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Greetings DataGrabbers,

I’d like to take a moment and talk about the thrill and value of volunteerism!  It’s a rich and rewarding opportunity to… er… okay.. scratch that.  I’m going to be completely honest with you.

This post is my rather crass attempt at soliciting and hopefully recruiting some volunteers to help with the DataGrabber.org content.  Have you seen The Social Network movie yet?  That could be DataGrabber.org… the next Facebook!!  Ha ha.. okay,  delusions aside, many of you visit this site often.  I know this because our traffic levels have been steadily increasing since the inception of this website.  And nothing thrills me more than knowing that my humble site is providing some value and service in your Facebook game play.  Whether it’s the data charts, the strategies and tips, the member forum, my emails, or my wordy, yak-yak-yak blog posts, you seem to enjoy or possibly endure the site enough to keep coming back.

I’m glad you do.  I welcome your visits, your feedback, your forum posts, your data submissions, and even your harsh words/criticisms.  I maintain that DataGrabber is an open user-based forum and information sharing site.  So I’m cool with taking some punches in the name of freedom of expression.  It doesn’t mean you’ll shut me up of course… but your opinions are just as valid as mine or anyone elses! 🙂

That being said, it’s no secret that I’m in need of some volunteers for specific tasks related to DataGrabber data.  A lot of you volunteer your data submissions to the forum postings.  And I cannot thank you enough.  We integrate all data to grow and expand our content to keep improving the free service we provide.  And thanks to you submitters, you make it easier and better and better for everyone!

DataGrabber Needs Your Help - Volunteer Today!

Unfortunately, a lot of the processes of maintainig a site like DataGrabber.org is manual.  This is of course intentional as it allows us the maximum control over the submission quality and prevent abuse.  However, the downside is that it takes considerable man/woman hours to keep updating.  I have some help from my two mods (db336 in the forums and PriceCheater TPIR with main TPIR list data).   I’ve also had a few of you volunteer directly to me via email.  And it’s worked out great for the time we had the help.  But life gets in the way sometimes (I know that feeling well!).  I know volunteers don’t last forever.  And currently the site is short on volunteers.   The site will survive and continue to function and get updated.  However, the frequency will definitely suffer – as well as all the expansion and content growth planned.  As much as I would love to clone myself 2-3 times, the technology evades me… for now! (lol).    And this is a hobby site that I can work on only when I can spare the time to do so. I still have to work for a living to support my family.  That always takes priority when I have to make the tough choice.

So, anyways, there’s my rationale.  Here’s my pitch:

Why don’t you consider volunteering for DataGrabber.org?  What are the benefits to such a selfless act of kindness?

  • Get to help others!
  • Make new friends!
  • Learn new skills!
  • Earn the gratitude and respect of your admin *wink* and allll the datagrabbers out there!
  • Develop your own personal leadership ability!
  • Be creative!
  • Be part of a team!
  • Be recognized!
  • Belong to something greater than any one person!
  • Give back to the site you’ve gained from!
  • Enjoy some potential perks down the road!
  • Edit my overuse of exclamation marks!!!!!!

The list could go on and on.  I realize that volunteering DataGrabber.org isn’t exactly the Red Cross or Unicef.  You probably won’t be changing the world or saving lives (well, except mine!).  The truth is I just need a bit of help… and I’m hoping that of the thousands who visit the site regularly, there are a few kind, responsible, dedicated souls out there who may be able to spare the time and help out for a while.  Who knows what and where it could lead to?

If that’s you, contact me ([email protected]).  If you think it could be you, but you want more information or just to chat one on one to see if you’re interested, also contact me by email — no pressure!  I’m looking for someone who genuinely wants to help and isn’t feeling like they are forced to!  Afterall, this should be fun and exciting! 🙂

I mentioned in my last update some of the roles/voluteers I’m looking for.  I’ll repost again for your reference (below):

I’m also looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • TPIR main, showcase, and game list updating from forum posted data
  • Family Feud list updating from forum posted data
  • Content Writing (Do you have a favourite Facebook game?  Do you know any secrets to dominate your opponents?  Contribute original articles that will be added to the main pages of Datagrabber.org!)
  • Family Feud – Special project trasposing screensheets into chart/list entries
  • New Facebook game data gathering for new lists

If you think you can help and would like to donate your time, expertise, writing ability, etc. contact me directly ([email protected]).  You’ll earn bragging rights, my deepest gratitude, good karma, a shout-out in future updates, and a special DataGrabber Insider graphic you can use in the signature/biography field of your Forum profile or anywhere else you wish to post it!  It’s exclusive ONLY to volunteers who’ve done awesome work and help on a regular basis over a certain number of weeks.  OOooooo!  AAaaaaahh!  🙂

If you’ve read this far, regardless of whether you choose to help out or not, thank you thank you thank you.

I love this site, the concept, and the users/members tremendously!  It’s rewarding to know people like what you are doing and truly find value in it.  I can’t wait to continue to offer more and more to make DataGrabber.org the best it can be! 🙂

Keep Playing. Keep Noting.

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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8 Responses

    1. Explore the site! You’ll find it from the dropdown menu in the main header of every page of the website! enjoy!

      1. I have never received a cheat sheet and now it says I already have one in which I do not please send me one thank y

        1. Explore the site! You’ll find it from the dropdown menu in the main header of every page of the website! enjoy!

    2. I have a popup at the bottom to make page mobile friendly but it lags so bad i couldnt search and took 3 min to type 5 letters

  1. SIGN ME UP!!!
    I use ur site for every game on facebook
    (guilty as charged)
    but now i’ll have a reason if it’s helping the greater good 😉
    mmm alright i did a few so where should i send them to?

    1. Welcome to DataGrabber.org! And don’t worry, you’re in good company here! Join the Forums (click the Forum link to and register). It’s easy, free, and a great way to join the discussion, contribute YOUR data, or offer up any ideas or suggestions you may have! The last 3 games data we added ALL came from user feedback — so you’re important and valuable to DataGrabber.org! Glad to have ya! 🙂

      Andrew (admin)

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