Happy Aquarium – Tips & Hints

Progressing in Happy Aquarium can sometimes be frustrating especially when it takes such a long time to see progress. With the right amount of patience though, you can always achieve that wonderful aquarium worthy of  bragging to your friends about.  Here are some tips you can use to help you create that aquarium you have always dreamed of:

Selecting the breed of fish – Happy Aquarium gives you variety of fishes to choose from. Different fishes correspond to different prices for purchase. Normally the more expensive the fish, the more expensive it will be when you sell it. Fishes have different maturity rates depending on the kind of fish.. When you tend to your fish they become mature and able to mate and produce more offspring to increase your number of fish. Choose fishes that have great yield when you sell them, and have fast maturity time. This way you can maximize all of your efforts in taking care of your aquarium.

Leveling up – Happy Aquarium rewards you with experience points needed to level up when you feed your fish, clean your fish tank, add new neighbors, and gain achievements. Experience points are necessary for you to level up and have access to more tanks and new breed of fishes. The secret to having a faster level up is to have numerous fish in your aquarium. The more fish you have the more fishes you will feed and the faster the fish tank gets dirty for cleaning consequently providing you with more experience points and faster level up.

Share the love to your friends – Gifts are free source of fish food. Lend some of your friends so they will also give you some. It is always beneficial for everyone to help each other and usually the people who constantly give free gifts are also the ones that receive free gifts constantly. Give and receive to progress faster in the game. Thus, don’t hesitate to send free gifts to your friends and neighbors in Happy Aquarium.

Lending your friends some help – Same as giving free gifts to your friends, the act of assisting your friend’s aquariums can benefit you too. You will be rewarded by being assisted in the same manner. Assisting your friends aquariums also give you free coins and experience points. Always visit and assist you friend’s aquariums because they will help you a lot in this game. You can earn these free coins by clicking your friends treasure chests or clams and free experience points by cleaning them.

Collecting achievements – Clicking on the star medal located at the bottom of your tank will display all the achievements you can earn. The ratio indicates how many more actions are required to accomplish the achievement. For example, if you currently see 20/100 that means you acquired 20 coins by selling fish and you need another 80 before you can be awarded the medal.

Experience Points Through Achievements – Become an achiever by earning some medals and you will be rewarded by experience points. Thus, the better you are at achieving awards the faster your level up. Here are the corresponding medals and the experience points you will be gaining from them.

  • Bronze -100 Experience Points
  • Silver – 250 Expereince Points
  • Gold – 500 Experience Points
  • GoldStar – 1000 Expereince Points

More and More Fish Tanks – Adding more tanks will help you level up faster and earn more coins. Having additional tanks will give you more space to house your fishes thus having more coins and experience points in the process. The more tanks you will have, the faster you will progress in the game. Always buy some additional tanks if you have the chance they will offer you a lot of benefits in the game

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