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Defending your base is the one of the most important thing you need to establish in playing Back Yard Monsters. As you play the game, other players will try to attack your base and steal some of your precious resources. Failure to defend your base can be very frustrating. I will teach you strategies on how to succeed in repelling other enemies and showing them that you’re not the type be messed with.

Towers – A strong fortress relies on defensive towers to destroy attacking monsters destroying your base. I will explain in detail how you need to use each tower to its best use.

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  • Sniper  Towers – Sniper Towers are long ranged and can deliver high damage. They can fire at monsters when they are still coming close to your base. The weakness of this tower is its slow phase of reload. It cannot stop advancing hordes of monsters especially when they are tightly packed. The perfect way to use this tower to its maximum potential is proper placement. Make use of the tower’s long range. Place the towers in a distance from each other. The towers range should cover your entire backyard.  The towers should be placed in a manner wherein all the towers range overlap with each other so each tower can support fire the other towers when they are attacked. When placing the towers keep track of their tower ranges. You can check your tower ranges in the yard planner.

Backyard Monsters - Tower Ranges

    • Effective against High Level Monsters that are not tightly packed.
      • D.A.V.E
      • Project X
      • Fang
      • Bandito
      • Brain
      • Bolt
    • Weak Againts Siege Monsters Itchi Octo Ooze Crabatron
  • Cannon Tower – Cannon towers can deliver explosive damage effective against tightly packed monsters. They can also reload very fast. The weakness of this tower is its small range. Monsters need to get really close for this tower to start releasing its fury. Another disadvantage of this tower is its relatively low damage. The cannon tower is very effective in destroying tightly packed monsters but is less effective in high level monsters that are deployed in a scattered way. For effective use of this tower, position it near to a sniper tower. The sniper and cannon tower combination as a very deadly combination in this game.
    • Very Strong against Low Level Monsters
      • Pokey
      • Octo
      • Ooze
      • Bolt
      • Or any kind of monster that is attacked in a tightly packed way
    • Weak against hardy monsters that are not tightly packed when deployed in an attack
      • D.A.V.E
  • Tesla Tower – The tesla tower is quite similar to a sniper tower but much deadlier. It is long range, delivers high damage, and can reload fast. The tesla tower can attack in repeated shocks of electricity.  Use the tesla tower to support fire for all other towers. Keep it a little farther away from your cannon tower and short range towers. The weakness of this tower is that you can only build three of them. Building more would have been a nightmare for attacking players!
    • Strong vs All Monsters
  • Laser tower – This is by far, the deadliest of all the towers. This is the nightmare tower for all attackers. It can reduce your monsters to dust in an instant. The laser tower tower delivers a high rapid damage of destructive laser beam that can penetrate the ranks of attacking monsters. Say good bye to all your tightly packed monsters in the laser tower’s range. The tower shares the same weakness as the tesla tower. You can only build two laser towers max. The tower is also less durable compared to other towers.
    • Strong vs All monsters

Towers each have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you play backyard monsters you will observe later that tower placement is the key to effective maximum use.

Other defenses in Back Yard Monster include the booby trap, walls, and Monster Bunker

  • Booby Traps – Booby Traps are the landmines for backyard monsters. They are invisible to the eyes of the attackers. When placed strategically, they can deliver massive destruction to advancing monsters. You can build limited booby traps depending on the level of Town Hall. The weakness of the booby trap is it size. Booby traps are very small; just a speck to the size of your whole backyard! Which means the chances of attacking monsters stepping on them is very small.  So why bother?  Placement is the key.  If placed properly, the chances of attacking monsters stepping on them are almost certain. Two ways to best use booby traps:
    • Around towers – It is always sure that siege monsters will attack towers so putting them there would ensure their way towards your booby trap. They would usually be tightly packed so monsters will go sky high when they step on it. The best tower to place your booby trap is the sniper tower to counter act its weakness against tightly packed monsters.
    • In tight path ways around walls – It is best where you put your booby traps in tight places where attacking monsters will surely pass. Place it around a hole in your row of walls.
  • Walls – They are harmless defensive structures but can always win a defensive fight. A successful defense would be impossible without a wall. The secret to effectively building a wall is strategic architecture. There are two forms.
    • Closed Wall – This architecture requires you to enclose your base with walls. There should be no openings or holes for monsters to come in. The logic of this architecture is to use the walls to buy time for your towers to keep on free firing. For this design to be successful the walls should be very strong. Upgrade your walls to gold for optimum efficiency.
    • Deceptive – This design does not rely on the durability of the walls but will lead monsters to the path of death.  Arrange your walls in such a way that monsters will advance according to your plans. Deceptively put openings in your walls cemented with booby traps and welcoming attacking monsters straight into laser and cannon tower range. That way you are guiding/controlling the enemy movement to ambush points. There are just lots of ways where you can design your walls deceptively. Imagination is the key! If you want to know if your design is working you can always try the monster baiter. It sprays some musk in the air irresistible to wild monsters. The monster baiter lets you control the type and volume of monsters that will attack your base and if ever you feel overwhelmed, you can turn off the monster baiter and wild monsters will just walk away in an instant. Great way to test your defense!

Backyard Monsters - Image 3

  • Monster Bunker – The Monster Bunker, like a real bunker, safely protects your own monster for defense. When advancing enemy monsters get near the bunker, the garrisoned monster will fight to the death. Placement is also the key to use the monster bunker effectively. Place the bunker near your towers as a first line of defense. It is also important to consider the monster you will be assigning inside the bunker. It would be best to put in hardy monsters inside the bunker so they can buy time for towers to free fire on the enemy monsters.

An effective defense requires proper placement of towers, booby traps, walls, and monster bunker. The most important thing is how you design your backyard. Be creative and test it every time using monster baiter.  Don’t be discouraged if you get looted! The more you get looted the more you can think of ways to create that impenetrable defense.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite tips, tricks, and hints!  Have fun!


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