaning21Execising18Studying18Gardening12Eating10Dancing8Driving8
Besides An Office, Place To Find Copy MachineGrocery StoreLibraryConvenience StorePost OfficeCopy ShopAt HomeDrugstore
1Name A Cartoon Movie That Makes You Cry Even As An AdultBambi44Lion King22Cinderella13Fox & The Hound7Finding Nemo5Beauty & The Beast3Dumbo3
2Name Something You Would Need If You Were Putting On A Rock Concert.Band26Stage19Amplifiers15Speakers14Guitar10Fans7Ear Plugs5
1Name A Body Part That Gets Clothed In Winter, But Stays Naked All Summer.Hands20Legs20Forearms17Head17Neck17Feet9Ears3
2Name Something A Kid Might Do At The Dinner Table That Would Probably Get Him In Trouble.Throw Food21Burp20Play With Food14Not Finish Food14Spit Out Food9Spill Something9Eat With Hands7
1If You Went On A Camping Trip By Yourself, What Might You Spend The Week Doing?Fishing34Sleeping25Reading17Hiking10Relaxing5Hunting3Eating3
2Name Something Your Parents Look For In Your Date, Although You May NotMoney33Social Graces22Good Job19Appearance13Maturity6Well Dressed3Education3
1Name Something About His Job That Santa Claus Might Brag About.Flying Reindeer36Generosity21Works Once A Year12World Travel11Paid In Cookies8Fancy Sleigh6Efficiency4
Name A Food That Comes In Packs Of Six Or MoreHot Dogs17Pudding17Little Cereal Boxes15Beer13Soda12Yogurt12Eggs9
Name A Term For Someone Who Thinks Very Highly Of HimselfConceited27Arrogant19Cocky17Stuck Up15Snob9Vain5Egotistical5
What Profession Would You Want Mate To Have Useful HousePlumberCarpenterDoctorHousekeeperChefMechanicElectrician
In The Movies, Name A Specific Place A Damsel In Distress Might Get Trapped Or Face Danger.Train Tracks24Tower20Castle19A Dark Alley10Basement7Car7Elevator7
What Would Make You Leave Restaurant Before OrderingDirtyBugsBad ServiceCrowdedSmellNoiseEmergency
At A Spookhouse, What Do You Do To Make The Experience Less Scary?Close EyesTake A FriendGiggleDrinkRunHold HandsEnd Of The Line
Name The Most Stressful Job To Have On A Cruise ShipCaptain52Food Server18Cook12Housekeeper7Bartender4Lifeguard3Entertainer3
2Name The First Thing You Would Do If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island.Build A Shelter24Find Food20Find Fresh Water16Pray10Cry10Build A Fire10Explore6
2Name Something A Male Rock Star Might Do To Make Himself Look More Rebellious.Tattoos28Get Body Pierced26Dye Hair17Paint Face8Shave Head8Long Hair6Facial Hair3
2Name Something That Can Make You Look Older Than Your Age.Make Up33Wrinkles30Hair Style/ Color17Smoking8Clothes5Sun3Facial Hair3
1Name Something You Might Sign Up For If You Like To Receive MailMagazine49Coupons19Credit Card8Catalogs8Sweepstakes6Newspaper4Fan Club3
Name Something Better In The 50'sCarsMusicFoodGas PricesEconomyTV ShowsFashion
Name Something A Parent Might Miss About Their Younger YearsFreedom/ Time Alone33Dating19Youthful Appearance17More Friends10Going To School9Having Energy8Fewer Bills3
Name Something A Disneyworld Character Forbidden CostumeSmokeEatSwearTalkDrinkFlirtFight
Name Something People Do At A Bar Besides DrinkEatTalkFlirtSmokeDancePlay PoolFight
1Name A Kid's Movie That Most Adults Have Seen Too.Shrek23Toy Story22Lion King20ET10Bambi9Cinderella8Finding Nemo6
Profession That Would Make Women Think Twice About MarryingPolicemanGarbage ManLawyerStripperTruck DriverDrug DealerFireman
1Name An Expression That Begins With The Word “First”First Come 1St Served26First Love18First Class10First Things First10First Time10First Kiss10First Base10
Name Something That You'd Want To Avoid If You Wore A Toupee.WindSwimmingExerciseCeiling FanConvertibleRoller CoastersFlames
Name Something That Spies In Movies Always CarryWeapon34Binoculars20Camera18Phone9Magnifying Glass8Briefcase4Flashlight4
Name Something A Bartender Probably Tired CustmrGetting DrunkNot TippingFightingYellingComplainingVomitingFlirting
Department At A Home Improvement StorePaintPlumbingLumberBathroomKitchenElecticalFlooring
You Use Cheese To Catch A Mouse, But What Do You Use To Catch A Spouse?MoneyLooksFoodSmileLoveFlirtingFlowers
Name A Skill That A Person's Resume Might Claim Than AreTypingWorking HardCommunicationComputer ProgramSalesCustomer ServiceForeign Language
1Name A School Subject That People Often Become Bad At In Adulthood.Math35English/Spelling21History20Science12Geography5Physical Fitness3Foreign Language3
Name The Thing You Most Fear Doing During An Important Job InterviewSounding Stupid32Not Being Hired18Tongue Tied13Sweating12Appearance12Being Nervous5Forgetting Name4
Name Something You Might Find On A Person's ArmTattooHairWatchBraceletCastLoverFreckle
Name A Food That Usually Comes With A Particular SaucePasta37Pizza18Chicken Strips11Shrimp9Steak9Fish7French Fries5
Name A Breakfast Food That Could Just As Easily Be A DessertPancakesMuffinDonutWafflesPop TartsCinammon RollFrench Toast
2Which Christmas Movie Is Played Most Often Over The Holidays?A Christmas Story35Rudolph/Red Nosed Reindeer19The Grinch16Home Alone11White Christmas5It's/Wonderful Life5Frosty The Snowman4
Name A U.S. City Known For Having Great WeatherMiami28San Diego20Phoenix17Los Angeles13San Francisco8Santa Fe4Ft. Lauderdale4
2Name Something Sold Door-To-DoorVacuums23Book17Magazines14Cosmetics14Cookies11Insurance10Fuller Brushes6
Name A Personality Trait You Hope People Use When Talking About YouKind38Funny25Friendly10Smart9Honest7Happy4Fun3
Name Something The Three Stooges Do While Fighting That You'd Be Surprised To See A Pro Boxer DoPoke Eyes27Slap19Laugh17Kick9Bite6Head Butt5Funny Noises4
Name Something On TV That Causes People To Yell At Their ScreensBall Game46Commercials17Boxing Match12News10Politics5Horror Movie5Game Show3
1Where Were You The Last Time You Felt You'd Been Ripped Off?Mall/ Dept Store36Grocery Store15Bank11Mechanic10Restaurant10Movie Theatre9Gas Station7
What,Specifically Might Someone Do When They Walk Into Their Surprise Party.Scream34Cry20Jump16Smile8Faint7Laugh6Gasp6
Which Animal Has The Best Chance Of Winning At The Hurdles?Horse32Kangaroo27Cheetah12Dog10Giraffe8Rabbit5Gazelle3
Tell Me Something A Grandma Passes On To Her GrandchildrenJewelryMoneyRecipesPicturesStoriesAdviceGenes
Name Something An Underage Teen Needs Their Parents' Permission To DoDrive39Go Out28Date11Stay Out Late7Move Out4Get A Tattoo3Get Married3
Name Something A Person Sitting Next To You At A Bar Might Do To Annoy You.SmokeFlirtTalk Too MuchGet DrunkBurpStareGet Too Loud
Complaint Circus Clown Might Have About JobBad KidsToo Many KidsSmellsLow PayNo One LaughsCostumes Are HotGets Tired
2Name A Reason Why You Might Stay In A Hotel In Your Own City.Natural Disaster30Romance18Just For Fun13Moving12Fight With Spouse11Remodeling8Getting Married5
Name Something That Might Make Your Road Trip StressfulBad TrafficGetting LostCar TroubleCar AccidentKids MisbehavingLost Wallet/ CashGetting Sick
2Name Something Almost Everyday Bride Wants At Her WeddingFlowers29Cake26Groom16Ring10White Dress8Family5Gifts3
1Name Something You Wear That Never Comes With PocketsUnderwearSocksHatShoesSwim SuitWatchGloves
2Name Something You Wouldn't Want Your Children To Do As You Do?Smoke33Drink Alcohol26Swear18Eat8Drive5Work4Gossip3
What Would You Hate To Learn You Did After Drinking At Company Party?Flashed SomeoneKissed Co-WorkerGot SickPassed OutDanced On TablesFell DownGot Into A Fight
Name An Article Of Clothing You Can't Wash In The Wash MachineShoes29Brassiere21Hat16Coat13Sweater9Suit7Gown3
Color Of Car You Would Never BuyPinkYellowPurpleOrangeWhiteGoldGreen
1Name A Place Where You May Have To Stand For A Long TimeBank23DMV21Concert15Bus Stop14Amusement Park8Work7Grocery Checkout7
Name Something A Person Has A Hard Time Remembering When They Get OldBirthdaysWhere They Put ItemsNamesPeoples AgesThe PastPhone NumbersGrocery Items
Name Something That A Person Doesn't Remember As They Get OldNamesPeoples AgesBirthdaysThe PastWhere They Put ItemsPhone NumbrGrocery Items
Name Something You Might See At A Country Western BarCowboysCowboy BootsCowboy HatBeerDancingMechanical BullsGuitar
Name Something You May Have Once Worn With A Work Uniform, But Wouldn't Wear For A Night On The TownBowtie28Name Tag/ Badge19Cap/ Visor17Apron11Work Boots10Hard Hat8Hairnet4
Name An Extra Something You Add To Your Mac And Cheese To Make It More SatisfyingKetchup33Salt19Extra Cheese14Pepper11Hot Dogs7Tuna6Ham4
1Name A Food Served In An Elementary School CafeteriaPizza46Meatloaf21Jell O10Fries7Chicken Nuggets4Hot Dogs3Hamburgers3
Name A House Pet You Wouldnt Let Sleep End BedSnakeDogRatBirdFishLizardHamster
Name Something That MeltsIce CreamCheeseSnowButterChocolatePlasticHeart
Name Something A Woman Might Want To Cover Up With MakeupBlemish65Scar9Bruise6Wrinkles6Mole5Freckles3Hickey3
Name Something A Teenage Daughter Parent Hope Fromn BoyfriendCarTattooMotorcyclePiercingsKidCriminal RecordHis Own Place
Name Something That A Man Had Better Not Take Along On His HoneymoonAnother Woman33Cell Phone17His Parents14Work/ Laptop12His Best Friend6Golf Clubs5His Pet4
1If You Commuted To Work By Jet Pack, Name Something Dangerous That Could Happen. Be Specific.Fall To Earth37Run Out Of Gas18Hit A Plane11Blow Up8Collide With A Bird7Hit A Tree5Hit A Building3
Name A Christmas Show That Is On Tv Every YearRudolph25Christmas Story21Charlie Brown15Frosty12Grinch11A Wonderful Life10Home Alone3
2Name Something That Often Gets Tied UpTrafficShoe LacesBoatRopeDogPhone LinesHorse
Name An Activity For Which People Wear BootsHikingSkiingHuntingFishingSleddingShovelingHorseback Riding
Keepsake People Put In Baby's ScrapbookHairToothBirth CertPicturesFoot PrintBootiesHospital Bracelet
1Name A Profession Where You'd Have To Smile A Lot.Model41Salesperson24Flight Attendant15Receptionist8News Reporter5Photographer4Host3
1We Asked 100 Women: When You Should Be Focusing On Romance, Name Something Your Mind Is Often Distracted By Instead?Job40Kids19Bills16Eating10Other Men5Tv5House3
1Name Something You Wouldn't Miss About Daily Life If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island.Work27TV20Traffic12Bills12Telephone10People8Housework5
Name Something That Can Be Temporary Or PermanentTattooJobHair DyeMarkerTeethRelationshipHousing
Name An Activity People Do Hawaiin VacationScubaLuauScuba DiverLay On BeachSwimSnorkelHula
Name A Vehicle People Drive Makes Them Feel Own The RoadCadillacSUVCorvetteTruckMercedesCamaroHummer
Name A Chore People Had To Do During Colonial Times That We Don't Do Any MoreChurn Butter28Carry Water18Handwash Clothes13Milk Cows13Farm Work10Chop Wood10Hunt6
Name People Used To Call Women In Old DaysBroadOld LadyHoneyWenchGirlHousewifeHussy
1Which Animal's Communication Sounds A Lot Like Crying?Cat35Dolphin13Monkey11Bird11Dog11Whale10Hyena5
2Name A Way You Might Know Someone Is In The Secret ServiceDark Sunglasses32The Way They Dress12Haircut12With The President10Have An Earpiece10They're Quiet10ID Card8
Name A Place Where A Woman Would Hate For Her Husband To be When She Went Into LaborAt The Bar38At Work28Out Of Town11At A Strip Club9Stuck In A Traffic6In An Airplane4In Jail3
1Name A Place Where Wish People Wouldn't Answer Their Cell PhonesMovie Theater27Place Of Worship27Restaurant13Car11Library9At Work7In The Bathroom4
What Do You Find Out About A Person Right Away On An Online Dating Site, But Much Later If You Meet In Real Life?Age35Weight30Job10Marital Status9Kids7Religion3Income3
If Your Husband Could Get One Quality From James Bond, What Would You Want It To Be?Looks49Charm20Wealth10Sophistication9British Accent4Fashion Sense3Intelligence3
Name Something Two People On A Date Might ShareKiss33Drink24Food20Bill9Conversation5Car3Interests3
Besides Alcohol, Drugs, Or Tobacco, Name Something That People Get Addicted To.Love24Gambling20Coffee18Eating12TV11Chocolate7Internet6
1Name Something That College Students Get Stolen From Them On Campus.Computer30Money27Book24Car5Bike4Phone4Ipod3
Name An Accent That Many Americans Consider SexyFrench34Italian20Spanish17British17Southern4Australian3Irish3
Country That Does Well In World CupBrazilMexicoSpainGermanyEnglandFranceItaly
Name A Country American Kids Visit In Hope Lucky In CollegeMexicoFranceCanadaEnglandIrelandHollandItaly
1Name A Complaint An Astronaut Might Have About Living On The Space StationBad Food40Lonely18No Gravity15No Bathroom11No Fresh Air5Cramped5It's Cold4
Which Website Would You Not Go A Day Without VisitingFacebookGoogleYahooEbayMsnMyspaceIwin
If You Lived In Fairy Tale Land, Someone At GroceryCinderellaSnow WhiteAlice In WonderlandSleeping BeautyRapunzelRed Riding HoodJack N Beanstalk
Tell Me A Woman's Name That Starts With The Letter "J"Jennifer27Janet20Jane19Joanne12Judy5Jamie5Jackie5
2Where Do People Often Go For Their Honeymoons?Hawaii37Bahamas15Niagra Falls11Mexico11Las Vegas8Paris8Jamaica7
Name A Type Of Music Easy To Dance ToHip HopCountryRockDiscoSalsaTechnoJazz
Name Something People Might Put On Cottage CheesePeaches21Pineapple18Oranges15Pepper15Blueberry12Salt10Jelly8
1Name Something You Bring With You To A Sporting Event.HatsDrinksBinocularsCushionMoneyCameraJersey
1Name Something That An Adventurous Person Might Try While At The BeachSurfing28Skinny Dipping25Scuba Diving13Parasailing10Snorkeling7Wartersking4Jet Sking4
Name Something A Beautiful Woman Might Flirt With Someone In Order To GetMoney34Free Drink23Job9Pass On Speeding Ticket8Phone Number7Car5Jewelry5
2What Might Some Women Love More Than Their Spouse?Children36Money23Shopping12Shoes9Pet8Chocolate4Jewelry3
Name A Gift You Might Buy If You're A Secret SantaCandles19Cookies/ Candy18Clothes13Toys12Get Certificate12Perfume10Jewelry9
Name Something People Lose On Roller CoasterMoneyLunchHatsKeysGlassesShoesJewelry
Name Something In America Slowly VanishingTreesMoneyOilWaterUndeveloped LandMoralsJobs
1Name An Activity That's More Fun To Do When It's Raining OutsidePlay Football17Dance16Swim15Sleep13Read11Watch TV/Movie10Jog9
Occupation You Are Either Loved Or HatedLawyerAthleteActorTeacherPoliticianPolice OfficerJudge
1Name A TV Show You'd Never Want Your Name Mentioned On.Jerry Springer33Cops17Cheaters14The Nightly News12America's Most Wanted6Oprah Winfrey5Judge Judy3
Name A Celebrity Whose Records In Country Music MuseumDolly PartonGarth BrooksJohnny CashTim McgrawWillie NelsonHank WilliamsKenny Rogers
Name A Float You Might See At Macy's Thanksgiving ParadeSnoopySanta ClausTurkeySpider ManMickey MouseUnderdogKermit
Name An Item A Company Might Put Their Logo On And Give Out For Free.Pen47Hat18Shirt16Food Service7Magnet4Cup3Key Chain3
Name A Word Or Phrase That Has The Word "Key" In It.Key Chain28Keyhole19Keyboard12House Key10Door Key9Keystone9Keynote9
2Why Might You Have To Stop The Car During A Long Ride?Use Bathroom40Get Gas18Eat15Car Trouble11Need Rest7Car Sick5Kids Fighting4
1Name Something You Might See At A High School Homecoming.Queen26Balloons17Float14Football Game11Dresses11Limos10King7
What Do Parents Do As Part Of Their Children's bedtime Routine?Read43Tuck Them In17Brush Teeth10Give Bath9Pray6Sing6Kiss Goodnight5
Name An Animal That A Person Can Be Referred To AsDog49Pig24Tiger6Bear5Fox4Cow3Kitten3
1Name Something You Remember About The Tv Show "M*A*S*H"Hot Lips26Hawkeye22Radar16War12Doctors8Theme Music5Klinger5
1Name Something Most Parents Can't Wait Until Their Child Starts Doing On His OwnWalking38Driving18Using Bathroom14Eating8Paying Bills6Dressing5Laundry5
Someone Who Works With 'Assistant'DoctorCeoTeacherMagicianCelebrityPrincipalLawyer
Garment In Dressing Room For Pro Wrestling EventTightsMaskShortsBeltCapeRobeLeotard
Name Something People Associate With The TV Show "60 Minutes"Investigative Pieces18Andy Rooney16Ticking Clock14Tough Questions14Dan Rather14Mike Wallace11Leslie Stahl9
Which Office Supply Is Most Likely Cause An InjuryStaplerScissorsPaperWriting UtensilsPaper CutterPaper ShredderLetter Opener
Name A Vegetable You Would Never Make Juice Out OfBroccoliOnionPotatoesCucumberCeleryTurnipLettuce
Why Might A Cop Who Pulls Someone Over Not Give A TicketWarningNiceFlirtsDriver CuteDriver CriesFriendLight Out
2Name A Type Of Animal That Can Be Found In The Cereal BoxTiger31Rabbit22Parrot13Bear13Monkey11Kangaroo5Lion5
1If You Were Forming A Relay Race Team, Which Animals Would You Choose For Teammates?Cheetah50Horse20Rabbit7Jaguar7Dog5Tiger5Lion5
2Name Something You Do To Calm Yourself After Becoming Very Angry.Breathe25Smoke24Walk18Count To 1015Eat Something7Meditate4Listen To Music4
Name Something A Trucker Does More Than You DoEatDrink CoffeeSmokeFill Gas TankTalk On CbSitListen To Radio
Name Something People Do To Help Them Fall Asleep At Night.Sleeping Pill18Count Sheep16Drink Warm Milk16Read13Watch TV10Listen To Music8Listen To The Radio5
1Name Something A Little Kid Might Tell You About Santa Claus.He's Plump33Is Jolly14Has A Beard14Wears A Red Suit12He's Real11Brings Presents9Lives At North Pole3
Name Something Related To Finances That It's Hard To Explain To A Kid.Taxes37Credit25Interest12Budget8Stocks7Mortgage6Loans3
Food That Made You NervousSquidSnailsClamsOystersSushiCrabLobster
Name An "Extra" You Might Pay More For At The GymPersonal Trainer28Massage18Laundry Service15Food/ Drink14Pool Access9Tanning Bed7Locker Room Use3
1Name A Famous BeachVenice31Daytona16Malibu13Huntington11Pebble10Miami7Long7
Name Something People Do To Let You Know They're BoredYawn45Sigh22Sleep10Roll Their Eyes9Twiddle Thumbs4Tap Fingers3Look At Watch3
Name Something You'D Hope To See One Of On A Trip To HawaiiVolcanoDolphinBeachPalm TreeLeiHula DancerLuau
Name A Winter Sport That You Think Never Add To OlympicsSkiingCurlingBobsledIce SkatingSnowboardHockeyLuge
Name A Food On Kids MenuChicken NuggetsHamburgerHot DogFrench FriesPizzaGrilled CheeseMac & Cheese
Name Something Of Yours That You'd Be Angry To Find A Partner Snooped IntoDiary44Purse/ Wallet25Cell Phone9Underwear Drawer5Online Accounts4Bank Account4Mail3
1Name Something That A Person From A Warm Climate Wouldn't Know How To Do In The Snow.Drive42Ski26Walk Through It14Shovel5Sled5Dress3Make A Snowman3
Name Something A Baby Can't Do On Own At Birthday PartyBlow Out CandlesSingEatOpen PresentsCut CakeDrinkMake Small Talk
2Name A Job Aquaman Could Do If He Couldn’T Be A Superhero AnymoreLifeguard31Swim Coach18Swimmer17Fisherman10Pool Cleaner6Plumber5Marine Biologist4
Name Something That An Employer Not Allowed To Ask InterviewAgeRaceReligionSexual OrientationHave KidsWeightMarital Status
1Name Something You Would Change If You Could In Your LifeJob36Salary21Weight14Age13Looks7Name3Marriage3
If Serious About Camping, Name Something You Leave At Home TVPhoneTentKidsFoodRadioMatches
Most Important Thing Couple Has To Pick Out For WeddingRingsDressCakeLocationDateFlowersMenu
2Tell Me A City In Which You'd Never Be BoredNew York City44Las Vegas26Paris9Los Angeles7Chicago5New Orleans4Miami4
Name A Famous JohnsonLyndonKevinMagicHowardRandyAndrewMichael
Name A Famous SaintPeterMaryPaulChristopherJosephJohnMichael
2Name A Male Performer Past Or Present Known For Wearing Outrageous ClothingElton John33Liberace19Prince12Elvis9Boy George8Dennis Rodman7Michael Jackson7
Name A Job Where You Wouldn't Take Your Work HomeSanitationHospitalChildcareZookeeperPoliceMorticianMilitary
Job You Shouldnt Apply For If You Dont Like Waking Up EarlyBakerDoctorNewspaper DelivererBus DriverMail CarrierConstructionMilk Deliverer
Name A Job You Should Never Apply If You Don't Like Wake EarlyBakerNewspaper DeliveryMail CarrierBus DriverConstructionDoctorMilk Delivery
Tell Me A Person You Wouldn't Want See Batchelorette PartyExpectationsMomFianceeDancerBossDadMinister
1Name Something No Christmas Party Should Be Without.Egg Nog23Tree19Gifts17Santa Claus14Drinks9Food9Mistletoe5
2When Traveling In A Foreign Country, Name Something You'd Hate To Forget The Word For.Bathroom43Hello19Food9Thank You8Help7Please6Money5
name A Slender Animal that Wouldn't Make A Very Good Piggy Bank.Snake35Giraffe33Cat14Deer5Pony5Lizard3Monkey3
Name A Stereotype About Teenagers Often UntrueIrresponsibleSmoke/ DrinkBad MannersLoudTroublemakerBad DriverMoody
Other Than A Bull, Name A Big Clumsy AnimalElephantCowHorseBearHippoRhinoMoose
If You Were An Earth Tour Guide, Which Landmarks Would You Show To An Alien?Grand Canyon36Statue Of Liberty25White House11Eiffel Tower8Egyptian Pyramids8Great Wall Of China5Mount Rushmore4
1Name Something You See A Lot Of When You Look Out The Window On A Long Car Ride.Trees41Vehicles26Fields9Cows8Road6Billboards4Mountains3
Name A Place Where You'd Hate To Get A Case Of The GigglesChurchFuneralLibraryClassroomWeddingWorkMovie Theatre
1While Vacationing, What Might A Cheapskate Buy As Souvenirs For Her Friends?Postcard32Keychain28T Shirt10Magnet9Shot Glass9Pen4Mug4
2Name A Typical Holiday Casserole.Green Bean23Tuna21Chicken17Turkey15Sweet Potato11Broccoli5Mushroom2
2Name Something That Goes Well With A Juicy SteakBaked Potato41Salad12Fries10Wine10Beer9Steak Sauce8Mushrooms7
2Name Something You Would Hate To Go On A Road Trip Without.Map/ GPS35Money26Snacks18Change Of Clothes6Cell Phone5Family/ Friends4Music4
