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Monster Galaxy is much more of an RPG game than typical Facebook games.  I’ve already drawn the comparison of Monster Galaxy to Pokemon.  Your basic goal is to become a master “Moga” (monster) tamer.   You start your adventure with your starting Moga visiting different areas in the game and battling other wild Mogas. Building up your team of Mogas until you have a huge collection consisting of hundreds of different Mogas is essential to finishing the game. It’s a long, sometimes surprisingly difficult game to master, but there are some strategies and tricks I’ve discovered that you can use to improve at the game, progress faster, and become a top Moga trainer.

Here are some of my most important strategies to help you in your game:

In the start of the game – As you start out the game, it will be tempting to simply go out and start capturing Mogas in order to build up your team quickly. There’s no need to rush into that, though (rookie mistake!).  Keep using your main Moga until you get into more difficult areas, where you are facing Level 3-6 Mogas, and then start catching Mogas. If you start catching Level 1 Mogas, you are going to need to do quite a bit of grinding (leveling up by repetitive battling) to stay competitive.

Saving your star seeds until you fight higher-leveled monsters can save you MAJOR time. Catch a high number of Mogas. Don’t be afraid to catch multiples of the same zodiac if catching them will result in an easier time battling it out… and of course a stronger party (for example, by building up high-level Mogas at a rapid pace). The more Mogas you have, the more you can keep fighting and soldiering on, even if your party loses.

Monster Galaxy - Strategy Pic 1

Strengthening your Moga –  Start your own collection of Moga by catching wild Moga using “star seeds” and taming them. After you catch them, they become your own, and then you get to battle them against other Moga, repeating the process over again. It can be a tough process (and game), but these tips, strategies, and cheats should help.

When you use more than one Moga in one battle to fight against a Moga, the experience points earned for that battle will be split between all of the participating Moga that have experience points left. Use this strategy for leveling up against stronger Moga by starting a battle with strong Moga, then send in the weaker Moga when the opposing Moga only has a few hit points left. Then, use an attack from the weaker Moga to finish off the opposing Moga. You can do this the other way around, too, sending in a weak Moga for just one attack, pulling it out of the battle, and then sending in a stronger Moga to finish them off.

You can even do this with three Moga, if you feel confident enough to do so. Do this while fighting against high-level Moga, but just high enough not to be able to instantly kill your weak Moga in one shot. Repeat the same order of operations as above with both of your weak Moga, then send your strong Moga in in order to finish the job.

Moga Duels –  Moga duels involve facing other Mogas into battle. You can fight Mogas in the wild or face them in important quests. You can also battle against other players. When battling in Moga fights, pay particular attention to zodiac types. All zodiac types have corresponding strength and weaknesses. Use this very well to win in fights. Knowledge in zodiac types will lead you to almost certain victory.

Monster Galaxy - Strategies Pic 2

Identify all zodiac type strength and weaknesses because they play a very important role in the game. Make use of this and your chances of winning will increase sky hi. Use the chart below to identify monster strength and weaknesses.

Monster Galaxy - Strategies Pic 3

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