Facebook 1 vs 100 Cheat Answers

1 vs. 100 is a snappy little trivia game for Facebook that’s based on popular real-life modern gameshow.  If you’ve played it, you already know that the clock runs down pretty fast than it’s very difficult to survive in the game too long if you’re having trouble with some of the questions.  Worse, the lifelines or ‘hints’ that you can access are somewhat less than full-proof to put it mildly.  You’re in a position where you have a suggestion from the mob or you blatantly take a gamble and lock your answer with the mob’s before it’s revealed to you.  Many times, the mob is wrong, but you’ll end up being the loser. 

Enter DataGrabber.org.  Thanks to a datagrabber’s submission request, we’ve now got a chart going to assist in helping you score your all time high and defeat the mob once and for all!  Here’s the growing chart of answers.   Remember, if you don’t find a question on here, consider recording your games (Google “Jing” for free software to help you do it) and then add the data in the FORUMS to help you. 

What is the maximum number of times a piece of paper can be folded in half?8
People with triskaidekaphobia fear what unlucky number, which is often skipped in airline rows and hotel floors? 13
In that classic freeway chase, O.J. was in a white Bronco, if it had been a real live bronco, what animal would O.J. have been on? A Horse
Hawaii Five-0 was named that because Hawaii is the 50th state. A similar TV show about the 49th state should be called what?Alaska Four-9
If Tori Spelling was in a spelling bee, how would she spell the first name of her character on "Beverly Hills, 90210?" D-O-N-N-A
Which multi-millionaire has had the most formal education?Donald Trump
If it ever retires from its gig as a U.S. symbol, which "bald" bird might rogaine recruit as its spokesanimal?Eagle
What event interrupted the 1989 World Series between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants?Earthquake
Often heard in the first days of American Idol, singers who are under pitch are said to be what? Flat
Swines got a bad name when there was an outbreak of what flu strain in 2009?H1N1
You don't often hear what common party song on TV because it's protected by copyright?Happy Birthday
What future star strutted his stuff as Tony Manero in 1977's "Saturday Night Fever?" John Travolta
What cereal's commercial spokesman is a Leprechaun?Lucky Charms
If James Bond's boss were ordering monogrammed towels, what one letter would he put on them? M
Which of these would be least likely to interest a budding artist?Madison Square Garden
Spoken in the country with the largest population, what is the world's most common language? Mandarin
If you're allergic to eggs, which condiment would you skip at the sandwich shop? Mayonnaise
Once upon a time, who owned an estate called Neverland Ranch? Michael Jackson
To what artist would you say, "I like what you did with the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel?" Michelangelo
A midwife is trained in obstetrics, but can't do what? Perform Surgery
On a TV medical drama, which of these medical professions might play a minor role? Phlebotomist
If table tennis is too much effort, what classic arcade game can you play from the couch, thanks to a 1974 home version? Pong
In 2010, what Brit Royal broke hearts everywhere by announcing his engagement? Prince William
The 1997 film "Titanic" is about a huge what? Ship
A spoon and a fork is a spork, and a skirt and shorts is a what? Skort
Whose castle is in Disneyland?Sleeping Beauty's
What annual issue of sports illustrated can bring in up to $35 million in advertising sales?Swimsuit Issue
If you're playing scrabble, you won't get any points for playing a blank tile, but you'll score 10 points each for playing what letters? The 17th and 26th letters of the alphabet
Santa flew right past you, claiming that your flue needs to be cleaned before he'll visit. Santa is referring to what? The Chimney Pipe
In Alaska, it's legal to kill a bear, but illegal to do what in order to take a picture of it?Wake It
Which of these people is the richest?Warren Buffett
If you wanted to check out Mount St. Helen's ash, what state would you head up to? Washington
Fed by illegal drugs and psychedlic music, the hippie subculture was born in the US during which decade? 1960s
What company's name comes from its orginal hours of business?7-Eleven
Your party invite said BYOB. You arrive with what in your hand?A 6-Pack
Which month is mother's day celebrated in?A month in spring
If you pick up one of these at a bar, which will probably be a virgin? A Shirley Temple
What tiny country's capital is the highest in elevation in Europe?Andorra
What underground insect lair has room for nurseries and food storage?Ant colony
What would be the most popular snack at a movie theater that caters to aardvarks?Ants
Which of these are older than Justin Bieber?Apple
During the 19th century dress reformer Amelia Bloomer made it ok for women to wear what? Baggy TrousersBaggy trousers
Which of these is oldest? BalletBallet
The title of what hit Beach Boys' song is often misheard as "Bopperan?" Barbara Ann
A Louisville Slugger is used in what professional sport? BaseballBaseball
The childhood taunt "Swing batter batter batter" comes form what sport?Baseball
Giardia is an intestinal infection you can get from drinking water contaminated by rodents which is why it is also called what?