Besides Dishes And Utensils, What Else Do You Need To Host A Fancy Dinner Party?Fancy Food42Wine13Napkins12Candles8Cocktail Glasses7Flowers6Music4
Name Something That Fast Food Rarely Comes WithoutFries47Ketchup14Grease9Salt8Fat7Beverage6Napkins5
Name An Excuse Someone Might Give To Get Ahead Of You In The Check Out LineIn A Hurry42Not Feeling Well15Late For Work/ Appt.11Emergency10Few Items7Kids With Them6Need To Use Bathroom5
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Stay Up All NightPartyWork NightsStudyingInsomniaSickWatching TVNew Year's Eve
Name Something Mom Says That Kids Pretend Not To HearClean Your RoomGo To BedDo HomeworkEat VegetablesBe QuietTheir NameNo
What Would You Be Disappointed In A Hotel In HawaiiNo PoolNo ViewDirtyBugsNot On BeachClosedNo Ac
Best Way To Greet Friend Without SpeakingWaveHugSmileShake HandsKissHigh FiveNod
Name Another Word For A Person's BrainMindCerebrumIntellectThinking CapGray MatterNogginNoodle
Name A Musical Instrument That's Difficult To PlayViolin34Harp14Piano14Guitar11Flute9Trumpet9Oboe5
Where Do People Usually Seek Parenting Advice?ParentsOther ParentsFriendsBooksChurchDoctorOnline
Name A Good Place To StudyLibraryBedroomStudyOfficeSchoolKitchenOutside
Name Something A Child Might Sleep WithTeddy Bear39Blanket31Pillow10Parents7Doll5Night Light4Pacifier3
Name Something A Wrestler Would Probably Never Wear During A Match?SuitShirtJewelryDressTutuGlassesPants
Name Something That Siblings Accuse You HoggingTVBathroomToysFoodComputerBedParents Attention
Name Something That A Child From A Large Family Never Has To Their SelfBedroomBathroomTimeToysClothesTVParents Attention
What Places Are Most Likely To Get Tagged With Graffiti?Subway Station26Overpass23TRains22Buildings18Billboards4Bathrooms3Parks3
Tell Me Soap Opera That Describes Your Love LifeDays Of Our LivesOne Life To LiveYoung & The RestlessAs The World TurnsAll My ChildrenGuiding LightPassions
Name A Food That People Get Fed In A Romantic Situation.Strawberries38Chocolate17Grapes10Steak9Oysters9Lobster8Pasta7
Name A Food That's On Menu Of Every RestaurantHamburgerFriesChickenSteakPizzaSaladPasta
1Name Something A Woman Might Wish Her Husband Had More OfMoney41Hair28Time7Muscles5Love5Energy3Patience3
2Name A Fruit That You Rarely See Made Into JuiceBanana42Pear14Kiwi13Watermelon12Plum6Strawberry5Peach5
1If You Ordered A Pizza With "The Works", Name A Topping That You'd Expect.Pepperoni33Onions27Mushrooms14Sausage10Olives6Anchovies3Peppers3
1Name A Hygiene Product That You Hope Your Office Mate Uses Every Day.Soap34Deoderant30Toothpaste19Shampoo5Mouthwash4Hand Sanitizer4Perfume3
Name Something You Would Hate To Find Under Your BedMonster43Snake16Rotting Food12Spider10Rodent8Dust4Person3
Name Something That A Person Might Ask To Have SignedCheck33Photo13Contract12Shirt11Book10Ball6Petition6
2When You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, Name Something That Gets You Up AnywayAlarm35Kids31Work16Pet5Hunger4Sunlight4Phone3
1Which Items Are Most Commonly Found In A Restaurant's Lost-And-Found Box?Keys30Glasses16Gloves15Umbrella10Jacket7Wallet6Phone5
Name Something In Your House That You'd Hate To Find Wasn't WorkingTV41Refrigerator14Toilet12Stove9Computer8Washing Machine7Phone6
Name Something Nice Hotel/Motel Might Have In LobbyChandeleirFurnitureFlowersTVFountainBarPiano
What Would A Taxi Driver Have To Stop Doing To Drive A HearseFast/ RecklessSmokingCursingChatting/ JokingCharging FareHonkingPicking People Up
Name Something You Take Back Home From Your Hotel RoomSoapTowelsAshtrayShampooRobePenPillow
2Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Nurse's Pocket.Pen45Thermometer18Syringe11Watch9Stethoscope7Gloves5Pills3
Name A Job Which Might Require Someone To Work On Christmas.Nurse22Doctor17Work In Store15Police15Santa Claus8Restaurant5Pilot4
Name A Job Which Might Require Someone To Work On XmasNurseDoctorPoliceStoreSanta ClausRestaurantPilot
Fruit Often Served In A BowlStrawberriesGrapesPeachesCherriesWatermelonGrapefruitPineapple
1Name Something You'D Expect To See A Lot Of In HawaiiBeaches25Flower Necklace25Palm Trees15Water9Hula Dancers7Girls In Bikinis7Pineapples7
Name Something You Do Before You Go On VacationPackShopTanCleanSave MoneyStop MailPlan
Someone You Hire For A WeddingCatererPhotographerPriestSingerDriverDjPlanner
Name Something About A Celebrity's Life Plastered MagazinesDatingDivorceKidsWeddingInfidelityDietPlastic Surgery
Name An Activity Kids Do In The Car That They Can Also Do At Home.Read22Sing21Coloring Books17Sleep11Watch TV9Eat6Play Games5
1Name Something You Can Use To Get Your Car Out Of The Snow.Shovel55Tow Truck13Chains9Salt8Sand7Cat Litter4Plow3
1Name A Famous DogLassie43Snoopy17Benji9Scooby Doo7Rin Tin Tin6Clifford5Pluto4
Tell Me An Occupation That A Blabbermouth Would Fail AtLawyerLibrarianSpyMimeClergyTherapistPolice
Name Something You Might See At A Crime SceneBlood22Police20Body19Yellow Tape14Chalk Outline8Dog6Police Car6
2Name Something That Even A Very Small Town Usually Has One OfGas Station25Post Office21Bank15Church14Grocery Store9Bar8Police Station4
Tell Me A Place You Would Dread Being When Your Laxative Kicks InWork40Church21School10Car9Movies9Airplane5Pool4
Name Something A Batchelor Pad NeedsTVBedBeerStereoFutonWomenPool Table
1Which Foods Are You Most Likely To Grab For A Late Night Snack?Chips39Cookies24Ice Cream11Pizza10Sandwich8Cereal5Popcorn3
1Name Something Kids Love To Eat That Adults Like Too.Ice Cream30Candy18Pizza16Cookies9Hot Dog8French Fries7Popsicle7
Tell Me Who Was At The Door The Last Time You Pretended Not To Be Home.Salesperson29Collections/Landlord19Parents/In Laws12Neighbor12Cops10Friend10Postal Worker6
Besides Curtains, Name Something College Student Cover WindowBedsheetBlindsBlanketTowelsNewspaperClothesPosters
Name One Kitchen Gadget Even A Single Guy OwnsCan OpenerKnifeMicrowaveToasterSpatulaBottle OpenerPot
1Name Something You'd Be Disappointed To Find Your Computer Came WithoutMonitor26Mouse25Keyboard16Speakers10Internet Capability5Windows4Power Cord3
How Tell Person Next To You Is Nervous FlyerSweatingShakingCryingDrinking AlcoholBiting NailsEyes ClosedPraying
In Movies, Name An Occupation That's Almost Always Played By MenDoctor43Cop24Lawyer18Detective5Cowboy4Firefighter3President3
Name An Event That Would Cause News To Interrupt TV ShowBad WeatherFireEarthquakeWarLocal CrimeTraffic BlockagePresidential Speech
Profession Where Talk To Strangers All DayTelemarketerHair DresserCab DriverSecretaryBartenderWaitressPsychiatrist
Which Class Do Students Take In College Thinking It Would Be An Easy "A"?Art33English26Gym24Music5Cooking4Drama3Psychology3
Name A Kitchen Item That Might Be Used To Make Lava On A Volcano ModelBaking Soda32Ketchup32Jell O8Water7Soda5Tomato Sauce5Pudding4
Name A Color That's Usually Included In Packs Of Fruit-Flavored CandyRedPinkBlueGreenYellowOrangePurple
Fairy Tale Character In ShrekGingerbread ManSnow WhiteCinderellaFairy GodmotherPinnochioTinkerbellPuss In Boots
2Name A Professional Football Team That's Named For An Animal.Bears39Dolphins13Lions12Eagles11Panthers7Colts6Rams5
Name Something That Both Men And Women Use Get Ready For A DateShowerPerfumeCombToothbrushDeoderantMirrorRazor
Name Something That Both Men And Women Use To Get Ready For A DateShower34Fragrance26Comb15Toothpaste/Brush9Deodorant5Mirror4Razor4
2Name Something Kids Do Over Their Summer VacationSwim32Play24Go To Camp17Sleep In12Travel5Watch TV3Read3
2Name Something A Drive-Thru Worker Might Forget To Give You That Would Be Annoying.Straw26Change20Napkins19Ketchup13Food11Drink7Receipt3
What Do Parents Most Like To Receive From Their Children?Hugs37Love23Kisses11Good Grades8Artwork6Cards6Respect5
1Name A Specific Type Of Business That Usually Has An ATM InsideBank29Grocery Store22Gas Station20Convenience Store15Bar4Casino4Restaurant3
2Name A Place That Gets Crowded At The End Of A Work DayBar26Highway20Bank18Public Transit9Shopping Center9Grocery Store7Restaurant6
Place You End Up Spending More Money Than PlannedDept StoreGrocery StoreCasinoBarMovieVacationRestaurant
Name A Workplace You Would Get Used To StressHospitalPoliceDmvLaw OfficePost OfficeFast FoodRetail
2Name Something Politicians Always Say They'll ImproveTax System25Budget Deficit21Health Care17Schools14War9Welfare7Roads4
Name Something Specific A Person Might Do During An Argument That Makes Their Partner Really AngryRaise Voice36Laugh17Curse10Walk Away10Ignore Them9Name Calling4Roll Eyes4
Name Something Women Put In Their HairHairsprayGelClipShampooDyeBowRollers
Name A Section You'D See At A Book StoreFictionMysteryChildrensNon-FictionGraphic NovelsSci FiRomance
Name Something Specific In A Hotel Handy To Have CampingBedShowerSoapToiletTowelTVRoom Service
Name A Game That Has A Specific Type Of TablePool41Poker27Ping Pong10Chess7Foosball5Monopoly4Roulette3
Name A Sign The Man You'Re Dating Is A CavemanBeating On ChestEating HabitsVery PossessiveHair All OverPull HairHas ClubRude
Which Sports Are You Most Likely To Break An Arm Playing?American Football43Hockey17Wrestling14Baseball14Basketball5Skiing3Rugby3
What Hobby Or Activity Could Cause A Man To Have Missing Teeth?Boxing45Hockey33Football6Drugs5Baseball3Wrestling3Rugby3
2Name Something You'd Expect To Find On A Pirate's ShipPirates36Treasure26Parrot16Pirate Flag7Sword5Plank4Rum3
Occupation With Positive AttitudeTeacherDoctorCustomer ServiceFood ServerTherapistNurseSalesperson
Name An Occupation You Associate With Having A Positive AttitudeTeacher31Doctor24Customer Service14Food Server8Therapist7Nurse5Salesperson5
2Name A Type Of Business That Has Regular CustomersRestaurant30Grocery Store19Bar17Coffee Shop13Bank9Gas Station5Salon4
Name Something You'd Never Forget To Do On Christmas DayExchange Gifts39Eat20Wake Up14Cook12Sing4Go To Church3Say Merry Christmas3
What Is Something On Your Body That Shows You'Ve Been HurtBruiseScarCutCastBandageExpressionScab
1Name A Public Place That You Can Almost Never Park Right In Front Of.Hospital26Police Station18Courthouse12Shopping Center11Post Office10Bank10School7
Name A Place Where You Don't Want Front Row SeatsMovie Theater34Place Of Worship23Concert12Funeral10Seaworld7Circus4School3
Name A Place Where Employees Might Spend A Whole Day Mowing The LawnParkGolf CourseMansionWhite HouseBall FieldFarmSchool
Where Might You Be If You're Sitting In A Cramped Spot For A Long Time?Car33Airplane30Bus19Train5Church4Jail3School3
Name Soemthing You Can Never Find When You Need ItKeysPen/ PencilMoneyRemote ControlPhoneGlassesScissors
1Name A Cartoon Character Who Never Seems To Get Any OlderMickey Mouse24Charlie Brown23Bart Simpson15Bugs Bunny15Dennis The Menace8Lisa Simpson5Scooby Doo5
Name Something Begins With GreatExpectationsDaneWall Of ChinaDayGrandmotherBuyScott
1Tell Me Something That Is Impossible To Do With Freshly Painted Nails.Eat26Type23Write10Cook10Get Dressed10Wash Dishes9Scratch An Itch9
Name Something You'd Hate To Have Happen While Driving A New Car HomeCrash54Flat Tire15Break Down13Rain6Run Out Of Gas4Speeding Ticket3Scratch It
Name Something Found At The Bottom Of The OceanSand35Fish21Seashells12Rock10Sunken Ship/ Treasure9Coral5Seaweed5
Name A 2-Word Phrase That Includes The Word "Secret"Secret Garden26Top Secret21Secret Agent17Secret Admirer/ Lover14Secret Service6Secret Santa4Secret Society3
Name Something A Teacher Can Do To Ruin A Students DayKeep Them LateGive TestPop QuizYell Them ThemEmbarrass ThemHomeworkSend To Principal
If You Requested Hamburger Garbled, What You GetCheeseburgerFrench FriesHot DogChicken NuggetsSodaSaladShake
1Name A Reason Why A Woman Wouldn't Change Her Last Name After Marrying.Famous34Business Reasons28Family Connection13Believes In Keeping8Dislikes Husband's4Too Much Paperwork4Shares It With Child3
Name An Animal A Lion Likes To EatDeer25Zebra24Rabbit20Antelope9Gazelle8Mice5Sheep5
Name Something You'd Find In A School Lost-And-Found Box.Jacket33Hat22Gloves16Lunch Box7Glasses7Book6Shoes5
Name Something You'd Be Surprised To Hear That A Celebrity Did For HerselfCook38Clean19Style Her Hair12Drive10Laundry7Make Up5Shop5
What Does A Child Do More Of Once They Become A Teenager?Argue30Eat14Party11Sleep10Date10Talk On The Phone8Shop5
2Name Something Men Do Today, But Probably Didn't Do 50 Years Ago.Cook50Clean15Watch TV14Change Diapers9Use Computer4Use Cell Phone3Shop3
1Name Something You Do Each Day, But You Never See Soap Opera Characters Doing.Laundry31Clean22Eat14Go To Work10Go To Sleep8Use The Bathroom7Shop5
2Name Something A Person Might Accidentally Leave Behind In A Taxicab.Purse/Wallet36Cell Phone17Coat13Keys9Briefcase/Suitcase9Umbrella9Shopping Bags3
2Name An Article Of Clothing That Many Men Think Women Look Attractive In.DressMini SkirtBathing SuitUnderwearLingerieHigh HeelsShorts
Name A Reason Why You Wouldnt Answer DoorSleepingNot DressedSalespersonStrangerBusySickShower
Name Something Octopus Would Be Good AtCleaningTypingCookingJugglingPlaying SportsMusical InstrumentShowing Affection
1Name A Hobby Or Activity In Which You'd Love To Get Lessons From A Pro.Golf44Tennis19Piano10Football8Playing Guitar6Dancing6Singing4
2Name Something Your Child Knows About You That You Hope She's Not Telling StrangersAge42Weight26Address12Phone Number6Income4Drinking Habits3Sleep Naked3
Name A Type Of PartyBirthdayBatchelorPoolHolidayBridalPoliticalSlumber
2Name Something About Which Many People Have Phobias.Spiders37Heights25Snakes14Water7Darkness6Flying4Small Spaces3
Other Than Talking, Name Something Shouldn't Do While EatingLaughBurpSingSneezeCoughDrinkSmoke
Animal People Think Others Are Crazy For EatingDogsAlligatorHorseFrogSnakeGoatSnails
Name Something Not To Run Away From Because It Makes Things WorseProblemsBearDogBullyBeeThe LawSnake
1Name Something You'd Be Shocked To See A Celebrity Wear On The Red Carpet.Jeans38Bikini19Birthday Suit14Shorts7Underwear5Sweats4Sneakers4
Name A Specific Complaint Many People Have About BossesMeanLazyMicomanagesPay Too LittleBad MoodHas FavoritesSnobby
2Tell Me Something You Close Your Mouth To Try To Keep From DoingTalking22Yawning20Laughing18Coughing11Sneezing10Snacking9Snoring5
2Name Something Specific That Piles Up Before You Can Get To It.Laundry28Bills23Dishes22Trash11Mail8Leaves4Snow3
A Game You See People Playing In The ParkBaseballBasketballFootballFrisbeeTagChessSoccer
Name A Piece Of Information You'd Be Surprised To Find On Someone's Business Card.Age49Home Address14Weight18Home Phone7Marital Status6Religon5Social Security5
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Wouldn't Wear To BedShoes31Jeans23Hat14Bra9Dress8Jacket8Socks4
2Name Something That Tastes Better Plain Than Fruit-FlavoredWater43Yogurt25Gum11Milk10Tea3Medicine3Soda3
Name An Article Of Clothing Associated With A Foreign Country.Kimono30Beret18Kilt14Serape10Poncho8Turban8Sombrero7
What Can Almost Everyone CookToastHot DogsMacaroniPastaPizzaEggsSoup
Where Do You Go,Specifically,To Find Peace And Quiet?Library36Bedroom26Bathroom15Park9Church7Beach3Spa3
Name A Kitchen Item That A Man Generally Does Not Own Until He Is MarriedBlender40Toaster22Mixer15Dishwasher11Pan4Knife4Spatula3
1Name Something Embarrassing That Can Happen If You Laugh Too Hard.Pass Gas37Wet Pants30Snort13Choke6Cry6Nose Runs3Spit3
Other Than Coins, Name Something People CollectStamps38Dolls20Cars17Rocks12Toys4Seashells3Spoons3
Name A Public Place Where Least Romantic To ProposeRestroomBarLibraryFast FoodMallWorkSports Gym
2What Might You Put In The Yard If You Had Nosey Neighbors?Fence51Dog27Camera5Trees4Trespassing Sign4Bushes3Sprinkler3
If You Could Describe Yourself As A Shape, Name The Shape You Would Be?Triangle33Circle22Square14Oval9Rectangle9Diamond4Star3
2Name Something More Than Difficult To Do When Driving A Car With Stick ShiftEat/ Drink52Talk On Phone22Smoke8Change Gears5Stop4Park3Steer3
Name Something Flashy Movie Spies HaveCarGunWatchCameraSunglassesPhoneSuits
Name Something That You Hate To Get In Your EyesSoapSandDustSmokeInsectHairSun
Name Something You Wear That Is InvisibleContactsPerfumeLotionDeodorantBracesHairspraySunscreen
1Name Something California Has More Of Than Any Other StatePeople19Movie Stars15Earthquakes15Smog13Beach11Palm Trees11Sunshine10
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who's Accident ProneDriver33Construction20Police Officer11Food Service10Glass Maker9Window Washer7Surgeon6
Name An Activity Where You Wear GlovesGardeningBaseballGolfBoxingCleaningSkiingSurgery
Name An Article Of Clothing Never Wear Fancy RestaurantBlue JeansShortsT ShirtBathing SuitTank TopSneakersSweats
Name A Slang Expression The Mafia Uses For The Word KillRub OutWaste EmHitWhackTake OutGet Rid Of ThemTake For A Ride
Name Something People Do While Watching FireworksEatDrinkScreamCuddleClapLook UpTake Pictures
Name Something That Makes You Feel Better When You're Having A Bad day.Food46Drink29Hug7Friend5Music4Watching TV3Taking Bath3
1Name Something A Beauty Queen and A Figure Skater Have In CommonPretty36Graceful23Skinny11Costumes9Makeup7In Shape6Talent4
What Might Someone Do While Sleeping That Tells You They're Having A Nightmare?Scream50Cry16Kick6Sweat5Thrash5Jump3Talk3
Name Something A Younger Brother Wants To DoDrivePlay SportsDressDateShaveStay Up LateTalk
What Might A Date Do In The First 5 Minutes That Tells You They Have Bad Manners?Burp40Leave15Spit14Try To Kiss You11Swear7Not Open Door7Talk On Phone3
Name Something You'D Hate To See The Valet Driver Doing With Your CarSmokingSpeedingEatingDrinkingSleepingPicking NoseTalking On Phone
If Adults Had Fight Like Toddlers Do, What Might Your Spouse Do The Next Time You Disagreed?Cry30Bite24Pull Hair19Pout8Throw Something6Scream6Tantrum4
1What Might You FInd In A Briefcase That Would Make You Think It Belonged To A Spy?Weapon44Camera18Money13Magnifying Glass8Binoculars6Spy Glasses4Tape Recorder4
Which Cartoon Character Would Make A Good Athlete If RealRoad RunnerBugs BunnyPopeyeSupermanMighty MouseSpeedy GonzalesTasmanian Devil
2Name Something Specific A Teen Might Do That Shows They're RebellingTry A Cigarette35Stay Out Late19Dye Hair9Run Away8Sneak Out7Talk Back6Tattoo5
Name A Job That You'd Need A License To DoDoctor33Truck Driver17Nurse12Taxi Driver12Bus Driver9Electrician7Teacher5
A Mans Name That It 3 Letters LongBobBenJimDanTimSamTed
Name Something A Leprechaun Would Have Made For Himself Out Of GoldNecklace21Shoes20Hat19Ring15Clover8Pot8Teeth5
Name Something That A Child Often LosesTeeth35Toys34Money13Homework7Gloves4Jacket3Temper3
1Name The Worst Thing To Lose While On VacationMoney56Passport11Luggage10Cellphone7ID/ License6Keys4The Kids3
Name A Place Where You'd Find Colorful Neon LightsLas Vegas23Theater19Times Square18Bar16Store11Motel8Theme Park5
2Name A Good Job For Someone Who Asks A Lot Of Questions.Lawyer27Reporter21Telemarketer17Doctor11Detective10Teacher6Therapist4
Name A Reason a Person Might Get Rid Of A Pet.Moving28They Attack People21Not Housebroken12Too Messy11Chew Things10Sickness8They're Allergic8
1Name Something Guests Do At A WeddingDance37Drink21Eat17Cry11Chat5THrow Rice4Toast The Couple4
Name Something In Your House You Have InstalledBathtubAcAlarmGarage Door OpnrCable TVSidingToilet
Name Something Many Parents Want Children Learn Young AgeReadMannersTalkWalkAlphabetNameToilet Training
Name A Place You May Keep Your Keys While SwimmingLocker47Beach Bag12Purse12Pocket9Cars6Shoes5Towel5
Name Something You Find In A Little Boy's Pocket.Rocks26Marbles19Frog18Dirt10Worms8Candy7Toy Car7
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than People.Bones27Food21People11Treats11Other Dogs11Going For A Walk7Toys7
Name A Mode Of Transportation That Is Hard Caring For ChildrenBusBicycleCarAirplaneMotorcycleSubwayTrain
Name A Public Place Where Bathrooms Are DisgustingGas StationParkMallBarBeachRestaurantTrain Station
Name Something That Might Be Lying On A Teenager's FloorClothes39Shoes18Books15Food12Magazines4CD's4Trash4
1What Might You Find Out About A Job That Would Keep You From Accepting It?Low Pay37Hours Are Bad27Mean Boss11Location10No Benefits5Dangerous4Travel A Lot3
What Might You Find Out About Job Not Accepting ItLow PayLong HoursMean BossLocationNo BenefitsDangerousTravel Alot
Which Orchestra Instrument Would Be Most Effective If You Wanted To Wake Someone Up?Trumpet40Tuba23French Horn17Drums7Cymbals5Xylophone3Tromebone3
2Name Something Associated With A Teenage Girls SleepoverPillow Fight25Boys18Makeovers18Chitchat12Junk Food8Watching Movies7Truth or Dare3
Name Something In The Car 16 Year Old Should KnowBrakesRadioMirrorsHead LightsAcceleratorSeat BeltTurn Signals
1Name Something People Spend THeir Tax Returns On.Car33Clothes22Bills15Vacation12Food6Furniture4TV3
Name Something That Has A Clock On ItVCRRadioComputerWatchMicrowaveWallTV
Name A Magazine You See At Supermarket Checkout StandsNational Enquirer30People22Star12Time9Cosmopolitan8Seventeen8TV Guide6
Name Something Co-Workers Talk About Around The Water CoolerBossSportsGossipLove LifeWorkloadWeatherTV Shows
