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At the start of the game, a tutorial is offered for you accomplish. Every player should finish the Facebook Warstorm tutorials. The tutorial will teach novice players how to play the game, important basic concepts, and the different abilities of each card as well as how these abilities interact with each other. These basic concepts are essential for you to create your own recipe for effective combinations and unit strength-weakness approaches in fighting.

The regenerate ability of wardens for example is very annoying in the game. This ability grants wardens 1 health regeneration on every attack. This makes wardens very tough to finish off. The regeneration though, is only 1 per attack so if you choose units that have high damage (basically more than 1) then wardens won’t be much of a problem for you. These are just some basic unit strength-weakness approach that you will learn in the tutorial.

The tutorial also offers you two important things that will prove useful in the game. First are the basic concepts and combinations you can use in your cards. Second, is the set of low level cards that are given out for free.

How to build your card collections

Start at the bottom – You won’t be getting a variety cards easily at first.  You have to earn them.  And to earn them, you need to win battles to then earn silver. The human and elf faction will be your 2 basic factions in the game. Yes, they will become boring to use, and there is that craving to use other factions that have new and better features.

But be patient – avoid the rookie mistake!  These two factions (and even if you buy the novice pack) are still composed of human and elf units so there won’t be any escaping with these two factions for a while. Try not to rush it! These two factions are your stepping stone towards dominating the game. They are also your gateway to accomplishing daily missions and consequently earning a lot of silver for future purchases of better cards.

The secret purpose of mastering the basics is that you can’t jump to the higher level without mastering the basics (obvious right?). How can you control other factions if you can’t even use human and elf factions well which are in fact very easy to use.

So, my best advice is to just go with the flow and master the basic concepts of battle and combinations and you’ll be in good shape when you jump to the next levels.

Buying expert cards – When you are generating a good amount of money consistently, this is the perfect time for you to buy expert cards. Expert cards give you access to other stronger factions. Some of the cards include the Orc, Demon, and Undead squads. They also contain much sought-after Epic, Legendary, and Fabled cards (which have lower ready cost than their more common counterparts).

You can also try buying individual cards from the Shop tab in Facebook Warstorm.  At this point, most of them will be too expensive for your current silver “income.” I recommend foregoing buying these cards first because they would not be that beneficial for you. It is still better to buy pack cards because they come in many units.

Faction Focus – When you have already mastered all factions then it is best to focus on one faction that suits you very well instead of buying different expert cards. When you want to focus on Orc, then buy Orc faction packs.

Faction packs usually offer six units to that faction. Focusing on a single faction gives you far better units at your disposal and also far better combinations. Thus, once you have the right income and the right knowledge and expertise, this is the time where you will build your own faction that you will use for the biggest part of the game.

Build Connections – When I mean connections, I mean friends in your Facebook that are playing Warstorm. Your friends can help you a lot by sharing silver and experience every time they accomplish a mission. These might just be of little help, but when accumulated (from a large network of friends) and done consistently, you’ll get solid support for your army. Connections are not to be ignored, because in any Facebook game it is hard to succeed without connections.  This is game is no exception.  Friends are crucial to your success.  So don’t be shy to ask for help from your friends and pay the favor back as well and your armies grow better!

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