FrontierVille – Strategies

FrontierVille is all about proper management: what type of crops and livestock will you build? Where will you allocate your energy?  Generally, the effective approach of management in the game dwells much on crop management and energy management.  I will explain the strategies you can use to excel well in these areas.

Crop Management

Crops are very vital in this game. Every harvest of your crop will provide you with coins, experience points, and food. Coins in the game are used for buying other things that you need in the game:  Experience points are gasoline that fuels your leveling up, and your food is used to restore energy. These are the specific benefits they provide and this is how important they are in the game. The only thing so challenging about crops is that they wither and die if not harvested in the right time. I know it’s quite annoying especially if you have invested so much for planting it and in the end all you get is rotten vegetation. When it withers though, you can always clean it up and get some coins back that  you used in buying it but you won’t  get the experience and food that it brings when you harvest it in time. Clearing it also takes some time.  Here are two ways in which you can manage properly your crops:

  • #1 – Harvest it in time – The solution to dying crops is basically just harvesting it on the right time. Crop life span is directly proportional to harvest time.  In short, the time to harvest it is the same as the time it dies. So if you plant tomatoes for example that has a harvest time of 15 minutes, you have 15 minutes extra time before you harvest it or else it dies. Thus, you need to see the harvest time of the crop of your choice before planting it. This way, you can adjust your time if ever you get away from your key board or if you settle for AFK (away from keyboard) mode. Remember to always keep in mind the harvest time of your crops so you won’t experience death and decay surrounding your frontier.
  • #2 – Choose your crops – Harvesting in time is just one thing; another important thing is choosing the right crop to plant. Plant crops that fit your game style! If you’re a player that visits your frontier occasionally but leaves for a long time then you need to plant crops that have longer harvest time to avoid withering. If you are a player that is always in Facebook all the time, then it is safe for you to plant crops that need to be harvested quickly. But in my own opinion, I truly recommend planting crops that have longer life. They take away the time pressure and usually yield more every harvest. This provides more for the same amount of energy needed in harvesting a crop.

Energy Management

Energy is the thing that keeps you in motion. Sometimes the attitude of players is to spend and spend energy in everything that they see as work. Besides, everything you do in the game gives some experience right? Actually the best approach would be to spend your energy wisely. Always have a priority in spending your energy not just spending it on anything that you see as work. You should have a list of priorities with you in order for you to maximize your energy spending. I recommend focusing your energy in crops. Crops are the ultimate edge in the game: they provide gold, experience, and food.

I believe food is what is really necessary because it also replenishes your energy. So when you spend your energy in harvesting crops you just don’t earn gold and experience but also benefit from energy replenishment. And besides if you don’t prioritize your crops they will die. You should make crops your top priority in your energy allocation. Next, I would focus on livestock because they also become hungry and they also yield good benefits. The least priority should be on removing grass because they don’t give you that much and is only needed when you need to expand.

These are basically the two areas that you need to focus in your management skills. You will notice that I have stressed crops quite a bit (even in the energy management, prioritize on your crops).  Indeed, the crops are your ultimate priority in this game.  So always take care of your crops because they are your bread and butter in this game.  Again, don’t forget to protect them pests, too!

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