1Name A Cartoon Character Who Has Trouble Pronouncing WordsDaffy Duck29Porky Pig24Elmer Fudd23Donald Duck9Bugs Bunny6Sylvester4Tweety Bird3
2Which Terms For Weather Phenomena Could A Roller Coaster Be Named After?Tornado32Hurricane29Twister20Thunder6Cyclone5Tsunami3Typhoon3
Name Something You Cut Tag Off Before UsingShirtPantsDressPillowShoesMattressUnderwear
Other Than A Car, Where To Find A HornBicycleBoatBullTrainMotorcycleRhinocerousUnicorn
Name Something You Do In The Morning, Before Anyone Else Is AwakeShowerMake CoffeeEat BreakfastWatch TVReadPrayUse The Bathroom
What Do You See In Someones Mouth Laughing Don't Always SeeFillingsTonsilsTongueTeethThroatFoodUvula
What Do You Find Out About A Hotel Ahead Of Time, When Deciding Whether To Stay There?Price39Pool22Location20Star Rating7Includes Breakfast5Clean3Vacancy3
Name A Specific Expense That You'd Save On If You Didn't Have Any KidsFood58Clothes18Diapers6Education5Toys5Childcare3Vacation3
1Name Your Favorite Filling In A Valentine's Day Chocolate.Caramel31Cherry30Strawberry13Chocolate Creme13Nut4Peanut Butter3Vanilla3
1Name Something On A Car That Lets You Know The Owner Takes A Lot Of Pride In Their Ride.Rims/Wheels28Shine27Paint Job23Bumper Sticker8Spoiler6Seat Covers3Vanity Plate3
Name A Kind Of Doctor.Pediatrician20Optometrist18Dentist16Podiatrist14Surgeon13Ob/Gyn9Veterinarian7
Name Something That Gets SavedMoneyPeopleFoodDataPicturesSoulVideo Game
1Which Man's Name Are You Likely To Hear In Mafia Movie?Tony65Don9Joey7Frank5Scarface4Al4Vinny3
2Name A Function You Have On Your Telephone, That Your Child Doesn't Have On Their Tin Can Phone.Redial39Speaker Phone14Call Waiting14Caller ID11Speed Dial8Mute4Voice Mail3
Name Something That Wedding Ceremony Should Be WithoutBride23Minister22Rings19Music12Flowers8Groom7Vows3
Name An Event That's Often Held As A FundraiserBake SalesCar WashDinnerAuctionRaffleConcertWalk/ Run
If Someone Didn't Trust Banks Where Would They Hide CashUnder MattressSafePiggy BankFreezerDrawerClosetWallet
Name Something That Goes "Round And Round"Merry Go RoundFerris WheelSpinning TopClock HandsWheelsEarthWasher/ Dryer
Name Something Your Toddler May Be Doing If She Is Very QuietSleepingUsing BathroomEatingCausing TroubleReadingColoringWatching TV
Name Something Your Mother Said Would Cure AilmentsChicken SoupSleepHer KissCastor OilTeaHoneyWater
Name Something You Don't Buy At Grocery Store With A Long Walk HomeMilkIce CreamDog FoodSodaPotatoesEggsWatermelon
Name Something You See A Candidate Doing In TV Campaign CommercialsTalking35Making Promises19Shaking Hands18Smiling14Kissing Babies6Insulting Opponent3Waving3
Name Something That Doesn't Have A Characteristic Of PresidentDeceptivenessMiddle AgedMaleWhiteHandsomeSmartWealthy
2Tell Me A Characteristic Of A Man Who's Described As "Distinguished."Has Gray Hair28Has Facial Hair17Wealthy13Handsome10Smart10Tall7Wears A Suit5
Name Something That People Like To Show OffCar26Wealth17House14Kids13Body12New Clothes8Weeding Ring/ Jewelry6
1Finish This Sentence: Since I Got Married, I Have More_____.Money29Romance24Kids20Stress11Bills5Fun4Weight4
Product Advertised In MagazinesMake UpClothesCarCigarettesHair ProductPerfumeWeight Loss Product
2What Can You Find Out About Person By Reading Their Bumper Stickers?Religion37Politics15Sense Of Humor13Age12If They Have Kids9Male/ Female9Where They Live3
Name An Ice Cream Topping That Every Ice Cream Shop Should HaveChocolate/ Fudge33Sprinkles27Strawberry13Nuts9Cherry8Caramel4Whipped Cream3
If You Dyed Your Hair, What Color Would You Hate To Turn OutGreenOrangePinkRedBluePurpleWhite
Name Someone Specific You'd Be Nervous About Lying ToMother31Priest23God13Father7Husband7Friend7Wife7
1Name A Tv Show Past Or Present That Has A Woman’S Name In The TitleAlly Mcbeal25Oprah Winfrey22Roseanne19Rosie O'donnell9Murphy Brown7I Love Lucy7Will & Grace6
TV Show With Womans Name In TitleOprahI Love LucyAlly McbealRoseanneRosie O'DonnellMurphy BrownWill & Grace
Name Something You Don't Wash As Often As ShouldCarHandsHairSheetsClothesEarsWindows
Name A Type Of Alcohol You Expect Any Bar To HaveBeerVodkaRumTequilaGinWhiskeyWine
What Was Your Worst Nightmare About?Death29Monster26Falling24Ghosts9Spiders4Clowns4Witches3
Name A Celebrity Chef You Would Want Making You Dinner Every NightEmeril LagasseRachel RayBobbie FlayGordon RamseyPaula DeenJamie OliverWolfgang Puck
Tell Me A Sign That It's Time To Enroll Your Dog In Obedience SchoolNot Housetrained26Bites People17Chews15Barks A Lot12Doesn't Obey You11Runs Away7Won't Come When Called7
Name Something You'd Probably See At A Construction SiteMen28Hard Hats16Tractors13Big Trucks12Bulldozer9Hammers9Wood7
Name A Public Place Where You're Likely To Catch A Cold Or Flu BugSchool41Hospital21Airplane10Doctor's Office9Public Transit6Shopping Center6Work5
2Name A Subject That Often Comes Up In Family Feud QuestionFood37Family32Dating/ Marriage9Movies6Animals5Sports5Work3
1What Kinds Of Tasks Do We Now Handle Online That We Didn't Use To 10 Years Ago?Banking34Paying Bills28Shopping10Emailing7Doing Taxes6Education4Working4
Name A Sport In Which Competitors Wear Funny Looking ShoesBowlingSoccerGolfTrackFootballBasketballWrestling
2Aside From Other Movie Stars, Name A Common Profession For Movie Star Spouses.Model27Director21Singer14Hollywood Manager10Athlete6Producer5Writer4
1Name A Hair Color That Isn't Natural.Green27Bright Red20Blue17Purple13Orange8Pink8Yellow3
Name Something With An Expiration Date Goes Bad Before UseMilkBreadMedicineEggsSour CreamCheeseYogurt
1Name A Food That A Parent Might Hide Their Child's Pill In, To Get Them To Swallow It.Ice Cream38Applesauce22Pudding15Peanut Butter9Jell O8Mashed Potatoes3Yogurt3
1Name A Cartoon Character Who Would Never Be Chosen To Narrate A Documentary.Porky Pig17Daffy Duck16Bugs Bunny15Donald Duck14Elmer Fudd12Tweety11Yosemite Sam10
2Which Spooky Halloween Character Would You Hate To Run Into In A Dark Alley?Jason35Dracula23Ghost15Witch6Frankenstein6Freddy Krueger6Zombie5
3For Which Items Do People Wait In Long Lines To Purchase At The Holidays?Toys54Electronics17Video Games12Food8Food8Clothes5
Name An Occupation That Would Never drive A Small Car.Bus Driver35Trucker34Limo Driver13Fireman5Postal delivery4Construction Worker3
Name A Skill That A Person's Resume Might Claim They're Better At Than They Really Are.Typing28Working Hard23Communication20Sales6Customer Service5Foreign Language5
Name Something That Might Physically Happen To Your Body When ScaredGoose BumpsSweatShakeWet PantsFace Gets RedHeart Beats Fast
2Name A Christmas Show That Is On TV Every Year.Rudolph25Christmas Story15Frosty12Grinch11A Wonderful Life10Home Alone3
Name Something Some People Wear While Mowing The Lawn, But You Wouldn'tShortsHatBikiniGlovesProtective EyewearMask
1After A Cop Pulls You Over, What Might You Try To Do To Avoid Getting A TicketCry28Flirt26Lie18Smile8Be Nice8Beg6Apologize3
What Might A Kid Take Along If He's Planning To Run Away From Home?Clothes36Food25Money15Bedding7Toys6Backpack5Bike3
Name An Event A Child Closes Their Eyes ForSleep51Scary Movie17Shots12Making A Wish7Prayer5Roller Coaster3Hide And Seek3
Besides Throwing Them Away, Name Something You Can Do With Old Newspapers.Recycle46Burn Them21Clean Windows12Wrap Gifts8Pack Dishes5Crafts4Line Bird Cage3
Name A Famous Dog?Lassie43Snoopy17Benji9Scoobie Doo7Rin Tin Tin6Clifford5Pluto4
During An Argument, What Might A Teen Do That Makes Their Parents Really Angry?Yell27Swear20Slam Doors18Talk Back13Walk Away10Say I Hate You5Roll Eyes5
1Name A Food Someone Might Use More Than One Hand To Eat.Pizza18Chicken17Hambugers17Ribs13Corn On The Cob11Watermelon9Sandwhich8
Name Something You Try To Avoid Doing When Posing For A Photo.Closing Eyes35Smiling22Laughing12Sneezing10Frowning8Moving6Slouching5
Besides Music, Name Something You Might Hear On A Morning Radio Show.News53Talking16Weather13Jokes5Commercials4Traffic4Sports3
Name Something You See In A Room That Tells You A Teenage Girl Lives There.Posters33Color Pink27Makeup15Clothes121Diary3Magazines3Stuffed Animals3
Name Something You Think America Or Americans Waste Money On.War/Weapons25Lottery/ Gambling24Eating/Drinking12Cars/ Gasoline10Clothes/Shoes8Games/ Toys6Television5
Tell Me Something You Put In An Emergency Road Kit.Flares35Flashlight33First Aid Kit12Blanket6Car Jack5Jumper Cables4Water
What Do Some People Refuse To Go Swimming Without?Bathing Suit41Sunscreen16Goggles14Float/ Inner Tube7Life Vest/ Floaties5A Friend5A Swim Cap
Name A Sandwich You Can Find In Most delis.Han And CheeseClubRoast BeefTunaReubenChickenPastrami
Name An Occupation That Adult Men Still Dream About HavingFirefighterPro AthleteAstronautActorRace Car DriverPilotPresident
What Might A Date Do On Your Answering Machine That Would Keep You From Calling Them Back?Say I Love You28Ramble19Shot14Cry10Beg For A Date9Say Wrong Name8Sing6
Name Something That Prevents You From Seeing For Miles.Fog32Precipitation21Trees15Darkness13Mountains7Buildings4Vision3
Tell Me An article Of Clothing Worm By Both Men And WomenJacket24Jeans24T-Shirt15hat9Earrings8Pants8Belts6
What Might A Kid Take Along If He's Planning To Run Away Fro Home?Clothes36Food25Money15Bedding7Toys6backpack5Bike3
Name A movie Based On A TV Show Or SkitCharlie's Angels21Bewitched16Wayne's World15Duke's Of Hazzard14Brady Bunch13Starsky and Hutch7Blues Brothers6
Name A word YOu Might see Before Or After The Word "Wax"Earwax26Carwax18Beeswax14Wax Museum8Hot Wax8Wax Paper8Candle wax8
Name Something A Man Does That Gets Him In The Doghouse With His wife.InfidelityLieStay Out LateGo Out DrinkingForget A BirthdayHave An ArgumentForget Anniversary
Name A Hobby That Some People Can Make A Job Out Of.SingingSportsFishingPaintingNeedleworkWritingGambling
What Should Every Baseball Player Make Sure He Has Before The Game Starts?Glove
What Profession Would You Want Your Mate To Have Just Because It'd Be Useful Around The HousePlumber27Carpenter25Doctor15Housekeeper13Chef7Electrician5Mechanic5
3Name A Reason A Party's Host Might Ask A Guest To Leave.
DrunkPicking FightsNo Manners/AnnoyingLoudCops Show UpUsing Bad LanguageNot Invited
3Name Something You'd Hate To Find Has Happened To Your Car While It was parked.Hit By Another Car43Carjacked17Keyed13Broken Into10Flat Tire5Towed4Parking Ticket3
3Name Something A Taxi Driver Would Have To Stop Doing In Order To Be A Respectable Hearse Driver.Stop SpeedingCursingSmokingChattingCharging FareHonkingPicking People Up
1Name Something You Might Wear To A Restaurant That Only Served Cereal.PajamasBibJeansBath RobeTshirtSlippersSweats
2Name Something That No Wedding Ceremony Should Be WithoutBride23Minister22rings19Music12Flowers8Grooms7Vows3
2Besides Jelly, What Else Goes Well With Peanut ButterHoneyBreadChocolateCrackersCeleryJam
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Wake Up Early In The Morning.Nurse22Paperboy22Doctor21Construction Worker11Bus Driver7Farmer7Baker6
Name A Movie Based On A TV Show Or Skit.Charlie's Angels21Bewitched16Wayne's World15Duke's of Hazzard14Brady Bunch13Starsky And Hutch7Blues Brothers6
Name Something You Would Pack For Your Stay At A Hotel Made Of IceCoat55Blanket22Heater6Glove5Sweater3Hat3Boots3
Name A Word That You Might See Before Or After The Word "Wax".Ear Wax26Car Watch18Beeswax14Hot Wax8Wax Museum8Wax Paper8Candle Wax8
Tell Me A Specific Part Of Your Body That You Never Worry About Getting Fat.Feet41Hands22Nose11Ears10Mouth7Butt3Neck3
Name Something You'd Hate To Find Had Happened To Your Car While It Was Parked.Hit By Another Car43Carjacked17Keyed13Broken Into10Flat Tire5Towed4Parking Ticket3
Name something you would hate to find under your bed.Monster43Snake16Rotting Food12Spider10Rodent8Dust4Person3
Name Something Politicians Always Say They'll Improve.Tax System25Budget Deficit21Health Care17Schools14War9Welfare7Roads4
Name Something You Find Out About A Hotel Ahead Of Time, When Decided Whether To Stay There.Price39Pool22Location22Star Rating7Includes Breakfast?5Clean?3Vacancy3
Name Something That No Wedding Ceremony Should Be Without.Bride23Minister22Rings19Music12Flowers8Groom7Vows3
2Name A Place Where Most Americans Go At Least Once For VacationDisneyland/World45Hawii35Las Vegas6Mexico5Grand Canyon4New York City4
2Tell Me Something You Try To Avoid Hitting While Sledding Down A HillTree44Rock28Bump10People9All/Fence4parked Car3
1Name Something Specific A Student Might Do In Oder To Become The Teacher's PetBring An Apple42Get Good Grades21Brown Nose10Do Extra Credit Work9Raise Hand Often5Sit In Fornt5
Besides A Loaf Of Bread, Name Something You Might Buy In The Bread Section Of The SupermarketBagelsRollsDonutsMuffinsCakesBunsCroissant
If you moved to Los Angeles, what would be the first thing youd have to get used to.
TrafficWeatherSmogLots Of PeopleNoiseCrimePrices
1What's The Worst Thing To Leave In Your Pants Pocket When They Go Through The WashMoney63Pen12Gum8Phone5Keys4Lipstick3Tissues3
1What Time Is The earliest You're Willing To Get Up On A Saturday?1034832913116Noon57:00:004
Name A Place Where You Might Find A Prediction About The FutureCrystall BallBibleFortune CookieHoroscopeNewsAlminac
Name an act of high school rebellion that you cant imagine a kindergartener doing.
SmokeFightingAlcohol/DrugsSkip SchoolSwearingBreaking Curfew
1A What Place Would You Not want To Be Seated Next To Someone With An Annoying LaughMovies38Airplane27Church13Comedy Club8Restaurant5Bus5
Name Something With A FacePersonClockAnimalDollMaskCoin
1Name Something You Are Embarrassed To Do In Front Of People At The GymChange Clothes33Shower25Pass Gas16Run11Stretch/Bend Over6Dance3
Name A Class That Most Students Take In College But Not High SchoolPsychologyChemistryCalculusPhysicsPhilosophyEconomics
Name Something You Might InflateBalloonTireRaftAir MattressBeach BallEgo
1Tell Me Something About A Boy's Appearance That Might Make his Date's Disapprove Of HimLong Hair28Tattoos27Inappropriate dress20Piercings17Dirty/Unkempt3Facial Hair3
Name an ingredient some people would say makes all food taste better.saltpeppersugarbuttergarlicketchup
What Do Some Women Say About Men As A Reason For Why They Can't Get DatesGood Ones TakenAfter Younger WomenMen Are Dogs/PigsThey Don't WorkOnly Want One ThingMen Are Immature
Name A Boring Topic That A Person Should Not Talk About On A DateWork/SchoolPoliticsWeatherPast RelationshipsKidsMoney
Name Something A Pilot Tells You On A Cross Crountry Trip That You Bet She Doesn't Tell Her Kids On The Drive To SchoolAltitudeTurbulenceTemperatureLook BelowEstimated Time/ArrivalNo Smoking
1Name Something A Child Might Carry Along EverywhereBlanket27Toy26Teddy Bear22Doll15Bottle5Pacifier3
Name something your shampoo promises to do.CleanGive You ShineAdd VolumeStop dandruffMake Hair SoftRepair Damage
1Which Former President Would Look Funny Wearing A Dress?George W Bush35William Clinton23Abe Lincoln19Richard Nixon12George Washington5Ronald Reagan3
Name A Place Where You See More Cops Than In A JailDonut/Coffee ShopIn A Police StationAt A MallAt A ConcertIn A ParadeStreets/Sidewalk
1Name Something Your Spouse Might Get Mad At You for Doing Too MuchTalking27Shopping/Spending21Drinking18Sleeping16Spending Money9Watching TV6
No Matter What Your Age, Name Something That Can Make You Feel Like A Kid AgainEating Sweets29Falling In Love27Playing Games/Sports13Being Around Kids8Disney/Theme Park7Riding A Bike6Dancing4
Besides Go On Rides, Name Something People Do At disneylandEating SweetsWatch ShowsShopWalk AroundWatch ParadeTake Pictures/VideoDisney Characters
Name Something You Should Always Have Handy In Your Car In Case Of An EmergencyFlashlightPhoneFirst Aid KItSpare TireBlanketJumper CablesFlares
If You Were Creating The Perfect Small Town, Name A Type Of Business You'd Probably Have At Least One Of Grocery StoreBankBakeryRestaurantClothing StoreBarHair Salon/Barber
Name Something That Gets Described As CheesyPizzaMovieJokesSmileMacaroniPick Up LinesMusic
Which Mans Name Are You Likely To Hear In A Mafia MovieTonyDonJoeyFrankAlScarfaceVinny
Name A Christmas Song That Most People Forget Some Of The Words ToJingle BellsSilent NightFirst NoelWhite ChristmasOh Christmas Tree12 Days Of Christmas
1What Kind Of Gift Would You Get Somebody That Spends A Lot Of Time At The BeachTowel45Bathing Suit17Sun Screen10Umbrella10Sunglasses8Beach Chair7
1Name Something Millionaires Might Shop For Just For Funcars71Clothes10Houses9Jewlery3Plane3boat3
Name An Item Stores Probably Have A Hard Time Selling After ChristmasTrees37Ornaments19Toys11Lights8Wrapping Paper7Christmas Cards4
1Name Something You Do In Front Of A Mirror You Wouldn't Want Anyone To SeePop A Zit14Look At Your Body9Dance8Undress6Pluck eyebrows6Clip Nose Hairs6
Name A Place A Housekeeper Usually Forgets To CleanUnder BedClosetGarageUnder SofaWindowsCorners
How Can You Identify The Bad Guy In A Movie, Even Before He Does Anything WrongCarries A GunWears BlackHaunting MusicHe's UglyHas Facial HairEvil Laugh
Name Something That You Can Tell Is Fake In A Cheesy MovieBlood50Love Scenes13Scenery12Acting10Monsters6Fight Scenes5
Name A Food That Goes Bad In Your FridgeMilkCheeseEggsMeatVegetablesFruit
Tell Me Something Your Spouse Does That Makes You Suspect They're Angry At YouSilent TreatmentYellPout/FrownRoll EyesSlam DoorsGlare
1Name Something Your Likely To Find At A Fall Harvest FairPumpkins39Corn20Leaves18Apples12People5Hay Rides3
Name A Spicy Food Some People Love To EatChiliCurryTacosChips and SalsaHot WingsJalapeno Pepper
Name Something In the House That YounMight Not Use When People Are trying To SleepVacuumTVStereoBlenderPhoneLights
1name A fear parents Have For Their Child, When She Moves Out Of The HouseMoney35Drugs23Death14Safety11Coming Back10Lonely5
When Sitting Close To A Date, What Clue Might They Give That They Like
Holds Your hand28kisses You25Smiling21Arm Around You12Move Closer7Looking At You5
Name Something You Can Do At A Bowling Ally, But It's Not The Reason Most People GoDrinkEatPlay Video GamesPlay PoolSmokeMeet People
1Name An Instance When You Fake A SmileHaving A Photo Taken34Hear A Bad Joke18Job Interview13Upset12Meeting New People12Nervous4
1Name A Sign You're At A Really Cheap Birthday partyNo Cake22No food17No Decorations7No favors6No Presents5No cards3
Name A State Where Leaves Change Color In FallVermontNew YorkMaineNew HampshireMichiganOhio
1Name Something That Young Children MemorizeAlphabet62Spell Their Name13Phone Number8Address4Nursery Rhymes4Pledge Of Allegiance3
Name A Food That Comes In A Sugar-Free VarietyGum/CandyIce CreamCookiesSodaJelloPudding
Name Something A Girl Wants As A Gift That Most Guys Would Never Want.FlowersJeweleryPerfumeLingerieMakeupPurse
1Name Something A Hobo Does To Pass His Time While Ridin' The RailsSleep33Sing24Drink Alcohol19Eat7Talk5Read3
1Other than Acting, Name A Profession That Celebrity Actors Might Take UpSinging61Directing11Modeling10Fashion design9Politics3Spokeperson3
Name A Specific Place Where You Often Find The Parking Lot FullMallRestaurantGrocery StoreBankDoctor's OfficeSports Game
1What Might A Rock Star Do At A Concert Hall That prevents Him Form Getting Hired AgainTrash The Place30Drink To Much28Swear18Strip6Not Show Up5Start A Fire4
1Name Something You Should Never Wear As The Guest At Someone's WeddingWhite Dress28All black24Shorts15Jeans12Cap5T Shirt3
Name Something You Try To Do before It Starts To RainClose WindowsCut GrassGet HomeLaundry Off LineGet UmbrellaTake A Walk
1Name Something Men In Fairy Tales Fight Against, That Real Men Don'tDragon4224Witch13Monster8Beast5Trol3
1Name A Movie Or TV Show That Has The word 'Diary/Diaries' In The Title...Mad Black Woman29Diary Of Ann Frank26Princess Diaries19Bridgette Jones'9Diary Of A Wimpy Kid8Vampire Diaries6
Name An Animal You Can Teach Tricks
Name A Part Of A Beauticians Body That Probably Gets Tired By The End Of The DayHANDSFEETARMSLEGSBACKEYESMOUTH
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Seeing Their DentistCost/No Insurance34Scared26Pain15Can't Get Off Work8Sick6No Time5No Bad Teeth3
1We Asked 100 Married people: After How Many Did You Know Your Partner was The one?323521118217101445
1If A group Of Senior Citizens Formed A Punk Rock Band, What Might Their Songs Bark AboutYoung People34Medicine/Health32Dentures12Getting Old12Fixed Income7Aches and Pains3
1Name A Job Where It Would Be Okay To Yell At Workconstruction43Sports31Teacher8Police6Stock Broker5Auctioneer4
Name A Pastime You'd Know Someone Has, Just By Looking At Their ShoesGOLFRUNNINGHIKINGDANCINGBOWLINGBASEBALL
1Name A Sport In Which Participants Use A Specific Kind Of HeadwearFootball36Hockey18Baseball18Swimming10Wrestling5Boxing5
1What Do People Do That Could Get Them Kicked Out Of A Museumtouch The Art33Run15Steal14Yell12Bring Food In10Break Something5
1Name Something That often Has Magical Powers In fairy TalesWand34Witch24Fairy Godmother18Wizard12Fairy Dust4Broom4
1Name Something A Child Might Never Do If They weren't Forced ToBrush Teeth27Eat Vegetable18School/Homework17Bathe11Go To Bed10Clean10