What word is shared by the solid rock of the earth's surface just below the soil and the city where the flint stones live.Bedrock
If you get a pie "a la mode," which would you get a scoop of? Ben & Jerry's
In 2010, the number of Academy Award nominees in what major category increased from 5 to 10? Best Picture
What warning sign should be placed on Skull Island?Beware Of Giant Ape
What president did 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy call "Inter-Bush"?Bill Clinton
In 2011, you paid over $2 million for a rare photo of William McCarty. People say you're nuts until you tell them he's better known as who? Billy The KidBilly The Kid
In 2006, Webster's new word of the year was "Crackberry," a nickname for what addictive device? Blackberry
What does a Phlebotomist draw?Blood
Which does a breathalyzer measure?Blood Alcohol Content
What name did Obama daughters, Sasha and Malia, give to their family dog? Bo
Frost and Redford never shortened their names, but many Roberts'go by what?Bob
Robin Hood was a toxophilite, meaning he was able to hit his mark with what sporting weapon? Bow And Arrow
Which actor's name contains 6 consonants? Brad PittBrad Pitt
What might happen if you sit under a Beech on the Beach?Branch Might Fall On You
Located in southern Louisiana the longest what in the U.S. extends 23.87 miles?Bridge
A close, non-sexual, friendship between two men is colloquially known as what? Bromance
Pamplona,Spain is best known for the running of the what?BULLS
What candy bar was named by a clumsy person who sent in their nickname to a naming contest?Butterfinger
Caterpillars go through an "extreme makeover" in their cocoons, and emerge as what? Butterflies
Swimmer Michael Phelps consumes 12,000 what per day while in training?Calories
If Dodo birds still existed, they would have what in common with Batman? Can't Fly
Lance Armstrong won 7 Tours De France despite having what?Cancer
2010's chemistry nobel prize was awarded for super-thin, super-strong what? Carbon
What string instrument is typically held between the player's knees?Cello
According to Urbandictionary.com, you can fool gullible people into believing that which of these cereals is actually donut seeds? Cheerios
Bobby Fischer was one of the most famous, successful, and controversial figures in the history of what game?CHESS
In what city might you get stuck in traffic behind crazed fans hoping to get some of Oprah's "favorite things?" Chicago
You want a big chest in your bedroom. Chest of drawers, that is. In the furniture ads, which of these terms should you look for? Chiffonier
Think twice about your pet's Valentine's Day Gift, as what treat can be poisonous for a dog? ChocolateChocolate
A. A. Milne gave what Winnie The Pooh character the same name as his son?Christopher Robin
The first movie based on a board game was what 1985 mystery, set in a mansion? Clue
The river that flows through the Grand Canyon shares a name with what state?CO
What might Lassie-loving florists name their new business?Collieflowers
If your playing "Clue" which of these colonels would you accuse of doing it in the conservatory with a candlestick? Colonel Mustard
Go is the shortest what? Complete sentence in EnglishComplete sentences in English
What team are you playing for when you join "Team Coco"? Conan O'Brien's fans
You can rent all of these out to poor college student except which one because it's not a dwelling?Condorcet
What do dynamite and a Snickers bar have in common?Contain Peanuts
If Spongebob found out that all the sea anemones had become his enemies, what is it that had turned against him? Creatures related to jellyfishCreatures related to jellyfish
If you can't get your foot in your mouth, what animal can be "eaten" after you've been proved wrong? Crow
What property tycoon billionaire hinted me might run for president in 2012? Donald TrumpDonald Trump
The word nerd was first seen in what kid writer's book?Dr. Seuss's
The Jonestown tragedy gave birth to what phrase, used for a person who blindly believes something? Drinking The Kool-Aid
According to a 1980 Queen song, "Another One Bites The" What? Dust
Being exposed to a large number of decibels can damage what part of the body?Ears
Seismology is the study of what shaky object? Answer: EarthquakesEarthquakes
Which of these sites will not help you plan your vacation?Endless
What was not one of Columbus's ships in 1492?Enterprise
In Oct. 2010 Bruce Willis escaped injury on a runaway what?Escalator
You're buying a $5 foot long at Subway. Not Including tax, how many U.S. coins with JFK on them would it take to pay for it? Exactly 10
If groundhogs became extinct, what date would just become another day?Feb 2nd
