Ninja Saga – Strategies

The key strategy to employ in Ninja Saga starts at the very beginning.  It is simply building your character right.  When you lose in a battle, you may sometimes think that you did something wrong or chose the wrong element or skill.  From my experience I find that the truth is that the kind of element has nothing really to do with your success in this game. No element is stronger than the other. If it were that easy, than everyone would chose the superior element and always win and the game would get pretty boring pretty fast.

So what’s the secret?  Well it’s really about how well you use your element and how well you understand its unique abilities.  Fire and thunder types are usually the popular picks because of the devastating damage they can inflict and they are pretty cool skills.  I find that the other types I haven’t mentioned are also equally as devastating.   Think about it.  A fire type can be defeated by a wind type when all those devastating fire damages are all but dodged. A thunder type will also be defeated by any type when no critical strikes appear in a fight. Chance also plays a big role in this game. As a rule of thumb all element types are pretty well equal and the game is winnable with any of them.

So my basic strategy to make your Ninja Saga time more fun and enjoyable is:

Character build – You can either go to a hybrid or a pure type. A hybrid type of character uses different elements at one time. This type upgrades not just one but two or more of his element types. He can also use different ninjutsu skills because of his access to other elements. A hybrid type is effective when you combine the right elements. Try using fire and thunder combination. They can inflict a hell of a lot of damage.

Pure types are those that focus upgrades in one element only. I recommend using a pure type over a hybrid.  Hybrid offers a lot of problems especially in accessing high level skills because of the distributed upgrades on different elements. It will also cost you a lot of gold when you choose a hybrid type because of the numerous skills you will buy. A pure type is best in the game.  You can devote all your resources to one element dominating in that area.  Just choose the element that really suits you well, either by personality or sheer interest, as long as you are really comfortable with the element type.

Ninja Items – Ninja items are also very important in the game. There are times when you will not have the capacity to cast skills probably because of low cp or cool down. This is the time where your weapon will count significantly in a fight. Normal attacks also bring back some of your chakra points. Every normal hit gives you back 10 chakra, so it’s always good to keep hitting your enemies until you can use your skills. Don’t forget to bring some scrolls with you especially in long missions. Scrolls are very useful because they regenerate your health and chakra depending on the scroll. You would not want to fail a mission because of forgetting to bring some scrolls with you. So always keep some in you inventory.

Those are basically the most important areas that you need to focus in Ninja Saga. Missions and PVP success rely much on these strategies. Just like any other RPG game, a big factor of your performance will be from choosing your character and using it well. Thus choose the element that you are confident and comfortable using with. And dominate it!  This is the best way for you to become an effective Ninja Saga player and enjoy the game at the same time!

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