1Name Something That it's Hard To Do While Listening To MusicRead30Have A Conversation27Watch TV18Study11Fall Asleep7Concentrate3
1Name An Expression That Ends With The word "House"Fullhouse12Whitehouse12Brickhouse7Outhouse6Open House4Crack House3
1aside From Animals, Name Something People Hunt For.bargains38treasure16Easter Eggs14Lost Keys11Job8Dates7
1name Something A Celebrity Hopes Won't Happen While On Stage To Accept An AwardFall43Forget Speech22Loose Voice11Faint6Cry4Drop Award3
1Name Something You Do In A BoothKiss17Talk On Phone16Have Picture Taken15Vote14Sell Tickets12Eat6
1name something You Often Feel Sleepy while DoingReading48Driving27Watching Tv10Working5Homework4Eating3
1Name A Reason Your Bathroom Is Better Than An OuthouseRunning water18Cleaner15Inside12No Smell9Heated9Flush Toilet6
1Name A Job Where Employees Must get Tired ArmsConstruction29Movers24parcle Delivery18Hair dresser12Traffic Cop5Food server4
1Name A Specif Food That Someone With High Cholesterol Might give UpEggs36butter14Bacon14Fired Chicken12Pizza11French Fries10
1name A Way You Might Be Able to Tell Your Baby Is really An AlienStrange Appearance19Weird Eyes18Large Ears7Antennas6Speech6He can Fly4
1What Might somebody Do That Would Annoy Fellow Theater-Goers At A Play?Talk Loudly80Use Phone6Cough3Laugh3Snore3Heckle3
1Name Something A Magician Might Make DisappearRabbit43Assistant/Spectator36Bird7Money4Flowers3her/himself3
1Name Something A Slob Might Never CleanBedroom46bathroom25kitchen8Car7Clothes7Himself/Herself6
1Name A Popular Pick Up LineDo I know You33Hey Baby28What's Your Sign12Fall Form Heaven9Come Here Often6How You Doing4
By What Method Might A Woman Make The Announcement That She's Pregnant
Over Dinner27With A Party20In An Email15Send Out Announcements12By Phone8In Person6
Name a Type Of Document That You Might File And Save For
TaxesBirth CertificateWillMarriage CertificateMedical BillsInsurance Forms
1What Might An Adult Wear That Has His Name On It?Shirt/Uniform46Name Tag26Jewlery11Jersey5Belt4Jacket4
Name An Occupation In Which Someone With A Baby Face Might Have A Hard Time Providing Their Authority
1Besides The Blade, Name Something You'd Find On A Swiss Army KnifeCorkscrew22Screw Driver14Scissors13Can Opener11Bottle Opener7Nail File5
1Name Something Teens May Be Afraid Of When Moving Away To CollegeExpenses41Being Alone25Leaving Home12Making New Friends5Difficult Classes4New Roommate3
1name A Place You'd Visit More Often If It wasn't So Crowded ThereMall31Zoo22Bar/Club14Disney World13Beach9Park4
1Name A Place Where A Mom Might Go When She Says, " I Need Peace And Quiet."Her Bedroom38Take A Bath30Spa11Place Of worship9Library6Park3
Name Something You Try To Avoid Hitting While Sledding Down A
TreeRockBumpPeopleFenceParked Car
Other Than A Ball, Name Something That A Baseball Player Gets Asked To SignGLOVEJERSEYBATBASEBALL CARDCAPPHOTOGRAPH
Name A Man Women Love Just For His Accent
Sean ConneryJames BondAntonio BanderasFabioHugh GrantPierce Bronson
2Name Something Around The House You Might Keep Spare Batteries ForFlashlight42Remote Control26Radio11Toys8Music Player6Portable Videogame5
1What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won A Million DollarsBuy A House48Buy A Car18Vacation11Shopping Spree8Pay Bills7Quit Job5
1Name something That's forbidden In Most Swimming PoolsPeeing41Diving21Street Clothes12Nudity9Eating7Rafts5
1What Do Tourists Ride In Or On, That Makes Them Stand Out?Tour Bus46Bicycle For 215Rental Cars13Taxi9Carriage4Rickshaw3
1Name something Many People Would Love To Live Next ToSwimming Area52Park16Shopping District15Bar6Celebrity's Home5School3
1At which Type Of Place Would You Be Surprised To See A Neon Sign Hanging In The WindowPlace Of Worship54My House27Hospital6Dentist's Office3Library3School3
1Name a Meal You'd Never Serve At a Fancy PartyPizza40Hot Dog32Hamburger11Spaghetti6Meatloaf5Sloppy Joe4
Name Something Babies Do That You Would Be Embarrassed To Have Someone See You Do As An AdultBATHROOM IN PANTSBURPCRYSPIT UPDROOLSUCK THUMB
1Name A type Of Dance People Do In A Dance CompetitionTango36salsa24Waltz14Tap8Break Dancer4swing Dance3
1Name Something A Fan Might Collect From Their favorite SingerAutograph52Albums12Hair8Posters7Photos7T Shirt3
You've Had A Bad Day, Name Something You're Told To Do To Make You Feel Better
Lay DownDrinkSmileEatCryTalk About It
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About A Bar They're AtToo Much Smoke19Noise18Bad Service13Watery Drinks6Expensive Drinks5Too Rowdy4
1name Something You Carry with You Just In Case, But Hate to Get Stuck CarryingJacket31Purse/Wallet19Cell Phone17Camera14Umbrella12Water Bottle6
1Name Something Men Probably Lie About MostAge42Being Single20Income19Success With Women6Job Title5Weight5
1Name Something People Proudly Share On FacebookPictures53Info. On Kids12Age10Real Name10Relationship Status5Who friends Are3
1Name Something You Wouldn't Want Your date To Talk Too Much AboutPast relationships37Intimacy23Him/Herself14Monsy9Family4Work4
1Name Something Pros Do On A Golf Course, That You'd Look Silly Doing For Mini GolfPractice Swing26Wearing Golf Gloves17Having A Caddy14Using A Tee13Driving Golf Cart10Yelling Fore8
1On Average, How Many Hours Does A Couple Sleep On Their Wedding Night4305223202180414
1It's Said There Is A Seven Year Itch, After How Many Years Do You Think The Itch really Comes5323262161875104
What Might Some People Do While Playing Cards That Would Annoy Everyone Else At The TableTap FingersSmokeCheatTalkToo LoudAnnoying Laugh
1Name A Place You Would Go With Your Wife Just To Make Her Stop NaggingShopping Center36Restaurant23Movie Theater17Place Of Worship8Hawii5Ballet3
Name A Specific Item In Your House That's Too Big To Throw Away In The Trash CanTelevisionCouchRefrigeratorMicrowaveTableBed
1Name Something You Do After returning Home From A Long VacationSleep32Unpack21Eating Sweets18Laundry10Shower6Check Mail5
1Name An Employee You'd Find At A Fancy Hotel, But Not At A Budget MotelConcierge32Bellhop22Valet17Doorperson12Room Service8Chef6
1Tell Someone Who Parents Tell Their Kids To Have respect For. (More specific Then "Elders")Teacher57Grandparent12Police Officer11Themselves8Parent6Clergy5
1Name Something You Would Do In A Public Restroom That You Would Never Do In Your Own BathroomPee On The Floor24Pee On The Toilet14Put Paper On Seat12Write On Wall11Leave It Messy10Don't flush Toilet9
Name Something A Person Might Do In Order To Stay AttractivePlastic Surgery33Exercise26Wear Makeup14Diet8Use Botox6Dye Hair4
1Name Something Women's Magazines Give Advice OnIntimacy46Romantic Relationships24Makeup6Hair5Keeping Fit5Fashion4
1What Is The Maximum Number Of Times It's Okay For Your Partner To Call You At Work2343231194706five3
1Name Something That Usually Stops After A Couple Gets MarriedAffection33Dating18Romance14Talking12Fun9Flirting5
Name Something Grocery Stores Keep In A Glass CaseMILK27CIGARETTES20MEAT17ICE CREAM16ALCOHOL8FLOWERS7
Name Something Grocery Stores Keep In A Glass Case
MilkCigarettesMeatIce CreamAlcoholFlowers
What Might Your Cell Phone Provider Charge Extra ForTextingLong DistanceRoamingOverage MinutesInternetGames
1Name A Public Place You Immediately Want To Wash Your Hands Immediately After LeavingHospital30Restaurant25Zoo13Shopping Center11Bar8Gas station4
1Name A Movie Or TV Show about GangstersSapronas27Godfather25Untouchables13Public Enemy9Scarface8Goodfellows7
1Which Color Of Car Do You Think Gets Pulled Over Most OftenRed49Black28White11Silver6Blue3Green3
1Name Something A resourceful Person Might Use To Hang A Picture If They Didn't Have A NailTape38Tack29Glue12Gum6String3Hanger3
1Which Olympic Sport Would Be Most Fun To watch LiveSwimming39Gymnastics21Basketball15Hockey9Track8Ice Skating5
1Name A Culture Or Religion That Celebrates A Different New Year Then The WestChinese54Jewish26Islam7Japan5Buddhist4India3
Instead Of Get A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After CollegeTravel35Get Married33Go Back To School12Move Back Home8Party5Join The Military3
1We Asked 100 Parents: Name Something You'd Tell Your Children To Do First Before Getting MarriedFinish School38Fall In Love26Get A Job14Date Others8Have Fun5Live Together3
Name A Place That Single People Travel To For Its Party AtmosphereLas Vegas41Cancun26New Oleeans14New York8Amsterdam4Los Angeles3
1Name A Food Or Beverage You Wouldn't Consume After It'd Been Sitting Out In Hot WeatherMilk40Beer18Soda13Ice Cream10Water3Meat3
1Instead Of Magazines, Name Something You wish Your Dentist's Waiting Room Had?TV3720Toys13Books11Snacks9Music6
1Name Something That Is Rude To Do When Someone Is Taking TO YouInterupt34Look Away33Leave The Room10Yawn7Use Cell Phone6Not Make Eye Contact4
1Name A Child Actor Who Is Still Acting Or Working In Hollywood As An AdultDrew Barrymore56Jodie Foster14Raven Symone9Ron Howard8Laurence Fishburne6Olsen Twins4
1Name Something Most Parents have Pictures Of Their Child DoingBathing29Playing25Eating14Smile/Laugh13Sleeping13Openig Presents4
Name A Reason A College Student Would Stay With Their Parents For The Weekend Instead Of Their Own Dorm Room.Better FoodLaundrySpecial OccasionThey're BrokeTo Visit Family/FriendsPeace & Quiet
1Name A Piece Of Equipment Many Bikers Don't Use, But Ought To.Helmet51Knee Pads18Gloves12Horn8Brakes5reflective light/Tape3
1Name A Food That's Baked In The Oven, But Can't Be Cooked In The MicrowaveCake46Chicken15Bread14Cookies11Pie8Roast3
Name Something About A Teddy Bear That's Different From A Real BearHuggable29Stuffed19Smaller16Softer12No Teeth10Safe7
Name Something Associated With John TravoltaDancingSaturday Night LivePulp FictionGreasePilotScientology
In The Store, Name A Product That You Might Choose Because It's SoftTOILET PAPER35BREAD23PILLOW17BLANKET14TOWEL4SHIRT3
1Besides Swimming, Name Something People Do To Stay Cool In The SummerCold Drinks26Eat Ice Cream18Use A Fan17Cold Shower14Air COnditioning14Sit In Shade6
1Name A Drink That Often Comes With A SpoonMilkshake33Coffee28Tea24Hot Chocolate8Root Beer Float3Slush/Smoothie3
1If You Got A New Puppy, Name Something You'd Teach ItSit34House Training20Fetch19Roll Over16Don't Bite/Chew5Stay5
Name Something That You Would wear To A Wedding In The DessertSandals35Bathing Suit22Sun Dress15Sun Hat10Shorts7Sunscreen3
Name An Animal Mentioned In The Song "12 Days Of Christmas"Turtle DovesPartridgeGeeseCalling BirdsFrench HensSwans
Name Something That People Keep On Their Kitchen Table Most Of The TimeSalt/PepperFlowersNapkinsPlace SettingsFruit BowlTable Cloth
1Name Something Romantic You Hope To Still Do With Your Partner When You're 80Kiss30Hold Hands27Intimacy22Dance9Go On Dates6Take Walks4
1Tell Me A Situation That Makes Just About Everyone NervousWedding27Dating21Job Interview16Doctor Appt13Public Speaking12Taking A Test6
1Name Something That's Fake On WWF WrestlingBlood41Wrestling34Bodies10Names7Injuries3Tan3
Name Something That Tastes Better With Salt On ItFrench Fries23Eggs16Potato Chips9Corn On The Cob8Meat8Tomatoes7
1Name A Reason You May Not Be Able To Get Home For The HolidaysSick17Work14Broke12Far Away4Car Problems3Too Much Homework2
1Name Something That Comes In A CanVegetables7Canned Fruit13SodaSoup9Beer8Tuna
2Name Something Many people Buy With Credit Card Instead Of CashClothes30Car22Gas18Food16Furniture7TV4
Name A Pair Of Something That You Can Not WearTwinsDiceEyesTiresScissorsTweezers
Name A Public Place Where You'd Expect Married Couples To Show AffectionParkMovie TheatreBar/RestaurantBeachChurchWedding
Name A Kevin Bacon FilmFootlooseTremorsDinerMystic RiverHollow ManApollo 13A Few Good Men
Name A Good Gift For A High School GraduateCar34Money34Luggage4Dictionary4Date Book3Back Pack2A Trip2
Name Something You Might Want To Buy If You're Hosting A Halloween PartyCOSTUME35CANDY18DECORATIONS17MUSIC11PUMPKIN8DRINKS6APPLES5
If Students Ran Schools,Name Some Things They Would Probably Get Rid OfTeachersPrincipalHomeworkRulesTestsDetentionBell
Name A Cartoon Character That's Been Around ForeverMickey Mouse32Buds Bunny20Charlie Brown10Mighty Mouse6Snoopy4Popeye4Betty Boop3
Name Something Or Someone You'd See At A nightclubPEOPLE19BARTENDER14LIGHTS12DRINKS9DJ8BAND5DANCERS5
Name A Reason A Person Might Pretend To Be OlderBuy BeerSee MusicDriveFJob InterviewImpress SomeoneBuy CigarettesDate
Name Something A Person Might Reach For At The Dinner TableSalt And Pepper43Glass15Silverware14Bread9Napkins8Butter6Food5
When A Person Wants To Sneak A Cigarette, Where Do They Usually HideOutside/AlleyBathroomStairwayBalconyBasementBarGarage
1Name Something You'd Find In A Scientist's LabTest Tubes26Beakers23Microscope18Chemicals12Bunsen Burners8Lab Coat6Goggles4
Name Something A Teenage Girl's Parents Would Hope Thet Her Boyfriend Didn't HaveCarTattooMotorcyclePiercingsKidCriminal RecordHis Own Place
Name An Occupation Where You Might Work All NightSecurity GuardPolice OfficerNurseConv. Store ClerkFactory WorkerDoctorJanitor
If Your Cat Went On Strike,Name Something He Might Demand Before Returning To Work As Your PetBetter FoodClean Litter BoxCatnipMore ToysRaiseCat HouseMore Milk
Name something you fold, be specificT-ShirtTowelsUnderwearSheetsJeansPaperNapkin
Tell Me The Title Of A Movie That Used Clay-Motion Or PuppetsMuppet Movie36Gumby The Movie16Wallice And Grommit13Dark Crystal12Chicken Run9Team America6Nightmare Before Xmas5
Name Something Your Neighbor Might Ask To BorrowCup Of Sugar51Lawn Mower9Charcoal4Milk4Mayonnaise3Tool3RAKE3
Name Something You Fold, Be SpecificPaperNapkinTowelsShirtsUnderwearSweatersSheets
Name A Piece Of Info That May Be Revealed On Someones Coffee MugNameAgeWhere You WorkParent/GrandparentSexHoroscope Sign
Name A Food That Some People Prefer To Eat BurntToast39Marshmellow18Popcorn13Steak11Bacon10Hot Dogs6
Name a piece of person info that you'd never list on FacebookAddressSocial Security NumberWeightPhone NumberAgeIncome
Instead Of Getting A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After CollegeTravelGet MarriedGo Back To SchoolMove Back HomePartyJoin The Military
Name An Activity People Commonly Take Up After Retirement.Golf47Gardening17Traveling16Fishing10Playing An Instrument3Knitting3
1At A party where You Don't Know Anyone, How Might You Pass The Time?Drink42Dance22Eat20WatchTV7Introduce Yourself3Listen To Music3
Name a tv show with the word "love" in its titleLove ConnectionI Love LucyLove BoatEverybody Loves RaymondLove American StyleLove Bug
Name a talent you see street performers doingSingingDancingJugglingMimePlaying GuitarMagic
Name something a rockstar's dressing room is probably full ofCostumesDrinksWomenFlowersInstrumentsMake Up
Name something associated With The Game Show "Hollywood Squares"Movie StarsWhoopi GoldbergTic Tac toeContestantsSquaresMoney
Name Something You'd See More Of At A Wrestling Match Than A Tennis MatchFightingMenSpandexYellingSkinMuscles
Name Something That Both A Dental Office And A Spa Might HaveChair29Water29Magazines14Towels9Waiting Room9Music8
Name A Product That Might Be DisposableDiapersRazorsPaper TowelsCansTrash BagsPaper Cups
1Name A Football Bowl GameSuper Bowl51Rose Bowl26Sugar Bowl12Cotton Bowl5Orange Bowl4Peach Bowl2
Name Something You Need In Order To Be Popular In High SchoolMoneyGood LooksCarStylish ClothesGood GradesPersonality
Name a household item that children turn into a toyBroomBoxPots/PansSpoonKeysPhone
Name Something A Hotel Guest Calls The Front Desk To Ask AboutRoom Service32Getting More Towels26Wake Up Call23Check Out Time9Noise4Phone Message3
Name An Animal A Person With Chubby Cheeks Might ResembleChipmunk/SquirrelPigPanda/Koala BearMonkeyBulldogRabbit
Name Something Your Dog Does Around The House, That You'd Kick A Roommate Out For DoingPotty AccidentBarkingLaying AroundChewing Things UpSniffing PeopleRuining Furniture
Name something a little boy might do that would make you suspect his father is TarzanSwing From TreeBeat His ChestYellClimb A TreeWay He DressesRun Around Barefoot
Name Something That May Be Found Washed Up On The BeachSea shells18Seaweed18Bottle14Whale12Garbage8Shoes4
Name A U.S. State Whose Residents Say "Y'AllTexas51Georgia15Alabama12Kentucky9Tenessee6South Carolina6
Tell Me A Place Where You Often Have To Pay For ParkingMallHospitalConcertAirportWork/DowntownSporting Event
Name Something People Look For In Their Dream CarQuick AccellerationColorLeather InteriorHigh Quality SteroComfortable RideSunroof/Convertable
1Name Something That A Very thrifty Person Would Re-Use after A Birthday PartyCandles48Wrapping paper26Paper Plates9Plastic Cups6Decorations4Tablecloth/Napkins3
Name Something You'll Find On The Breakfast Menu No Matter What Kind Of Restaurant You're AtEggs35Coffee30Pancakes16Bacon6Juice4Toast4
1Name A Gift That's great To Give To Children If You Don't Live With Them.Drum30Candy22Dog16Horn12Guitar10Toy Gun7
Name A Pair Of Something You Cannot WearTwinsDiceEyesTiresScissorsTweezers
If You Didn't Have To work, Name Something You'd Spend Your Life DoingTravelingSleeping InWatching TVShoppingReadingVolunteer Work
1Name An Organization That's Only For FemalesMadd16Sorority16WNBA14Now13Girl Scouts12Wic Program4
If You Were Stranded On An Island, Name Something You Might Do To Get The Attention Of A Search Plane Start FireFlareSOSWave ArmsMirrorWrite On The sand
Name Something That Looks Attractive On A Woman, But Not A ManDressJewelryMakeupBraSkirtHigh HeelsBikini
Name a way you might be able to tell a woman is really a man in dragAdam's AppleDeep VoiceFacial HairHandsMusclesHairy LegsBone Structure
Name Something People Consider A Snack FoodChipsPopcornPeanutsCrackersPretzelsFruitCookies
Name Something That People Put In Their EarsEar PlugsQ TipsEarringsFingersHead PhonesHearing AidsEar Drops
1Name A Character From The Lord Of The ringsFrodo37Grandalf16Gollum13Legolas12Aragorn9Sam7Gimli3
Name An Alternative To Turkey On ThanksgivingHamChickenDuckTofu TurkeyLambBeefGoose
Name A Color Most People Wouldn't Want To Paint Their HouseBlack27Pink23Purple22Orange9Red7White4Green2
Tell me something you'd hate to find on the end of your noseA PimpleBoogerWartA BugFoodNoseringHair
Name a famous GhostCasperHeadless HorsemanNearly Headless NichGhost of Xmas PastGhost of Xmas FutureChristmas PresentJacob Marley
At What Place Might A Celebrity Get Special TreatmentRestaurantHotelStoreClubHospitalRehabJail
Name Something That's Different In Different Regions Of A CountryCuisineAccentWeatherTime ZoneRegionStyleLaws
Name A Specific Food Or Drink That Vendors Walk Around Selling At Sports GamesHot DogsBeerSodaPopcornPeanutsWaterLemonade
Name A Sport That Doesn't Require A Lot Of EquipmentBasketballSwimmingRunningSoccerBaseballTennisMartial Arts
Name Something People Do For Fun Even Though It Scares ThemRoller Coasters51Bungee Jumping12Horror Movies11Sky Diving9Fun Houses8Driving Fast5Rock Climbing4
Name something you can do to your nose
Blow ItPeircePick ItChange ItClean ItWipe ItScratch It
Name something you might see at the North PoleSnowPolar BearsSanta ClausIcebergsPenguinResearch StationSeals
Name Something People Do On The Day After ThanksgivingShopSleepEat LeftoversXmas DecorationsClean UpWatch FootballStart A Diet
Real Or Fictional Name A Famous Family That Has A Lot Of KidsBrady BunchThe JacksonsThe KennedysThe Partridge FamilyThe DuggarsCosby FamilyThe Waltons
Name Something You Might Find In A Kids Lunch Box (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)SandwichFruitCookiesJuice BoxMilkCandy BarThermos
Name Something That You Probably Don't Wash As Often As You ShouldCarHandsHairSheetsClothesEarsWindows
Name A Talent You See Street Performers DoingSingingMagicJugglingMimeGuitar?
1name a Profession Where You Might Be Fired If You Lost Your VoiceSinger52Radio Host15Teacher10Receptionist8Telemarketer5Actor3
Name Something A Person Might Do While Playing Cards That Would Annoy Everyone Else At The TableSmokeCheatTalk Too MuchTap FingersToo LoudAnnoying Laugh
What, Specifically, Keeps You From Getting A Degree?
MoneyBad GradesKidsTimeWorkApathy
Name Something That's Sometimes Cheaper To Replace Than FixCarTVWash MachineComputerRefrigeratorArticle Of Clothing
1Name Something You shouldn't Squeeze too TightlyBaby12Vegetables11Eggs8Balloon7Charmin Tissue6Bread6
Name something you'd need to eat a lot of if you needed to gain a quick 10 poundsCandy BarPotato ChipsPotatoesFast FoodIce CreamBread
Name The Part Of The Wedding That The Bride And Groom Might Do More Out Of Tradition Than ChoiceVows36Kiss On Command23Dance17Cut The Cake10Throw Bouqueu6Bridal Song5
Name Something You See Or Hear That Reminds You Of An Ex.
1Name Something Made with GingerCookies58Ginger Ale12Pumpkin Pie10Tea7Ginger chicken6Carrot Cake2
Name Something A Person With Extra Long Arms Would Be Good AtSports51Reaching26Hugging6Rock Climbing6Paint Ceilings5Change Lightbulbs3
Name Something A Kid Would Do After School To Make An Extra BuckMow Lawns49Babysit17Paper Route10Sell Lemonade8Wash Cars8Chores5
Name Something Warm Served At An All-You-Can Eat Buffet.