Like the chairman of the board, but cooler, the head of the Central US Banking System is called the chairman of the what? Federal Reserve
Newton, Mass. lends its name to what yummy treat? Fig Newton
If you want to give your jaw a workout, what of these foods would take longest to chew? Filet Mignon
On what day might you surround yourself with 4-leaf clovers and rabbits' feet to ward off bad luck?FRIDAY THE 13TH
A trip to what islands led Charles Darwin to write his Theory of Evolution? GalapagosGalapagos
The insurance company Geico saw their popularity soar thanks to a lovable green what?Gecko
"Frankenfish" was a nickname given in 2010 to salmon that was what?Genetically engineered
What is the primary language of the country where the Berlin Wall once stood?German
One of the most popular fundraising items around, what product's sales reach an estimated 200 million boxes per year? Girl Scout Cookies
What did Warren Buffet pledge to do with 99% of his wealth?Give it away
What ancient Roman athletes literally fought to the death in the Colosseum?Gladiators
Which has 18 holes?Golf course
When trying to break up with the sun, Earth might say "I wouldn't still be orbiting around you if it wasn't for" this force? Gravity
Where did "The Simpsons" get their dog, Santa's Little Helper? Greyhound Track
On what day do people hope that Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow?Groundhog Day
By signing up for the GOOP newsletter, you can live like what Eco-conscious actress? Gwyneth Paltro
In "Legally Blonde," Elle Woods proves that you can wear a bikini in your admission video and still get in where? Harvard Law
If a woman is halfway through her gestation period, what is she doing? Having A Baby
Donald Trump had a hard time believing that the 44th US President was born where?Hawaii
Who won a posthumous 2009 Academy Award for his portrayal of the Joker?Heath Ledger
The Zamboni, a giant sweeper of sorts, is used to clean the surface of what sport? Hockey
In which of these sports is fighting allowed, and sometimes even cheered? Hockey
"This Little Piggy" is said to have gone "Wee, Wee, Wee, All the way..." where? Home
The bottom of the 9th refers to what is baseball?Home team last at bat
The Preakness is a race for three-year-old what?Horses
A world record, Paul "Dizzy Hips" Blair was able to simultaneously twirl 132 what? Hula Hoops
In 2004, Katrina joined Hugo and Andrew on the list of what? Hurricanes classified as category 5
Which song is about marine pinnipeds with long tusks?I Am The Walrus
A drink that's "On The Rocks" has been poured on top of what? Ice Cubes
What runs east-west?Interstates With Even Numbers
What military organization shares an acronym with a retirement account?Irish Republican Army
If twitter existed in the 17th century who would have tweeted "Ouch! an apple just hit my head. Stupid gravity." Isaac Newton
What date comes 96 hours after New Year's day?JANUARY 5th
Who could not list "Host of the daily show" on his Linkedin profile? Jerry Seinfeld
In 2010, whose bearded head was added by crane to a 125' statue in Poland? Jesus
It's embarrassing to forget the line "One horse open sleigh" when singing karaoke to what song?Jingle Bells
What boxing animal is a trademark of the Australian Olympic Committee?Kangaroo
What portmenteau would Renee Zellweger and her country crooner hubby have gotten if their marriage lasted longer than 4 months?Kerenee
A hexagon has the same number of sides as what?Kids In The Brady Bunch
In Feb. '11. Chinese doctors removed what from a man's head after he complained of aches and bad breath?Knife
What volcanic Indonesian island exploded in 1883 killing over 40,000 people?Krakatoa
What did demigod Hercules perform 12 of?Labors
What mischievous creature from Irish folklore can grant 3 wishes if captured? LeprechaunLeprechaun
What ceremonial action officially begins the Olympic Games?Lighting Of The Torch
Which of these rhymes with the name of the 10 cent coin?Lime
According to Sarah Palin, what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick
What TV show's concept was a dramatic version of "Survivor?" Lost
What little girl lived "In and old house in Paris that was covered in vines?" Madeline
Which of these types of tree is not usually used as a Christmas tree?Maple
What bittersweet memoir told the story of John Grogan and his unruly dog?Marley & Me
What fast food empire began offering weddings in its Hong Kong restaurants in 2011?McDonald's
...And, no, it wasn't designed by Tony Soprano. What company's new search engine Bing debuted in 2009? Microsoft'sMicrosoft's
Though it's about friendship, most people remember the nonsensical chorus of what Hanson 1997 hit? Mmmbop
