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Here are some tips and hints on how to succeed when playing Mafia Wars.  There are lots of strategies you can use to become successful in the game of Mafia Wars.  I covered some in the Strategies page.  However, here I will show you exactly what you need to do to become the top mafia in the game. I will divide the tips according to the three phases of the game, early, mid, and late game phase.  That way the beginners as well as those who have been a while in the game and for those who have reached a high level will learn some important tips. Enjoy!

Early Phase

The Godfather welcomes you to the organized crime world and assigns you important jobs to accomplish. The Godfather needs reliable men at his disposable and it is your job to prove to prove to him that you have what it takes.  You will start at the bottom as a street thug in the underground streets of New York. At the early start of the game jobs are relatively easy to do. They will need very few simple weapons such as a bat or a crow bar and require very minimal energy. A good approach in the early phase is to complete as many jobs as you can until every single last drop of energy is used. Ignore fighting other families first. The gains in finishing jobs are still much better compared to the gains you will get fighting other families. Also, spend the money you gained after every job in acquiring properties. Properties will be your primary source of money in this game and in the early going money is very important. Use your money to equip your family with weapons, armor, and vehicles. This will give you an edge in the early going especially considering that there are lots of hard-ass bosses you need to defeat in this phase!

Normally your family will not be that strong yet.  You probably haven’t invited others to join your family and you are doing things solo. A good strategy in the early phase of the game is to organize key positions in your own family: bagman, button man, wheel man, mastermind, body guard, and safe cracker.  Organizing these key positions will assure you a smooth ride in the early going. Each of these key positions can be assigned to a family member.  They will provide you with bonuses in every aspect.

Here are its benefits and important reminders when assigning these key positions.

  • Bagman – Increases the money you get after finishing every job. Assign this position to you top level mogul.
  • Button man – Increase your chance of winning fights. Reserve this position to the top maniac in the family.
  • Wheel man – Lessens energy required for doing the jobs. This position is best for you top ranking fearless mafia member.
  • Master mind – Increases every experience you gain in performing jobs. Choose the player who has performed the most jobs.
  • Body Guard – Increases your chance of repelling attacks. Choose the family member that has won the most fights.
  • Safe Cracker – Gives you a chance of getting a bonus when fighting. Assign the player that has made the most heists.

Your team will greatly determine your success in the early part of the game. Choose wisely among your available friends in assigning these key positions. Refer to these reminders and you will have guaranteed success in Mafia Wars from the start.

Mid Phase

In the mid phase of the game, it is very important that you have already established the key positions in your family (which I mentioned earlier). If you have already established them, then you will have an edge in the superiority race against the other families. In the mid game, this is the time where you really need to strengthen your family. When I mean strengthening, I mean increasing the numbers of your members and equipping them with the right stuff.  You won’t be able to buy equipments appropriate for your family in this time but you can loot equipment while performing jobs or attacking other families. This is the time where your safe cracker really plays a big role. There are two important things you need to establish in the mid game:

  • Increase the number of members in your mafia – Invite your friends to be part of your family. Numbers play a big role in winning fights. It also intimidates other families from attacking you. The numbers really matter very much in this game. The bigger your family gets, the stronger it becomes!
  • Equip them well – Every member can be equipped with a weapon, armor, vehicle and an animal. So if you have 30 members in your mafia make it a point that you also have 30 weapons, armor, and animals in your inventory. Each item offers different benefits in terms of offense and defense. Consequently, the more you equip your members the more they will become stronger and better at winning fights. Fire power superiority plays crucial, thus equip your mafia members with the best available weapons. Disregard your past weapons and make way for the new ones. They are far better and more effective. There are lots of sources for your mafia’s equipment. One good way is through gifting. So don’t forget to ask help from your friends in facebook.

The mid Game is about establishing a solid family. Also, choose the families that you want to pick a fight with.  Attack families with lesser numbers and inferior weaponry.

Late Phase

In the late phase of the game, you have already created a solid family; your money seems to be in automation towards the billions or trillions. The late game requires you to spend enough skill points for your energy. Jobs in the late game cost a lot of energy! One important key in surviving the late game is maintaining your empire. You will have empires available in Cuba, Moscow and other parts of the world. Don’t forget to pay them a visit from time to time. The best move towards superiority in the late game is constant strengthening of your family). Mafia Wars is a constant battle. There will come a time when other families will catch up to you. Don’t let this happen!

Always be vigilant and consistent in your efforts in establishing the best mafia.

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