1Complete This Sentence. I'd Never Date Someone Who had bad ___________ .Breath42Hair27manners12Attitude8Hygiene5Credit4
What Might Someone At The Symphony Do That Tells You They're Enjoying The MusicClapSmileClose EyesHumTap FootCry
Name Something Every Movie Theatre, Fancy Or Not, HasConcession StandSeatsScreenBathroomMoviesCustomers
Name a city in the United States with a busy airportLos AngelesChicagoNew YorkSt LouisAtlantaDallas
Name Something Your Mom Always Told You To Keep Clean
Other Than A Hand-Buzzer, Name Something You'd Be Sure To Buy At A Gag ShopWhoopie CushionFake VomitSquirting FlowerRubber ChickenCan O' SnakesFake Nose
1Name Someone The Groom Might Not Want At His Bachelor PartyBride35Ex20Dancer16Mom13Dad7Father N Law6
1Name Something You'd Like to Have In Your BackyardPool61Garden12Swingset9Grill6Fence4Fountain3
Name a feature that an executive's fancy office must haveWindow With A ViewLeather ChairBig DeskGuest SofaPrivate BathroomFresh Flowers
Name A Household Item That You Would Take To A Special Facility To Throw AwayOilPaintBatteriesComputerTVFridge
Tell Me Something You Only Do When You're Sick.Nap37Vomit34Take Medicine14Eat Soup8Home From Work3Go To Doctor3
1Name A Form Of Technology That Some People Refuse to UseComputer33Cell Phone27TV17Microwave9Car7GPS4
Name Something You Don't Feel Comfortable Doing At A Neat Freaks HouseEatingSmokingUsing A BathroomSitting On FurnitureKeeping Shoes OnHelping To Clean Up
Tell Me The Longest You’ve Ever Gone Without Eating.24 Hours352 Days2718 Hours710 Hours612 Hours620 Hours51 and a half days5
Name Something People Do To Keep Warm In The Winter.Snuggle28Drink Hot Cocoa25Build A Fire25Turn Up Heat7Wear A Coat7Exercise4Blanket3
Name Something Snow White And Cinderella Have In Common.A Prince31Evil Stepmothers21Fairy Tails18Beauty7Women6Princesses5Cartoons4
Name A Complaint A Circus Clown Might Have About His Job.Bad Kids29Too Many Kids13Low Pay13Smells Bad10No One Laughs10Costumes Are Hot10Gets Tired7
Name A Part Of The Body That Often Itches.Head34Back15Nose14Feet9Arm8Eyes7Hand5
Name A Candy That Comes In Different ColorsSkittles30M&M27Lifesavers18Starburst6Now & Laters4Taffy3Jolly Ranchers3
Name A Souvenier People Buy At DisneylandMickey Mouse EarsShirtsCupsKey ChainLollypopPen/PencilPostcard
Name The Most Popular Halloween MasksScreamJasonGhostWitchFrankensteinSkullPresidents
Name A Popular New Year’s ResolutionLose Weight51Quit Smoking20Exercise9Do Better In School6Quit Drinking5Be A Better Person4Save Money3
Name Something A Ten Year Old Boy Might Ask ForBicycleVideo GamesRemote Control CarMoneyGI JoeComputerTruck
Name Something Women Do While Their Husbands Watch Monday Night FootballCookReadShopSleepTalk On PhoneCleanWatch The Game
Name Something That Probably Drops In Sales In The Winter.Swimsuit35Summer Clothing18Pool Equipment16Lawn Care13Ice Cream6Air Conditioner5
Tell Me Why You'd See An Adult HidingFugitiveScaredAfairPlaying With KidsSurprise PartyAvoiding Someone
Name Something A Telemarketer Probably Hates About Their Job.People Hanging Up51Rude People22Getting Rejected12Making Phone Calls4Asking Questions2Boring2
Name A Sport Where Athletes Often Wear Short ShortsBasketballTennisSoccerTrackVolleyballBoxing
Name Something That's Hard To Hold OntoMoneyWaterSoapLoveFishButter
Name Something A Husband Might Forget To Take To The Hospital When His Wife Is Having A Baby.Suitcase43Wife19Extra Clothes18Baby Bag5Flowers4Car Seat4
Name An Occupation In Which One Spends His Day Cutting.Barber41Butcher26Gardener13Tailor9Lumberjack5Carpenter3
When You’re Stressed Out, Name The Part Of Your Body Where You Feel It Most.Head40Neck23Back18Shoulders10Feet2Chest2
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Having A White Beard.Santa Claus37Moses22Uncle Sam20Kenny Rogers7Merlin/Wizard7Colonel Sanders4
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Six Month Old Baby Has Already Learned How To Do.Walk58Talk20Read6Eat On Their Own5Hold A Bottle4Crawl3
Name Something Babies And Puppies Have In Common.Cute34Drooling17Need Attention13Playful9Sleep Alot8Cry8
Name An Animal That Travels In Groups.Birds37Wolves19Fish17Lions12Elephant9Deer4
Name Something People Might Do With A Rental Car That They Wouldn’t Do With Their Own Car.Speed40Not Clean It15Travel Far13Smoke In It9Crash It7Drive Recklessly7
Name The Job You Wouldn’t Want To Have If You Worked At The CircusJanitor55Clown13Lion Tamer12Human Cannon Ball6Tight Rope Walker4Elephant Trainer3
Name Something People Use To Help Them Find A Lost Item.Flashlight27Their Memory18Metal Detector17Dog16Eyes/Glasses13Friend's Help
Name Something Parents Say Is Too Short.Childhood29Daughter's Skirt28Summer/School Calendar17Money11Life10Fuse/Temper5
Name A Part of A Fish That Most People Don’t Eat.Head33Eyes27Tail/Fin19Bones14Scales3Giills3
Name Something Everyone Knows About The Dog “Lassie.”Collie34Rescues People21Smart16Always Comes Home9Owned By Timmy8Girl Dog6
Name A Popular Christmas Candy.Candy Cane69Fudge8Mints8Peppermints4Chocolate Santa4Hard Candy4
Name A One Word Card GameUnoPokerSpadesSolitareWarHearts
How Can You Tell Your Co-Worker Has Started DatingGood MoodRecieves flowersShowing Up LateNew ClothesPhone CallsHickeys
At An Awards Show, Name Something Celebs Might Be Doing When The Camera Pans On Them.Smiling62Waving11Posing10Crying5Clapping3Kissing Date3
Name Something That Might Happen If You Had Bad Luck On Your Honeymoon.Break Up38Bad Weather33Don't Get Along7Miss Flight6Get Sick6Lose Luggage5
Name A Reason A Person Might Complain About A Cup Of Coffee That’s Served To Them.Cold39Too Hot20Too Weak15Too Strong12No Sugar7No Cream6
To Feel Safer At Night, Name Something You Would Go To Sleep With.Weapon47Teddy Bear23Bat8Dog8Night Light6Partner3
Name A Computer Program Or Skill That You Wish You Were Better At.Typing63Excel11Word Processor8Surfing The Net6Programming4Power Point3
What Do You See At The Olympics That You Might Also See At A Spelling Bee.Judges44Prize20Audience19Competition8Timer3Scores3
Name Someone You Wouldn’t Want To See You Nude.Mom39Dad31Boss12Grandma9Kids5Sibling3
Name Something Parents Photograph Their Baby Doing For The First Time.Walking37Smiling20Eating18Taking A Bath10Crawling8Sleeping4
Name A Winter Activity That Makes You Sweat.Skiing29Ice Skating/Hockey16Snowboarding15Shoveling14Sledding14Snowball Fight8
Name A Food Item Typically Associated With FallPumpkin PieTurkeyApplesChiliSoupSquash
Name Something You Do To Try And Wake Up Your Leg After It Has Fallen Asleep.Shake It45Walk25Hit It12Rub It8Jump5Stomp It4
Other Than Work, Name Something You Often Find Yourself Talking To Co-Workers About.Family44Relationships21Sports14Weather6TV5Weekend4
Tell Me The Number Of People Who Can Ride Comfortably In A Van. (Numeric Only)647723817551039222
Name Something That Is Folded.Clothes32Napkin16Origami/Paper14Towels13Sheet9Newspaper8Blanket2
Name Something That’s Often Sold At A Swap Meet. (Be More Specific Than Junk Or Stuff)Clothes46Baseball Cards11Furniture10Tools7Dishes7Cars6Books4
Name Someplace Where They Sell Cotton Candy.Circus36Fair26Carnival23Amusement Park5Movie Theater4Candy Store3Chuck E. Cheese2
Name A Type Of Tree That Looks Pretty In The Fall.Oak33Maple22Pine15Apple14Evergreen6Spruce5Elm4
Name Something The Indians Taught To The Pilgrims.How To Grow Corn46Hunting10Sharing9Thanks8Peace8Cooking6How To Smoke4
Name A Room In Your Home That’s Hard To Keep Clean.Bathroom34Kitchen31Bedroom17Den5Dining Room3Kids Room3Living Room3
Tell Me Something That Is Plugged Into An Outlet In A Hotel Room.Lamp32TV29Hair Dryer13Phone9Clock8Coffee Pot4Microwave3
Name Something You Need To Bake A Cake.Flour34Eggs31Cake Mix9Baking Pan8Oven6Spatula3Milk2
Name Something That Can Stink Up Your CarCigarettes56Rotten Fruit8Spoiled Milk8Fish7Wet Dog6Body Ordor5Onion3
Name Someone You Don’t Want To Get A Phone Call From.Police33IRS16Telemarketer14Your Ex11Bill Collecter9Attorney4Principal4
Name Something You Might Chase If You Were A Dog.Cats51Cars24Other Dogs5Balls4Bone3Your Tail3Rabbit3
Tell Me Something At A Beach That Begins With “S.”Sand36Sun23Seashore14Sunscreen8Surfers6Shells4Sandals3
Name A Dessert That’s Made With Fruit.Pie46Fruit Salad13Jello9Strawberry Shortcake9Banana Split6Fruit Cake4Sherbet4
Name A Tourist Attraction That Offers A Great ViewGrand Canyon30Empire State Building15Space Needle14Eiffel Tower12Washington Monument9Niagra Falls7St. Louis Arch5
Name Something That Would Be Annoying For Your Roommate To Forget To Do.Clean26Lock Door18Pat Rent17Flush Toilet11Turn Off lights9Shower/Bathe7Take Out The Trash4
What Sport Would Become Disastrous If The Regular Ball Was Replaced With A Bowling Ball?Baseball29Football27Basketball14Soccer11Tennis8Dodgeball4Volleyball3
Name Someplace You Might Expect To Find A Snake.Woods36Mountains13Farm12Garden12Grass9Desert9Zoo7
How Many Credit Cards Does The Average Person Have? (Numeric Only)33452241721161114
Name An Animal That Might Pester You On A Camping Trip.Bear38Dog Catcher32Racoon12Skunk6Squirrel3Snake3
What Might A Financial Expert Tell You To Put Your Money Into?Stocks39Savings Account27CD10Bonds9IRA9401K4
Name The Vegetable That Tastes The Worst When it Comes From A Can.Peas35Spinach22Carrots17Corn11Green Beans7Asparagus6
Name A Food You Find Raisins In.Cold Cereal33Cookies16POatmeal14Salad13Bread11Bagels7
Name A Famous Store In New York City.Macy's39Saks Fifth Avenue22Bloomingdale's12Tiffany's10FAO Schwartz8Barney's6
Name A Job That A Clumsy Person Would Be Fired From Immediately.Food Server35Surgeon28Construction Worker10Dancer6Acrobat5Bartender5
While Looking For A New Home, What Would You Be Surprised To Find That A House Didn’t Have?Bathroom51Kitchen15Roof10Garage9Doors5Basement4
Name Something You Expect To See In A Martial Arts Movie.Fight Scenes43Asian Actors20Weapons14Subtitles/Dubbing9Ninjas7Blood5
Name Something That Would Keep You From Snuggling Up To Your Spouse In Bed.Sick25Snoring20Bad Breath158Gas13Cold Feet12Body Odor8
Name Another Word For “Courage.”Brave70Strength7Fortitude6Heroic4Heart4Bold3
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Participate In Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day.No Kids39Job's Not Suitable18No Job18Naughty Kid11Too Busy At Work7Boring Job5
Tell Me Something You Hate To Discover That You’re Missing A Piece From.Puzzle57Earring15Car10Board Game6Pie5Cake4
Name Something That Might Be Ruined If It Had A Scratch On It.CD/Record44Furniture16Glasses/Eyeglasses11Car11Mirror6Camera Lense5
Name Something Sister Borrow From Their Brothers.Clothes/Shoes54Money21Music/CDS7Car6Deoderant4Comb/Brush2
Name Something You’d Expect To See In A Boardroom Meeting.Conference Table29Executives26Office Chairs17Charts/Presentation12Coffee/Donuts9Computers/Phones4
Name A Word That Begins With “Con.”Convict24Con Artist/Con Man22Contest16Contract13Construction7Connect5
Name A Breed Of Dog That Everyone Has Heard Of.Poodle31Pit Bull21German Shepherd15Labrador12Collie10Dalmation8
We Asked 100 Married People: Name The Thing That Your Spouse Most Often Complains About.Money49Lack Of Intimacy20Dinner8Snoring8Work7Doing Housework6
Besides Coughing, What’s Something You Can’t Stop Yourself From Doing?Sneezing52Getting Hiccups11Breathing11Blinking7Laughing6Eating/Drinking5
Name Something A Craft Lover Would Have A Lot Of.Glue38Yarn22Construction Paper13Paint12Beads8Fabric3
Name A Place Where It’s Usually Not OK To Wear Jeans.Place Of Worship45Work20Wedding14Beach/Pool7Funeral4Fine Restaurant3
Name An Activity You Wouldn’t Want To Do In The RainWalk35Picnic23Golf16Baseball14Drive7Garden3
Name Something Teenagers Do That They’ll Kick Themselves For Later In Life.Drink/Smoke28Bad Grades20Put Off College14Drop Out14Date Too Soon12Get A Tattoo9
Name Something That Could Ruin A Romantic Dinner.Passing Gas21Fight19Bad Food18Phone Call16Kids15Getting Sick9
What Worldly Topic Would You Be Surprised To Learn That Britney Spears And Jessica Simpson Talk About When They’re AlonePolitics24War22World Peace21Religion11Hunger/Poverty10Global Warming9
Name Something Teenagers Did In The 50′s.Danced52Wore Poodle Skirts16Hula Hoop10Cruise In The Car7Went To Drive In6Grease Their Hair2
Name A Sign That Your Girlfriend Might Be Turning Into A Cat.Purring39Growing Whiskers20Growing Tail11Growing Claws11Scratching7Growing Fur5
Name A Good Place To Spend The Day When It’s Raining Outside.Home37Movie Theatre28Mall17Library11Museum3Gym3
Name Something You Do At Least Twice In The Course Of A Long Car Ride With Family.Sing27Fall Asleep26Make A Pit Stop22Get Food14Fight5Hear Are We There Yet3
Name A Way People Try To Stop A Bloody Nose.Hold Head Back51Pinch Nose31With A Tissue6Cotton In Nose4Cold Towel4Ice2
Name Something A Kid Passes Out To All Of His Classmates.Sweets45Valentines18Notes11Schoolwork10Germs5Invitations4
Name A Reason Why It’s Harder To Get Out Of Bed On Some Days Than On Others.Tired37Sick27Bad Weather17Going To Work/School12Stayed Up Late3It's Monday3
Name A Television Star Who Has Successfully Transitioned Into Feature Films.George Clooney21Will Smith17Tom Hanks16Robin Williams14Jennifer anniston13John Travolta11
Besides Utensils, Name Something That’s Already On The Restaurant Table When You Sit Down.Napkins46Salt And Pepper19Menu11Glass8Table Cloth5Ketchup4
Name Something You’d See On The Back Of A Car.License Plate32Bumper Stickers31Bumper17Dirt5Tires4Lights3
When Sitting Close To A Date, What Clue Might They Give That They Like You?Holds Your Hand28Kisses You25Smiling21Arm around You12Move Closer7Looking At You5
Name A Store Or Type Of Store That Sells Expensive Merchandise.Jewelry Store44Macys27Neman Marcus8Bloomingdales8Department Store3Lord & Taylor3
Name Something Rude People Do While You’re Trying To Talk To Them On The Phone.Talk To Someone Else27Eat21Interrupt21Hang Up11Put You On Hold8make Noises6
Tell Me A Creature That You’d Hate To Hear In Your Room At Night.Rodent39Cricket18Snake15Monster14Fly4Mosquito3
For Which Occasion Would You Hate To Forget To Buy A Gift?Birthday31Anniversary20Wedding19Christmas17Valentines Day5Mothers Day3
Name Something Besides Food And Drinks That You Can Buy At Starbucks.Mugs45Reading Material32Gift Cards8T Shirt3Coffee Maker3Music3
Name A Punishment That A Misbehaving Kid Might Get At School.Detention51Stand In Corner26Suspension9Write Lines6Principal's Office4No Recess3
Name A Reason Why A Child Can’t Wait To Grow UpDrive35Move Out22Have A Job14No Rules12Romance7No School3
Name Something That Kids Can Use In A Pool To Help Them Float.Raft32Inner Tube19Beach Ball14Life Jacket14Water Wings12Noodle7
Name Something That Grows On Trees, But Isn’t Fruit.Leaves49Nuts25Flowers10Acorn8Money4Pine Cones3
Name Something You Need In Order To Make A Garden.Seeds35Soil28Water Cooler15Hoe7Shovel5Plot Of Land3
Name Something That Makes You Burp.Pop75Cucumbers14Broccili3Beans2Beer2Radishes2
Name Something That A Man Teaches His Grandson To Do.Fish56Drive18Play Sports9Ride A Bike5Hunt5Read3
Name Something Adults Buy That Can Be Very Small Or Very Large.TV36Car/Vehicle29House21Oven5Stereo/Speakers4Refrigerator3
Name A Subject You Count On Your Partner To Give You Advice On.Money31Work24Romance24Fashion7Parenting5Relationships3
Name Something You Can Get From Your Parents, But You Can Change As An Adult.Name49Hair Color19Economic Status13Attitude7Nose6Religion3
Name An Instrument That You’d Need To Be Really Coordinated To Play.Piano39Drums29Guitar15Violin5Flute4Saxophone3
Besides “Biographies,” Which Section Of A Bookstore Would A Memoir About Your Life Belong In?Humor/Comics31Romance19History17Horror12Self Help11Sci Fi/Fantasy3
At The Beach, Name Something That Might Protect You From Sun.Umbrella38Sunscreen36Sun Hat14Sunglasses5Cover Up3Shade3
What Animal Would You See At A Farm, But Never Consider Keeping For A Pet?Cow47Pig34Goat6Chicken5Horse3Sheep3
Name A Gift That Most Women Like To Get.Jewlery48Flowers17Clothing10Money8Perfume6Shoes4
Name Something That’s Often Brought Into A Pawn Shop.Jewelry36TV24Watch17Gun11Musical Instrument5Stereo4
Name Something Hawaiians Do To Celebrate WinterLu'au30Dance28Surf14Party11Decorate8Swim3
Name Something The President Might Say Is Too Long.Speeches35Legislative Process18Wars14Election Process14Political Terms8The Recession5
Tell Me A Reason You Exit The Freeway.Traffic Jam33Get Gas27Your Destination17Accident9Restroom7To Eat4
Name Something You’ll Find On The Breakfast Menu, No Matter What Kind Of Restaurant You’re At.Eggs35Coffee30Pancakes16Bacon6Juice4Toast4
Name Something A Movie Star’s Kid Might Get As A Birthday Present.Car36Pet23Money19Jewelry12House8TV/Movie Role3
Name A Food That It’s Hard To Keep Your Face Clean While Eating.Ice Cream26Ribs25Spaghetti25Sloppy Joe10Pizza5Watermelon4
Name A Famous Movie Monster You Might See In A Black And White Film.GodzillaKing Kong31Frankenstein16Dracula7Mummy5Werewolf4
Besides White Christmas, Name A Song On Big Crosby’s White Christmas Album.Jingle Bells40Silent Night31Silver Bells15I'll Be Home For Xmas5Santa Coming To Town2Beginning To Look A2Adeste Fideles2
Besides On The Job, Name Another Life Situation Where You’ve Wished You Had Earplugs.Concert21While Traveling16Sleeping15Babysitting14Swimming13In Traffic12Arguement6
Name The Best Flavor Of Popsicle.Cherry54Strawberry18Orange15Grape6Raspberry2Banana2Bubble Gum2
Name Something People Put Toothpicks In. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)In Your Teeth35Sandwich19Olives15Appetizers9Cheese Cube6Meatballs4Cakes4
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Afraid of Dogs.Dog Catcher34Mail Carrier29Veterinarian13Dog Walker6Pet Shop Manager5Shelter Worker4Dog Trainer3
Name Something Specific You Need If You Want To Make Coffee For Your Guests.Coffee Beans30Coffee Maker21Water14Sugar13Mugs10Creamer/Milk8Filter3
Name A Type Of Beverage You Are Allowed To Drink While Driving.Soda Pop39Coffee26Water19Tea7Juice3Milk2Gatorade2
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Kiss Under The Mistletoe.Sibling29Parent26In Law11Santa8Exercise6Boss6Grandparent6
Name Something Hawaii Is Known For.Beaches37Luau15Volcanos13Hula Dancers11Leis9Pineapples8Islands6
Besides numbers,name a button on a calculatorPlus25Equal19Multiply14Divide12On/Off8Percent8Minus6
Name Something You Find On A Fast Food Burger.Beef27Ketchup24Mustard16Lettuce15Grease7Pickles6Onions5
Name Something You Might Use Bricks To Build.House78Wall5Barbecue Grill4Fireplace4Patio2Doghouse2Stairs2
Name Different To Use Left Over TurkeySandwiches38Soup20Turkey Salad16Turkey Pot Pie14Casserole7Turkey Ala King3Turkey Hash2
Tell Me A Reason Why A Person Might Be Awake At 3AM.Insomnia34Working29Sick13New Baby8Studying6Nightmare4Use Bathroom3
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Dad For The Holidays.Tie48Tools13Socks12Money12Cologne4Shirt4Watch2
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Miss Their Exit While Driving On A Freeway.Not Paying Attention33Busy Talking26Cell Phone16Speeding8Radio is On6In The Wrong Lane5Weather4
Name The Most Stressful Holiday.Christmas47Valentine's Day15Thanksgiving13New Year's12Halloween74th Of July5
Name A State People Visit During The Winter.Florida34California18Colorado18Hawaii13New York6Alaska4
Tell Me A Name That Could Be Used For Either A Man Or A Woman.Toni16Chris16Brandy16Jamie14Shawn12Alex
Name Something People Guess The Weight Or Volume Of In Order To Win A Prize.Carnival Goers27Pig/Animal21Pumpkin/Squash18Jar Of Candy14Melon11Baby7
If You Wanted To Impersonate Mary Poppins, What Would You Do?Flying Umbrella44Sing23Dance8Spoonful Of sugar7British Accent6Babysit4
Name An Activity That Could Be Described As “Wholesome.”Religous Activity25Sports21Reading18Family Meals14Board Games10Baking/Cooking9
Name An Animal That Children Are Excited By At The Zoo.Monkey27Lion25Tiger22Elephant11Giraffe6Bear5
Name Something College Roommates Might Argue About.Cleaning47Food10Money10Space10music7Bedtime7
Name A Type Of Service Person Who You Never Know How Much To Tip.Server58Valet service13Hairdresser12Taxi driver7Bartender5Bellhop4
If You Were Stranded On A Tropical Island, Name Something You Might Have To Eat.Coconuts35Seafood19Bananas14Pineapples12Bugs7Berries6
Who Or What Would You Not Want To Meet In The Middle Of A Hiking Trail?Bear51Snake24Criminal12Mountain Lion5Wolf3Big Foot3
Name A Pet That Makes A Good Holiday GiftDog76Cat12Fish3Rabbit2Hamster2Bird2
Name A Pubic Place Where You Take Off Your Shoes.Beach/Park35Pool24Shoe Store15Gym11Place Of Worship6Bowling alley4
Name A Sport In Which The Announcers Get As Excited As The Fans.Football478Baseball13Hockey12Basketball11Soccer8Boxing4
Name A Person In Your Life Who It Would Be Unwise To Live With.Parent43Boss19Sibling18Ex10Best Friend5Boy/Girlfriend3
What Is The Worst Thing To Forget On A Camping Trip?Tent49Sleeping Bag18Food11Water10Matches6Bug Spray4
Instead Of A Horse, Which Animal Is It Hard To Imagine A Cowboy Riding?Cow39Dog22Pig12Donkey10Elephant7Camel4
Name An Animal With Really Long Legs.Giraffe59Ostrich11Frog9Horse8Gazelle7Camel5
Name Something People Buy, And Then Don’t Know How To Use.Computer39Cell Phone18TV17Camera9DVD Player6Car4
Name Something A Little Girl Needs To Look Like A Princess.Tiara63Dress17Magic Wand5Makeup4Jewelry3Charm2
Name A Board Game That You Wouldn’t Play If You Only Had An Hour.Monopoly50Life16Scrabble11Risk9Chess5Checkers4
Besides Maple, Name A Flavor Of Syrup.Blueberry46Strawberry32Raspberry4Boisenberry4Grape3Cherry3
Name A Celebrity Who Could Teach A High School Dance Class.Jennifer Lopez23Debbie Allen16Janet Jackson16Britney Spears16John Travolta12Christina Agulera8
Name A Chore People Do Most Often.Wash Dishes42Laundry16Vacuum12Cook9Sweep7Clean Bathroom6
Name Something People Do When They Want To Look Better. (Makeover Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)Change Hair28Diet25Put On Makeup20Plastic Surgery13Exercise5Clean Up3
Name Something That You Have To Do Sometimes That Billionaire Has Probably Never Done.Low End Job30Clean/Laundry26Borrow Money17Fly Economy8Buy Used8Clip Coupons6
If A Husband Found Out That His Wife Had A Bad Day At Work, Name Something He Might Do To Make Her Feel Better.Cook Dinner48Give A Massage17Giver Her Flowers16Prepare A Bath8take Her Out4Comfort Her4