You have to money to buy a Monet original, but how do you prounounce his name? Mo-neighMo-neigh
With origins dating back to 1836, what type of communication consists of a series of long and short beeps or lights? Morse Code
In Russia, the "Monopoly" board is based in what city? Moscow
Zsa Zsa Gabor was the first and only actress to win what Golden Globe award?Most Glamorous Actress
What lovable spud was the first toy to be advertised directly to kids?Mr. Potato Head
While putting an ice cube in your drink and making an appointment with Dr. Dre, you remember loving what rap group in the 80s? N.W.A.
Carl Lewis and Roseanne Barr are both infamous for butchering what prior to sporting events?National Anthem
Your building a fireplace and you need bricks your GPS mistakenly routes you to the U.S. city known as "Brick city" , where are you? Newark, New Jersey
Lady Godiva allegedly rode the streets in what condition?Nude
3 squared minus 2 squared equals what?Number Of Days In Work Week
Which is not a difference between the NBA and College Basketball?Number Of Players
After having 8 babies at once, what nickname did Nadya Suleman get? Octomom
Where was the 1969 Woodstock Festival held?On A Dairy Farm
In a Secret Santa exchange, what outfit could you be sure that Sue Sylvester, the ruthless Glee Teacher, would be happy to get? One More Track Suit
An artist who has produced only one popular song is colloquially known as a what?One-Hit Wonder
What north american marsupial might your run into while climbing a tree?OPPOSUM
To prevent getting shot, hunters customarily wear what color?Orange
Although it was linked to seances what product was introduced in the 1890's as just a game?Ouija Board
Which fun band shares its name with the legislative branch of the British government?Parliament
According to film's Joe Dirt, the mullet is "Business in the front" and what "in the back?"Party
What 60-year old comic strip, starring Charlie Brown, has been in reruns for the past 10 years? Peanuts
In the Disney film, who was the puppet who became a boy? Pinocchio
At baseball games, presidents and other celebrities have thrown the ceremonial first what? Pitch
The Tempest is thought to be Shakespeare's last what?Play
During the 2006 E. Coli outbreak, which spinach-eater would have been without his favorite food? Popeye
GPS, the technology used in car navigation systems and cell phones, stands for Global what system? Positioning
When a company offers its stock for sale to the public, the company is then called what? Public Company
Peanuts said "Happiness is a warm..." what? Puppy
The blue man group sat by the pool too long and got a sunburn. If the red burn mixes with their blue skin what color will they be?Purple
What toy company made gas cans for the US Army during WWI under the name Radiosteel?Radio Flyer
The first music video to air on MTV was the Buggles' "Video Killed" the what? Radio Star
The difference between sushi and sashimi is that sashimi always has?Raw fish
Members of what international women's club are known by their brightly colored, trademark accessories? Red Hat Society
Flea is the bassist for what sizzling band?Red Hot Chili Peppers
Which of these is the correctly spelled partner of blues?Rhythm
Rockabilly is a blend of what two terms?Rock/Hillbilly
What victim of police brutality in 1991 memorably asked, "Can we all get along?" Rodney King
Every generation has its "star-crossed lovers," but Shakespeare only wrote about which pair? Romeo & Juliet
What does the bachelor give out at every ceremony?Rose
The Spanish star that voices the sword-toting puss in boots in "Shrek" is married to what actress? Salma Hayek
Before the opening credits on SNL, somebody always yells, "Live from New York, it's" what? Saturday Night
To make South American ceviche, what type of food is marinated in citrus juices?Seafood
Google and Bing are examples of what tool to help find information on the web?Search Engine
When Eric Carmen was belting out power ballad All by Myself, whose melody was he actually singing? Sergei Rachmaninoff's
Though better known for Hobbits, the population of what animal outnumbers humans 10 to 1 in New Zealand? SheepSheep
Though it's low in cholesterol, and is really hard to boil, which of these popular toys usually comes in an egg?SILLY PUTTY
Shish kebab is served on a what?Skewer
The Mars Family named what candy bar after their horse?Snickers
If you're the comic strip dog that was born on Daisy Hall Puppy farm, who are you?SNOOPY
Which of these would you not see on a US passport?Social Security #
If your having trouble whether to get a fat boy, a street bob, or a nightly rod. What are you most likely buying? Something you ride.
