CityVille – Tips & Hints

I’m going to make this short and sweet.  Here’s some of my favourite tips, hints, and tricks that will help you improve your CityVille Facebook game.  Enjoy!

Housing – There are different types of houses with different uses. Think smart in building houses. Choose a house that can occupy a bigger population. Sacrifice earnings for population. Houses are not dependable sources of earnings. Always rely on your business for earnings. The sole function of houses is for population growth. Houses that can maximize space and offer optimum population capacity is the best building strategy.

Businesses – Never build businesses that earn less. They are a waste of energy and space in your city. If you are willing to sacrifice style (which I do) over efficiency then building the same efficient businesses in your city would be the perfect strategy. All my businesses are seafood restaurants!  They pushed my city cash to unbelievable numbers. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep buildings in your city in varied artistic style, it is just fine.  Just remember to build only those businesses that earn big. They can maximize your energy usage.

Decorations – Decorations provide beautification in your city but they can also amplify earnings in nearby buildings. You will notice that there are decorations that have pay-outs feature. Different decorations have different pay-out percentages. Decorations with pay-outs increase the earnings of surrounding buildings proportionate to its pay-out percentage. A good strategy is to surround your business establishments with decorations that have pay-outs. Choose decorations that have optimum payouts and minimal spacing. An arboretum and swing set playground would be a great choice. Just don’t build decorations that don’t offer pay-outs!

Farming – Farming is an essential part in achieving success in CityVille. Appropriate your farming output to the needs of your business. Also choose crops that can provide good level of supplies. I strongly recommend planting corn or cranberries. They provide good output in a fair harvest time. The thing about cranberries that I like the most is the collection set you will gain from it. The collection set gives three energy in trade-in. It would really help a lot in the game. Don’t build crops that offer less output like strawberries. They are a waste of energy. They are only good in the early start of your gameplay.

Energy – Energy management is also an important aspect in the game. To maximize energy you need to be wise in building your establishments and crops. If ever you run out of energy though,  you can just visit your neighbours’ cities. Every visit to a neighboring city gives you one energy per day. You can also ask your friends to give you energy as free gifts.

Population – Population unlocks new business establishments. A higher population gives you more business options to build.  But always keep your population in check. In the left portion of your screen in CityVille you will see a portrait of a face. This corresponds to the population condition in your city. If it is smiling and colored green it means your city is happy, if yellow that means they are sad, and if violet that would mean you had your population unchecked because your people are really very sad in that condition. Keeping you population checked is very important in the game. In a happy population, your people will buy faster in your business establishment. This will give you higher earnings in less time. Build community buildings to make your people happy.

Networks – Ultimately, you will never succeed in this game if you don’t have friends playing with you. A lot of neighbours offer so many advantages. Friends can help you in taking care of your crops (they can revive plants when they are withered and water them for faster growth and harvest).  They can help collect the rent of your building, send in some tourists to flock in your city, become crew members in your community buildings, and send you free gifts that you need in the game to progress. They can also be a daily source of free energy. Having lots of friends just offers so much more than having just a handful.  It’s a matter of scale.  And besides,  playing with many friends in CityVille just makes the game a lot more fun!

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite success tips for Facebook CityVille.  If you haven’t yet had the chance, check out my general CityVille Help page and the more advanced and larger scale CityVille strategies.   There’s a lot more to the game and it’s one of the fastest growing Facebook games surpassing Farmville.  It’s not surprise that CityVille is so crazy popular right now.

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