What Might An Actor Do To Cure Stage Fright?Have A drink38rehearse32Imagine crowd Naked12Deep Breaths5Mediate5Count To 103
If “American Idol” Had An Animal Competition, Which Animal Would Have The Best Chances?Dog30Bird24Monkey23Cat11Lion5Cow4
Name A Job That Ends With The Word “Guard.”Lifeguard34Security Guard27Bodyguard19Prison Guard7National Guard5Crossing Guard4
Name A Food You May Find In Someone’s Home Garden.Tomatoes34Carrots33Lettuce14Corn8Potatoes4Cucumber4
Name Something People Keep Near Their Favorite Easy Chair.Remote Control47Magazines18Telephone11Newspaper10Books9Drink5
Name something a parent criticizes their child for doing too fastEating59Homework19Cleaning/Chores5Growing Up4Talking4Driving3
Name Something A Gardener Might Use On The Job.Lawn Mower42Hoe26Shovel8Hose7Rake6Edger4
Name Something That People Have A Desire To Smash.Pumpkin33Glass28Bugs13Cans10Potatoes5Eggs4
Name Something You Might Cut Out Of Your Morning Routine If You Were In A Big HurryBreakfast42Makeup14Shower14Doing Dishes11Coffee6Exercise5
When Drawing A Person, Which Specific Part Is The Hardest To Draw Believably?Nose37Eyes23Hands18Hair8Mouth5Feet5
If You Played Superman In A Movie, Name Something Specific You’d Have To Wear.Cape48Tights29Make Up4Speedo4Fake Muscles4Glasses3
If You Went Out With Santa Claus, What Might You Do On Your First Date?Sleigh Ride36Make Toys26Eat Cookies19Deliver Presents7Sit On His Lap5Go To North Pole4
Name Something You Might Buy For A Golfer.Golf Clubs58Golf Balls21Hat5Golf Bag4Golf Cart3Golf Shirt3
If Or Out Of The Dentist’s Chair, Name Something The Dentist Warns Not To Do.Consume Sweets49Smoke23Wiggle9Swallow8Bite Down5Grind Teeth3
Unlike Dogs, Name A Type Of Pet That People Don’t Count On To Guard Their House.Cat54Bird27Fish7Lizard4Rat/Mouse3Hamster3
Name A Food That You Become Very Thirsty While Eating.Chips28Popcorn25Peanuts12Pizza10Crackers5Ice Cream3
Instead Of Get A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After College.Travel35Get Married33Go Back To School12Move Back Home8Party5Join The Military3
Name Something An Amusement Park Has A Lot Of.Rides43People24Games/Prizes15Junk Food8Rest Rooms4Lines3
Name A Legendary Creature That Would Be A Huge Hit If Featured At The Zoo.Big Foot34King Kong17Godzilla14dragon14Unicorn11Loch Ness Monster8
Name Something Some People Do By Hand, While Others Use A Machine.Sew44Wash Clothes19Wash Dishes10Write10Saw5Math4
Name Something That Begins With The Word “Dirty.”Laundry27Dancing21Mouth/Language17Harry12Job8mind6
Name Something A Small Town May Lack.Stores45People19Entertainment13Crime7Traffic7Money6
Name The Month When TV Networks Start Airing Reruns.June44May27july9April6October4November4
Finish The Sentence: Hold Your _____.Breath40Horses30Tongue9Hand8Nose3Own3
Name Something You Wear That Might Be PlaidSkirt35Shirt31Pants8Shorts8Jacket6Pajamas6
Name Something Every UPS Driver Should HaveTruck19Uniform18Clip Board18Drivers License16Packages11Pen11
Name Something Contagious That Kids Sometimes Catch, But Adults Seldom Do.Chicken Pox38Cold32Measles13Lice7Mumps5Pink Eye3
Name Something You Did As A 5-Year-Old That You’d Be Embarrassed To Do Now.Urinate On Self27Urinate In Bed25Pick Nose In Public24Cry7Nothing4Play In Dirt4
Name Someone Who Wears White Gloves.Doctor40Mickey Mouse16Nurse14Dentist9Band Instructor7Police Officer6
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word “Prime.”Prime Time54Prime Rib22Prime Interest Rate5Prime Minister5prime Number3Prime Example3
Name Biggest Event In A Teenager’s LifeDriver's License28Graduation2316th Birthday14First Kiss13First Car12Prom10
Name A Modern Device That Older People Have Trouble UsingComputer46Video Player21Hearing Aid11Microwave8Telephone5Remote Control2
Name Someone Who Has To Wash Their Hands Frequently.Doctor57Cook13Nurse8Dentist5Mechanic5Restaurant Worker5
Name Something Your Dog Might Do That Would Make You Think He Was Part Cat.Meow43Catch Mice16Climb Tree10Eat Cat Food8Purr8Scratching8
Which Activity Would A Celeb Least Like To Be Photographed Doing?Eating34Showing Affection25Picking Nose11Wearing Swimsuit9Drinking9Sleeping8
Name Something A Mother-To-Be Might Ask Her Friends’ Advice On Before The Baby Is Born.Names31Feeding26Labor Pain15Potty Training10Must Have Items9Sleeping Schedule7
Name A Reason A Kid Might Get Sent Home From School.Got In A Fight35Being Sick21Talk Back To Teacher16Bring A Weapon9Swearing7Smoking4
Name Something You Might Do To Make Yourself Feel Cozy After Playing In The Snow All Day.Hot Chocolate49Hot Bath15Sit By Fire13Change Clothes9Blanket8Soup3
Name Something You Would Wan’t To Run Over With Your Lawnmower.Rocks25Animals19Poop17Hose14Toys9Sprinkler7
Name Something Models And Wrestlers Both Do.Pose35Work Out30Act13Dress Up8Fight7Strut4
Name An Animal That’s Often Described As “Beautiful.”Cat30Deer20Horse19Bird13lion9swan3
What Item Do People Always Keep Inside Their Cars?Flashlight30Map18Umbrella14Registration13Sunglasses11Tissues8
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About A Bar They’re At.Too Much Smoke27Noise23Bad Service18Watery Drinks8Expensive Drinks7Too Rowdy6
Other Than Swimsuits, Name Something People Wear To The Beach.Shorts37Flip Flops18Sunglasses14Sunblock10Hat9Towel6
We Asked 100 Wives: If Your Husband Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Would Turn Him Into A Monster.Money/Bills36Chores/Nagging22Jealousy15No/Bad Food13Naughty Kids6Traffic4
Name Something People Remove From Their Lawn.Weeds56Dog Poop12Grass10Leaves8Bugs4Trash3
Name something you associate with Mickey MouseBig Ears33Disneyland24Minnie Mouse21Cartoons8Donald Duck6Walt Disney5
Name A Company That Uses An Animal In Its Logo.MGM Lion20Exxon Tiger17Budweiser Eagle15Energizer Bunny13RCA dog11Walt Disney Mouse11
Name The Heaviest Item You Buy At The Supermarket.Watermelon24Milk17Potatoes15Turkey14Pet Food13Water10
What Should A Spy Avoid Wearing, If He Doesn’t Want To Be Identified By His Profession?Sunglasses39Hat19Trench Coat18Wig9Badge5Weapon4
If You Were Filling In For Santa, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.Say Ho Ho Ho42Drive A Sleigh21Climb Down Chimney11made A List8Work With Reindeer7Wear His Suit4
Name A Famous Cartoon Animal That You Wouldn’t Want In Your House If It Was Real.Tasmanian Devil33Mickey Mouse23Bugs Bunny21Pepe Le Pew7Road Runner6Wile E Coyote4
Name A Place That You Need An ID To Enter.Bar29Airplane19Casino18Military Base12School10Work8
Tell me how many months it takes before a dog is house trained.(Numeric Only)331221414113556584
Name a smell typically associated with Christmas.Evergreen45Cinnamon22Cookies15Turkey6Peppermint5Ham3Apples2
In the heat of the moment,what might happen that could ruin it?Phone call37Pass gas20Family member12Weather11Sneeze/cough8Door bell6Bad breath3
When ordering pizza,name something extra you might ask for.Cheese66Pepperoni17Anchovies4Mushrooms3Hamburger2Onion2Bell Peppers2
When ordering pizza,name something extra you might ask for.Cheese66Pepperoni17Anchovies4Mushrooms3Hamburger2Onion2Bell Peppers2
Name something campers might take with them for emergencies.First aid kit41Flashlight23Water12Knife6Matches3Cellular Phone3Blanket3
Name something that takes a long time to dry after it gets wet.(Clothes is not an answer,be more specific.)Hair39Jeans18Carpet11Jacket6Shoes6Dog6Blanket5
Name a fish that tastes good grilled.Salmon38Trout17Flounder12Swordfish9Red fish6Bass5Catfish5
Name something specific you might have insured.Car49House31Jewelry9Life3Art3Cell Phone2Computer2
Name something that's sold at an airport gift shop.Postcards29Magazine19Candy15Newspaper15Books10Food5Greeting cards5
Name something you might see in a High School shop class.(Tools is not an answer,be more specific)Wood38Saw26Car6Drill5Books5Lathe5Hammer5
Name something you probably would see in New York's Central Park.Benches37Joggers21Muggers15Pigeons8People7Trees6Homeless people6
Tell me something you've accidentally dropped in the toilet.Phone37Jewelry/watch22Toothbrush13Comb/hairbrush9Keys8Glasses5Money3
Name a movie featuring a horse.Black Beauty22Seabiscuit20Black Stallion17Horse Whisperer12Dreamer11National Velvet9My Friend Flicka5
Name a U.S. city that starts with the letter "P".Pittsburgh40Philadelphia23Portland9Phoenix8Pasadena4Pomona4Park City4
Name a movie character you would hate to be stuck with in a broken elevator.Freddy Krueger24Hannibal Lector19Jason18Dracula12Daffy Duck10Darth Vader8Pee Wee Herman7
Name another word for "Tired".Exhausted51Sleepy23Worn out4Stressed4Fatigued4Burnt out4Restless3
Name a takeout food a family might have for dinner.Pizza33Chow Mein28Chicken25Hamburgers4Mexican3Hot Dogs3Sandwiches2
Name something that Godzilla would crush at Disneyworld.Bambi30Mickey Mouse25Castle15People10Epcot Center9Space Mountain5Tea Cups5
Name something you wear that you should never spend more than $20 on?Socks32Undergarments29T Shirt12Hat8Makeup7Sunglasses5Tie4
Name an animal whose head you might see on the wall of a hunter's denDeer70Moose10Bear6Bull4Raccoon2Antelope2
Name something tourists see while visiting Italy.Leaning Tower of Pisa41Sistine Chapel15Museums14Rome12Gondolas10Architecture8
Name something you might do if you heard a burglar in your house.Call 91147Get a Gun24Get a baseball bat9Scream8Run and hide3Ask who is there?2
Name a place in your house that you don't bother decorating.Bathroom31Closet25Basement19Garage12Laundry room5Attic4
Name a kind of boat that doesn't have an engine.Sailboat32Canoe30Rowboat18Paddleboat10Raft3Barge2
Name something women do to their hair.Dye it31Curl it27Wash it13Cut it10Brush it9Braid it4
Name a U.S. city that begins with the letter "B".Boston48Baltimore31Birmingham7Boise3Brooklyn3Buffalo2
Name a specific food that doctors tell patients to cut down on.Red Meat37Fried Food25Sweets18Pizza8Eggs5Butter4
Tell me a piece of information that your neighbors are more likely to know about you than your coworkers are.Address33Size of family22How noisy15Pets12Evening activities11Car you drive5
Name something you associate with Elmer Fudd.Bugs Bunny51Gun17Stuttering11Hunting8Bald4Cartoon3
Name something associated with Jiminy Cricket.Pinocchio41Singing14Insect13Top hat9Walt Disney9Cartoons6
Name a New Year's TV host.Dick Clark76Regis Philbin6Carson Daly5Ryan Seacrest4Jay Leno4Casey Kasem3
Other than your family members,from whom would you accept criticism?Friends40Boss28Teacher17Doctor4Partner4Clergy3
In a Secret Santa exchange,what "gifts" might you get from an office thief?Stapler61Pens22Money6Paper3Paper Clips3Computer3
Name a place where it would be rude to laugh.Funeral48Church17Library16Serious movie5Hospital5Court4
Name a characteristic of a pub that you wouldn't want for your home.Drunk people35Smoke30Loud16Dark7Fights6Crowded3
What do you do when having a bad hair day?Wear a hat54Tie it back15Cry11Get it wet7Stay home6Cut it3
Name someone who has/had many followers.Jesus59Gandhi15President Bush7Martin Luther King, Jr.5Moses4Dalai Lama3
Name something you do when looking in the mirror that you'd hate to be caught doing if it was a 2-way mirror.Pick nose31Undress23Pick teeth20Pose11Skin care10Dance3
Name something your wife asks you to do that your Mom also asks you to do.Clean up mess34Take out trash22Dishes14Laundry12Make bed6Eat better5
Name an animal that you wouldn't want to escape from the zoo.Lion63Tiger19Bear6Gorilla4Giraffe3Elephant3
Name a profession that would be most difficult to perform while 8 months pregnant.Dancer30Police Officer24Doctor/Nurse23Waitress10Athlete7Fitness instructor4
Name something many people learned to do from their Dad.Drive33Fish/Hunt21Shave19Ride bike16Curse3Fix things3
Name a piece of protective gear that only a real klutz would consider wearing while walking.Helmet43Knee pads18Protective cup13Elbow pads10Goggles10Gloves4
Name a fruit that people drink juice from in the morning.Orange47Apple26Lemon9Cranberry5Tomato3Grapefruit3
Name something a girl would need if she wanted to impersonate an elderly woman.Grey wig46Cane18Glasses13Old dress9Shawl/Scarf8Handbag4
Name a prop you may hold in an "Olde Time" photograph at the fair.Gun46Parasol17Pitchfork12Cane8Fan7Hat4
Besides clothes,name something the 50 Foot Woman might have trouble finding in her size.Shoes54Car12A 50 foot man11Bed8Sunglasses5House4
If your body aches,tell me what a possible cause might be.Sick40Exercise/Lifting31Tired/slept wrong11Arthritis/old age6Stress5Injury4
Name something that starts with the word "Instant".Instant Coffee41Instant Oatmeal24Instant Rice13Instant Pudding11Instant Potatoes6Instant Photo5
Name something you see in every Star Wars movie.Darth Vader27Lightsaber17Spaceships17R2 D215C 3PO11Jedi5
Name a specific place where you hated to run into a school bully.Bathroom34Playground22Hallway17Alley11Cafeteria6Locker room5
Name a dangerous hobby you wouldn't want your partner to have.Skydiving48Hunting16Flying14Rock climbing14Car racing3Motorcycling3
Name a dangerous hobby you wouldn't want your partner to have.Skydiving48Hunting16Flying14Rock climbing14Car racing3Motorcycling3
Name something you'd put on your table when having a dinner party.Candles28Centerpiece/Flowers23Tablecloth16Food12Dishes10Napkins5
How can you tell that a dog is still a puppy?Small29Energetic24Chews18Big paws11Puppy's bark9Not house trained6
Name something that many women wish their husbands could talk about.Romance40His feelings36Clothes9The marriage5Finances4Parenting4
Name a type of business that does best during the summer.Ice cream parlor39Bathing suit store21Amusement Parks13Swimming Pool7Air conditioning5Parks and recreation5
Name something that gets thrown.Ball44Frisbee26Game/Contest8Darts7Tantrum6Party6
Name something you'd need if you were going to be a private eye.Binoculars23Camera18Gun16Car13Clients11Pen and paper11
Name a job you'd have a hard time doing if you couldn't type well.Secretary55Data Entry14Accountant10Writer8Court Reporter6Programmer4
Name a common potato chip flavor.Barbecue45Sour Cream/Onion14Salt and Vinegar12Plain11Cheddar11Ranch6
Tell me something many wives encourage their husbands to do as they get older.Exercise41Lose weight24Eat healthier9Go to the doctor7Dye hair6Retire5
Name an animal that weighs a lot.Elephant53Whale15Bear14Hippopotamous7Lion6Rhinoceros5
If someone hates to cook,name a dinner that they probably eat often.Pizza28Noodles26TV dinner14Fast food12Soup8Sandwich6
Name something that even adults hate to share.Money39Food34Bed15Bathroom4Clothes4Secrets3
What might a wash machine do that would make you get rid of it?Stop working34Leak28Ruin clothes11Make noise9Overflow8Shake3
Name something you do at an office holiday party.Drink44Eat21Talk11Exchange gifts10Dance7Sing2
Name someone in your life who you hope never writes a tell-all book.Parent43Significant other18Ex17Best Friend10Sibling8Son/Daughter3
Name something people brag about.Kids30Income22Their job14Bodies12Their cars9Sports ability7
Name something that a woman might wear in bright colors.Shirt35Dress26Shoes13Hat10Lipstick6Swimsuit6
Other than actor,name an occupation you'd fail at if you had stage fright.Singer53Comedian16Motivational Speaker8Politician7Dancer5Teacher4
Name someone Dorothy met in the Land of Oz.The Cowardly Lion25The Tin man24The Scarecrow21Munchkins10The Wizard8The Wicked Witch5
Name something that might be hard to do while pregnant.Run29Bend Over22Tie shoes15Sleep13Exercise9Walk9
Name something about her infant son that a new mother talks about often.Sleep schedule37Crying18How cute14Feeding13Changing diapers11Weight3
Tell me an age when girls start thinking about boys.(Numeric only)12271326101214111176555
Tell me the average temperature in Fahrenheit at which people set their thermostat.(NUMERIC ONLY)7031752672161006686654604
Tell Me How Long In Months A Couple Must Be Dating Before It’s Considered “Serious.”6 Months4712 Months242Months93 Months624 Months68 Months34 Months
If Madonna Were To Make A Snowman, Name Something She Might Put On It.Pointy Bra52Top Hat13Jewelry8A Cross8dress7Makeup5A Wig
Name Something You’d See At A Gas Station.Gas Pumps41Cars23Drinks14Oil7People6Lottery Tickets5Air Pump4
Name A City That Has A Lot Of Hotels.Las Vegas71New York13Los Angeles6Atlanta4Chicago2Orlando2Atlantic City
Besides Toys, Name Something A Kid Might Receive At ChristmasClothes55Cash15Books7Candy7Bike3Underware3Ball2
Name Another Word For ToiletJohn37Commode18Potty14Can12Latrine7Loo4Bathroom2
Name A Vegetable That Is Not GreenCarrot32Corn28Pumpkin12Potato9Cauliflower7Egg Plant4Beet
Name Something Pilgrims WearHat55Capes11Buckle Shoes10Bonnets10Big White Collars5Stockings4Bloomers
Besides The Star, Name Someone That Might Ride In A Rock Star’s Tour Bus.Manager31Driver19Groupies16Band12Agent5Journalist5Bodyguard
Name A Celebrity Who Is Often Photographed Off-Screen With Children.Angelina Jolie42Madonna19Rosie O'Donnell11Will Smith8Oprah Winfrey7Jerry Lewis6Brad Pitt
Tell Me A Part Of A Bicycle That Would Be Tough To Ride Without.Pedals25seat23Wheels21Handlebars12Chain12Bell3Brakes3
Name Something A Person On A Diet Might Eat For Breakfast.Fruit33Yogurt26Dry Toast12Cereal11Slim Fast8Bran Muffins6Breakfast Bar4
Name A Place Where Beverages Are Always OverpricedBar/Club32Movie Theater19Concert17Sporting Event14Airport7Fair6Coffee Shop3
Name Something You Wish People Wouldn’t Do In An Elevator.Smoke34Pass Gas22Sneeze12Talk8Kiss7Stand Too Close4Cough4
Name An Actor Or Actress Who Commands A High Salary To Be In A Film.Tom Cruise24Jim Carrey17Brad Pitt16Julia Roberts14Tom Hanks11Will Smith7Denzel Washington
Name A City With A Lot Of PollutionLos Angeles59New York19St. Louis9Cleveland5Chicago3Houston2Detroit
Name Something People Give As A Housewarming Gift.Plant27Vase With Flowers19Fruit Basket15Linens13Bottle Of Wine11Toaster10Dishes
Name Something The Police Use To Identify A Criminal.Fingerprints63Drivers License8Pictures7Mug Shot4Computer3License Plate3DNA Testing3
Name A Place Where You Nap Just To Pass The Time.At Home30Work24Long Car/Bus Ride18Airport/Plane7Park7School7Doctor's Office
Who’s An Actor That Hails From Canada,Eh?Jim Carrey33Mike Myers29Michael J Fox15Dan Aykroyd7William Shatner6John Candy5Donald sutherland4
Name Something Baseball Players Do While They’re In The Dugout.Spit27Chew Tobacco22Chew Gum20Watch Game8Talk6Cheer5Drink Fluids
If You Asked A Six-Year-Old, Name Something They’d Tell You About The Moon.Made Of Cheese48Man Lives In It17Round10Astronauts Landed10Big7Bright5Far Away
Name Something Grown-Ups Have To Do That Babies Don’t.Work60Pay Taxes13Pay Bills5Clean5Brush Teeth4Wipe Themselves3Feed Themselves
Name Something A Clown Might Be CarryingBalloons28Pie21Flowers14Horn12Ball11Umbrella9handkerchief4
Which Country Would You Want To Become The 51st American State?Canada39Mexico19Puerto Rico14England7Australia6France6Italy5
Name Something People Keep In Their Car For Emergencies.Flashlight46Flares11Blanket10Jumper Cable9Spare Tire7Cell Phone5Jack4
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Partridge Family.”Music36Bust18Danny13Shirley11Big Family9Keith/David Cassidy8Laurie/Susan
Name Something Related To Finances That It’s Hard To Explain To A Kid.Taxes37Credit25Interest12Budget8Stocks7Mortgage6Loans
Name Something You Put On Before Going Out Into The Snow.Snow Boots40Coat23Gloves17Hat5Scarf5Snow Pants3Long Johns
Name Something A Kid Might Need To Buy Before Starting A New School YearBackpack27Clothes20Pencils12Pens12Crayons9Books7Notebook5
Name A Place Where You Might Have A Friendly Conversation With A Total Stranger.Grocery store24Bar21Airplane20Coffee Shop10Bus7Parking Lot5Park
Name A Place Where They Always Keep You Waiting.Doctor's Office29Department Store21Airport14Dentist's Office9Restaurant8DMV6Pharmacy
Name a food that comes in a box.Cereal43Macaroni and cheese14Crackers13Hamburger Helper5Donuts5Popcorn5Pizza5
Name A Toy Parents Have To Put Together.Bicycle46Doll House12Train Set11Race Track11Kite10Jungle Gym8Play House2
Name The Author Living Or Dead Who Writes The Scariest Stories.Stephen King55Edgar Allan Poe20HP Lovecraft8R.L.Stine6Anne Rice5Dean Koontz4Poppy Z Brite
Name One Of Santa’s ReindeerRudolph52Donder10Blitzen9Dancer8Vixen7Cupid6Prancer5
Which Class Do Students Take In College Thinking It Would Be An Easy ‘A’?Art33English26Gym24Music5Cooking4Drama3Psychology
Name A Clothing Designer Who’s World Famous.Calvin Klein32Giorgio Armani13Tommy Hilfiger12Versace11Donna Karan10Gucci8Ralph Lauren
If You Could Have A Movie Star Narrate Your Life, Whose Voice Would You Choose?Morgan freeman25James earl Jones24Brad Pitt13Julia Roberts11Sean Connery10Denzil Washington9Robert Redford
Besides President, Name A Political Office People Run For.Governer32Senator16Congress15Mayor14Vice President12Attorney General6Secretary Of State5
Name A Game That You See People Playing In The ParkFrisbee37Baseball20Football11Tag10Chess9Basketball6Soccer5
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Be Surprised To Find On Someone’s Business Card.Age49Home Address14Weight10Home Phone7Marital Status6Religion5Social Security
Name Something Specific Inside Your Car That You Might Ask The Car Wash Guys To Clean.Floor Mats25Windows22Ashtray19Carpet9Trunk6Dashboard6Steering Wheel5
Name An Animal At The Zoo You Can Recognize Just By It’s Sound.Elephant36Lion34Monkey17Seal6Bear3Ape2Tiger
Why Might Someone Dislike A Family Feud Question?Hard/Confusing37Silly22Too Easy10Too Personal10Bad Answers8Too American7Too Long
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Addams Family.”Thing29Lurch19Cousin It13Pugsley12Morticia11Wednesday9Uncle Fester7
Name Something A Supermarket Keeps Refrigerated Or Frozen.Milk59Ice Cream9Meat7Butter5Cheese5Eggs3Vegetables3
Name Something You Might Learn How To Do In The Boy ScoutsTie A Knot39Build A Fire33Camping5Swim4Take An Oath4Pitch A Tent3Wilderness Survival3
Tell Me The Age When A Girl Should Be Allowed To Start Dating. (Numaric Only)165517151814146155135
Tell Me The Age That A Girl Stops Telling Her Parents Everything (Numeric Only).13301623121815111410185
Tell Me How Many Days It Takes A Man To Grow A Beard. (Numeric Only)7 Days235 Days1810 Days1614 Days143 Days124 Days9