What famous flying vehicle made its last flight in 2011?Space Shuttle Discovery
On "The Simpson's," what would you be most likely to pick up at Apu's place of business? Squishee And Air Fresheners
Before 1913, U.S. senator were elected by what?State legislators
What phenomenon can make a person's hair stand up and clothes stick together?Static Electricity
Used by Sharon Osborn and Roseanne, vertical banded gastroplasty is also known as what?STOMACH STAPLING
In the not-so-likely event of a crocodile attack, what should a person do to escape?Strike The Croc's Eyes
While snowblowing during a US winter, you daydream about Australia, where residents are enjoying what? Summer
Though she was never a judge, Elena Kagan became the 112th what in 2010? Supreme Court Justice
What type of tanned athletes flock to Hawaii's famed Waikiki Beach to practice their craft? SurfersSurfers
If Tweety Pie went on Twitter and tweeted, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat," which of these puddy tats did Twetty most likely tink he taw? Sylvester The Cat
It "takes two to" do what style of dance that originated in Argentina in the late 19th century? TangoTango
Only which of the U.S. presidents could have reminisced about being a "Rough Rider" before he was in office?Teddy Roosevelt
If your boyfriend has no trouble saying the L-word while on the court, what sport must he keep having 0 points in? Tennis
In the U.S., it's commonly called the longest day of the year, but it's officially known as what? The 1st Day Of Summer
Rhyme Time: When the man whose third spouse is Melania Knauss hosts his popular show, by what name does it go? The Celebrity ApprenticeThe Celebrity Apprentice
When Hundred Acre Wood has a block party, all but who is invited? Babar The Elephant
"Teddy" Bears were named after what U.S. President? The first roosevelt
If there was a fire at a retail store, where would there be the most casual-tees?The Gap
In 2010, what ubiquitous thing did Prince deem "Completely over"?The internet
What Washington D.C. site is 1.4 times larger than the Vatican City?The Mall
Who plays guitar in Times Square in a cowboy hat, boots, and tighty whities? The naked cowboy
In what tv version of the board game "Clue" do you attempt to determine if Toby was murdered by Dwight with a Dundie Trophy? The Office Edition
On a date with Elisabetta Canalis, a guy wouldn't want to be compared to what ex, who she dated until June 2011? The One Who Played Danny Ocean
According to its lyrics, if you don your gay apparel what holiday song are you singing? The One With 'Halls' In Its Name
Single guys: If you meet a woman named Maid Marian, keep your hands off,because she's the sweetheart of what famous fellow?The one with the band of merry men
What is the fastest bird on land (running, not flying)? The Ostrich
Who wrote the rock opera "Tommy"? The Who
In the game "Horseshoes," what do you do with the horseshoes? Throw Them
What is the reason for the seasons?Tilt Of Earth's Axis
You just bought an adhesive called "Sea-Bond." If you do what it says on the front of the box,you'll use it to for what?TO STICK YOUR DENTURES TO YOUR GUMS
If you check into a hospital for a tonsillectomy, you leave without your what? Tonsils
What screen idol was paid tribute by Jamie Lee Curtis, following his Sept. 29, 2010 death? Tony Curtis
The band that gave us the pop masterpiece "Africa" shares what name with Dorothy's dog? Toto
What bird is the mascot for Kellogg's Froot Loops?Toucan Sam
If Tinker Bell was charged with breaking and entering, what would the cops look for instead of DNA? Trail of pixie dustTrail of pixie dust
According to 6lyrics.com, in the hit 1950s Little Richard song, what words come right after, "Bop Bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo"? Tutti Frutti, Oh Rudy
What pet would be sold with this ad: "Free to good home: yellow canary. Often thinks he 'taw a puddy tat?" Tweety