Name A Phrase That Starts With “Life Is…”.Good28Too Short26Box Of Chocolates21Beautiful9A Bowl Of Cherries8A Beach5
Name Something You Hope That The People You’re Housesitting For Have In Their Home.Food/Drinks42Cable TV27Hot Tub/Pool11Alarm7Internet Access6Air Conditioning3
Where Would You Find An Adult Hanging Out,If He Refused To Grow Up?Arcade41Park21Bar13Toy Store12School7Amusement Park
What Might You See Out Your Airplane Window?Sky/Clouds46Birds20Body Of Water9Land8Wings8Another Plane3
What Might You Find Out About A House That Would Make You Back Out Of Buying It?Haunted38Termites28Mold18Price Went Up6Leaky Roof5Bad Foundation3
Name Something Associated With Fabio.Romance Novels30Long Hair26Commercials20Handsome9Model5Bare Chest4
Name Something That Kids Play In But An Adult Would Not.Mud/Dirt43Sandbox21Kiddie Pool13Ball pit8Tree/Playhouse5Bath Tub3
Name A Specific Item In Your House That’s Too Big To Throw Away In The Trash CanTelevision29Couch17Refrigerator15Microwave14Table8Bed8
According To Commercials, What Product Should A Man Buy In Order To Have Women Flock To Him?Cologne/Aftershave42Car22Deodorant17Shampoo7Hair Growth Cream4Beer4
Name A Comic Strip You See In Almost Every Newspaper.Peanuts40Doonsbury13Garfield13Blondie12Boondocks9Beetle Bailey7
Name Something People Do To Cure An Aching Back.Pain Reliever26Lay Down22Massage16Heating Pad14Chiropractor10Bengay6
Name An Animal That Could Probably Beat Carl Lewis In A RaceCheetah41Jaguar24Tiger13Cougar5Horse5Bird4
Tell Me Something You Watch For Out Of Your Plane WindowClouds41Lightning39Bodies Of Water6Other Planes5Houses4Birds3
Name Something In Your Kitchen That You’d Use As A Musical Instrument.Pots And Pans44Spoons25Glasses11Wire Whisk6Broom4Blender3
Name A Beverage Served At Fancy Restaurants. (Alcohol Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)Wine31Martini21Champagne15Tea15Margaritas6Bloody Mary6
What Might An Overboard Soccer Mom Do At A Game That Causes Her To Be Thrown Out?Scream45Get Into Fight21Argue With ref17Swear7Insult Players3Bother Coach3
Name A Child Star Who’s Still Famous Today.Drew Berrymore27Michael Jackson20Olsen Twins16Jodie Foster13Ron Howard10Brooke Shields8
Name A Part Of Grooming That You’d Spend More Time On Before A Big Date.Fixing Hair39Applying Makeup21Shaving18Dressing7Showering6Brushing Teeth6
Name Someplace People Go To Help Them Think.Library39Place Of Worship16Parking14Bedroom12Bathroom11By The Ocean6
Name something a ballet dancer has that most people do not.Tutu29Ballet shoes25Balance/Poise17Strong legs14Talent7Callused Feet5
Name Something Specific You Might Borrow From Your Coworker’s Desk That You’re Least Likely To ReturnPen/Pencil43Stapler20Paperclip18Tape8Paper7Candy4
What’s The First Thing New Parents Buy After Finding Out They’re Having A Baby?Crib48Clothes30Diapers10Stroller4Bottles3Car Seat3
Name Something People Need Change In Order To Pay For.Laundry31Tolls24Parking15Soda/Snacks13Pay Phone Calls6Car Wash4
Name Something Couples Do Months In Advance To Prepare For Having A Baby.Buy Clothes27Save Money26Buy Crib19Decorate Nursery11Have Baby Shower10Choose A Name4
Name A Christmas Movie People Are Tired Of.A Wonderful Life24White Christmas22Miracle On 34th St22Home Alone12Nightmare Before6Christmas Story6
If Which Profession Do You Often Find People With Wacky Hair?Hair Stylist45Musician26Clown15Scientist5Model3Comedian3
If You Went Back In Time 10,000 Years, Name A Luxury Item You’d Probably Miss.Car39TV23Air Conditioning11Telephone8Toilet Paper6Computer4
Name A Place You Wait Where It Could Be Awkward To Make Too Much Small Talk With OthersHospital33Bathroom29Bus Stop15Jail13Voting Booth4Court/Lawyer4
Why Might Someone Refuse To Use A Swimming Pool?Dirty Water38Can't Swim35Cold11Kids In It5Clorine3Crowded3
Name A Really Long MovieTitanic43Lord Of The Rings19Gone With The Wind15Harry Potter10King Kong7Dances With Wolves4
Besides Pants, Name An Article Of Clothing That Might Be Made Out Of Denim.Jacket43Shirt34Skirt8Hat6Vest5Dress4
What’s The First Symptom You Get When Starting A Cold?Runny Nose43Cough31Sneeze12Sore Throat7Fever4Drowsiness3
At The Grocery Store, Name Something A Kid Is Told Not To Do.Run Ahead42Touch Anything24Steal14Scream/Cry9Beg For Junk Food4Eat Food4
Which Talk Show Host Would You Like To Have Interview You?Oprah Winfrey47David Letterman12Barbara Walters9Jay Leno8Jerry Springer8Ellen8
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Happen When You’re In The BathtubSlip30Appliance Falling In22Phone Ring15Power Goes Out15Doorbell5Fall Asleep4
Name A Measurement A Man Probably Doesn’t Know About His Wife’s Body.Her waist33Bust30Her Hips10Her Weight7Butt Size7Feet Size6
Name A Kind Of Cat You Probably Wouldn’t Keep As A PetTiger36Lion31Bob Cat10Jaguar6Leopard6Feral4
Name Something Specific You’d Probably See On A Brochure For Las Vegas.Casino/Slots32Money/Coins25Poker Chips13Bar/Restaurant12Show Girls9Fountain6
Name Something You Keep In An Ice Chest. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)Soft Drinks31Beer27Ice27Water4Chicken2Frosty Mug For Beer2
Name Something About Winnie The Pooh That Is Different From Real Bears.Can Talk40Wears A Shirt23He's Yellow/Orange11Has 'Hunny' Jar10Friends With People8Gentle3
Name Something You Were Afraid To Do For The First Time.Drive42Kiss/Intimacy27Swim11Ride A Bike6Go To School5Get On A Plane4
Besides Jewelry, Name Something A Person Might Wear Around Their Neck.Scarf40Tie31Identification12Brace7Keys6Glasses3
How Can You Tell That Your Date Isn’t Interested In The Movie?Falls Asleep42Yawning26More Into You12Talking Alot9Bathroom Often6Goes Home3
Who In Your Personal Life Would You Least Expect To Swindle You?Mom59Significant Other20Dad7Best Friend5Sister5Grandma3
Name A Musical Instrument That Is Soothing.Violin27Flute23Harp20Piano20Saxophone4Guitar3Guitar3
Name Something You’d Buy If You Wanted To Dress Up Like Fidel CastroMilitary Uniform30Beard25Cigar23Hat9Bandana4Gun3
Name Something Specific You Might Wear To Bed If You’re Really ColdSocks48Sweater/Sweatsuit18Flannel PJs16Long Johns7Robe5Hat4
Name A Design You Often See On Socks, But Not On SneakersStripes32Animals17Argyle14Flowers12Polka Dots10Hearts9
If A Woman Was To Marry Tarzan, Name Something She Would Have To Get Used ToLiving In Jungle38His Yelling17His Swinging17Apes13His Outfit9His Odor5
Which Sport At The Olympics Would The Average Person Off The Street Be Most Competitive At?Track37Basketball24Swimming18Boxing6Shotput6Hockey4
Name Something A Truck Driver Might Have To Go Without For A While.Bathroom Break28Comfortable Bed22A Meal18Intimacy13A Bath8Home6
If Your Local Gym Was Run By 5-Year-Olds, What Classes Would You Take Instead Of Pilates?Tag31Dodge Ball21Jump Rope18Kickball16Trampoline Use6Hopscotch5
Name Something An Employee Might Be Scolded About That Isn’t Directly Related To Job Performance.Attire38lateness21Personal Calls15Office Gossip11Attitude/Behavior8Hygiene3
Name A Weather Term That Can Also Describe Your Wife.Hot34Stormy/Violent23Cold/Frigid16Sunny10Gloomy9Icy5
By What Method Might A Woman Make The Announcement That She’s Pregnant?Over Dinner29With A Party21In An Email16Send Out Announcements13By Phone9In Person6
Who Wears A Uniform With Shirt And Pants Of The Same Color?Medical Professional35Cop31Military11Mail Carrier8Prisoner6Janitor5
Name Something You Eat By The Handful. (Be Specific Candy Is Not An Answer.)Popcorn40Nuts31M&M12Potato Chips9Chocolate2Jelly Bean2
We Asked 100 Women: Name The Item In Your Purse That A Germophobe Would Say Needs To Be DisinfectedLipstick/Makeup30Cash/Wallet25Phone22Hairbrush/Comb11Pens/Pencils5Keys4
Name Something About Babies That Makes You Think Twice About Becoming A Parent.Crying43Diapers22Expensive11Sleepless nights9College Tuition4Kids Grow Up4
Name A Person Who’s Last Name Is “Johnson.”Magic Johnson34Lyndon B Johnson13Don Johnson13Andrew Johnson8Howard Johnson7Lady Bird Johnson5
Name A Household Chore That You Do Your Best Thinking While DoingDishes34Ironing25Sweeping15Vacuuming9Dusting5Laundry5
Name Something You Do At Home, But Not While Staying In A Hotel.Cook51Clean12Smoke Inside11Play Loud Music9Walk Around Naked7Laundry5
Name A Way Children Submit Their Wishlists To Santa.Mail72Tell Parents8Email6Tell Santa4Prayers2Leave Under The Tree2
Name a good gift for a lifeguard.Sunscreen34Bathing suit32Whistle12Sunglasses9Bullhorn4Life preserver3
Name Something In The House That You Might Not Use When People Are Trying To Sleep.Vacuum36TV32Stereo14Blender6Phone5Lights4
Tell Me A Fictional Character Whose Name Includes The World “Little.”Stuart Little43Little Bo Peep26Little John8Chicken little6Lil red Riding Hood6Little Boy Blue5
Name A Type Of Pet That People Rarely Take Out Of Their House.Cat28Snake24Bird19Fish15Hamster/Gerbil8Lizard3
Grey Hair On Older Men Is Distinguished. What Happens To Aging Men That Isn’t Distinguished?Wrinkles43Baldness23Gain Weight18Nose/Ear Hair5Lose Teeth4Lose Hearing3
Name Something A Celebrity Might Discuss On A Talk ShowMovie31Book27Family12Drugs/Addiction11Romance8losing weight5
As A House Guest, Name Something In The Host’s Bathroom That You Assume You Can UseToilet Paper32Towels29Soap18Toothpaste7Shampoo5Lotion3
Name Something You Make For Dinner When You’re Short On Time.Pizza30Spaghetti20TV Dinners15Hot Dogs12Sandwiches10Mac And Cheese6
Name Something A School Might Forbid Students From Wearing.Hat36Shorts25Mini Skirt15Tank Top15Jewelry3Make Up3
Something In A Woman’s Purse That’s Not In A Man’s Wallet.Make Up47Feminine Products24Perfume9Brush6Lotion4Mirror3
Name A Job, Often Depicted On TV, That You’ve Dreamt Of Having Yourself.Doctor30Police Officer26Actor16Lawyer12Detective7Model5
Give A Word Frankenstein Would Use To Describe Himself In A Personal Ad.Tall40Strong15Ugly15Big10Terrifying10Monstrous4
Name A Word People Use To Describe Someone Who’s In A Bad MoodGrouchy28Grumpy21Crabby18Cranky13Angry7Moody5
Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.Anniversary53Apology16It's her birthday12Valentine's Day6To express love4Mother's Day2
Name Something That’s Expensive Even When It’s In Used Condition.Car50House18TV12Jewelry8Computer6Name Brand Clothes5
Name An Occupation Where You Often See People With Stiff, Hairsprayed Hair.Model33Hair Stylist26Actor22Rock star8Food server7News Anchor3
Besides Photos, Name Something Someone Would Include In Their Scrapbook.Letters43Stickers26Hair11Ticket Stubs8Drawings5News Clippings4
Name An Occasion For Which People Often End Up OverspendingChristmas48Wedding20Birthday11Vacation8Shopping Trip6Night Out4
Name An Advantage Of Working At Home.Spend Time With Kids24Set Own Hours17Dress Casual15Sleep In10Rest10No Boss10
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Get Them Kicked Out Of A Public Swimming PoolUrinating61Running11Skinny Dipping8Dive In Shallow Part5Fighting5Not Following Rules4
Name Something A Zombie Might See A Doctor AboutGreen Skin31No Pulse26Insomnia15Bloody Sores10Falling Apart7Odd Appetite7
Tell Me Something That Responsible Adults Do On A Regular BasisWork34Pay Bills25Cook13Clean/Laundry13Doctor/Dentist7Oil Change6
Which Style of Music Would Be Least Effective To Sing When Putting Your Baby To Sleep?Rock38Hip Hop35Heavy Metal17Classical4Jazz3Opera3
Name A Position Played In Baseball Game.Pitcher27catcher24shortstop20First Base10Batter9Outfield7
Name A Job Which Is Busiest In The Summer TimeLifeguard31Gardening26Theme Park Employees15Ice Cream Vendor9Construction7Painter5
Name Something A Pirate Has To Take Off Before He Goes To BedEye Patch32Hook24Hat21Wooden Leg7Sword6Parrot5
Name something you don't want to have happen during a moment of silence.Pass gas25Cough20Caught talking15Get the giggles14Baby cries13Phone rings11
Name Something You Do To Keep Yourself From Laughing.Hold Breath34Cover Mouth24Bite Lip21Think Of something Sad7Look Away6Pinch Yourself6
Name A Job Where You Might Have Your Name On The Front Of Your Shirt.Food Server31Salesperson25Doctor15Mechanic13Nurse8Police Officer5
Name something you might see at a bus stop.People37Bench23Bus13Bus signs10Bus schedule8Poster6
Besides Spaghetti, Name A Type Of Pasta.Penne24Lasagna19Fettucini17Rotini16Linguine9Ravioli8
Name Something You Use In The Bathtub, that You’d Look Silly Bringing Into A JacuzziBar Of Soap34Wash Cloth/Loofah28Bubble Bath/Salts13Shampoo11Rubber Ducky8Razor3
If A Movie Was Really Terrible, Name Something You Might Do In The Theater To Pass The Time.Sleep38Play On Phone24Visit Snackbar19Whisper9Kiss5Read3
Name Something You Can’t Do Until You’re A Certain Age.Drink Alcohol44Drive31Vote9Smoke7Gamble4Retire3
Name Something Cowboys Are Good At.Riding Horses54Roping21Shooting6Hunting6Stealing Cattle3Rodeo3
Name Something Associated With The Wizard Of Oz.Dorothy44Toto16Tin Man12Yellow Brick Road11Wicked Witch10Ruby Slippers5
Name A Reason A Casino Dealer Might Complain About Someone At Their TableCheating44Drunk15Smoking12Winning Too Much10Loud7Rude4
Tell Me A Girl’s Name That Begins With “S.”Sarah35Sue/Susan/Suzanne17Samantha17Stephanie15Sally7Sandy5
Name Something You Might Do If Your Friend Got Bitten By A SnakeCall 91131Suck Out Venom24Run And Get Help13Take Them To Hospital10call A Doctor10Scream6
Name An Occupation Where You Work In A Studio.Photographer41Director14Artist13Actor13Musician10Screenwriter4
Besides chicken,name something you associate with Kentucky Fried Chicken.Colonel Sanders30Mashed potatoes27Coleslaw17Biscuits13Corn on the cob5Secret recipe2
Name Something A Person Might Read EverydayNewspaper38Email/Web27Bible14Book10Magazines6Signs5
Name Something Parents Think Their Teenage Son Spends Too Much Time Doing.Playing Video Games31Talking On The Phone18Watching TV18Chasing Girls12Listening To Music9Sleeping5
Name Something You Might Find Under A Rock.Worm30Ants27Spider12Dirt11Roly Poly9Slug4
What Might You Find Inside A Book That Tells You It Was Meant For Children?Pictures65Animal Characters11Princess7Once Upon A Time4Pop Up Pages4Small Words3
Name Something Every Professional Boxer Needs.Gloves66Trainer19Mouth Guard3Cup3Stamina2Speed2
Name Something Tarzan Might Do That Could Get Him Thrown Out Of A Nice RestaurantScream42Swing From Ceiling27Eat With Fingers8Wear A Loin Cloth8Grunt4Stand On The Table4
Besides Lights, Name Something In Your House That Wouldn’t Work If The Electricity Went Out.TV40Refrigerator27Clock9Computer7Telephone6Stereo5
Name A Nickname For A Skinny PersonSlim36Twig19Beanpole18Skin And Bones10Toothpick5Stick5
Name Something A Grown Man Might Be Embarrassed To Admit That He Collects.Dolls33Stamps30Action Figures18Baseball Cards9Comic Books6Stuffed Animals3
Tell Me A Place Where It’s Easy To Make Friends.Work30School23Bar20Place Of Worship15Internet6Summer Camp4
Name Something People Wear To Protect Themselves.Coat22Helmet22Jockstrap13Bulletproof Vest11Hat11Sunscreen9
Name A Way You Can Tell That Someone Was Just At The BeachSuntan47Sunburn26Sand12Wet4Beach Smell3Swim Suit2
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear Their Pajamas Outside.Get Mail/Newspaper37Emergency/Fire24They're Cold18They're Lazy13Pajama Party5Take Out Trash3
Name A Sauce You Wouldn’t Put On Ice Cream.Hot Sauce36Ketchup17Spaghetti Sauce16Barbque Sauce13Alfredo13Teriyaki8
Name A Famous Character Who Is Never Seen Without His Mask.Batman33Spiderman21Zorro20Jason Vorhees14Lone Ranger6The Mask3
Name Something You’d Be Turned Off To Hear Your Date Bragging About.Their Wealth38Their Conquests34Their Looks10Their Job5Their Education3Their Car3
Name A Sign That A Tornado Is Coming.Strong Wind46Dark Sky/Clouds23Hail9Rain8Siren6Thunder Storm5
In a large family,what often gets mixed up with that of your siblings?Laundry48Names21Toys11Birthdays9Food7Toothbrush3
Name Something Specific That Doesn’t Get Cleaned Between Flights On An AirplaneSeats54Bathroom21Floor10Pillows/Blankets6Windows3Tray Tables3
Name Something Men In Fairy Tales Fight Against, That Real Men Don’tDragon42Ogre24Witch13Monster8Beast5Troll3
Name Something Associated With Donald Trump.Money50Comb Over11The Apprentice9Real Estate8Ivana7Trump Towers7
Name The Worst Part About The Lavatories On PlanesToo Small70They Stink10They Are Dirty5No Ventilation4No Smoking3Turbulence2
Name Something You Might Be Asked To Do At The Doctor’s OfficeUndress30Cough25Wait20Open Mouth9Bend Over7Urine Sample6
Name An Occasion That A Man Might Propose To His GirlfriendValentines Day31Her Birthday22Christmas18At A Wedding11Anniversary8Vacation7
Name A Card Game That Takes A Long Time To Play.Poker41Bridge14Uno14Solitaire8Gin Rummy7War7
Name Something A Person Uses To Wipe Their Mouth With.Napkin75Paper Towel8Handkerchief5Tissue5Sleeve2Wash Cloth2
Tell Me A Street Name Found In Almost Every Big City.Main64Elm15First5Martin Luther King5Broadway5Washington3
Name Something A Baseball Player Might Be Holding During A Game.Bat45Mitt31Baseball9Batting Gloves6Chewing Tobacco4Water Bottle2
Name A Color You See A Lot Of In Mobster MoviesBlack41Red19Green16Blue9Grey8White6
Name Something People Dig Up.Bones41Dirt20Treasure18Flowers/Plants6Weeds6Worms4
Name Something That’s Taught In The First Grade.ABC'S30Reading29Math15Writing9Spelling9Writing Name4
Name Someone Whose Phone Calls You Try To Avoid.Bill Collector40Telemarketer22Parents13Boss10In Laws7Your Ex5
Tell Me The Latest Hour You Could Drink Coffee Without It Affecting Your Ability To Fall Asleep.5PM278PM196PM177PM129PM84PM83PM4
Name Something In Your House You Wish Were Just A Little Bit BiggerTV30Bathroom22Bed13Kitchen10Closets9Bedroom6Backyard3
Tell Me The Worst Part About Going To The BeachSand44Sun BurnCrowdedParking6Driving6Warm Food4Being Looked At4
Name Another Word For “Fake.”Phony28FALSE19Imposter15Imitation13Counterfit11Artificial7Bogus5
Name A Gift A Child May Give To A Teacher For The HolidaysApple32Candy19Card12Coffee Mug11Cookies10Candle8Book7
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Cheers.”Bar34Norm28Woody10Sam Malone9Frasier Crane3Cliff Calvin3Boston3
Name A Sport In Which The Athletes Don’t Wear A Lot Of Clothes.Swimming52Basketball20Volleyball18Soccer6Tennis6Wrestling3Boxing3
Name Someone You Wish Wouldn’t Call So OftenTelemarketers30In Laws23Bill Collectors16Mother10Girlfriend5Crank Callers5Boyfriend5
Name An Accessory That Might Be Sold With A James Bond Action Figure.Gun44Car14Sunglasses11Phone10Clothes9Watch5Briefcase4
Name Something Embarrassing That Might Happen While You’re LaughingPass Gass23Pee20Snort18Spit15Teeth Fall Out7Cry7Burp3
Name Something Specific A Woman Looks At When She First Meets A Man On A Blind Date.Eyes73Shoes9Smile4Muscles3Wallet3Clothes3Butt2
Name Something That Has A TipPen/Pencil36Restaurant Server20Finger15Nose10Needle/Pin7Q Tip4Dart/Arrow4
Name The Room In Your House That’s Used The Least.Living Room38Dining Room26Extra Bedroom9Attic6Bedroom5Storage Room4Den4
Name Something People Know About Luke SkywalkerDarth Vaders Son30Star Wars29Becomes A Jedi17Uses The Force6Droid is R2 D25Pilot4Destroys Death Star2
Name The Hardest Musical Instrument To Learn How To PlayViolin27Piano20Guitar16Harp10Drums8French Horn8Flute4
Name Something Your Mother Made You Do That You Would Also Have To Do In The Army.Make Your Bed55Clean Up13Wash The Dishes10Clean Bathroom5Laundry3Obey3Fold Your Clothes3
Name Something That Gets Delivered By Trucks.Package23Mail21Furniture17Cars14Appliances9Milk8Food8
Name One Thing People Wear On New Year’s.Hats74Dress10Tux4New Clothes3Tiara2Jewlery2Glitter2
Name Something You Do Before Party Guests Arrive.Clean46Cook26Decorate11Get Dressed5Shower4Have A Drink3Go To The Bathroom2
Name Something That A Germophobe Would Hate To ShareFood/Drink41Bathroom16Lip Balm/Makeup12Toothbrush12Towel/Washcloth9Comb/Brush5Headphones3
Name A Movie That Wasn’t Nearly As Good As The BookHarry Potter47Twilight12The Shining11Lord Of The Rings10Color Purple9Gone With The Wind7Hitchhikers Guide4
Name A Company That Makes Sport Utility VehiclesFord62Chevrolet10Chrysler5Dodge5GM4Toyota4Jeep3
Name A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Jump.”Jump Rope25Jumpstart23Jump Up15Jumping Jacks14Jump For Joy9Jump The Broom6Jump The Gun4
Tell Me Something A Cab Driver Gets Sick Of His Passengers Doing.Talking43No Tip24Giving Orders9+Eating7Drunk/Sick6Kissing4Leaving Things3
Name Something You Shouldn’t Have For Lunch Right Before A Driving TestAlcohol41Beans33Onions12Garlic11Leaving Things3
Name A Shakespeare Play Which Was Made Into A MovieRomeo & Juliet34Hamlet24Othello14Macbeth9Taming Of The Shrew7Midsummer Nights Dream5Much Ado About Nothing4
Name A Fruit People Put In CakesStrawberries33Pinapple27Bananas14Apples12Lemon4Cherries3Peaches3
Name Something That Almost Anyone Can Cook.Eggs48Toast16Pasta12Soup8Mac & Cheese5Hot Dogs4Pizza3
Name A Type Of Bread People Order Sandwiches On At A DeliWheat33Rye22Sourdough14French Roll9White Bread8Onion Roll3Pumpernickel3
Name Something That Teenagers Spend More Time Doing Than AdultsTexting/Phone32Sleeping17Clean Litter Box15Watching TV14Internet10Video Games5Shopping5
Besides Eat, Name Something A Person Might Do On Their Lunch HourGo For A Walk26Exercise29Run Errands14Read12Nap12Pay Bills5Smoke5
Name A Button You’d Find On A Video CameraRecord31Play22Power12Pause11Rewind10Eject7Stop6
Name A Specific Place Where It Usually Doesn’t Do Any Good To ArgueCourt29Place Of Worship23Work19Home8Police7School6Store5
Name Something You Do To A Chicken Before You Cook ItClean It42Season It19Cut It11Kill It9Pluck It5Skin It4Stuff It4
Name A Type Of Fish A Restaurant Might Feature As “Catch Of The Day.”Catfish24Salmon22Trout18Red Snapper13Perch6Halibut5Swordfish4
What Movie Would You Never Watch Alone?Exorcist26Scream19Psycho15Halloween13The Ring12Friday The 13th9The Shining6
Name A Word That You’d Probably See In A Vacation Brochure For HawaiiBeach29Aloha25Sunny17Surfing8Volcano6Beautiful6Tropical5
Name Something People Don’t Like To StartFight/Arguement29Housework/Cleaning20Diet18Books7Homework6Job/Work6Xmas Shopping5
Tell Me How Many Items They Allow In Most Supermarket Express Lines. (Numeric Only)10521523129889573
Name A Grown-Up Activity Kids Do When They’re Playing PretendPlay Teacher/Go To Job22Dress Up/Make Up21Go To Doctor18Cook12Have A Wedding12Act Like Mom/Dad8