If you're crushing on "R-Pattz," what is your favorite movie likely to be? Twilight
Braeburn,Rome & Gravenstein are what?VARIETIES OF APPLES
Millions of Catholics make a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France each year, to a spot that has reportedly been visited by whom? Virgin Mary
A musician who possesses superb technical ability is often called a what?Virtuoso
Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered by what?Water
What candymaker appears in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?" Willie Wonka
You're taking a vacation like the one in the film "Sideways" what are you doing?Wine tasting in CA
The furcula is another name for which bone, which is often snapped for good luck? Wishbone
Billy Idol promised his new memoir would include lots of drugs, booze, and what?Women
Equipped with a lasso of truth, what Amazonian superheroine did Lynda Carter play on TV? Wonder Woman
What is the shortest standard answer on a magic 8-ball?Yes
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a deli. Who would ask for the BLT without the "b"?RABBI
The number of "steps" in Alcoholics Anonymous is equal to what?NUMBER OF EGGS IN A DOZEN
What type of dainty cookies are used in a tiramisu cake?LADY FINGERS
The "King of tyrant lizards" is better known to Jurassic Park fans as what? TREX
In the Music Man it caused all the trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and stands for which of these?POOL TABLE
In Castle what problem plagues mystery novelist Richard Castle?WRITER'S BLOCK
In 2010, Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski became the 2nd person in history to be elected how?WRITE-IN VOTES
Besides Kermit name who else might sing "it's not easy being green"? LUNA MOTH
Considered one of the most influential women in fashion, Anna Wintour heads what magazine?C. VOGUE
Before "Fight Club," what Robert Louis Stevenson novel capitalized on split personality disorder?Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Which animal would win the "Most Commonly Kept Farm Animal" award in a country fair pageant?CHICKEN
If a man spends more time primping and posing in front of the mirror than his wife, he's probably what?METROSEXUAL
What Canadian actor did People Magazine deem as 2010's Sexiest Man?RYAN REYNOLDS
Perhaps explaining Jim's love of the blues, the sitcom, "According to Jim" was set where?CHI-TOWN
Since the term "dead organisms" is difficult to market, what do we call the fuels that are made from them?FOSSIL FUELS
The 1970 film "Patton" was set during what war?WWII
In 2010, Takeru Kobayashi was hungry for revenge as he attacked a rival in what competition?HOT DOG EATING
During which event is commercial airtime the most expensive of the year?SUPER BOWL
If your shirt has a DKNY logo on it, who was its designer?DONNA KAREN
A circled C is the symbol for most copyrighted material, but the circled P is used instead for what?RECORDED SOUND
After a night of New Year's Eve partying, you may wake up with a headache on what date, better known as New Year's Day?JAN 1st
Why would something called a 'sock' be flying on a pole that's placed near an airport's runway?To tell pilots the wind direction and speed
What is happening to the London Bridge in the song of the same name?It's Falling Down
Plate tectonics is another name for what?CONTINENTAL DRIFT
If your dream finally came true and you found yourself a 'Burpless Beauty,' which of these do you now have in your life?A cucumber that's less likely to make you burp
If a fit person has a nice "six pack," what body part is muscular?STOMACH
Braeburn, Rome & Gravenstein are what?VARIETIES OF APPLES
Creme Fraiche is most like what other dairy product?SOUR CREAM
Where did Buzz Aldrin recieve holy communion?ON THE MOON
What lyrics would you sing at 12:01 a.m. on January 1st: We'll take a cup of kindness yet for _____?AULD LANG SYNE

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