Name Someplace You Might Hear An EchoCave39Canyon37Hallway10Phone Booth4Mountain4Bathroom2
Besides A Camera, What Should You Pack For A Trip To The Rainforest?Umbrella31Rain Coat20Bug Spray16Food/Water15Hat6Binoculars5
Name Something You’d Never Wear To Work Out At The Gym.High Heels24Jeans23Dress/Skirt21Bathing Suit12Business Suit11Boots5
Name An Act Of High School Rebellion That You Can’t Imagine A Kindergartener Doing.Smoking39Fighting21Alcohol/Drugs17Skipping School14Swearing5Breaking Curfew3
Name Something Both Men And Women Use To Keep Their Hair In Place.Hairspray46Gel18Mousse11Rubber Band9Comb5Brush4
Name A Way You Know You’ve Arrived In New York CityBig Building22Statue Of Liberty21Traffic18Crowded13Smog9Cabs7
Name A Reason You Might Suspect You’re Becoming A Martian.Turning Green39Ears Grow35Growing Antennas8Eyes Get Bigger6Glowing4Can't Speak2
Name Something People Usually Keep From High SchoolYearbook55Class Ring18Diploma13Pictures3Books2Cap And Tassel2
Name A Sound You Hear A Lot Of In A High School HallwayBell25Talking24Yelling22Laughing10Ingrown Toenail7Cell Phones5
Name Something You Expect To See Inside Every Hotel RoomBed40Towels28TV15Bible7Soap4Coffeemaker3
What Might You Hear In A Weather Forecast That Would Keep You From Going Outside?Rain47Blizzard21Thunder Strorm12Tornado9Hurricane4Cold Temperature3
Name The Best Place To Be On A Winter NightNear The Fireplace37Home28In A Warm Bed14In A Warm Place5Mountains5Cozy Cottage4
Name A Woman In A Man’s Life Who His Wife Might Not Get Along With.Mother53Ex17Administrative Assistant11Sister7Female Friend5Daughter3
If You Were Friends With Nancy Drew, What Might You Buy For Her Birthday?Magnifying Glass42Book38Notebook5Pen5Flashlight4Detectives Hat4
Name A Profession Where An Engaged Woman Might Remove Her Extravagant Ring Before Work.Cook/Baker29Doctor25Exotic Dancer13Hair Stylist11Actor/Model11Dishwasher8
Name A Specific Smell From A Diner In The Morning That Makes You Want To Go InBacon45Coffee25Eggs11Pancakes11Sausage4Donuts3
Name Something Noah Might Have Worried About During His Voyage On The Ark.Not Enough Food33Animals Getting Sick21Boat Sinking17Leaks8When Rain Would End6Drowning6
Name Something In Your House You Could Not Live WithoutTV27Bed18Telephone17Kitchen16Running Water9Family6
Name An Activity That Involves A PaddlePing Pong36Rowing34Paddle Ball19Racquetball4Cricket3Frat Initiation2
Name Another Word For KissSmooch44Peck32Smack8Lip Lock6Sugar3French3
Name A Household Appliance You Would Actually Enjoy Receiving As A Gift.Blender24Dish Washer17Coffe Maker17TV16Microwave11Fridge9
Name Something You Keep In Your Pocket Or Purse “Just In Case.”Money32Personal Products24Tissue18Mace/Weapon12Medicine6Gum5
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That She Might Lend Out And Not Get Back.Money33Pen19Lipstick18Hygeine Product15Tissue8Gum/Candy5
Which Of Your Usual Bills Increase Over The Holidays?Credit Card31Electric/Lights23Food19Phone11Transportation/Gas8Heat5
What Might You See In A Personals Ad That Would Make You Think It Was Placed By Superman?Can Fly38Wears Cape26No Kryptonite14Has Xray Vision8Strong6Hero4
Name A Vehicle That Has A Loud EngineRace Car29Truck28Motor Cycle15Mustang8Corvette6Hummer5
Name An Accessory That Some People Want In A Designer Brand.Purse51Watch20Belt8Sunglasses6Scarf5Jewelry5
Name Something That Little Girls Do When They Get TogetherGiggle33Play Dolls27Dress Up/Makeover16Play House11Tea Party6Jump Rope4
Name A Sauce You Put On Meat.A1 Sauce43Teriyaki18BBQ Sauce16Soy Sauce12Tobasco6Ketchup5
Name An Expression With The Word “Kick” In ItKick Butt46Kick BoxingA Kick Out Of You9Kick Ball7Kick It In4Kick Off4
Name The Magazine Cover You’d Most Like To Appear OnSports Illustrated38Time30G.O.10Vogue8Rolling Stone4Money3
Name Something That Plugs Into Your Computer.Printer41Mouse21Keyboard14Phone9Router9Monitor6
Name Santa’s Biggest ProblemWeight31Time23Going Down Chiminy18Weather14Not Enough Elves4Naughty Kids4
What Might You Find Out About A Man That Would Make You Think He Wasn’t Ready To Commit?Two Timing46Lives With Parents22Parties Alot13Young7Hung Up On Ex5No Job3
Name Something You Wish For While Waiting For The Doctor In An Exam RoomShort Wait31Good News26TV17Magazine11Food/Drink9Pain Meds4
Name Something That A Person Might Change Many Times Throughout Their Life.Hair31Clothes24Careers20Address9Last Name7Partners4
Other Than Clothing Store, Name A Type Of Business You Find In A MallRestaurant49Shoe Store25Jewelry11Cell Phone5Music Store4Pet Store4
Name Something That Would Be Hard To Steal From A Hotel RoomTelevision41Bed37Table7Mini Bar6Couch5Picture4
Name A Profession Where You Get To Wear Boots All DayConstruction32Cowboy21Firefighter18Army16Farmer4Police Officer3
If You Were In An Eating Contest, Tell Me The Food That Would Be Hardest To Eat Without Breaks For Water.Bread33Spicy Food26Crackers16Peanut Butter9Cake/Pie8Pretzels5
Name Something A Person Does To Warm Up Their Hands.Rub Them together75Put On Gloves12Blow On Them5Put Under Warm Water2Sit On Them2Put In Pocket2
Name A Type Of Sandwich You’d Expect To See In New York City.Hoagie43Ham15Cheese Steak11Pastrami11Meatball10Reuben3
Name A Toy That Might Be Operated By Remote Control.Car52Airplain28Boat11Tractor4Motorcycle3Robot Dog2
Name A Sport That Takes Place In The Water.Water Polo63Swimming14Water Ski8Marco Polo7Diving2Sailing2
Name An Occasion Where Parents Force Their Child To Wear A Certain Outfit.Wedding26Easter23Halloween20Church15Christmas9School Picture Day4
Name Something From The Ocean That You’d Never Find On A Restaurant MenuWhale23Sand/Rocks21Star Fish17Coral16Sea Shells11Sea Horse6
Name Something You’d Find On A Cruise Ship, But Not On A Regular BoatPool32Bar/Restaurant24Casino18Beds8Entertainment7Staff4
Name Something That You Don’t Want Your Dog To Chew On Over The HolidaysThe Tree31Gifts/Gift Wrap20Ornaments/Figurines18Lights11Turkey/Bones10Stockings6
Name A Job In Which You Need To Dress Well In Order To Succeed.Lawyer52Model15Sales Person9Banker9CEO7Teacher4
Name Something That Changes Every Year For A Kid In Elementary SchoolTeacher48Grade19Uniform/Dress Code9Age8Friends6Textbooks4
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than Humans Do.Bones31Dog Food/Treats24Their Owner11Other Dogs11Going For A Walk7Toys7
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Starts With The Letter “T.”Tom54Tim14Tony11Terry6Taylor5Travis3
Name Something People Do When They’ve Lost Their TemperYell56Throw Things13Argue11Curse7Cry7Turn Red3
Tell Me Something In A Teenager’s Room That They Wouldn’t Want TouchedDiary34Music25Computer20Clothes11Magazines6TV3
In The Bible, Name A Creature Noah Would Have Had The Hardest Time Capturing Two Of For His Ark.Elephant31Lion/Big Cats27Snake15Birds11Shark8Whales5
What Might A Mail Carrier Keep On Hand To Deal With Unfriendly Dogs?Mace43Stick23Treats16Bone8Meat5Whistle3
Name An Actor Who Looks Better BaldBruce Willis42Vin Diesel26Sean Connery10Telly Savalis8Brad Pitt7Danny Devito4
Name Something That’s More Important To A Teenager Than To An Adult.Friends/Popularity43Clothes14Talking On Phone13Car/Driving11Music8Dating5
Name Someplace A Child Goes That Might Be Traumatic The First TimeKindergarten56Dentist13Pediatrician10Circus6To Get A Hair Cut4Daycare4
Name An Actor Who Often Plays A “Bad Guy”.Jack Nickleson27Al Pacino19Clint Eastwood15Robert Dinero13Christopher Wakin10Dennis Hooper9
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Have Cake On Your Birthday.On A Diet43Allergic20Don't Celebrate15Too Old12Don't Like cake5Diabetic3
Name Something People Do With Their Index FingersPoint63Pick Nose23Apply Makeup6Wear A Ring4Scratch2Dial A Phone2
Name A Book You Carry Around To Impress Someone Else.Religous Scripture58Dictionary21Little Black Book6Daily Planner4Atlas4Diary3
Name Something A Teen Might Cover Up So Her Parents Don’t See It.Hickey46Tattoo24Piercing15Revealing Clothes6Make Up5Diary3
Name Something A Housekeeper Should Not OpenMail30Safe/Lock Box21Dresser Drawers16Jewelery Box13Purse/Wallet11Diary/Journal7
Name Something People Associate With An Undertaker.Death49A Casket20Black Suit7A Funeral6A Hearse6Dig A Ditch6
Who Do Many Celebrities Thank After A Win At An Awards Show?God51Fans16Parents15Partner6Producer5Director3
Name Something Kids Like To Throw At Each Other.Ball28Snowballs17Water Balloons17Toys13Food12Dirt 6
Name Something A College Student Might Hide Before His Parents Came To VisitBeer46Dirty Clothes28Grades9Sweetheart5Cigarettes4Dirty Dishes4
How Can You Tell One Car Apart From Another Of The Same Model And Year?Color47License Plate34Dents6Bumper Stickers4Tires3Dirty/Clean3
Name Someone Whose Orders Should Be Followed.Boss23Police21Parents19President14Judge10Doctor9
What Would You Hate To Live Next To, Because The Noise Would Prevent You From Sleeping?Airport31Train24Bar19Fire Station9Highway7Dog6
If You Go To Sleep With The Windows Open, Name A Sound That Might Wake You Up.Birds40Wind23Traffic13Crickets 11Storm5Dog4
If There Is A Doggy Heaven, Name Something It Probably Has A Lot Of.Bones35Toys16Biscuits14Other Dogs10Fire Hydrant9Dog Food8
Name Something Found On The Bottom Of A Shoe.Gum52Sole26Lint12Taps3Heel3Dog Poo3
Name Something You Wonder About An Ex Whom You Haven't Spoken?Single?38Who They're With23Still Look Good14Still Think Of Me10Have Kids?7Doing Well?5
Name Something From Childhood That Many People Save.Photos44Toys19Blanket11Baby Teeth7Clothes7Doll6
Name A Character That Shows Up In Every Church Christmas PlayJesus52Mary21Angel10Joseph4Wise Men3Donkey3
Name Something A Student Has To Do When Running For Class PresidentCampaign46Give Speeches16Make Posters10Shake Hands8Say Hello7Draft Platform6
Name A Famous Doctor (Real Or Imaginary, Living Or Dead) You Would Not Want To Operate On You.Kevorkian48Jekyll14Suess13Dolittle8Spock7Dre4
When It Gets Chilly Outside, But You Don’t Want To Turn On The Heat, What Do You Do?Wear Extra Clothes31Wrap In A Blanket20Light A Fire16Cuddle Up14Take A Bath9Drink Something Hot8
Name Something A Professional Baseball Player Might Have A Nightmare About.Striking Out31Fetting Hurt16Getting Hit By A Ball15Drug Testing12Losing A Game11Dropping Ball8
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Doctor To Forget Before Operating On YouAnesthetic42Wash Hands27My Name7Procedure6Rubber Gloves5Drugs5
Name Something About Hulk Hogan’s Appearance That Is Traditionally Female.Bleached Hair54Tights24Boa10Tan4Bandana3Earring3
Name Something That Might Hurt After You Attend A Rock Concert.Head41Throat16Feet15Neck10Back4Ears4
Name Something People Do With Both Hands.Drive40Dishes14Massage12Clap11Cook10Eat6
Name Something You’d Be Nervous To Do As An Actress For Fear That You’d Wind Up On A Tabloid.Kiss Your Date25Drugs/Drinking21Pose Nude18Get Arrested16Cheat/Divorce10Eat Fast Food5
Name Something That People Are Bound To Do In Las VegasGamble61Drink15Get Married9See A Show5Shop4Eat Too much4
Name An Ingredient In A Casserole.Noodles28Meat/Fish25Cheese23Green Beans11Cream9Eggs4
Name Something People Do In An Engagement Photo, That They Don’t Do In A Mug Shot.Smile50Kiss32Pose5Hold Hands3Dress Up3Embrace3
Name Something A Teenager Has A Lot Of.Friends34Clothes33Free Time9Acne9Music7Emotions5
Name Something You Might Hook Up To Your TV.DVD49Cable25Video game9Antenna6Satelite Dish4Entertainment Centre2
Name Something Associated With The Cartoon Show “The Jetsons.”Astro30Elroy20Spaceships19Future9Technology8Epp Opp Ork Ah Ah8
Name Something You Hate To Find When You Open Your FreezerNo Food36Spoiled Food24Frost11Empty Ice Tray10Food Is Thawed9Exploded Can7
Name A Type Of Makeup That Most Women Don’t Wear On A Regular Basis.Lipstick31Blush20Foundation14Eye Shadow13Mascara11Eyeliner7
Name Something Of Yours That You Might Someday Change Its Color.Hair49Home/Rooms26Car11Clothes/Shoes4Drapes3Eyes2
Name Something You Try To Avoid Getting Sand In While At The BeachShoes30Car22Hair15Bathing Suit14Food11Eyes7
Name Something A Country Western Singer Sings About, That A Rapper Wouldn’t.Lovesickness31Horse20Dog18Cowboys10Truck10Farm9
Name Something You Associate With Elvis Presley.Rock'n Roll26Hair 19Graceland16Blue Suede Shoes15Dancing Hips12Fashion Sense5
Name Something On A Baby That Might Be Described As “Chubby”.Cheeks48Legs32Belly7Arms5Hands3Feet3
Which Olympic Sport Would A Cow Look Most Funny Participating In?Running33Swimming19Skiing15Lomg Jump10Gymnastics9Figure Skating8
Name Something Secretaries Might Be Embarrassed To Say They Don’t Know How To Do.Type60Use A Computer14Take Shorthand7Make Copies6Make Coffee3File3
Tell Me A Way You Warm Up Your Hands When They’re Cold.Rub Them Together39Breathe On Them21Gloves/Mittens16Under Warm Water10Use Pockets6Fire Place/Heater5
Name A Job Many Husbands Pretend They Don’t Know How To Do, Just To Get Out Of Doing It.Laundry36Dishes22Cooking19Fixing Car8Mowing Lawn5Fixing Toilet3
Name Something People Hate To Find On Their Windshield.Ticket31Bugs24Bird Droppings21Snow8A Crack7Fliers6
Name A Type Of Gymnastic Move Almost Every Kid Knows How To Do.Cart Wheel37Somersault34Tumbling7Flip7Balance Beam5Flip4
Name A Sign That You Might Be Turning Into A Dog.Barking51Grow A Tail14Growing Fur12Need T Scratch7Fetch6Floppy Ears2
Name A Type Of Business That You Can Smell Before You See It.Bakery34Restaurant30Fish Market13Sewage Treatment9Coffee Shop6Florist5
Name Something That Gets Delivered.Mail45Pizza36Newspaper5Package5Baby4Flowers3
Name Something That Is Known For Producing A Lot Of Offspring.Rabbit51Humans14Cats8Frogs8Dogs5Flowers5
Name Something A Married Couple Saves From Their Wedding Day.Cake Top63Pictures11Ring8Dress6Matchbook3Flowers3
Name Something You Need In Order To Be HappyMoney47Love34Family7Friends5Health3Food3
Name A Present Most Boys Would Want For The HolidaysBike29Videogames25Toy Car14Ipod11GI Joe9Football5
Name An Animal That Has Rough Skin.Snake39Alligator/Crocodile24Elephant16Turtle7Lizard6Frog/Toad5
Name Something People Do With A Deck Of CardsShuffle43Play Poker24Play Solitaire10Deal7Do Tricks6Gamble3
Name Something A Child Might Cry Over Losing.Toy24Blanket20Pet18Teddy Bear13Tooth10Game9
Name Something People Say They’ll Have Time To Do Once They’ve RetiredTravel37Get More Rest18Golf16Fish13Read6Garden3
Name Something People Lie About In An Internet Chatroom.Their Age60Their looks16How Much They Weigh7Occupation5Marital Status5Gender4
Name An Animal In A Pet Store That Probably Wouldn’t Attack Someone.Goldfish42Kitten14Bunny12Hamster10Turtle8Gerbil6
If You Could Be A Rockstar For One Night, What’s The First Thing You’d Want To Do?Perform At Concert34Throw A Party27Spend Money16Travel8Get Dates7Get A Paycheck4
What Might A Teenager Do That Causes Their Parents To Forbid Them From Using The Family Car?Crash It51Drink17Bad Grades11Speed10Stay Out Late6Get A Ticket3
What Would Be The Best Thing About Having An Actress For A Mother?Rich28Fame24Meet Other Stars15Free Movies12Huge House11Get Roles9
Name A Cliche People Say About Beauty?Only Skin Deep30In Eye Of Beholder23It Fades18It's On The Inside14All Beauty No Brains8Gets You Further3
Name Something Celebrities Do When Their Children Are Born That Most Of Us Don’t Do.Sell Pictures31Hide Them21Big Party20Weird Names15Hire Nanny4Give Interview3
Tell Me Something Your Spouse Does That Makes You Suspect They’re Angry At You.Silent Treatment45Yell29Pout/Frown7Slam Doors4Roll Eyes4Glare3
Name Something You Might Bite, But Wouldn’t Eat.Fingernail/Finger32Tongue/Lip23Partner's Neck20Pen/Pencil11Plastic/Wrapper6Glasses5
Name An Activity Kids Do At Day Camp.Swim28Play Games23Arts & Crafts19Sing Songs14Hike9Go Fishing7
Name An Animal That’s Known For Eating GarbageRacoon44Rat21Dog13Pig6Bear5Goat4
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Being Tall.Shaquille O'Neil25Paul Bunyan23Abe Lincoln23Andre The Giant7Michael Jordan6Goliath4
Name A Reason You Might Take Your Child Out Of A Movie.Bad Language31Crying During Movie17Violence16Sex Scene14Talking7Got Sick7
What Kinds Of Things Might People Lie About At Their High School Reunions?Job59Money20Weight9How Many Kids4Marital Status4Grades3
Name An Item You Might See In A Movie Star’s Home That Wouldn’t Be In YoursAcademy Awards33Maids25Home Theatre22Swimming Pool5Expensive Artwork5Grand Piano4
Name Something You Buy To Save Money In The Long Run.Economical Car36House/Improvement26Stocks/Savings Plan15washer/Appliance9Insurance6Groceries5
Name A Place Where You Might See Lots Of Minivans In The Parking Lot.School28Mall26Sports Game21Park12Car Dealership6Grocery Store5
Name Something Specific That Can Smell Like Cinnamon (More Specific Than “Sweets.”)Rolls32French Toast25Cookies21Apple Pie14Candles3Gum/Candy3
Which Extra Piece Of Clothing Might Wear To A Game Of Strip Poker To Delay Taking Off Your Essentials?Socks/Stockings27Under Shirt/T Shirt23Jacket21Scarf8Thermals7Hat4
Name Something People Think Rich Folks Do All Day Instead Of Working.Shop33Sleep23Play Golf21Lay Around15Travel5Have Parties3
Name A Type Of Footwear That Doesn’t Have Laces.Sandals65Slippers11Loafers9Boots5Clogs4Heels3
Name A Piece Of Information That Post People List In Their Personal’s Ads.Age46Name22Phone Number10Sex9Status4Height3
Name A Holiday Song With A Fictional Character.Red Nose Reindeer40Frosty The Snowman38Santa's Comin To Town8Mean One Mr Grinch7Grandma Got Run Over3Here Comes Santa3
What Brand Of Candy Bar Would Make For An Unflattering Nickname?Snickers41Butterfingers22Chunky13Mars8Mounds7Hershey7
Name An Instance When A Parent Might Try To Distract A ChildGetting A Shot34Violence & Movie20Upset/Hurt15Tooth Pulled12Sopping Trip8Hiding A Gift8
Name A Word Or Short Phrase That Begins With The Word “High.”High School30High Five24High Roller15High Noon14Highway9High Heels5
Name A Piece Of Equipment That Was Once Considered Modern Technology, But Few People Even Own AnymoreVCR29Typewriter25Record Player13Radio13Pader11Home Telephone6
If There Were Prizes For Good Boyfriends, What Categories Would They Be Rated On?Appearance29Kissing Ability25Romance18Kind Personality10Communication9Honesty7
Name Something That Needs To Be Fed.Dog54Bird17Children8People7Fish4Horse3
Name An Animal That Would Be An Appropriate Mascot For A Team Of Marathon RunnersCheeta/Cat44Road Runner25Rabbit15Gizelle6Greyhound5Horse3
Tell Me A Food That Has “Hot” In Its NameHot Dog44Hot sauce20Hot Tamale13Hot Wings9Hot Pocket7Hot Peppers4
Name A Place Of Business That You Would Not Return To After Only One Bad Customer Service Experience.Restaurant41Bank21Hair Salon10Doctor10Store9Hotel7
Name Something That People Go Through A Lot Of Obstacles In Order To GetJob38Money23Love/Married18Degree8Driver's License5House4
What Christmas “Gift” Can You Give Someone, Without Going Shopping?Money37Love20Baked Goods13Card11Gift card8Hugs/Kiss8
Name A Type Of Magazine That You’d Be Surprised To See A Supermodel Browsing ThroughSports26Car19Cooking18Men's Mag13News/Politics11Hunting/Fishing7
Name Something People Shouldn’t Leave Inside Their Parked Car.Purse/Wallet41keys24kids9Phone6Dog5Ice Cream3
Name Someone Who You Wish Didn’t Have Your Address.Ex29Bill Collector26Boss16The Police11IRS9In Laws6
Finish This Sentence: I’d Never Stay In A Hotel That Didn’t Have _____.A Bed28Room Service26Running Water24A TV10A Pool8Internet3
Where Do Many People Go To Get Advice On Love?Friends38Parents21Therapist12Pastor8Psychic8Internet6
Name Something A Cowboy Wears That’s Made Of Leather.Chaps42Boots27Gloves13Belt8Vest5Jacket3
Name A Brand Of Car That’s Made In America.Ford53Chevrolet19Cadilac10Buick4Chrysler4Jeep3
Name Something You Might Find In The Godfather’s Basement.Bodies39Guns21Money17Wine7Horse's Head5Jimmy Hoffa4
Name Something Associated With David LettermanTop 10 List29Talk Show27His Teeth18Stupid Pet Tricks15Viewer Mail5Jokes4
Name An Occupation You’d Be Surprised To Find A Criminal Had As Their Day JobBanker24Police Officer23Lawyer19Teacher16Religious Leader6Judge6
Which Type Of Professional Would You Least Like To Get Into An Argument With, Because You’d Never Win?Lawyer42Boxer17Politician16Police14Therapist4Judge3
Name A Drink That Tastes Disgusting When It’s Warm.Beer35Milk26Soda14Coffee13Milkshake8Juice4
Name A Beverage You Might Drink At A Typical Holiday PartyEgg Nog55Wine16Champagne9Beer7Soda7Juice6
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Make You Tell Them They’re Turning Into A Squirrel.Eat Nuts58Climb Trees24Bring Germs4Nibble On Everything3Hide Things3Jump3
Name A Reason Why Someone’s Voice Might Sound Funny.Illness63Helium11Puberty9Drunk7Accent6Just Woke Up4
Name An Animal With A Long Tail.Monkey32Dog18Cat16Horse11Tiger9Kangaroo7
Name Something A Kid’s Moustache Is Often Made OfMilk43Fake Hair21Marker/Pen14Plastic7Kool Aid5Ketchup3
Name Something You See A Lot Of In The Summer.Flowers29Sun22Swimming Suit15People In Shorts10Bugs9Kids Playing8
Name A Popular Elvis Presley MovieJailhouse Rock34Viva Las Vegas23Blue Hawaii16Love Me tender9Girls Girls Girls7King Creole5
Name Something You Might Have To Wait For A While On An Airplane?Food39Drink28Bathroom15Take Off9Landing3Late Passenger3
We Asked 100 Married People: What Do You Do With Your Spouse That Reminds You Why You Fell In Love?Kiss/Sex40Go On Dates22Snuggle15Dance14Talk3Laugh3
What Would A Pirate Need To Do In Order To Look Presentable For A Job Interview?Shave34Remove Eye Patch21Cut Hair19Change Clothes8Shower7Leave Parrot Home4
Name A Part Of The Body Where People Sprinkle Powder.Feet28Bottom23Chest22Underarms10Back7Legs5
Name Something You Squeeze Before You Buy ItTomatoes24Melon19Bread18Orange13Toilet Paper10Lemon9
Name Your Favorite Type Of Girl Scout CookieThin Mint36Peanut Butter Patty22Chocolate Chip14Short Bread9Caramel Delight7Lemon Chalet Creme5
Name A Room In The House People Like To ReadBedroom40Living Room22Den14Family Room9Bathroom9Library4
Name A Place Where Kids Go After SchoolHome39Park19Childcare13Mall11Friend's House6Library6
Name A Way You Might Know Your Neighbors Are On VacationPapers In Driveway41Cars Are Gone16They Told You11Don't Pick Up Phone9Mail Pile Up9Lights Off At Night7
Name A Flower That Comes In Different ColorsRose58Orchid